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Good service and good food in reasonably-priced restaurant with friendly staff. What more do you want?

Service means everything.  A restaurant that values its customers is a treasure indeed, and Bella Italia, in Limerick’s Thomas Street, is such a place.

It’s been six months since I last visited Bella Italia with my beloved daughter, and that’s just because life happens.  We didn’t get a chance to go there.

Now, when you go for lunch, you haven’t time to be making weighty decisions, and anyway both of us are creatures of habit, a little bit.

I often choose a pasta with meat sauce and the Child often selects their Cajun chicken, but with a little variation.  Extra salad, more cherry tomatoes, an extra bowl of dip.

I was surprised, and impressed, to see that in the last six months they’ve revamped the place completely, expanding the gound floor into a spacious comfortable eating area, and converting the upper floor to a kitchen.  Logical and comfortable.  Tastefully decorated.

We sat down and looked at the menu.

What are you having?

Oh, I’ll try the spaghetti.  You?

I’d love the Cajun chicken.

Hello, said the nice lady attending our table.  What’s it to be?

Cajun chicken, said the Child, with extra —

Dip?  said the nice lady.


And extra salad, with some cherry tomatoes?


Now that’s what I call attention to your customers.

Apart from a wide-ranging menu, they’ll sell you a pre-cooked Italian -style meal from their front counter, and they’ll cater for your party.

Not only that, but they’ll remember your face.

Go there. Patronise this fine establishment.

We need such business people in the country.

24 thoughts on “Bella Italia Bistro – Limerick

  1. Sounds good,

    next time I’m in Limerick I might just go there. And to return the favour I’ll let you in on one of my favourites in Dublin, Cafe Topolis in Parliament St, great Italian food, good prices, pizzas cooked on a wood burning stove, what more can you ask for?

    PS No I’m not shilling for them, just love the food. Hey I know where I’m eating tomorrow!

  2. Was there a couple of weeks ago.. love it! Very reasonably priced, lovely food and nice staff. Their meatballs are very good.

  3. That food looks nice. Ia haven’t been there since I had to visit them for the powers that be and they didn’t pass any of the tests. Still some of us are just fussy b*****ds. It’s good to have somewhere casual and relaxed to go that’s friendly. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

  4. Sounds like a nice bistro. Italian cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines.

    I grew up eating a combination of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine – foods such as falafel, shakshouka, couscous, bulgur, hummus, shwarma, za’atar etc….

    In Ireland, it’s mainly McDonalds and the Chicken Hut for me…

  5. Not for me i’m afraid. My son and i used to get take away Spag meals there every 2 or 3 weeks, and occasionally a sit down in the restaurant with my daughters, until they got lazy with the most vital ingredient, the Spaghetti. As far as i’m concerned you cook spaghetti Once, then after draining the starch out, you serve fresh, you dont Reheat in water or microwave as it becomes gooey and sticks together. After complaining to them on 2 separate occasions they gave me the 3rd one at half price, and That had to be fucked in the bin as well. We’ve not been back there since. Bon Appetit.

  6. I agree with paulo1i.

    I have tried their pizza; dismal, truly.
    I have had their spaghetti and the sauce is inferior, I kid you not, cheapo and wishy-washy.
    Not a bad restaurant for a coffee but their chefs are probably self taught and their ingredients appear to be the cheapest they could buy.
    It’s a nice place and the service is everything you have said but the kitchen lets them down and for a restaurant that’s a big goddamn no-no.

  7. That’s the way guys. Keep it positive. I love your constant cheerfulness. It makes the effort worthwhile.

    And to think when I was growing up that they used to accuse Limerick people of being negative! How wrong could they have been?

  8. I have not gone there in years, I used to love their lasagne, catching up with a friend this week for lunch may give it a try, the dish you show looks delicious

  9. The last time i was cheerful while having a crap meal was probably when i was being breastfed.

  10. It’s one of my favourite eateries! I love their polpette in altero sauce, it’s delicious, and their lasagne is one of the best around.

  11. On reflection i may have been a bit too unforgiving in my 1st comment. While very relevant at the time, thats a few years ago now, and the changeover of Chefs in restaurants and hotels happens fairly regular in catering, We do sometimes take for granted our own local business’s making a go for it. So, Yea, i might give a visit to Bella some evening if i miss the butchers.

  12. I love this place!!!!! And miss it, in Australia now… not that I’m confined to eating kangaroo these days but I just miss the tradition and food:
    – Saturdays, lunch: meatball baguette, fresh salad, the best sundried tomato dressing in the world. That or the lasagne with the same salad – I saw a tear in my friend Emma’s (also in Oz) eye when we talked about the lasagne!
    Fridays, dinner: I go takeaway on fris.. Fresh tagliatelli with chick special/boscaiola (uncooked fresh pasta paulo you p=nis, it only takes 3 minutes to boil it when you get home and Bella definately explain to go this route, reheated pasta is manky like what you would get at a food court) The takeaway option prior to this in LK was maccas or a donkey fords and my nephews and nieces shout for this – Kids and parents enjoy, tip: crack open an expensive bottle of red that you wouldnt normally splash out on in a restaurant (you’ve already saved staying in), sit near the fire. ENjoy!

  13. Just browsing and came accross this, jesus there are some bitter people out there!
    I have eaten there loads of times ,always good.Has anyone brought their complaints
    forward while there? I have and was looked after well.As bock says maybe some
    peoples standards too high.

  14. Great refurb. Don’t know of many places investing in the look and feel of their businesses. Food here is second to none. Great staff. Passionate owner managers. Wonderful food. Every dish is made from scratch. I know they even make their own pasta. Boscaiolla is to die for. Love this place.

  15. Grew up in Limerick and love going to Bella since the old days across the road. Don’t feel I have been home unless we swing by for what is always a reasonable and delicious meal. Now my kids(4!-oh my God) love it too. The service is always fantasic and last time we met a more mature(sorry) lady that was just a psychic for what we needed eg. teaspoon for the baby appeared before we even asked!!
    Food looks so appetizing and tastes even better than it looks. Well done guys! I hear they are doing themed nights now- opera etc. Lucky to have a hassle free family friendly excellent restaurant in Limerick! Nothing like it here in Kildare.

  16. I hadn’t been in yeras, honestly thought the food had dropped in standard. Any way I went the other day for lunch. Pleasantly surprised at the decor, very nice. Food was good, a simple pasta and pesto dish. Espresso was tepid but replaced without a quibble for an excellent one. Staff good and very pleasant. Two questions, (1) Why no meat dishes such as Saltim Bocca, Oso Bucco, the Italians love their offal as much as Limerick people do. No good Italian cheeses on offer. (2) What is an Italian Bistro?

    Will go back.

  17. Good Idea. Veal Milanese would be a good addition to this menu. That’s not to say the menu isn’t good – It’s brilliant. I would make one change and that is have a paper menu. That’s just me being picky though. I would have everything on that menu. The chicken salad is gorgeous. There is also a chicken dish in a wholegrain mustard sauce. They could do with some little Bella Deli’s in suburban areas – cold meat, pastas and raviolli – frozen with tubs of their famous sauces fresh from the restaurant. It’s not always easy to get into town all the time to avail of the take away service. They should also do a recipe book or just tell me how they make everything!!

  18. I love the place gr8 food gr8 staff . Last time I was there was bfor the revamp and the place looks so much better. My favourite is the chicken special it’s tagnatelly wit chicken mushroom and beautiful creamy sauce.
    I would highly recommend going there. Oh ya I forgot there is a giant monalisa at the end of the reastraunt looks da bomb the painter even painted in the cracks to make it look like the original
    place is amazing

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