Extreme Weather in Ireland

Let’s get organised

Just chatting there to my favourite taxi driver as we headed home after yet another motherfucker of a night in Foleys with the 54 Club pumping out devil-inspired negro Delta blues of the kind that the DUP would not like. Oh certainly not.

Down to the crossroads and falling down on my knees?  Not unless my name’s Iris, thank you very much.

We were chatting about the devil-inspired weather currently afflicting our country.

You know?  The freezing weather that the government has finally noticed, now that it’s affecting Dublin?  Now that it isn’t just imperilling unlettered rednecks like us?

Yes indeed.  That fucking weather.

The weather that has prompted the creation of an emergency committee, three weeks after it started because this is Ireland.   This is what we consider urgent.

Some people believe that the Irish are laid back, like the Jamaicans, but in fact we’re quite different.  In Ireland, the authorities are laid back as long as the problem isn’t affecting their innner circle of pals and cronies and good buddies, and as long as it isn’t affecting the real Ireland, because, as every fool knows, Dublin is Ireland, and everyplace else is just a theme park.   Irelandworld.  Populated by grunting inbreds with three ears.

That’d be us, folks.  The Damned Irrelevant.

Pay your motherfuckin taxes and shut the fuck up.

Anyway, as I was saying,  we had a discussion, myself and the taxi driver, and it was along the usual lines: Why the fuck can nobody plan for anything in this fucking country?

After all, there’s a quarter of the island, just across the border, where they can even arrange to locate enormous bins of salted grit at strategic locations so that the citizens can take it away and deposit it on the roads themselves.  And where, according to their officials, they employ four times as much salt as we do in the winter, even though they’re only a quarter of our size.  Or to put it another way, where they devote sixteen times the effort to deal with these problems.

That, you see, would be yet another example of oppressive British jackboot rule.  Imposing freedom and safety on the public.  Jesus you couldn’t have that, which is why, in this republic, we don’t have that.  Wouldn’t do to be like those Brits, with everything working right.  Not good.

But what exactly were we discussing, this congenial taxi driver and I?

Well, we were thinking, if the Nordies can deploy  huge bins of salted grit in case there’s ice, why not put out other bins as well?  Huge containers of sand, with plastic shovels and windbreakers and cheap emergency sunglasses, just in case there’s an unexpected outbreak of good weather?  Factor 50.  Candy floss.  We could get the army to set up travelling carnivals with chair-o-planes and push-penny machines.

Fuck it, if we’re going to be prepared, we might as well be prepared for everything.



Our friend Charles sends us these pics from Norway.

136 thoughts on “Extreme Weather in Ireland

  1. How unbelievably apt Daz! the self elected so called moral authoritarian religious xenophobic fuckwits on both sides of the border are showing their true colours all over the shop.I wonder did she lure him with orange coloured sweets :-)

  2. Bock the twins wish to report minus 40,5 celcius last night at their aunts house in Rörås in central Norway. We are hoping for minus 45c to night. Aunt Monica drives a team of dogs over the mountain and in to the town to do some shopping. That would be a sight in Limerick.

  3. The weather here is cold, but calm at the moment.
    The roads are lethal, no-one should be driving on them.
    I have to drive a young one to the Dr in a minute, and I’m not looking forward to it.
    Salt? I used saxa myself on the step yesterday when the youngest slipped after poking his nose outside the door. Fell flat on his back, very sore but ok now. A neighbour’s relative did that last week and died, the poor man.
    The main road is said to be salted, but only in the middle!!!
    I’ll report back on the “trip” later.

  4. Maread, sorry about the child. Use a helmet as that is where the danger is. We use helmets ( ice hocky) or cyckle helmets when on or near ice. I use ash from the fire place and sand and salt. Sorry I can not help.

  5. I bought 2kg of dishwasher salt for 87c and dissolved it in a big bucket of hot water which I brushed onto the path. Despite the overnight freeze, the concrete is still just wet with saturated saline solution. No ice. It worked for me.

  6. Bock, do you have spiked tyres in Ireland?. It is compulsory here. Without them I can,t get to work or school. The road is like a skating rink and no amount of salt or sand will help. In the car I have a bucket of sand, snow shovel, torch, blankets and matches. The blizzards are worst as you have to climb over the snow drifts using the low gears on my jeep. Ordinary cars won,t make it. Four wheel drive or nothing, at least where I live.Minus 15 as I write, 20-25 tonight.

  7. Bock, put on sand as the effect of the salt will diminish. When it freezes again then the sand will make a good friction surface.

  8. Good ideas lads.
    Child fine, thank goodness. Dr was for another “child”, nothing major.
    Main road ok, but my own minor road was scary as hell.
    The doctor’s car park was crazy bad! You have to cross it to get in the door. We were scating, but an old person could be very badly injured – no attempt to even throw saxa on it.
    Talk about creating business!!

    I agree with you, Bock, that thiere is no forward-planning in this beautiful Isle.
    Schools all closed until Monday hereabouts, but Monday is looking dodgy now as well for some places by all accounts. Batt isleaving it up to individual schools of course.

  9. I have to admit a large amount of self defeat to-day, I am an obstinate stubborn woman and it’s not as if i don’t know that to my cost, I acknowledge to-day that i have recieved so much help on this site that I must put my idealistic , obstinate view’s to one side in order to cope as i find myself in extremis.
    Yesterday we discovered our little cf baby has been exposed to chicken pox, We now wait the incubation period with bated breath while packed and ready for the hospital…………again, And who know’s what crisis the hospitals are in ?
    I am snowed and iced in pretty much since before christmas, had no water up to 27 th dec since it came back taps are running.
    I burnt the turkey to a crisp, but did’nt care, gave it to the cat’s.
    Put my “best buddy” old cranky dog, nearly 18 to sleep 2 weeks before christmas, miss him.
    Two burst pipes, I fixed the first one while on phone to my son, taking his instruction, the 2nd one put me over the edge, it exploded on top of me and a large portion of precious fodder, I snapped, cried, screamed, kicked buckets, threw a shovel which bounced back and nearly beheaded me, fell on my arse and just sat there.
    My vehicle lost all power, stranded, A very kind neighbour took it to a garage, it cost 900 euro, I had given away all last years hay to a farmer stricken by floods, i was confident i had enough for the 2 ancient nags i have kept from the past, only because i believed they needed a home for life, They would’nt be worth a euro between them, So i’m also a total idiot, I now find i’m very short of hay because i have had to use it to cover very bad icy patches,And the 2 old nags are locked up since about 19th dec, breaking the ice in their buckets with their noses.
    I have to get to my daughters house to-day, i have to get food, i have to get animal feed and collect my youngest daughter who is having her own difficulties.
    Still caught in the mire of my grandson getting to school, which is closed at the min, getting an unbelievable run around, There is no way under present circumstances even aside from weather that he will get there in the coming 10 days due to the baby’s condition, She cannot be taken outside the door.
    People, I am a tough person, I willingly take on challenges, i even invite them sometimes, But my resolve is cracking, I need direction, I found a pack of stale cigs in house, and after all this time i’m back smoking, very bad signs for me.
    Can anyone here suggest something, apart from getting out of here because i can’t abandon the goddamn menagerie of lost causes ( animals not people ) i have seemingly foolishly accumulated.
    Maybe i’m even over reacting, maybe it’s not that bad, i’ve lost perspective being so isolated, Sorry in advance if anyone thinks i’m using this like a problem page !

  10. Norma, ring the farmer you gave hay to during the floods. He will help. I have two horses myself and know what it means to take care of them. Start asking for help and be stubborn.

  11. It sounds like the last straw syndrome, Norma.
    I have been there for less than you are now experiencing.
    The weather is just putting a tin hat on it for everyone.
    Sometimes, it’s hard to always be the one who copes. Sometimes, it’s nice to have someone tell you what to do. Try this:
    1. Write a cheque to bus eireann, photocopy it, post it.
    2. Put the child on the bus when the school re-opens, and dare them to kick him off. I doubt they will if you have paid. Be very brazen. You can’t be reasonale in the face of unreasonable people, be unreasonable. Scream if you have to! Ignore the PP and Principal and go straight to Batt O’ Keeffe if you get any more grief.
    3. Pick your fights. choose what to ignore.
    4. Make a list of all of the good things, and ignore the bad stuff for now.You have many good things in your life, and many strengths:
    – you have a son to call
    – you have children who need and value you
    -you are a giver to neighbours, family, animals
    – you have us
    keep going.
    5. Pour treacle on those musty fags!!
    6. Force yourself to smile (it actually helps a bit) :-)
    7. Ask for help – you will get it. People love to help, but you must let them.
    8. Mind yourself!

  12. Norma, keep it up, say and do things that you are trained not to do. Every time you suceed in anything get back here and report it to us and we will cheer.

  13. Norma, if it were possible you could put the horses in my stable, we have hay. I have a receipe for pan cakes if you want. The twins are eating them now. Take one thing at a time, tomorrow will take care of its own problems. Get on to the farmer you helped and start asking for help your self. Tell him you need him now.

  14. Norma I was about to complain to Bock with his usual vitriolic rant against Dublin. It would fit you better Sir to direct your ire where it is due the Government, most of whom are from the provinces , not Dublin! However I read your post and in spite of the fact that we have not been able to get out of the house since before Christmas I thanked my lucky stars. Norma you really have been through the mill. This may sound trite and patronising, if so I apologise. But this shall pass. As others have advised seek assistance. There are still some good people in the world. Bock Dublin has been in chaos for the past three weeks. It seems most of our so called Government are on sun holidays.

  15. Charles; Thank you most sincerly, I will make your last post my mantra.
    I’m going to brave the roads now 4WD and low diff, I take it you are in Norway ? my youngest daughter who i am going to collect is genetically 1 quarter Norweigan and fascinated with all things Norweigan, She went there a couple of years ago and was enraptured, Might contact her relatives and send her on a break soon.
    ” Do the things you are trained not to do ” Amazing, just before i read your post i was thinking, my Father instilled in me, never ask anyone for anything, I had just told myself that i need to undo that one !
    Mairead; Thank you also very very much, There are so many area’s i need to address at this time in my life, but I have to tick them off one by one, I will take everything you said on board and let you know what’s happening.
    Many top priorities at present, But my own youngest daughter and my little Grandaughter are at joint no 1 and i have to keep it focused.
    Lagged some pipes and barrels this morning with odd’s and end’s, Hope i can stave off further burst pipes.
    An hour ago i did’nt have the wherewithall to get out and make the journey, now i have, first step, and Thank you both.

  16. Hurrah!
    You are great, Norma.
    My father brought me up the same way, and asking for help is something I find very, very hard.
    I know it’s wrong, but it’s stuck in my head that I am a failure if I have to ask for help.
    Perversely, I love to help others, and admire people who do ask for help.
    New Year’s resolution?
    Thank you, Norma, you have helped me to look into myself and try to change.

    Meanwhile, it’s getting colder.

  17. Norma, We are Norweigan /Swedish and a bit Irish. Some other genes there too so we are mules. Love Ireland in the way you could love a well meaning rascal mixed with despair. Love horses and have two Icelanders. Motto, all change is possible untill you pop your clogs.

  18. I like your thinking, Charles.
    Your news from Norway are inspiring and yet fill me with despair!
    If we had your temperatures and conditions here, we would probably all die!!!

  19. Breaking news –
    Batt O’Keeffe has told all primary and post-primary schools to close on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week due to the bad weather – <<>>

  20. No, but this decision was an important one. Can’t risk children hurting themselves skeeting around the yard, not to mention freezing inside the sub-standard schools and pre-fabs!!!
    Some local schools here don’t have water or heating and the rural roads are in an awful state.
    The weekend weather is meant to be worse again brrrrrrrrrrrr.
    The job is too big for Batt – he needs grit for all the rural roads and the school yards (we don’t even have enough for the main roads!); he needs to put in proper heating and plumbing into ancient schools and cardboard prefabs (hahahahahahaha!).
    All in all, closing the schools is cheaper than fixing the system over the weekend!

  21. Sounds fairly isolated out there Norma, look after yourself and ask people for help if you think they can. As Mairead said, people like to help. Community spirit kicks in against the common adversity and all that.
    Charles: Brrrrrrrrr, but beautiful i’d say. Post a few scenery shots if you’ve taken some.
    As for me, i’ve been in hibernation since st stephens day, my new downy hide is itching like fuck and my nuts are nearly all gone.

  22. Paulo, you are hibernating just as our bears do. Just took in the horses to the stable. Discovered that the water pipes are frozen which will mean transporting 60 litres of water a day 2 kilometres. Yes it,s beautifull and sure some shots of my life here in the mountains would illustrate my life style. The sea eagles are circeling the skys, a sure sign the Baltic is frozen and food is scarce. Reports are coming in of a wolf pack heading towards us. Outside my window termometer is showing minus 22 cecius and falling. Aunt Monica has minus 37.5 as we speak. Should pass minus 40 cecius in the early hours. My cats refuse to leave the house and so do the twins.

  23. Bock, it would be an honour to post you fotos, you may choose what ever you fancy. Will go out tomorrow and open fire. Would that be ok?.

  24. Charles: Man that sounds fantastic, but so clucking extreme. {Pythonesquespeak}
    Our own wolfpacks seem to be staying in front of the fire these nights, the last thing you
    want to hear as you’re city sliding ur way home after a couple of socialables in an icy limerick
    is the phrase comereiwantu giveusafagiluh {local dialect} from behind you.
    send on a few pics.

  25. Will do Paulo, not that i have talent for it but will do my best to give you the shivers.

  26. Charles re No. 9 not alone do we not have spiked tyres, we have no snowploughs no snowmobiles and very few people have skies. Two millimetres of snow has crippled the country. We are due a severe blizzard over the weekend. If we are all dead by Tuesday please feel at liberty to man the long ships and take the place over. .Do not let the English have it. Not that it seems they are doing much better you may find both Islands vacant possession.

  27. We have no snowploughs and no snow tyres because we usually don’t have snow.

    How much desert gear do the Norwegian authorities purchase?

  28. Bock to attempt to prepare for all eventualities would be futile. However given sufficient notice it surely be prudent to at least try? Met. Gave warning ,three weeks later the so called Government set up a committee. Allegedly the Army have vehicles that could deliver food and fuel to Norma and people in the same situation. They are sitting in Barracks.

  29. Bock awah! For fuck’s sake comparing me to that. Now that hurt. I am bleeding from the nose. A little forward thinking as distinct from “going forward” might not go amiss. We knew this was coming and our glorious leaders headed for the Sun.

  30. It’s late, Did’nt return from my big expedition to town until 8 OC 2 of my girls captured me for vittals ! no alcohol as i was driving ! Got all supplies.
    It meant all the job’s were done very late.
    Does anyone recall when you might have been sick as a child, flu etc, and when you ventured out again everything felt different ? That’s what i was like to-day.
    Charles; Sorry to hear your water is frozen, I have several containers ready this time, just in case, the 2km trek is hardship though, I could only have guessed how much horses drink until now, From the containers they were drinking 20/25 litres per day each.
    If it’s any help to you, I am feeding a hot bran mash carrots and linseed, a low protein ready mix, so they don’t get too wound up and their system stays active as they have never been locked up for this long, will probably have to tranq them a bit when they get their freedom, they don’t realise how old they are, maybe i don’t either.
    Many thanks for offer of stables, You could find them on your doorstep ! No seriously thanks, I have plenty stabling, mostly full of junk the kid’s left behind.
    I have never really seen myself as either good or nobel, And reading some of my posts here, I sometimes sound a bit demented, note to self, get a grip on demented !
    Mairead; You are nothing short of a treasure, I did buy cigs to-day, bad bad but will get a grip again, post blizzard, At least i don’t have to do the bus battle until next thurs !
    BFH ; All your pic’s are so beautiful, my youngest is a bit of a photographer, she was blown away with them
    Paulo1; I’m only a mile from the village, not so isolated really, just no close neighbours, very steep hill, which i always loved but now is a treacherous barrier.
    I have decided to ask 2 of the girls to come home for a couple of day’s, Yes I am admitting i need a bit of help, it’s a big step, thanks for making me take it.
    The 4WD performed excellently to-day, I have more faith now about getting around.
    Also got some shock perspective, my ex husband called me with some very sad new’s about his best friends son, I have no trauma, just challenge.
    It’s now so quiet, just the tap, won’t turn it off, I’m so familiar with night time sounds, fox’s, sheep, occasional badger, bird’s rustling in the eves, to-night, not a peep, just dead silence, had a last check in barn, cat’s all snuggled in the hay, horses warm in their rug’s dog’s asleep in kitchen, My best thoughts and wishes to you all for your encouraging word’s, hoping for the pancake recipe, good night all, I feel less overwhelmed looking toward to-morrow.

  31. Gary; was just about to click off when I read your post, Agree the army should be out in force but i think i would probably have a heart attack if i saw them coming here !
    To be fair the council did grit this little road just before christmas, i was shocked, This little road was actually mentioned on AA Roadwatch, what a shocker ! I did’nt think anyone even knew what it was called , but at least we got to the village for a few bit’s.
    Heard on radio driving home that they are hoping for 7,500 ton’s of salt to arrive but they have been spreading 20,000 ton’s per week so far, So probably main roads only.
    Noticed some right asshole drivers to-day, an artic was right on my tail, I was’nt going beyond 60 kmh it was – 7 and i could’nt predict what was ahead, he overtook badly, not worried about driving myself, it’s other drivers ignoring the obvious that worries me.

  32. Norma good to hear that things are going a little better for you. We are up to our knees here in Dublin in snow (Bock will be pleased) and it seems due a blizzard tonight. Keep warm and look after yourself and the beasties.

  33. We’re all up to our knees in it. Just as with the flooodin, where nothing was done except when it happened in Dumcondra, I’m quite sure no emergency would have been called even if Limerick and Galway and Cork were under forty feet of snow. Why? Because the Dublin-based media couldn’t look out their office windows and see it happening.

  34. Bock, we might not have snowploughs, but we dont have to go far to get them,
    Even BIFFO knows about them, they are based in his backyard
    From Romaquip website news page
    Congratulating Romaquip on winning the significant contract, An Tánaiste Mr. Brian Cowen T.D. said:

    “I wish to congratulate everyone involved in Romaquip on their success in being named one of two suppliers for the UK Highways Agency contract. The securing of this very significant contract by Romaquip assures significant future growth for the company over the lifetime of the contract and also means they are now better placed to capitalize on future tenders of this nature. This is very good news for the company and also for Birr.”

  35. Wehaven’t needed snowploughs up to now. They won’t remove the last couple of inches of snow that’s causing all the problems.

  36. Bock sorry I missed the Coup d’etat . When did the media take over the governance of Ireland? Should I ask or am I and the family now going to end up against the wall? The media could not see Drumcondra from their windows. They are all over in D4 the correct side of the river don’t yaw know.

  37. In the absence of proper government, the cabal of politicians, journos and bankers make the policy, being in each other’s pockets.

    The Drumcondra flooding was in Bert’s consituency. Did you see a similar effort to help the people living around Gort this year?

  38. Bock no I did not see assistance to Gort or Limerick, Cork, Galway , Dublin or anywhere else in this country for that matter. The People elected this shower into power and the People get what the People want. They also get the Government they deserve. The anti Dublin crap is outdated and a bit tiresome. This is read by the world and most I suspect do not get the joke.

  39. Gary — You’re being defensive. This is not anti-Dublin. This is about an administration that only responds when it is directly affected by a problem, and since the administration is based, in Dublin, that’s where the problem has to manifest itself before anything is done. Likewise the mainstream mediua.

  40. In global warming days like this we have to rejoice with the children folks. Remember the sheer horror of returning to school after the holidays? In a scene from an WW2 movie the kids are returing to school in London, sucidal looking. They arrived at the school only to find that the Luwaffe had levelled the place. Cue hundreds of pups running back out the front gate shouting “thank you Mr Hitler. The Minister for Education and torn tackies has announced that the schools will be closed for another three days next week. Even the nerds that always have their homework down on time are delighted. Schools Out. Think of the children and rejoice.

  41. Bock I am of the opinion that it is about time the People of Ireland got out of the gutters and ditches and started to look after themselves . Instead of electing “john Joe” because his dad and granddad were there before him ,we will never change. The current snow or flood problems are only a distraction. Dublin? You put them here.

  42. Bock, I have the photos. How do I get them to you?. Camera crashed after a few pics, suceeded in warming the batteries and continiue. Do you need my mail?. Stupid question , it,s yours I need.

  43. Gary, thanks for the offer but as Bock says we are best at snow and ice and blizzards and skiing and skating and oil. Ireland is best left to you wonderful people.

  44. Norma, 6dl milk, two eggs and 3 dl flour and a nip of salt. Mix. Melt 50 g margarin or butter and pour this in the mix and stir. The purpose of this is to avoid over using margarin or butter. Warm an pan cake iron and begin with just a little butter until you get the right temp, should be some where at 8 on el or medium om gas. Turn pan cake once and fold them on a plate or what ever you have. Within minutes a fine pile of pancakes is awed at by all. Serve with whipped cream, or black currant jam or sirap. Before giving the the pancakes make them all eat soup and then they can devour the pancakes. make the mix in the morning and place in fridge. The milk absorbs the flour better and makes even gooder pan cakes.

  45. -12 this morning, rose to -4, Gates frozen solid, had to shoulder them, plus a bucket of hot water.
    Charles; pancakes delish, never thought of melted butter/marge before, Took a true nordic approach to roof of pump hse and covered it in some hay.
    Have borrowed son-in-law’s electric saw and made magnificent covers for stable windows ! might have found a new trade.
    Gary; I could be justifiably accused of catastrophic thinking from time to time, I thought i was well prepared for winter, but was caught out, I just don’t have the time or space for blame so i’m definitly adopting your attitude now of getting out of ” gutter and ditches ” and just getting on with it.
    My eldest daughter is very stranded up country and her husband is equally stranded overseas, She says her local community are brilliant, all the locals out with every available vehicle spreading grit looking after their neighbours sharing food and helping each other, Its happening, does’nt matter if the media don’t know about it.
    Have had some magnificent revelations during all of this, forced to stand still and appraise the reality, Its rough but when it thaws I am making very radical changes.

  46. Hey Norma, Well done girl. Was thinking here, yea, i do sometimes give it a shot, what a pack of Wosses we are here in the Emerald Isle. Drop us into Charlesland and within 10minutes after all the ooohs ‘n aaaahs we’d be asking about the bus home. What!!! 2km for water, the route lined with wolves pestering you for a fag, Snot icicles, your hand feeling like a strangers when taking a pee, your breath like a london fog in front of you, And Nothing on de telly, we’d never hack it lads.
    Someone mentioned the other night that a pair of socks over the shoes before you brave the elements will stop you slippin ‘n slidin’ all over the place. Can just imagine me walking into toms for a pint with me spongebob squarepants socks on over my shoes ok, maybe the superman ones, hmmm.

  47. Charles very good photographs . Norway looks just like home. The only thing is you can handle this it seems we can not.

  48. Snowing steadily here today.
    Quite a covering now.
    Frost underneath the snow means very dangerous conditions.

    No water here since Friday night.
    We took all precautions, but it was extremely cold here that night.
    Some pipe or other froze under ground – 8 inches underground!
    Seems we can do nowt about it, just wait for the thaw.
    Relying on filling containers from siblings’ taps.
    Any tips for using tiny amounts of water for hygiene, loo, kitchen etc…

  49. Mairéad the only thing I can think of is reuse as much as possible. Use dishwater for flushing the loo etc. you most likely had thought of this yourself but wishing you and yours the best. The Met. Say the thaw is on the way.

  50. Mairead; Poor mite. I found the lack of water the worst part, Found out after burst pipes that pipes can freeze down to 12″
    I filled 2 x 5 gal containers and 12×5 liter containers.
    OK i’m getting a bit gross and specific here so be warned !
    Toilet flushing, Try being consevative with flushing pee’s ! Put sml basin in bathroom sink for washing of persons, from kettle and consevatively what might remain in the water tank in your attic, as Gary said use that for flushing, I found dishwater not good for flushing toilet due to grease etc.
    Also basin in kitchen sink to conserve more water.
    A packet of baby wipes is very helpful just to maintain some feeling of cleanliness !
    Cooking 1 pot dinners, as Bocks stew, save on wash up.
    My pump is submersible and down well over 500 ft but it was the overground pressure tank and some exposed pipes that froze, Have now done a bit of rough lagging, But taps running constantly.
    The temp should rise from wednesday but burst pipes will be a major problem.
    Take a bit of indulgent time if you can, A hot port or whiskey ! That extra half hour in the morning just to read in bed, I would never have done that before, Take some pic’s to remember this and have a laugh when the heat wave hit’s in July !

  51. Thanks Norma, that’s all very helpful, especially the promise of an end in sight. :-)
    Now that Mr. Noel Dempsey is home from “swanning around the Med”, we will be sorted I’m sure.

  52. Mairéad the thaw has started here in Dublin so hopefully it is on the way. A thought occurred to me , how useful I am not sure, but if you can collect some buckets of clean snow and bring them inside it will melt and at least you will have water for the loo. If you boiled it you might be safe to wash in it. As always open to correction.

  53. Good idea for the loo, Gary, thanks.
    The last time I remember weather as cold as this, we were newlyweds and had just moved in here. the water pipes froze, so we had no water. I went out to gather snow in a jug, and boiled it for a cup of tea (it was perfectly clean). Unfortunately, I forgot that the full kettle of snow would boil down to a very few drops of water and nearly ruined the brand new kettle! Ah, happy days!

    There is no thaw here. It is still snowing steadily and the ground is very well covered now.

  54. Nice pics there Charles.
    Normal Irish weather is fairly stable with not many extremes either way. Summer temperatures rarely go above 24deg and winter usually not less than zero or minus 1. In summer ’09 we 3 or 4 weeks of bright blue 26-28deg days, so as irish summers go, we had an ok one.
    The last time i remember temperatures this low here was in the late 60s. I remember that because i along with most other limerick kids were on the big hunt for the best hill/road to slide down on our plastic kitchen sink basins. Major shortage of basins in limerick that winter.
    The canal/waterway also froze over leaving us with a dubious skating ring but no-one died by drowning in it, so is remembered as a success that has’nt been repeated since.
    Snow for us usually means once every 4 or 5 years, light, and turned to slush or gone by morning.
    With the Irish i think if something does’nt happen on a regular basis then there is no need for any preparation for eventualities outside the norm, hence the current chaos all over the country.
    We’ll never be like the Chinese with their forward planning,
    Thank whomever your God is for that though.

  55. Our road is officially closed even with an official barricade !
    Had some fun to-day though, Grandkids staying here, we found every concievable receptacle to slide in, from builders plastic to 1 pair of ski’s, Then all back to tuck into that excellent stew !
    About 8 houses on this road but only heard through my son-in-law that we are closed off, I’m sure we would have been contactable ?Makes little difference.

  56. This may sound trite and patronising, if so I apologise. But this shall pass. As others have advised seek assistance. There are still some good people in the world. Bock Dublin has been in chaos for the past three weeks. It seems most of our so called Government are on sun holidays.

  57. The shitepot had the insolence to quote me. I shall hunt it down and put it out of business.

  58. Gary. Cheer up, There are cheap escapes ahead, Delhi 399 euro return ! express train to Chennai 28 hrs, magic !
    Alternativly indulge yourself in the homeland of Charles, Gatwick to Stavenger, 59 euro return, and stand on the Kjeragbolten, all guaranteed to banish memories and blues !
    Dempsey, Who !

  59. Norma thanks for the advice. However I am already on the trail of this piece of filth and fully intend to hang it by it’s own intestines. Naturally while still attached to it’s body.

  60. I’m going to be outdated and boring, Gary I, but our Govt has shown again today that Dublin is the only place that matters in Ireland.
    I am tired of getting Dublin weather and decisions based on Dublin, but today was all Dublin, Dublin, Dublin.
    (I didn’t vote for FF or Green by the way).
    FG were sickening me as well today, going on about the thaw.
    (Don’t think I can vote for them either).

    Batt rescinded the nationwide school order today due to a thaw in Dublin.
    No thaw here.
    No water either.
    Schools will not be re-opening hereabouts tomorrow – lethal roads, footpaths, yards; no water; burst pipes; no heating; no school bus.
    The main road (singular) is ok, if you can stay on the bit that’s gritted and see through the thick fog – but rural people live miles away from the main road.

    Earth calling the Dáil: There’s more than Dublin in this country!

  61. Mairead; I for one does not find you outdated or boring, I completly echo your sentiments, While i was getting hot water to bring back to barn I had quick look at new’s, I became so angry listening to J Gormley. With all due respect to Gary, It certainly does appear to be irrelevant that there is no thaw in many areas outside of Dublin.
    I looked around several Co Council websites last night, Clare Co Co seemed to be doing the best job, Thats not to say people in Clare are’nt suffering but their site was fairly comprehensive by comparison to many hopeless one’s incl Limerick city and county at least Nth Tipp had a map of gritted roads.
    If you don’t mind me asking, would it be possible for you to get my e-mail address from Bock ? When your own difficulties have improved there are a few questions i would really appreciate running by you re Bus issue, I will update Bock re the outcome but presently it has become very very mysterious.

  62. We have a “thaw” alright today! Floods now! Snow forecast for tonight!
    Good grief!
    Still no water though, but at least I can put a few buckets and pans out to collect the rain!
    The fear ceile says it will take a few days of 3 degrees or higher to thaw the frozen pipe deep underground.
    Dublin people seem to think that non-Dublin people just hate Dublin when we give out about the Dublin bias.
    That’s not it. We’re tired of decisions being made based on how things are in Dublin. That Gormley on about cycling to work or using public transport. Cycle 10+ miles – on these roads? What public transport? One thing that got to me was PK this morning on about how the Celtic tiger wasn’t totally wasted because we now have excellent infrastructure in the country. Wha? We don’t here! Schools are mostly 100+ years old. Nearest hospital is 40 miles. Garda station is almost closed down, one garda is there about 2 hours a week. Post Office is clinging on. The main road is full of potholes, not to mind all of the other poor roads. Broadband is a joke. No refuse collection and no water, we have to look after our own. No footpaths except for a short strip, no lighting.

    Norma, I’m no expert on bus eireann, but will help you if I can.

  63. Mairead:

    (I didn’t vote for FF or Green by the way).
    FG were sickening me as well today, going on about the thaw.
    (Don’t think I can vote for them either).

    I so much agree with you – can’t find anyone I can vote for just now – I’d love a new party which will come out clearly and say – “We are not part of the kleptocracy.” I’d also like a party with a built-in “good for the grandchildren” policy – ie all decisions made must be just as good for our grandchildren as for us – build a bit of sustainability and long-term thinking into the thing! Any takers?

    Norma, I’ve been off for a while, but I admire your handling of extraordinary setbacks. Take care.

    Own situation in brief – pantry/freezer well-stocked. Electricity has not gone down. Gas supplies good, but have to be de-iced occasionally. Water down to a trickle, (after one complete freeze and 3-4 hours of de-icing and then hay-lagging the pathways of underground outdoor pipes as best we could) but for some reason outdoor tap runs well most days – so we can fill buckets to speed up toilets/sponge baths/dishes. Worst thing is washing machine broke down on 22nd December. New one was due last week, but still cannot manage to get it up my steep lane. Roads pretty bad, so we have not emerged from our coccoon since 23rd of Dec except during the hours of 12.00-2.00 when it is likely to be warmest. Self-employed income down a good bit, as I have to get my clients up my lane in order to work, and only one or two with either SUV’s or a willingness to walk it, have turned up. Kids are loving their long lie-ins, no school, although no longer enchanted with sliding, snowballs. Husband in his element, out cutting wood to feed the wood stove we’ve just ordered for next winter. All in all, not too bad. Getting cabin fever, though.

  64. Hurrah!
    Husband Hero just this minute got the water to work! Something about turning up the water pump’s pressure to the max and unlocking a lump of ice… I don’t care! I’m going to flush all the toilets, put on the dishwasher and the washing machine, have a cup of tea and have a shower!!!

    Scotlyn, sounds idyllic, but it’s hard work isn’t it?
    The politics thing – I would like a party of ability and morals. My grandchildren are not in the equation yet, that sounds too Greenish to me, and I think that they are the biggest eejits and codders of them all!! The future generations will be taken care of if we sort out today.

  65. Mairead, I don’t hold with the Green party, in their current incarnation. But I do set great store by this saying:
    “we do not inherit the earth (the society, the economy, whatever else you want to insert) from our grandparents, we borrow it from our grandchildren.” To me this does not only have an environmental meaning, but also takes in other more subtle things. What political culture would I like to hand on to future generations? What education systems? What social and economic wealth? What healthcare? One of my problems with Irish “patron-client” type politics is that it is so short-term. There appears to be no end to our love affair with politicians who are gangsters, but that may be because we only trust gangsters to be able to pull strokes for us in the short term – and because “strokes” are the only way to get anything done, ever.

    So long as our services, etc, are not seen as being a matter of right, but subject to an arcane and whimsical distribution process that starts with greasing up your local politician, this will continue to be the case. So long as our taxes are not seen as our own shared public purse to fund what we collectively think is important, but as either as an unfair robbery, or a politicians’ personal favour-dispensing fund, we will continue to only elect kleptocratic gangsters.

    We have to start with building a new moral system from scratch. I agree with Fintan O’Toole’s analysis in “Ship of Fools.” He thinks it may be that one legacy of the Catholic Church is that its constant stress on sexual morality has left Irish culture greatly stunted when it comes to spotting other moral failures – example stealing. I don’t know how many people I’ve met – “moral” as you like – who genuinely see nothing wrong with fiddling an insurance form, or in dealing in cash so as to evade tax/VAT, etc. But just because you cannot see the people you are stealing from, doesn’t mean it is not stealing. In the first case, you are stealing from the other customers whose premiums will go up. In the second case, no differently from John O’Donohue’s limosine, or Mary Harney’s hairdo, you are stealing from our shared public purse – and taking money directly out of our education, health and other systems.

    This government is a government of thieves – that’s why I love the term “kleptocracy” (which I heard last Sunday morning on Karen Colman’s Newstalk show). Its friends, the bankers and the developers, have just succeeded in holding up and emptying all of our grandchildren’s piggybanks. And the stealing goes on. But we cannot articulate what’s wrong with it, or even think about changing it, until we develop a proper sense of morality around theft, especially theft from our shared resources, and from our grandchildren’s national inheritance.

    Apologies, Bock, I realise this is off-topic. Except that, if the government belonged to us, and not to the kleptocrats, we would have been able to prioritise the services we need in this crisis – like roads, running water, and protection of the vulnerable and alone.

    Charles, I would definitely second Gary Ireland’s suggestion – anytime Norway wishes to annex us – and teach us what it is like to live in a country where the people collectively own the very fish and the oil in the sea, instead of one great big black hole of a debt… bring on the long ships – I’ll be on shore ready to catch a rope!

  66. I don’t disagree with you, Scotlyn.
    I just think that the Greens have hijacked these beliefs and thoughts (that I share), and have no clue about implementation. For example, we need to put choices in place before people can stop driving to work.
    My two expectations of a politician and a political party – ability and morality – would solve a lot of problems, and ensure a future for our grandchildren and theirs.
    We don’t need Greens going around being idiots, making proclamations about cycling, wind and carbon, with no real understanding of rural living, we need politicians of ability and morality who can plan and who can implement those plans efficiently.

  67. OK Mairead, I’m buying it. But I’ll see your Ability and Morality and raise you Solidarity.

    That may not be the right word. But I want people in politics who are us, not them. Who are of us, and – as a matter of policy – remain of us. Who continue (in fact are obliged) to avail of the services they put in place and run. If Ministers had to rely on public transport themselves (especially country Ministers, like our own Donegal Sweary Mary), we’d have great public transport – they’d make sure of it. If our politicians and their families were obliged to use public schools, those schools would be fantastic. If our politicians and their families could only use the public health system, and avail of publicly funded nursing homes – we’d have a health system to boast about. I’d love a set of laws that would prevent any politician or other person paid with taxes (semi-state bosses, state-media luvvies, etc) from ducking out of their use of public services at all. They should not be allowed to feel too privileged, they should be kept all too aware of who is paying them and whose priorities need to be kept firmly at the top of the agenda.

    They should also be permanently removed from the ability to influence the day to day workings of any aspect of state services. Set policy and overall direction, yes. Allocate overall budgets and spending priorities, yes. Speed up the passport application of Mr X down the road, no. Phone hospitals about individual cases, no. Get a particular piece of road in their constituency tidied up, no. Politicians “constituency” work should amount to taking soundings about the concerns of their constituents and representing these, in general policy terms, to the best of their ability. If they are no longer allowed to “do favours” or lobby state services on behalf of individuals, then they will have to begin canvassing votes in accordance with an actual vision of what Irish society as a whole should look like. And that would be something, eh?

  68. “m sorry for you all over there. We’re in New England but obviously, since we get the blizzards every year, we’re well prepared for it clothes, grit, ploughs etc. It’s different when you don’t have the right supplies.
    Things I’ve learned here
    – if you haven’t good snow boots line whatever the heck you’re wearing in newspaper. It’s an insulator.
    -buy a big ass bag of cat litter in Aldi, it’s an icemelter and gives grit
    -don’t set a foot outside the door if your shoes grips are less than a penny’s depth in size.
    -no matter how fast idiots are driving go slowly.
    -Spray your snow shovel/whatever with cooking spray and it wont clog up with snow.
    -turn around the windshield wipers before a freeze and they wont stick to the car, or use a wine cork the night before to put between the glass and the wiper
    -powdered milk is great to have in the cupboard. Make sure to make it and chill it in the fridge so fussy buggers will drink it. You won’t have to go out so often.
    -8 drops of bleach in a gallon of stagnant water purifies it.

  69. Great tips there, EGW!
    Hopefully, the worst is over but I’ll file those away and buy the cat litter!
    The last one – undrinkable though?
    What about Milton?

  70. Scolyn, Thanks for the offer of your country and my suggestion is we swap administrations for say three years and then compare notes. If you are satisfied with a Scandinavien government then vote to keep them, if we are satisfied with your administration likewise. Spending time in both Sweden and Norway and even Finland has taught me that they run countries fairly good. There are difficulties but never of the magnitude that creates despair. Functionality seems to be the key word and accountability. Ireland seems to lack “Assertability” in the sense of maintaining the confidence of its people. Despair is near at hand. One hinder to be removed is the hegomoni of relegious, all relegious interference in the functionability of it,s governance. How is that for an analys?. Come on let,s have some ideas.

  71. Maybe the time for political parties is over and we could vote in a country instead.

  72. I didn’t know that, Bock.
    I thought Milton was very mild – seeing as it’s used for sterilising baby stuff?
    If water is sterilised with bleach / milton – can humans drink it?
    I won’t be doing it this time around, but was just wondering for the future?
    I wouldn’t have thought it was safe?
    Maybe boiling instead?
    What do you think, EGW?

  73. The reliious thing isn’t the problem. It’s the electoral system. Multi-seat constituencies with single transferable votes result in politicians being elected who are too vulnerable to small local issues.

    I’ll be doing a post on this later, so maybe we could keep this thread more or less about the weather.

  74. You have minister rule in Ireland, we do not. The system is agreed independent of the whims of ministers. Failure to get the before hand agreed functions of that department in work results in being kicked out of government. A department is not a privete fifedom and the minister is not a small king or queen.

  75. You can drink it. It doesn’t taste too bad, similar to a water fountain.. (I’ll have to look to see if the solution content is similar -Ireland to US. We use non-scented Clorox. . Domestos I remember was very thick in comparison) Chlorine I imagine is the same idea so imagine a swimming pool type aftertaste.
    Boiling is always best. I have an electric cooker so if the electricity and water was out for a long time then the drops of bleach are an emergency option.
    If you are in a camping store there are water purifying tablets too that are handy to have.

    I feel like “Man versus Wild” :)

  76. Mairead; Just to clarify, my question won’t have anything to do with bus eireann, that part is crystal clear, it’s about schools.
    I’m delighted to hear of your shower post drought, I felt as if i’d had a week in a spa after mine !
    Mairead and Scotlyn; Both of your posts regarding the political and societal system we now all find ourselves struggling to cope with ,will have to alter via the transformation of entrenched mind sets, I will try to elaborate on that on a seperate thread so as to avoid going off topic too much.
    This road was gritted to-day which made life a lot easier, I don’t think we are out of the woods yet but at least we might get a break.

  77. Ok Norma. I will do my best.
    Bock, I know you’re not a “put me in touch with X service”, but I e-mailed you earlier about this.

    ESB went for about an hour tonight.
    Major panic!

  78. I don’t have this word for word but I was just listening to PK on radio where he said that It was only reasonable to accept a sophisticated system to deal with recent events in the Capitol, Dublin, Added then that it was understandable that difficulties would arise outside of there, But the Capitol !
    Back to Outside the Pale then ?

  79. Norma you should not listen to PK. A little issue of the acquisition of his neighbours land? However I am of the opinion that the destruction of Dublin will not be the answer to Irelands woes. Gormless it seems decide to wind up the emergency committee because the problem is now gone. I spoke with a friend in Kerry today and they are flooded again. Cork may be washed into the sea. The problem as I see it is with the so called Government of this county not with the decent people of Dublin. We find the nonsense of Dublin being the centre of the World more offensives than you do. We too have snow, flooding, water loss etc. Most of the Dáil were elected by the provinces . It is a bit much to whine about Dublin when you have put these people here . Most of us do not want them please take them back.

  80. Bock I suspect that would be unacceptable. Given so many Brothers, Sisters . Cousins and Aunts living here and making a living. However the antiquated rant about Dublin is tiresome and counterproductive in my opinion. I feel it is about time the ire of the people was directed where it is duly deserved towards the incompetents that have seats in the Dáil. Elected by the provinces in the most part.

  81. Gary, it’s not anti-Dublin at all.
    It’s that we’re fed up of decisiions being based on Dublin by the Government – not Dubliners.
    I am directing my ire at the Govt and the Dáil, but some Dubliners are taking it personally.
    It’s not personal.
    If you lived elsewhere, you would know what we mean. It is very, very, very tiresome to me that the weather forecast tells me it will be warm and sunny, and then it’s warm and sunny in Dublin alright, but not in the rest of the country. It’s very sickening to hear about the wonderful infrastructure we now have, but we don’t have it “down here”. It’s distracting to have no water for nearly a week and hear nothing on the news about it until Dublin has water bother. The media too are to blame, but the Govt most definitely act when Dublin is concerned and take their damn time when it’s the rest of us.
    We are not giving out about Dubs at all.
    Frankly, I’m growing very tired of hearing Dubliners take us up this way.
    We’re entitled to value for our taxes too, and so we’re entitled to speak up when we don’t get it!

  82. I was listening to a radio talk-show a few years back. They were discussing organic vegetables with a chef and that dreadful woman from Carr Communications.

    Somebody callled in with a question, described by the dreadful woman as being from a place with the “unlikely name” of Ballydehob, the beautiful West Cork town.

    The presenter then asked the chef where people could buy organic vegetables.

    Oh, that’s not a problem, he said. They can get them at Farmleigh, in the Phoenix Park.

  83. I have not seen any farmers market at Farmleigh. Our nearest “farmers market” sells British tat. Something that really annoys about the programme “Nationwide” on RTE is the fact that you lot can get good Cheese, bread, preserves etc. and we can not. If you have a problem with the so called Government then please refer to them as such not Dublin. Approximately twenty five percent of the population of Ireland live in Dublin. .The remaining seventy five percent seem content not so much to suffer the slings and arrows , but to whine like whipped pups. Get up off your butt’s and do something about the state this country is in and cut the self evident antiquated crap about Dublin. Bock have you read all this thread?

  84. Please point out where I referred to them as Dublin, with exact quotes if you don’t mind.

    I didn’t see a reply to my previous request, incidentally.

  85. “Dublin is Ireland, and everyplace else is just a theme park. Irelandworld. Populated by grunting inbreds with three ears.”

    I suppose I could go on. However I seem to have “pissed you off” yet again.

  86. No. But I’d like to know where you saw anti-Dublin sentiment in the post, and I’d like to know where you thought I referred to the government as Dublin.

  87. Bock I suppose it is a matter of perception. If someone calls me a Fuckwit I might take offence. On the other hand I might find them to be an entity of no importance. Dublin and our people are not the problem. Slagging us distracts from the real problem. Check your threads with regard to my perceived opinion to your attitude to Dublin.

  88. I’m going to be outdated and boring, Gary I, but our Govt has shown again today that Dublin is the only place that matters in Ireland.
    Sorry about that. I ask again have you read this thread? Perhaps without your hate of Dublin .

  89. Gary — You haven’t been inside my head or my heart, so you don’t know what I love or hate.

    As I asked already, could you please point out precisely the words that were anti-Dublin?

  90. Bock perhaps we should leave that to the world to judge? I am of the opinion that you are no friend of Dublin. Of course as always open to correction.

  91. Gary — I’m no friend of the Dublin-centred administration and media insular mindset. That’s an entirely different matter.

    Dublin itself isn”t important enough to hate.

  92. Bock given that my left wrist is shackled to my right ankle and my right wrist is shackled to my left ankle and a halter attaches my neck to the ceiling . Quick repartee is a little problematic Like it or not Dublin is the Capitol of the Republic of Ireland and contains 25% of the population of this land. Perhaps you might think on this or perhaps not.

  93. How you pass your time is your private business.

    As I said already, my remarks are directed at the mainstream media and the administration of government. The people of Dublin have never done anything to me and I have no reason to bear animosity against them.

  94. Touché my Lord although you knew damm well I was refereeing to your site restrictions. Not to any sexual practices. As written if you have a problem with the media or the Government say it. Do not refer to them as Dublin. We find it not so much as offensive but rather dated and pathetic.

  95. Gary — I lived and worked in Dublin longer than you might be aware, and I was involved with the people more than you might know. As with any post-colonial capital, it tends to yearn for its past and forget that there’s an entire country outside its boundaries.

  96. Bock now this would be worth a whole new thread. You may have been in Dublin but I am of the opinion that your Heart and soul were in Limerick . I have formed the opinion that you despise the Capitol and all there in. I know no one here that harks back to the notion of the second Capitol of the Empire. If you had problems here that is regrettable. However how many were of Dublin’s making and how many of your own?

  97. norma~ have been off work a few days w/diabetic issues, just read your post of 01.09.10., and you were not over-reacting, you were facing trauma everywhere you looked, and what a brilliant job at recovery you have made~ you are one amazing human being~ i thought of all the support you gave me, you and bock and so many people who are the core of contributors on bocks’ site plus the hanlon family, i’d have never made it through witnessing what happened to andrew (plus what happened afterwords) without each one of you…
    norma, i am thinking of things that may help you, being accustomed to harsh weather when i am at my place in wisconsin.
    * remember to keep the cold water faucet which is furthest away from the pump, at a tiny drip, all the time. this will keep pipes from bursting. lowest drip possible, but don’t turn it off til weather warms up.
    * wrap any and all exposed water pipes. snow usually “insillates” underground water pipes. where pipes come out of ground is the hazzard part, also under the house. wrap w/anything you have (rags, etc.)
    * the other vulnerable time for water pipes is when weather warms up, be aware of possible pipe splits then, too.
    * watch roof near gutter drain pipes for what we call “ice dams” and break the backed up ice, or roof will majorly leak when thaw comes.
    * vinegar sprayed on tyres helps w/ traction, also helps on soles of shoes to help prevent ice slipping.
    * put sandbags in car trunks for better traction, also sand from bags can be used to get car out of ice ruts, cat litter works great too, but sand is heavier.
    * wrap your hot water tanks with wall insulation and duct tape or anything else you can spare, for wrapping.
    * fireplace heat useless in ice cold (outdoor) temperatures. most fireplace heat goes up chimney. * don’t ever use camp stove type propane heater inside, in cold weather, it eats too much oxygen.
    one day soon, you will see how much stronger you are than you’d even imagined, i am so proud of how you are pulling through this one norma, please keep asking for help and keep letting us know how you are doing, and get outside the door (even for one minute) every day, just to breathe and feel the cold. jstone

  98. Gary — Do me a favour and stop trying to personalise this. What you think you know about me is what I choose to let you know, and nothing more.

    If you wish to discuss ideas or opinions expressed here, that’s all right with me, but if you want to play amateur psychologist, you’ll do it someplace else, and you’ll do it with somebody else.

    Stick to discussing facts and stay away from questioning people’s personal integrity – especially mine.

    Please heed this carefully.

  99. Jane S; 129. Thank you, I wish you well with the diabetic issues and Thank you kindly for all your weather advice which is downright practical and workable !
    I feel as though some powers, way beyond my comprehension are conspiring to force me to be still and hold me prisoner in this place.
    I won’t even comment on the recent little trauma’s because now i’m waking up and saying “Come on , do your best to fuck me up to-day ! ” Directed to the walls, which might bring my mental health into question !

    There is a small little wild rose bush outside my kitchen window, That still has a handfull of flowerrs on it, A bit withered, but colourful and looking like flowers, My opportunistic daughter thinks we should market it as an “Apparition ” ! However, the more sensitive daughter responded with ” Who would believe that the aul pagan living up the hill would be visited by anything other than a holy cat ”

    I have now spent so much time alone here, conjuring up all way’s and mean’s to find a new way forward and that has to be a good thing, I realise I have probably spent way too much time on this site ! It is as if it has become a refuge from the vulgarity and opportunistic fear that is so dominant outside my 4 wall’s, It’s comforting to reside in a world of explicit boundaries, not rules or law’s or ethics but plain simple boundaries.
    I know what it is like to witness something truly horrific and so deeply repugnant to our deeper self, To only be able to find word’s to try and express it, When our hearts and mind’s are exploding to reject it, to wind it back, to prevent it, because i’m not sure we have the capacity to assimilate it, Having to store it somewhere on the periphery of our consciousness because to let it in is too incomprehensible.

    I think I might have been feeling somewhat depressed and overwhelmed but thats just another indulgence and excuse to try and divert myself, In truth this morning, the sun is shining, on half this place, score ! The cats are basking, water is running and your word’s are uplifting !

    Gary; You have a point about not listening to PK but I could’nt get Newstalk and I would’nt prevent myself from the opportunity to listen to some of his good guests because he fancied his neighbours garden ! To be honest, I just could’nt care less what a lot of those people do in their spare time or with their disposable cash, With regard to what he said about ” Dublin and Sophistry ” It’s just more mind set, That was my only point.

  100. Gary, you quoted a bit from one of my comments, otherwise I wouldn’t be saying anything further on this.
    If the quote was to prove that I hate Dublin, then you’re wrong, I don’t.
    It is your choice how you interpret something, but not my intention to bash Dublin.

    To be clear – I am tired of this Government and the media focusing on Dublin.
    Dublin deserves its fair share, of course.
    The rest of the counties do too.
    Now, if you interpret that as Dubliner-bashing, I give up.
    I’m not trying to change your mind, just asking you to open it because you seem to have closed it due to hearing this argument too often maybe?

  101. How are citizens of this Country supposed to endlessly choke on the preferential treatment shown to Dublin via The Country’s elected representatives to the total exclusion of repeated requests from Citizens experiencing the same hardships and difficulties ?
    My example of the day, The Emergency Response Team in Dublin are presently providing visible back up to the Gardai at multiple checkpoints targeting criminal gangs.
    This precise action was called for in Limerick after the murders of several innocent people, To have provided this action in Limerick for the 25 or so major criminals in a very small area could have lent massive support and reassurance to it’s citizens, But No could’nt happen.
    It’s too insulting. It’s not the fault of Dublins population, It’s our own fault for damn well tolerating it.

  102. norma~ thank you for your well wishes concerning my diabetes challanges, i have a real bad habit of bringing diabetic poisoning into my body via my mouth, plus my health-corrupt lifestyle…
    just thought of another cold weather tip, which may help a bit~ remember if weather might get colder during night, bring anything liquid (except anti-freeze) into your house from your vehicle after last use, or containers will break, as contents expand.
    what i think you may be going through now, is what we would call “cabin fever.” this is very real and people living alone in severe cold-weather conditions are said to experience “cabin fever” more than people who have others with them. i remember getting through a 5 day blizzard one winter in wisconsin in 1982, when i was care-taking a huge house on a hill in the rural “coulee region” of s.w. wisconsin. the 3rd day i ran outside, flung myself into a snowbank and started shouting: “what next??? do the floods come next???” it surely did feel as if every element in nature was out to test my competency at “sanity survival” and i was flunking… one never feels prepared the first big cold ice storm one goes through, it scares the living shit out of everyone, the first time! then comes the aftermath, when everything inside your shelter, that used to work, fails. plus you’re cold, isolated and wondering what will be next… this beautiful site is a safehold for you right now, bock doesn’t care how much time you spend here, right bock? i would bet he welcomes your words, norma~ so do a lot of other people…
    and the refuge you speak of? it’s really right there with you, all the time~ you just might not have chance to access it that often, aye? the refuge is you. keep us posted, girl~ you are amazing!!!!! jstone

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