Pope Dragged To The Ground By A Woman

So the Pope has finally found himself lying with a woman.  In public!  On television!!

Is there no end to these clerical scandals?

I’m glad.

It would have been an awful thing for the poor old devil to die wondering, and it just goes to prove — you’re never too late to try anything.

Admittedly, the girl was a bit rough with the old guy.  Get down there and pontify my desires, you infallible old hunk.

But he did.  Did you see that?  Old Ratzo was in like Flynn, like a rat up a drainpipe.  Oh Ja, Baby!

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Did she get him in the “missionary” position? How lovely for him…the only position sanctioned by the church.

I’m reminded about Sinéad O’ Connor when she ripped that picture, and all the trouble and abuse thrown at her.
I wonder what would happen if she did it today?
It seems less of an assault than “jumping” the Pope, and people are taking little notice of that compared to the furore Sinéad caused.

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