Munster Victory Confounds Mainstream Media Pundits

If George Hook ever gets a job giving tips on horses on the racing pages we won’t have a shirt left on our backs. The bailiffs will be at the door repossessing our furniture because of gambling depts.

Our children will be sold into bondage as Paddy Power seeks to cut his losses. Paddy will make our grandmothers play Russian roulette above in Cappanty Woods.

Hook, a tiresome old windbag at the best of times, was on the papers today saying that fans must face facts – the bandwagon (Munster) was coming to an end.

And then Munster upped and won, claiming a bonus-point into the bargain after running in four tries at the Stade Aime Giral to see off the challenge of their main Pool 1 rivals Perpignan for the second time in eight days.

Tries from Fogarty, Hurley, de Villiers and Howlett and penalties and conversions from O’Gara and Warwick secured a highly impressive 37-14 win – a win which leaves the Reds firmly on course for the quarter finals for the 12th year in a row.

Poor old Hook. But then again, Munster are ignorant fuckers.  I mean, have they any regard for a pundit’s reputation? Wouldn’t you think they’d do the decent thing and follow the auld bollocks’s advice and lose?

No, of course not. Typical of them, only thinking of themselves, travelling over to Catalonia and burying the French champions in their own back yard.

Hook’s piece was contained under a headline which read: “Perpignan Pride Should Cripple a Weakening Munster.” Dear, oh dear, another collector’s item.

Meantime, it has to go down as the intro of the week on the sports sections of the national websites – the same clown, obviously out of the Hook school of getting predictions spectacularly wrong in front of a national audience, predicted that Munster would lose by 20 points today.

Dear, oh fucking dear again.

The above also wrote that Munster must start winning against Perpignan away tomorrow to maintain their position among Europe’s top tier (he used the words start winning).

Er, am, Munster won against Perpignan in Thomond Park last weekend.

They did beat them last weekend, didn’t they? I’m not missing something here am I?

Maybe when O’Gara fired over the final penalty everyone fucked off down to the pub and Perpignan snuck in an injury time try or a drop goal?

Only Perpignan, the ref and the above cretin know about it. All newspapers, TV and radio were kept in the dark. That will teach ’em.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a team snatched victory from the jowls of defeat deep into injury time. Remember the Shannon versus Young Munster game a few years back.

On second thoughts, best not go there. Some grown men are still receiving counselling after that one.

Meanwhile, is English rugby legend Jeremy Guscott actually Africa born Barack Obama?  Guscott told the BBC yesterday that it would be a foolish man who would write off Munster.

Exactly Jeremy – and we don’t have far to look for them over here.

Meantime, congratulations to Munster. Their best away performance in years.

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Jaysus Seconds, if Hookie starts backing Munster at this stage of the competition it’ll definitely be time to start placing bets somewheres else.
It has become an institution that he has to say that Munster are going to lose. Where have ya been for the last ten years or so? Christ I rememebr the effort auld Len went ta to get him to say so a few years ago in the Sin Bin for the Live95 listeners before another big one in TP, it’s like a blessing on the heads of the Munster Red army. Anything else would only be a pox on them.
The day that we lose Hookie from the box is the day we head into bland Sky sports punditry where they all clap each other on the back and don’t actually say anything that is likely to disagree with anyone else. Himself and Popey arguing about everything and Conor making sense with McGurk as the foil are the only reason to watch rugby on the telly. It just wouldn’t be the same….. heaven forfend….. I’m gettin the shivers even thinking about it

Well I always try to look on the bright side.
What I have been doing now and again is placing bets based on Hookie’s predictions.
If Hook says a black win, I’ll bet red. If he predicts a red win; I’ll bet black. Simple and profitable. You should try it.
Has worked on average perhaps about nine times out of ten predictions – to date.

I didn’t bet today but I only do it casually anyway but when I do bet I always check first with what Hook has predicted.

I can see where you coming from Mr Geek and mr Unstranger. When Hook says they will lose we can all sit back, safe in the knowledge that the opposite will happen, but I just don’t like him, can’t hell it. He reminds me of an old Pike I threw back in the river once.

I will say so, if no one else will, that Munsters foibles were extensively pointed out here on this site, “To the brave and the faithfull, nothing is impossible”, including beating Perpignan tonight. I am with the team and will not let doubt or so called “informed critisism” or pundits sway me from my support and belief in this gallant warrior proud Munster team. Mist

Another play at the end of the Northamton match, and Munster could be as good as in the quater final at this stage.
Treviso are proving to be a far better side this year, with a win over Perpigan and loosing to Northamton by 3 points. A win over Treviso would leave Northamton looking for a bonus point win in the last game.
All from a team written off by the Hook

Just in case anyone is thinking of having a flutter on a match on the basis of what Stuart Barnes, Sky’s rugby “expert” has to say. Before Saturday’s game he wrote – “The red aura is fading, the lights are dimming, … best, this team can hope for a glorious and delayed exit. Munster are not so much set to make history in Perpignan as to become history…..the great days have departed. Munster’s pack will be savaged at the scrum, the midfield will be hanging on in defence – and words to that effect.

Another George Hook is Barnes. Meanwhile, Brent Pope -in the face of much derision – did predict that Munster would win.

Great to see that at least one Pope is infallible.

As long as I can remember Hook has been getting it wrong, so why start worrying about it now? Hes been getting it wrong with Munster for so long becasue they’ve been up there for so long. Last year he got it wrong about Leinster., and look what happened?

Slagging him for doing what he’s always done is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, no?

Hook’s ongoing mistake is to be too analytical, which is a strange thing to say about a professional analyst, but he looks at all the measurables and tangibles: scrum, lineout, skills, power, speed, form etc etc, but he doesn’t consider the intangibles, you could call them heart, soul, passion, values etc.. These are the reasons munster defy the odds time after time, no? It reminds me of an article recently about these maths whizz kids in the states working for some big investment bank. They developed a really shit hot model that allowed you to input all sorts of data about a listed company and it would more or less spit out “buy” or “sell”. The bank bought into it big time and all went ok for a while until the first rumblings of the recent trouble in the financial world, when it all went wrong for them. The model completely failed when it came down to it because the best maths in the world couldn’t predict the irrationality that arises from the two great drivers of the stock market – greed and fear. Stupidity is probably in there somewhere too. Sorry, looks like I’ve drifted off topic a bit. Anyway, happy xmas Bock and Seconds, keep doing what ye do best, EssoDee.

Hook getting it wrong is a tiresome cliche at this stage. He said before the match that he’d eat his tie if Munster won. He was on TV last night, by the way eating his tie, laughs all round. Hook gets it wrong again.
Har, fucking har. But why are we paying for an “analyst” to be consistently wrong on national TV. He couldn’t pick his nose. Esso probably hit the nail on the head above. Hook goes over the scrums, linesouts etc etc but he obviously doesn’t undertsand the soul and values of Irish and Munster rugby. I reckon Hook has no interest in rugby. The only thing he’s interested in is the drone of his own voice.

Here’s an unpalatable thing from the biggest fucking naysay on the north-side. Them Frenchies were dammed unluckily not to score two , maybe three tires in the 1st half. Two of these came to naught when that twat Burger threw the ball to no one , and no one was playing in another field in another part of the world. I like Burger now and it seems as if all his team mates do too, I like that even better.

Quinny kicking the ball, that’s a big NO, please don’t kick the ball anymore Alan, and young Wallace don’t do it either please, I mean if Quinny jumped offa George’s head would you follow him ( as my blessed mother used to say )

God bless our Kurts I and II, I won’t hear another word spoke against a South African playing in red, in Ireland and living in Limerick or Cork, the rest are a bunchacunts.

I luvs Ronan though, I does.

Best of all ? Donnacha Ryan for the last hard 20/25 mins, Moushie getting stuck in, Varley for a while, the small lively fella what play with Shannon , Perpignan Micko making a masterly appearance at the back end.

Woohoo and away the lads. Now if we could just fixed things over in Manchester..

Bock……………………why did you bring up Young Munster v Shannon game. The worst day of adult life………..still in therapy! Nightmares again tonight!

(All kick-offs LOCAL time)


POOL 2 Glasgow Warriors v Newport Gwent Dragons 7.30
POOL 4 Ulster Rugby v Edinburgh 8.00

POOL 1 Benetton Treviso v Munster 2.35
POOL 2 Gloucester Rugby v Biarritz Olympique 3.00
POOL 3 Leicester Tigers v Viadana 2.00
POOL 3 ASM Clermont Auvergne v Ospreys 4.45
POOL 4 Stade Français Paris v Bath Rugby 2.35
POOL 5 Cardiff Blues v Sale Sharks 3.45
POOL 6 Leinster v Brive 6.00

POOL 1 Northampton Saints v Perpignan 3.00
POOL 5 Toulouse v Harlequins 4.00
POOL 6 Scarlets v London Irish 12.45


POOL 1 Munster v Northampton Saints 8.00
POOL 1 Perpignan v Benetton Treviso 9.00

POOL 3 Viadana v ASM Clermont Auvergne 2.35
POOL 3 Ospreys v Leicester Tigers 1.35
POOL 4 Bath Rugby v Ulster Rugby 3.45
POOL 4 Edinburgh v Stade Français Paris 3.45
POOL 6 Brive v Scarlets 7.00
POOL 6 London Irish v Leinster 6.00

POOL 2 Biarritz Olympique v Glasgow Warriors 1.45
POOL 2 Newport Gwent Dragons v Gloucester Rugby 12.45
POOL 5 Harlequins v Cardiff Blues 3.00
POOL 5 Sale Sharks v Toulouse 3.00

Nice lill January jaunt away for the new Munster supporter demography. How near is Treviso to Tuscany ? Oh itlee, land of wine and sweaty hot roman nights and Tuscan dreams and dictators. Oh golly gosh and jolly hockey sticks, that’s one for me Mr Out. You remember in Wanda when Kevin Kline is wrecking Jamie Lee’s head with his gibberish Italian ? Yeah, that’s me again baby.

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