No Inquiry Into Banking Disaster, Says Government

No banking scandal inquiry, says Fianna Fáil.

I heard Batt O Keeffe on the radio this morning, defending the party line on an inquiry into the banking scandal.

It was the same insulting and dishonest waffle we’ve always got from him and his kind.  Nonsense.

According to Ned, the officials of the Department of Finance are working flat out to make NAMA a reality, which will free up the banks to start lending again, and the last thing these hard-pressed officials need now is another inquiry to distract them from their arduous task.

Wrong, Ned.  Wrong on every level.

The NAMA money will never be lent out to customers.  It will be used to pay the banks’ debts and fill their coffers with cash.  NAMA will not result in  a single small business receiving a loan.

To say otherwise is a plain lie from Ned O Keeffe, who thinks he’s dealing with the Irish public of the 1950s when this kind of pompous guff was swallowed without question.

The reason the Government don’t want an inquiry is because it would expose NAMA for the fraud and con-job that it really is.  And because a thorough inquiry would expose the collusion and involvement of Governemt ministers at the very highest levels in creating the financial disaster that has resulted in the country being robbed to protect the wealthy.

Batt O Keeffe hasn’t two brain cells to rub together.  We all know that.  We all know he was made Minister for Education because the job needed an idiot.  But he’s also the mouthpiece of Brian Cowen, and therefore you can take it that when Batt speaks, Brian is behind him operating his jaw through a hole in his back.

They were all involved and they all knew what was going on.  Last night, on Prime Time, we learned that Charlie McCreevy, who was soon to become finance minister, received a €1.6 million mortgage from Irish Nationwide to purchase a €1.5 million property.  A mortgage of nearly 110%, from a mutual building society, supposedly operated for the benefit of its members.  And we discovered that there was no paperwork involved.  Fingers Fingleton put it through on the nod for this political heavy hitter who would shortly be in a position to make very favourable decisions.

Now, if the finance minister was in hock to a dodgy outfit like Nationwide, then we can presume there was no proper oversight of the system.  How many other ministers and senior Fianna Fáil members were in Fingleton’s pocket?

Professor Patrick Honohan, a man of impeccable credentials and newly-appointed head of the Central Bank, thinks an inquiry is needed urgently and has twice said so, but of course he was appointed by Lenihan who, in fairness to him, had no involvement in the fraud.  Isn’t it interesting that the highly-regarded academic  is certain we need an inquiry as a matter of urgency, while the half-wit who speaks for Cowen, Ahern, McCreevy and the rest of the rotten crew is so against it?

What are they afraid of?

14 thoughts on “No Inquiry Into Banking Disaster, Says Government

  1. Scandal? What scandal? Sher a few soft loans will take care of any little problems the boys might be having. What indeed do they have to fear? Answer absolutely nothing! The Irish will take any shit that they are given and thank the one’s giving it out.

  2. Patrick Honohan appears to be a capable operator. Lets hope he is allowed to do his job without the party faithful getting to him. Listening to Batt today I was dumbfounded. Does the idiot not realise by continuing to turn the blind eye to corruption and incompetence the banking problem will never be resolved. Maybe McCreevy had come home to answer for his sins. Batt &Ned , Burt & Ernie whats the difference they are all muppets.

  3. Bock the dodgy loans did not stop with a few crooked politicians. They were also accessed by prominent journos and broadcasters, God forbid we would have an inquiry into the banks.

  4. If I go down you will go down. I say nothing you say nothing and we are all ok.
    There is no sheriff and no posse so we have nothing to worry about.
    Fuck the little people.

  5. Unstranger an excellent idea, but where will you recruit the firing squad? Not from the compliant peasants that the Irish have reverted to. Their lordships of the famine times would be pleased with the current populace.

  6. This is the same McCreevy who wants chief risk officers in banks to report directly to a special committee of nonexecutive directors… Whats the bet he would have the special committee loaded with developers and their cronies… He says that “the financial system remains fragile, adding that confidence has not been fully restored”….

    I know I should be jaded by their hypocrisy by now, but it still gets me angry. Prrrrrrrrricks!!

  7. Why do we need an enquiry? We know who to shoot. Let’s get on with implementing unstranger’s plan!!!!!

  8. We need legislation that forces politicians to declare whatever loans they have. All we have at the moment is the requirement that they declare their interests and assets, and not their loans. We are only seeing part of the picture – we need to see the whole picture.

    I’d be willing to bet that half of these Fianna Fail buckos have absolutely bucket loads of loans and debts, to pay for god knows what. Look at the likes of Frank Fahy and his 19 gaffs – you’d have to wonder how he financed them without taking on a huge amount of hock. He’s only one example. You have the likes of senators and councillors getting loans that run into the millions, it’s absolutely mindboggling stuff.

    Commenters here have been spot on about the reason the government don’t want to have an inquiry into the banking mess – it would open open a huge can of worms for them and other prominent people.

    Let justice be done though the heavens fall I say…

  9. There’s legislation to deal with an individual that holds up a bank. There is no legislation to deal with a bank that holds up a country. Nevertheless the term “bank robber” is taking on a whole new set of meanings just now.

  10. You have one small error it this piece. Fianna Fail are infact dealing with the same people as the 1950s. You just wait and see!

  11. surely batt o keeffe and ned o keeffe are two different people? just wondering which one was on the radio? still both cut from the same cloth .

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