Banking Inquiry

Financial probe to be confidential

Now let me get this straight.

Bankers made decisions behind closed doors that caused havoc with the economy.

The banks’ lapdog, the financial regulator, held ineffectual discussions with them behind closed doors.

Anglo-Irish and Irish Nationwide made all manner of dodgy deals with even dodgier developers behind closed doors.

The bankers went to Cowen and Lenihan in the middle of the night, and a €450 billion guarantee was agreed behind closed doors.

The details of NAMA, which will bankrupt the country and treble the national debt, were worked out behind closed doors.

And now, at last, there’s going to be an inquiry into all the double-dealing and crookery of the banks, the builders and the politicians.

Where will it be held?  Yep.  Behind closed doors.

13 thoughts on “Banking Inquiry

  1. Spot on BOCK, fucking spot on.

    And behind cell doors seconds out, there will never be space for any of the protagonists in this saga. You can take that to the bank; as my granny used to say.

  2. Not one person involved in this private little game will ever pay a fine, do time or indeed do without. Same as every other tribunal or inquiry in ths country, yet you drive around untaxed, uninsured. Try not paying your TV license. The full force of the law will be used to get you into the Circuit Court where you can explain to the Judge and members of the public why you are there. Move €87m off your books and back again every year and mislead shareholders and financial regulators you get to retire early, on a pension. Free. No country for (some) old men.

  3. Its all a load of bollox Bock. Why have an enquiry? We all know what happened. Corrupt politicians, Incompetent public servants, Greedy bastard builders and bankers, greasing each others filthy palms. An inquiry held by a member of our independent judiciary? ( no child of ex taoiseach made a judge recently?)There will be no sanctions or penalties here so why bother with the whole fucking sham.

  4. Correct No. 8, and the worst bit about it is that there is no indication that this will change. Opinion polls over the last year or two show no change in the combined support for FF/FG, tweedledum and tweedledee. If people cant see what needs to be done now, they never will. I suppose we’ll just have to learn to live with it or get out, the only remaining option is highly undemocratic.

  5. EssoDee, given what democracy has done for us maybe its time for a change. Imagine Pearse and Connolly on the steps of the GPO “By the way Jimmy this action might be highly undemocratic”

  6. Plan here is to start the enquiry behind closed doors so that at election time FF/PD/Greens can claim that the enquiry is underway and they have nothing to hide. The Enquiry will run for enough time to have passed for some of the main charactors to have died and then blame them for the whole sorry mess.

  7. Holding the inquiry in private will directly result in Ireland defaulting on loans this year. That means bankrupt to you and me. The reason is simple. Ireland is still borrowing billions to “run” the country. Imagine trying to borrow billions from somebody who suspects you are totally corrupt but you have assured him or her that you are squeaky clean and have cleaned up your act. Then you decide to wash all linen behind closed doors. Now if I were in the NTMA, I would be very concerned about the next bond issues.

  8. Bock, not only will it be held in secret, but it will be a “public private partnership” – ie we’ll contract the enquiry (or parts of it) to the highest bidder, which will lead to large aspects of the thing that we won’t be able to get our hands on because of “commercial sensitivity.” The private partner will, as always, prioritise profit over the public good.

    It did strike me today listening to various of the “comentariat” pontificating on the “militant” air traffic controllers shutting down the airport and the teacher’s work-to-rule causing “exam chaos” that none of these horrible social consequences were ever put down to “militant” bankers, willing to bankrupt entire countries, to ensure they kept their loot. A sense of proportion would be in order here. (Late breaking…just heard Charlie McCreevey quoted saying a bank enquiry would be a waste – we all need to get over our infantile need for “scapegoats.”)

  9. Anything new guy`s? What did you expect from a bunch of gangsters who have completely screwed the taxpayer time and again. If they had some competence you might have a wee bit of respect for them, because they are only screwing the retarded electorate who put them there in the first place. Given that they are all a bunch of morons, put into power by a bunch of retards, who have now recently polled an INCREASE in support for the very idiots who got us in this shithole in the first place, what do you expect? Did you think they would behave according to civilised norms and rules, when they know they can do what they want, bankrupt our country, and still gain support in the polls!!!! How retarded does an electorate have to be, to poll an increase in support for these buffoons when the country has collapsed? In any another country they would be run out of office (more like tarred and feathered). Here they register an increase in support. I re-iterated this because it is simply fucking unbelievable. Every retard in Ireland who votes for FF deserve every inch of the dismal future they are voting for, in the next election, if FF get elected.

  10. The mature Irish electorate voted for them. Dead right. Clueless moron or followers feeding from the trough.
    Will the country have to wade through blood again to get them out.

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