Jazzypsy, Featuring Andreas Varady, at Speakeasy

Young kid plays grown-up jazz

If you think Andreas Varady plays guitar like he’s been doing it all his life, you’d be correct.  Andreas has been playing jazz guitar for nearly all of of his 12 years.

That’s right.  The kid is twelve, and here he is, at Speakeasy Jazz, playing with some of Limerick’s finest.

Have a listen to this and see what you think.


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20 thoughts on “Jazzypsy, Featuring Andreas Varady, at Speakeasy

  1. He is brilliant, and to think that he will only get better and better, as he gets older.
    Singer is good too, and .she doesn’t look much older either.

  2. The kid is a genius,without any doubt whatsoever he will be world class if he continues the way he’s going.A hell of a lot of hard work has gone into doing what he does,somebody needs to buy him better equipment he’s far too good to be playing on that guitar.

  3. Definitely an idea Bock,either approach music shops/guitar companies for sponsorship/endorsements.Alternatively a benefit night might be an idea.He should be playing the finest of instruments through the finest amplification not what he has at the moment in fairness.

  4. Just brilliant! Amazing fluidity. He’ll be a world class jazz musician by the time he’s 20. I must agree with the other comments: young Andreas deserves better equipment. Something like a Gibson es-175 and a VOX AC30 amp would do the trick.

  5. Gordon, are you serious? Have you seen this kid play? If you were at the Nancy’s gig, you would have seen him play chords and bass guitar. I was going to say are you seriously criticising a 12 year old kid who can play like that, but it’s got nothing to do with his age. He’s excellent no matter what age group you put him into. He’s got phrasing, progression, soul and humour already in his armoury and there are players out there 5 times his age who don’t have half of that.

  6. The kid is genius.. someone said on another thread that he looks a bit serious and might not be having fun. I bet he’s having a ball.. the reason he looks serious is because he is improvising and it takes a bit of concentration.

  7. It boggles the mind that this kid has any critics. He is playing at a level that most of us can only ever dream of. It’s simply unacceptable that this level of jealousy exists.

  8. I imagine Gordon will probably send us a video of his own guitar playing very soon now. Just to prove that he’s qualified to talk this way. How about it, Gordon?

  9. Gordon sent a direct email to Bock as follows:

    I do not play the guitar or any other instrument but this do not mean I can not appreciate music.

    Andreas is extremely talented for his age and hopefully with time his playing will be come more soulful. I wish him the best.

    Interesting that somebody who can’t play any instrument would offer advice to an accomplished musician.

  10. What’s interesting too is that Gordon thinks Andreas “needs to lean to play chords”.. I didn’t know leaning affected your instrumental abilities. The kids plays nothing but chords.. this is blues jazz anyways.. not rock where there’s a lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist.
    ‘extremely talented for his age’.. No.. extremely talented full stop. Gordon doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That first piece – All blues is a Mile Davis tune and the basic harmony consists of three chords.. so he’s playing the chords.

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