Best Busker in the World

Civilised street-life

Wandering around Limerick today, we came across this gentleman, busking on the corner of Thomas Street and Catherine Street.

I have since learned that his name is Peter Walls.

What a nice, civilised man. 

Thank you for stopping, he says, on such a cold day.

Heineken don’t do busking, but if they did …

15 thoughts on “Best Busker in the World

  1. Howaya,
    Saw this guy today with my wife. Sang great.
    Then we wandered on and two guys were doin’ funny acrobatics and then she headed off for some shopping and i just started walking about as i usually do – chatting to people.

    Found the milk market – christ, never saw so many second hand drill sets in my life. I suppose the construction industry ground to a halt and is selling its stuff cheap as chips…

    Enjoyed the organic coffee from a ‘back of a van job’, but honestly the hoodie stalls are truly naff.

    Sunny day for a walkabout; limerick is lively enough. Would like to find a bit more info on the limerick freemasons. They’ve a nice building near a bridge in the city somewhere..

    Printmakers studio was cool too.

    Mick N.

  2. That’s right. Near Thomond Bridge. Ask anyone where King John’s castle is and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  3. I don’t but there seemed to be plenty of people taking shots. Very good fun, kept most people in the one spot for about 45 minutes!

  4. What a piece of “Good” Limerick stuff in contrast to all the oul shyte that passes for Limerick news these days.

    Great to hear a bit of a local accent on the lad too.

    Watching and listening to this fella gives you some idea of what`s needed to get the country going again…a bit of fucking Style !!!

    Not aware of any Opera wing within Fianna Fail to offset the Country and Western bias….?

  5. I stopped and listened to him a couple of months ago, Wonderful, How nice is it to see some dignity and talent on the street.
    Opera centre, courtesy of Anglo, Think that idea might be busted, No harm but plenty foul !
    I’ve been around the country a bit lately, Lots of people doing their own thing via cooking, gardening, being inventive and getting on with it, Thats not really coming across in the media but it’s happening, lot’s of evaluating, ” green shoots ” of change possibly ?

  6. Love the photos.
    Especially the one with the girls posing.

    Saturday was especillay good for street entertainment. As well as this guy and the acrobat guys further down Thomas street there was the two guitarists playing on cruises street.

  7. Wow! that took bottle! Fair play, sounded really nice. Beautifull weather were having, even if everything else is shite!

  8. Perhaps the intrepid Barry Duggan might be persuaded to report on something positive regarding Limerick. But then there wouldn’t be a book in that. The area around Thomas St. and Little Catherine St is looking great. William St. need a bit of TLC and Rutland / Patrick St need to be re opened. Other than that the city looks ok, imo.

  9. No. 8. Wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for anything positive about Limerick from the forelock tuggers at “Sir” Anthonys’ stable, more in their line to constantly twist statistics and crime figures to deflect from the problems on their own doorstep.

    Getting back to the busker, helped create a good atmosphere on Thomas Street last Saturday, along with that badly needed sunshine and appreciative audiences on the street and cafes there was a Continental feel about the place.

    Small gripe. Just wish that single lane of traffic was shut off completely on that street, it spoils the benefit of pedestrianisation there.

  10. I have been living in the Limerick environs for the past year and a half. I have lived all over Ireland and abroad and I just love this city…. full of heart-felt culture – I see it in the people I meet everyday on the streets. Busking in Limerick, especially on Thomas street is an absolute joy. To be noticed and appreciated makes it so worthwhile. Thank you. Peter Walls (Busker)

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