Shannon RFC Fined €25,000

Shannon RFC, Ireland’s most succesful rugby club, have been slapped with a €25,000 fine and given a suspended six-point deduction because of the behaviour of their fans and officials  at a recent match versus Cork Cons.

The IRFU imposed the fine after it found that Shannon supporters and officials verbally abused ref George Clancy when he awarded a late penalty for offside having initially given a free-kick for a crooked feed into a scrum.

Cons kicked the penalty and won 9-8.

According to a number of reports, Shannon supporters and officials entered the referee’s dressing room after the match and verbally abused him.  One individual was physically removed from the dressing room by the two touch-judges.

The six point deduction will apply to the senior team if there is another breach this season, by officials or supporters of any Shannnon team from under-12 upwards.

This incident occurred two weeks after a very specific letter went out to all Irish clubs from the IRFU threatening dire consequences for any club whose supporters or officials abused a referee.

A statement on the Shannon website today read:

Shannon RFC will appeal this decision and no further comment will be made until a meeting of club officers takes place in the coming days.

Shannon RFC must reiterate that under no circumstances have we, or will ever condone any form of abuse towards match officials.

Dear Hon. Secretary,

It is unfortunatet hat I have to bring Disciplinary matters to the attention of all Clubs.

In the full season of last year 2008/2009, we had a total of 66 players
sent off in the field of play. So far for the 10 weeks of this playing season we have a total of 32 sending off. This is a huge increase and a matter of grave concern.

The bulk of these players range in the U/19 and U/17 groups, with the balance at Junior 1 and Junior 2. The offences are mainly verbal abuse of referees
and fighting with opponents. The Munster Branch takes a very serious
view of this and in order to put a stop to it, will increase the penalties
with suspension of players who receive red cards in the following categories:







Verbal abuse of referee 8 weeks 14 weeks 20 weeks
Striking another player with hand/arm/fist 4 weeks 7 weeks 10 weeks
Striking with head 6 weeks 10 weeks 14 + weeks
Stamping on opponent 4 weeks 7 weeks 16 weeks
Kicking an opponent 4 weeks 10 weeks 14 + weeks
Tripping 4 weeks 6 weeks 9 + weeks
Spitting at players 6 weeks 9 weeks 13 + weeks
Verbal abuse of players based on religion/colour/nationality/ethnic origin or otherwise 6 weeks 10 weeks 15 weeks

In respect of offences not referred to, appropriate sanctions will be imposed at
the discretion of the relevant hearing committee.

Yours in sport,


Declan Madden

President Munster Branch I.R.F.U.

Branch IRFU

Garrett Fitzgerald; Hon. Sec. Frank Byford; Hon. Treasurer Jim Riordan

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Mr Out, I was in Coonagh at this match.

I saw people who never get upset or annoyed become enraged at the referee’s performance throughout the full match. People who never get upset, Mr Out, not the normal common or garden passionate Shannon people who love rugby and competitive matches where good officials become invisible and don’t impose their egos on the situation.

In the 1st half of this match, Taig Bennet was high-tackled. The linesman raised his flag to indicate there was an incident and the play continued pending a Shannon advantage. When the play broke down, the referee first consulted, then over-ruled the linesman, while Taig was still getting treatment on the ground. Why did George Clancy overrule the linesman?

George Clancy did not once give a crooked in to either team throughout normal time. He chose to give the 1st decision of the day at the half-way line against Shannon, in injury time from which Con got into the Shannon 22 , having never really threatened at all in the 2nd half.

From the resulting play and well in to the 4th or 5th minute of extra time, Shannon were harshly adjudged to be offside when Con were attacking the line. The offence was marginal and conventional referring rules state that in such a situation, the offence should be blatant in order give a match deciding penalty.

George Clancy awarded Con a penalty under the Shannon posts to give Con the match after a minor Shannon infringement.

George Clancy is a cheat.

Mr Sniffle; I also heard that the standard of refereeing at this game left a lot to be desired. I’m just the singer on this one, definately not the song.

If as I have heard, a senior club official went into the ref’s dressing room to verbally accost him then its difficult to sympathise with them.

I have always regarded rugby as being above this. No matter how many times as a player we felt the call went against us unfairly the rule was strictly enforced from a young age. Just accept the decision and only the Captain was allowed to question, but ultimately accept, whatever the ref. said…….Just get on with it.

Now George Clancy may not be a very good referee. Reading Sniffles report I can understand why the supporters fucked and blinded at him. ffs, I still have nightmares where Bertie Smith appears with a whistle. Nonetheless he’s one of a dwindling bunch of people who take on a very difficult job and for that he has my admiration and respect, if for no other reason than without referees we would not have a game.

Saying that I have no problem from the sideline criticising the ref. But know damn well that if I get out of hand, become o.t.t. or worse still attempt to go on the field to make a point to him directly, I’ll be fucked out on my ear. And know that my Club would be in deep shit because of such an over-reaction. But when someone delegated as a representative officer of a Club behaves in such a manner – and worse still – going into the refs quarters to abuse him verbally then the Club have to accept responsibility. Yet it seems this person was not dealt with by Shannon and the implication would have been clear to the IRFU that his action was condoned by the Club.

In such circumstances, it wouldn’t have surprised me if some supporters took this as Carte Blanche to take a leaf from the Wicklow GAA Supporters handbook and bundle Mr. Clancy into the boot of a car and drive him off into the Clare Hills, strip him and let him walk home.

Is that where we want rugby to go?

I think the extent of the fine excessive, maybe on appeal Shannon can expect a reprieve, although another bumper night when Northampton visit Munster at Thomond Park will amply cover the sum either way. The potential loss of 6 points however in such a tight league as AIL 1A might be a more difficult aspect of this punishment.

Ultimately the Club, aside from their enraged support stand accused primarily of not reprimanding one of its own officials and the IRFU, perhaps understandably, decided to take such harsh action against Shannon because of their failure to censure this individual, and in order to set a precedent that soccer or GAA type behaviour toward referees, no matter what the circumstances and feeling of cheating, will not be tolerated.

The behavior of some Shannon supporters has been disgraceful recently. I dont know where it came from, but its ugly. They are the most successful and respected club in Ireland and need to sort it out. If a senior officer of the club was involved, they have a huge problem.
Clancy makes mistakes like all refs. To call him a cheat is just stupid and indicates a certain mindset in Shannon. Losing is part of all sports, so they need to get over it.

Dont care if he awarded penalty tries for sneezing…it’d be bad enough if players went into ref’s dressing room after a game, let alone supporters and officials. Penalty is right and proper.

I believe it was the club president who spoke afterwards in the referee’s dressing room and I’m not sure what was said, however I think he may not have been invited to the clubhouse for a drink afterwards. Also not sure as to what if any censure would be involved here. This man stood with us on the six-penny side (Coonagh has a gouger’s side). He was polite as he tends to be, and it was my pal and I who were vocal, especially around the high tackle incident. He actually enquired of the linesman as to what happened around the same incident.
There was a progressive and downward spiralling atmosphere throughout the match as decision after decision went against Shannon, culminating in the ending as described above.
Now, as I mentioned good people got angry. That is how the result was perceived by these seasoned punters. The people concerned, typically, are not vocal or angry at matches. This is important in this context.
I believe George Clancy cheated here. I believe that he gifted the match to Con because he felt intimidated by the commentary coming at him from the sidelines and the final conversation in the dressing room tipped him over the edge.
I also don‘t believe that George Clancy typifies the conduct of AIL referees no more then I think the behaviour as described in the IRFU report typifies Shannon RFC players or supporters.
Hoof is 100% correct about the respect due to referees and also to the huge credit due them. However, I have never seen anything like this performance before, and believe it to be unprecedented.
There is a nasty and malignant censorial tone in the ruling i.e. that the 6 point deduction will come into play if something happens again. I am being deliberately vague now because I need to know what I can and cannot say on the sidelines, before I say something which might offend. Remember in certain parts of Tipperary, cunt is a term of endearment.

If the President of the club was involved in this, the fine should be doubled and he should resign.
Shannon always had higher standards than this. I cant believe it is being condoned.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for Shannon. I have in the past had to remonstrate with a very prominent coach with Shannon over players behaviour when out on the town on one very specific occasion. He has not spoken to me since and the behaviour of those guys has not changed one iota. Any fans behaviour is a matter for the club even more so than the players but as the players behaviour will not be restrained why should we expect it of their fans?

Don’t think you’re correct here John Wayne about the doubling of a fine etc. OR, that calling George Clancy a cheat is stupid. I think I understand the perceptions of arrogance which are perpetrated around Limerick re Shannon’s success and some people just don’t know how to behave themselves in defeat or victory. The anger wasn’t about losing; it was about the miscarriage of justice which preceded the result. I think most of us can accept the inevitable, the obvious, and the certainty of having being beaten by a better team.
Less than a month ago, Con tore lumps out of Shannon in the AIB cup thing in Musgrave Park. From all accounts, kicked us up and down the field, and no one, absolutely no one said a word about this. The result was accepted. I saw Con beat Shannon early last season, by the proverbial country mile in the senior cup, in Coonagh and again, there were no gripes.
Actually, Con are probably the best team in the country at the moment when they can field the fringe players and even when they can’t, they are still an excellent side.
So, this is not about losing, not about the result, this is about the behaviour of one George Clancy who let his ego get in the way the natural order that day in Coonagh.
John Wayne, he was disgraceful. Utterly, utterly despicable. Good people got angry.
This man should not be allowed officiate anymore. He cannot cope.

Sniffle…………………I saw Shannon lose a Charity Cup match some weeks ago and the comments of some the supporters sickened me. Something ugly has crept in recently. It needs to be sorted out. The ref is not the problem here. Look at yourselves.

Sniffle ,
Reading above I have a few comments:

One : The statement about what happening in the dressing room tipping George Clancy over the edge is a bit silly considering that it seemingly happened after the game and therefore could not have anything to do with the referees performance during the match.

Two: George Clancy is one of the 18 referees granted Elite Status by the IRB ie. he is deemed to be one of the best eighteen in the WORLD. not this country, the WORLD. To call someone of this calibre a cheat speaks more to the current mindset of Shannon Club than anything else.

Three: There is a nasty, nasty mindset in Shannon RFC at the moment. I personally have witnessed the antics of some Shannon coaches, parents and supporters on the sidelines of games from Under 12 upwards and there is something rotten in the state of the parish. This has crept in over the last few years, it’s something that was never there before in all the years I have been involved and it needs to be stamped out now. It looks like the IRFU feel the same and as the now many complaints seem to be going unheeded by the club then obviously the IRFU have decided to Step in and do something about it.
Four: I have seen the letter posted above on the notice board in at least one local club, so the timing of the occurrence in relation to that letter obviously had something to do with how seriously they treated it.
Five: I seem to vaguely remember a former Shannon coach going through an IRFU disciplinary session for something similar within the last twelve months? Or am I misremembering?

In one sense this was a letoff, the six League points could well have cost Shannon a top division place with their results to date this year, not losing them was a bit of a let-off and holding them over their head may well be the only way to stamp out this disgraceful behaviour once and for all. It has crept into the game not just in Shannon RFC but in many other places around the country. I remember one Club not very far away from here being suspended for two seasons completely from all competitions because of behaviour of tehir supporters at underage games a few years back, if I was involved in Shannon I would take this as a not so gentle warning that maybe that’s what’s coming down the road. The fine I’m fairly sure will be reduced on appeal

I was responding to the fine of €25K for verbal abuse of one George Clancy, whom I called a cheat and because I was at this particular match, I stand over my comment.
But I would not defend any person who was rude or arrogant to players or people outside the context of the game, and if supporters are misbehaving and using the black and blue as a cloak, shame on them and they’ll get no support from me.
My comments were not a general commentary or defence of Shannon RFC; I was speaking directly to the performance of Gorge Clancy as referee in that game between Shannon and Con. It is his performance I am speaking about and his sacrifice of all things fair in that match to his ego.
The Great Zucchini mentioned that he is named as one of the best eighteen in the world, fair enough but personally I don’t agree. I think he gets in the way of things, interrupts frequently and unnecessarily and doesn’t understand the concept of the good referee being invisible. I’ve heard him patronize players, not last time out, but before and believe that he cannot cope with comments from the sidelines.
What comments you ask? My pals who are vocal will often pass a comment to the referee if they don’t understand what has happened. This means they will shout his name and ask him to “ref both teams”, to “kop himself on”, to “open his eyes “and many more exultations to get with the program. Of course these exultations will be liberally interspersed with fucking this and fucking that and with the occasional cunt thrown in.
Is this what people are objecting to?
I don’t mind this personally. I hear pockets of it in all the Limerick grounds. In happens in the GAA all the time. I accept it as part of the game. I would not be as vocal at my work place or in my home or indeed with my family, but rugby and sport is different, I think. That’s my opinion,
Rugby is a game involving controlled aggression and controlled physical violence. There’s something primal about and you hear all the time after a big hit or some scuffle or after one of the multiple confrontations which occur in the eighty minutes. The language goes with the territory.
George Clancy is trying change the way Shannon supporters support their team. He is doing this by provocation, in his over-ruling his own officials who flag a Con foul, in his inconsistent application of the laws to favor the opposition and by actually gifting Con the match when conventional refereeing would not have done. The last offence (and I’ve been told last evening that it actually wasn’t an offence) at the absolute worst, was the tiniest piece marginal, when the rulings states that it would need to be blatant to have been given. In my mind and in the mind of those Shannon supporters who saw the game, George Clancy gifted Con the game and he did this because he did not like the tone of the commentary coming at him from the sidelines. Which came first, the lousy decision or the first inflammatory comment, hard to tell but they were both there in spades.
I think all clubs have members who are cunts, and I make no excuses for these people. The people who were enraged at the Con match were not these people. They were the plain people of Ireland who got angry at a cheating referee.

II didn’t understand you first comment Mr. Zucchini. I think what was said to George Clancy in his dressing room by the club President constituted part of the verbal abuse which Shannon club was fined for. I wouldn’t advocate this usually because as Hoof said earlier, referees are due respect for the amount of time, effort and abuse they take.

But as I’ve tried to explain, there was serious and severe provocation.

The first comment referred to what you said in 6 above Specifically:
“I believe George Clancy cheated here. I believe that he gifted the match to Con because he felt intimidated by the commentary coming at him from the sidelines and the final conversation in the dressing room tipped him over the edge.”
How can that have tipped him over the edge and affected his game on the pitch if it was after the game finished?
And again I state that the “Antics” (that’s what I call them) of the Shannon supporters, coaches and mentors in particular at all age levels over the last couple of years are bringing the game into disrepute. There have been many, many complaints about this at various levels and it has to stop.
This is not the first time they have fallen foul of the IRFU for treatment of referees by their officials. It should be the last. That crap has no part in the game, is against the spirit and ethos of the sport. We can see the problems that the GAA have with discipline and do we really want to go down the same route? Rugby has always been noted for it’s respect for referees, other mentors, players and teams and this seems to be falling away down parish side. Your comments above even hint at that loss of respect, I feel that it should be nipped in the bud before we all end up down the same troubled path as the GAA, with appeal after appeal over disciplinary matters and eventually no respect for anyone.

What I meant was, what was said in the dressing room contributed to the verbal abuse charge. I agree with you that this conversation had nothing to do with the outcome. As I mentioned earlier, the outcome wasn’t the issue is so far as Shannon have no bone to pluck with Con.
Mr Zucchini, to me, this is only about George Clancy. I think his behaviour during the match was reprehensible, abusing his position to carry a personal bias against Shannon. I’m not too prone to emotional extremes, but his refereeing performance was unprecedented in my experience. Another pal, a non-partisan, has offered to be a witness in the appeal regarding the tone, actions, supporter incomprehension, and inconsistency of George Clancy’s actions that afternoon.
The language from the sideline goes with the territory. Seriously. It goes with the game which can be brutal in the extreme. We may not like this aspect of it, but it’s there in front of us all the time. It is no place for shrinking violets and I suppose that old character building chestnut is relevant too.
For that game and on that day, George Clancy cheated Shannon. He is not deserving of my respect on this basis alone. I did nothing; he was in control throughout the match. He has brought down this fine and suspended point deduction on Shannon. I believe he came with an agenda that day, to teach the Shannon rabble (my interpretation) a lesson and he did just that by ultimately gifting Con the game.
I’m not commenting on anything beyond this and repeat that I would not condone any arrogance, loss of respect to any supporter or player.

To be honest I cannot agree that George Clancy would or could have a personal bias against Shannon.
Even if it could be said that he had, I cannot agree that an elite Status referee would allow anything personal to interfere with his responsibility to referee a match at this level. Please bear in mind that AIL Division 1 has now become the fourth tier of Rugby, a man with responsibility for the top four tiers would not allow personal bias to enter into the equation, his game, the sport that we both love would not allow a referee to gain the standards that he has if it did. He wouldn’t last long.
This is all getting away from the point of the post.
The facts of the matter are that Shannon RFC has been punished for the actions of it’s supporters and officials. Stop trying to deflect it by saying that George Clancy caused their actions, that’s like saying that an abusive spouse should get away with abuse because the other person “Asked for it”, the standard excuse in their own mind. People here are telling you what the Shannon Club has started to become to appear like to everyone else that has to play against them, and the branch in particular have been dealing with complaints about their actions for quite a while now. Just because you feel that that type of action is okay does not mean that it is. Everyone is trying to tell you all that the actions which caused the fines have to stop, then there wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place, No fines, no league point removals, simple enough in my mind. Stop fuckin about acting like Gabhals and there wouldn’t be a problem.
Or do you still think that “everyone is wrong except my Johnny” as the old Mothers used to say about their soldier sons being out of step?

I have too much respect for the proprietor and contributors to this site, to stay in an intransigent place. I’ve been prepping and cooking turkey all day, mulling this over. I know what I saw and I can’t deny that. What happened is important but nobody died (and none of us cared much for nobody, smelly bollix really, no loss).
I’m going to consult the lads. We’re heading down to Dolphin on the luxury coach, Dec 27th to play the Dolphins in the senior cup. The usual suspects will be there and I’ll invite them here to see your thoughtful commentary. Some of them can’t read too well so the feedback might be limited.
It is however important not to come across now, as bogus in any way and also to repeat again that the last thing I would knowingly do is be disrespectful to peers and colleagues (who reside here)
I think there will be more twists, turns and knobbly bits to this story; crinkly bits like that bit of stuffing which sticks out of the turkey cavity and get crispy and might burn you, might make you spit out but also might be the nicest piece of meat on the whole thing. That’s the way this story might go.
This was Mr Out’s report which I sorta colonised (apologies there), so good luck and thanks for feedback.

Oh and one more thing, buddy can you spare a dime…

I think that as a bona fide 100% dyed-in-the-wool Shannon supporter, you’re entitled to the floor whenever you want it. Let us know what he lads say, though I suspect I can hazard a guess.

Hey Sniffle,
We’re all allowed a spat, that’s what makes this place so good (well at least I think so, hope ye all think the same). Different opinions are very, very important, and If you think you are being shouted down then I apologise, I too feel very strongly about this subject.
I feel the influx of newer, fairweather provincial fans has distorted some of the traditional values of Rugby where we always did our fighting on the pitch and our drinking together as soon as the final whistle blew. The touchlines were never as abusive to the extent that they have become and they have started to go completely over the top at this stage. It starts at Mini rugby because these fairweather supporters are bringing their kids along to play the sport now, which is great for the sport as the influx of numbers is definitely needed but these folks haven’t cottoned onto the traditions involved.
There was a time when team mentors from all clubs would take off two young fellahs at under age level if they got involved in a spat (Handbags) on the pitch, but that’s gone now. To be fair to the Munster branch, they removed all competitive rugby competitions at Mini rugby level to try to do something about this, to take the heat out of the game at this level, make it fun only and try and instill some of the fair play element back including respect for the Officials because this is where it has to be taught, right at the start, but it’s obviously a constant battle.
The game is hard, always was, but it should always be fair, and that takes work by everyone from mini-rugby team coaches and mentors all the way to the top of every club with the club officials being the very visible examples of how to behave. Hand in Hand with the respect and status an Honorary position confers goes the responsibility for your demeanour and actions and the consequent effects on the perception of the sport that goes with it. People are beginnning to forget that they are the visible face of the sport and they should behave in an appropriate manner.

Have a good one against the Cork gits and bring home the bacon, :-)
We want ye in Division 1 when we get there (and hopefully we will, it’s where we want to be if we get there our way), we’ll need someone local to give us a rattle and keep our feet on the ground :-)

On a different tack completely and the boss may give out to me about this not being the place for it, hopefully this is becoming a place where we can spread the word about all kinds of stuff and maybe inform some of the lesser informed of what people actually think about what’s going on throughout these “trying times” (And I hate that phrase but at least it’s a polite description). Anything and everything that people think is important, because we’re all being ignored by everyone in any kind of Authority so far.
We have a load of inner circles and cabals from Government & “the church” all the way down to throughout our sporting organisations where the symptoms have spread and if we can help break these in any small way, even one at a time, one by one, then maybe we’ll have done some good.
Information in the public view is what these people dread, the only power they have is keeping this stuff under wraps, the more that we can get out the better in my mind. The right to free speech and opinion is paramount in my mind, and it should be defended at all costs.

Apologies for the longwindedness, he doesn’t let me out of the engine room that often.

One of the reasons I think soccer is a better game than rugby is that it is more individualistic, and for that, freer and more open to self expression. I consider it a democratic sport (which rugby is not) and I suppose there’s nothing profound there, the whole planet plays soccer. It’s inclusive and everyone can kick a ball.
My point is that the man hasn’t managed to mangle that sport into some conformist, claptrap ridden jumble of restrictive rules and codes of conduct.
This is my fear in this particular situation, genuinely. I don’t want to be muzzled on the sidelines and I also think I understand what is fair and what is not fair.
The blazers, given a chance, will regulate the game and its supporters out of existence with this draconian ruling (which I know is a benchmark of sorts and is sending out a message to all clubs)
Monsieur Le Geek, you mentioned the church and government and banks as being a suffocating influence on society (I think I’m not misinterpreting your words), where intuitions’ start to over regulate and direct us in our daily lives.
I don’t want this to happen in the game.
You make good points about building strong and balanced support systems around the game but in the end it’s still a wild thing, played by young fells that won’t be told what to do, and looked at by supporters who can tell the difference.
So, Cork tomorrow on the lilac bus and as I mentioned I’ll let you know.

Sniffle, fining a club because its officials broke into the referees changing room and threatened him is not a sign of the game being over regulated. It is a sign of a game trying to ptrotect what is right and proper. George Clancy may well have been a disgrace the same day, I wasn’t there, but that does not excuse the behaviour of senior club officials. Dare I say that your love of soccer shines through in your attitude to refs.

“You make good points about building strong and balanced support systems around the game but in the end it’s still a wild thing, played by young fells that won’t be told what to do, and looked at by supporters who can tell the difference.”

That statement is what makes the difference. I disagree that “Young fellahs won’t be told what to do”.
It was always a wild thing yes, but the young players were always, always taught respect for their opposition, their mentors and for the referees. They were always taught fair play, but the people that went before them knew that as well and passed on those traditions. This is not over regulation, it is the standards that have always been involved in the sport. Without them it becomes too dangerous to play. If you haven’t been taught to prop you shouldn’t be there, if you can’t lift properly you shouldn’t do it, otherwise someone WILL get hurt. Without the fair play ethos there are far too many opportunities in the game to really hurt someone.
The parents, who in the main had played before their kids, also understood this and confirmed off the field what was being taught by the coaches on the field. It was always a given that the game was hard, but when it was over, no matter what happened you clapped your opponent off the pitch, you shook his hand and when you got old enough (16 and a bit in my case, things were different then) to play adult rugby you went for a drink with him and slagged him off until the next time you met on the pitch. The scores (if there were any) were settled the next time you met on the field “of battle” and forgotten until that came around. Yes, It is war of a sort, or maybe similar to the Gladiator games of old maybe, but “controlled” . It never spilled over into the “outside world”, unlike in the GAA where parishes continued on feuds for generations after matches (and I do know what I’m talking about here). I played all codes, and many other sports but finally settled into Rugby where I found my niche.
I hate this degeneration of what were some great respectful traditions of a great sport. The respect is what makes the game great in my opinion. And I don’t think I’m alone here, am I wrong in thinking this way?
By the way congrats on today’s result. Now sort out the other cork gits in the semi.

“… and then El Presidente busted down the door and assaulted him”

What ?

“Yep, broke into the dressing room and hit him.”

“El Presidente, our El Presidente ?”

“Well that’s what they’re saying over on Bock the Robber.”

Fuck off.

Sure he couldn’t bust his way outa a wet paper bag, and him on steroids. He’s in his seventies.

“Pinned him up against a wall and bate the living crap out of him, he did, did our El Presidente.”

The testosterone fuelled, lilac bus carrying the Shannon thugs hurtled menacingly down to Cork last Sunday to wreak havoc and mayhem on the unsuspecting Lee men, women and children.

After much raping in Charleville, they plundered Buttervant and pillaged Mallow. Cork children searched for their violated mothers, their fathers lay bleeding on main street.

The Shannon death machine rolled into Blackpool, a blood lust approaching its peak. The ex-El Presidente’s widow slashed left and right with her meat cleaver and tore the place asunder.

Cathy O ‘Halloran informed the country of the continuing trail of devastation through Cork City, the RTE outside broadcast unit trailed the bloody lilac bus.

Right so, we’re here, the club secretary said.

The first three rows of seats were occupied by the pensioners, all in their eighties. The next six by the kids and one very happy loving teenage couple. The final four rows and the back of the bus were sequestered by us, the fifty something gougers.

This is the hostile group who assaulted Musgrave Park last Sunday.

Additional verbal assaults on the referee ?

There were, but perhaps slightly muted, as the hordes of supporters were a little confused wondering was it something they said. But yes, the referee made four , maybe five mistakes, each of which was correctly called by the lads.

The death rattle gurgled from the ref’s whistle and we won by three. No-one died (at the match anyway) though there were still signs of triage on the way home, but our blood lust had been sated and we had no further appetite.

Is this what you mean ?

Have you seen tonights Leader Bock? It is now very ugly! Richmond, Munsters or Thomond would be banned for that behavior!

It is interesting to read these comments about the alleged World Class ref George Clowncy’s failings at Irish club level. It cannot have escaped the notice of those unhappy with that performance that the same referee has made an absolute pigs ear of an international match in the weekend just passsed.

The man looks out of his depth reffing in the Magners League, how he is on the IRB panel is beyond me.

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