Catholic Schools – The Empire Fights Back

Bishops back in denial mode

It didn’t take the Catholic bishops long to recover from their brief flirtation with reality, did it?

After a worrying period during which they acknowledged that their organisation was full of abusers and that they had covered up hundreds of crimes, the boys are all back on message.

The bishops are singing from the same hymn-sheet.

First, we have former bishop  O’Mahony trying to undermine the Murphy report by talking out of two orifices simultaneously: his arse and the side of his mouth.

The good bishop, who was forced to resign following publication of the damning report that exposed the Catholic cover up of multiple child-rapes, is now seeking to cast doubt on its author.

According to the Irish Catholic, O’Mahony complained that Archbishop Martin did nothing to counteract the statement of the Murphy Report, widely circulated in the media that ”the majority of clergy knew and did nothing”.

Think about that now.  He wanted the Archbishop to deny what the Commission was saying, and prevent it from exposing the criminal inactivity of the Catholic hierarchy.

Addressing Diarmuid Martin, he says You were out of the diocese for 31 years and had no idea how traumatic it was for those of us who had to deal with allegations without protocols or guidelines or experience in the matter of child sexual abuse.

Read that again:   Without protocols, or guidelines or experience.

O’Mahony seems to be unaware that raping children was a crime and that the correct protocol was to call the police.  Likewise, his claim that he had no experience of child sexual abuse is hypocritical nonsense.  He and his fellow bishops then and now, have claimed to have no experience of adult sexual relations.  And yet at the same time that the priests under their command were raping children, these fine bishops had little difficulty instructing grown men and women how to conduct their sex lives, and even less difficulty instructing the politicians on what laws to pass about matters such as contraception.

Meanwhile, Leo O’Reilly, bishop of Kilmore writes in the Irish Times that the phrase “control of the primary school system” in the paper’s recent survey,  is emotive and misleading.

It’s emotive, Leo says, because it elicits a sceptical reaction from the respondent, as nobody wishes to be controlled.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that when a bishop can order the sacking of a teacher for holding unacceptable beliefs, or for living with a partner while unmarried, that looks a lot like control.

When a priest can prevent a child in his school from getting the publicly-funded bus service, that looks very like control.

When Catholic teachers are afraid to reveal the nature of their marital arrangements for fear of losing their jobs, that seems like control.

What do you reckon?

All primary schools are managed in a spirit of partnership by boards of management, Leo says.

Leo lies.  Leo lies to you.  He lies to me.  He lies to anyone reading his article.

Perhaps Leo even lies to himself.

The schools are controlled with an iron fist by the bishop’s proxy, the parish priest.  All decisions are made by the proxy and no dissent is tolerated.

Leo thinks he and his colleagues have arrived at a new dawn for Catholic education.  Cardinal Seán Brady will announce the Catholic Schools Partnership, the goals of which are :

(a) To provide a unified voice for Catholic education in the public forum and with educational bodies and the Government.

(b) To support Catholic educators in the core activities of learning and teaching in order to foster high-quality life-long learning and faith development for all learners.

(c) To support the roles of governance, trusteeship and management.

Read that again, but this time put on your special X-ray glasses that can see through solid bullshit.

Get rid of all the fancy, self-serving, pompous waffle like core activities of learning and teaching and you can boil it down to one simple statement:

We’re here and we’re staying.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Time to kick ’em out of the schools.

9 thoughts on “Catholic Schools – The Empire Fights Back

  1. Love to read that again Bock, but I lent my special X-ray glasses to the bishop for his sacred kids underware inspection.

  2. It is lies, Bock.
    The Catholic church has almost total control over almost every primary school in Ireland.
    The church does not pay the teacher’s salary, does not pay for the running of the schools, or even the sites or the building of the schools – but they own them all the same, all signed over to the Patron nice and neatly.
    They hire (or not) and promote (or not) every teacher and can fire a teacher who does not uphold the Catholic ethos of the Catholic school.
    Most teachers are sick of this system and I have heard hundreds saying they don’t want to teach religion.
    Most parents want a choice.
    These boys will not, not, not let go of our schools without one hell of a battle.
    They shouldn’t be withing 6 feet of any child!
    I mean it.

  3. I really appreciate you keeping this topic going.
    We can not forget the pain these bastards have inflicted and keep inflicting. Zero responsibility zero consequences. They have no place in our schools. Kick ’em out is right!

  4. It is definitely time they were kicked out of schools. Who in their right mind puts men who can’t have a relationship with a woman in charge of young kids? I often think back to one particular Brother in Limerick CBS who taught me 20 years ago, and shudder to think of the torture he inflicted down the years. Why can’t priests marry anyway? It’s not mentioned anywhere in the bible.

  5. I don’t want them to marry!
    It’s bad enough that they give jobs to their cronies!
    If they married, they’d have to have about 14 children (no contraception), and give them all jobs!!
    Let them marry, but take the control away first.

  6. I know, long time, no read… you me, I mean, I read your comments anyway.

    But: Re your headline “catholic schools…” I’d like to add that all this is not only an Irish problem, I’m sure you know. It’s a catholic thing, apparantly. At least in the western world or wherever the catholic organisation trys to get a foot in.

    There is another scandal coming up in Germany, Berlin to be precise.
    The Jesuit college, called Canisius-Kolleg, the most elite secondery school in Germany, just revealed that there is evidence, that at least (!) in the 70s and 80s boys were abused by their priest-teachers – big time.
    Now that college is the breeding ground for the leading men in Germany, almost all of the alumni are in high places in economy and politics. But nobody cam forward, of course.
    I’m sure there is more coming up.

    I never had a doubt that a religion which is very much into power – which religion ever – can control the world they rule. Probably that was the agenda all along.
    But to think that those who run the country were literally srewed by catholic priests and still keep quiet about it, and to think what power the priest-teachers still have by injecting shame and guilt into these boys/men, is simply unbearable. Not for them alone but for those who are governed in one way or another by the screwed ones.

    No wonder, that all the carrierist-hierchary-clergy are very smug about the whole affair. Wherever they are, even in Rome.
    They know how to blackmail by sheer power of superiority and maybe moral blackmail how to run a country or even the western (christian) world.

    Makes you shiver…

    Edit: In case someone can read German, you’ll find the article to above mentioned abuse scandal here:,1518,674617,00.html

  7. You are right Bock it did not take then long, now they think its all water under the bridge so back to business as usual.
    The Irish Times have a poll.. Do you believe the Catholic Church should have a role in the provision of education in State-funded schools?
    45% say yes! 55% say no.
    Its interesting reading the comments I don’t understand the 45% are they blind to what been going on?

  8. @Carrig
    As a German resident, I, of course, picked up on the Canisius-Kolleg story too (although, nit-picking, I might argue that the most exclusive, certainly the best, elite school in Germany is Salem – but be that as it may ..).
    An interesting aspect of the whole thing is that there will be no legal repercussions for the German Jesuits as a result of this, as German law has a satute of limitations of ten years following the victim’s 18th. birthday for child-abuse. Which, of course, puts certain reports concerning the courage of the school leadership in bringing all this into the public arena into a different kind of perspective. (And the abusers apparently left the Society of Jesus decades ago, etc., etc. …)

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