JD Salinger Dies

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JD Salinger is dead.

I have nothing to add to this statement and no further queries will be entertained.

13 thoughts on “JD Salinger Dies

  1. Ah now you can’t tempt me like that Bock.. Can’t you at least inform me how he died? Where else am I going to get my news from if you don’t inform me.

  2. Regrettably it comes to us all. The catcher was and is brilliant. An old man with a young mind has left us.

  3. Brett Easton Ellis yesterday on Twitter ‘Yeah! Thank fuck he finally died. I’ve been waiting for this for fucking ever. Party Tonight!!’..I’m getting the distinct impression that the American Psycho didnt like old JD..

  4. The writer who loved writing and hated being published.
    He gave us Holden Caulfield a character every teenager could reference.
    His curious mind brought him to close to many area’s including Scientology ! Which he rejected within 5 mins of meeting Hubbard.
    He died of natural causes and was a devotee of Homeopathy and Macrobiotics.
    He was 91. RIP.

  5. Big fan myself. Preferred ‘Franny and Zooey’ to ‘Catcher’ myself and loved his short stories. Most moving short story I’ve ever read has to be Salinger’s ‘A beautiful day for banana fish’, all his other works talk around one issue and this is the only story to address it head-on – master craftsman.
    Any credence to the belief that there are stacks of documents to be published posthumously?

  6. After a pause for reflection I re-read “catcher” in case I’d missed something, but no, it was still shite.

  7. Fair play to ya Brian mc for re reading “Catcher” – I found it torture first and only time round – would never put myself through that shite again….

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