John Travolta Flies Emergency Aid and Scientology Ministers to Haiti

Lunatic cult flies in to disaster zone

Celebrités sans Frontières

I thought I was hallucinating when I heard on the  news that John Travolta had piloted a plane full of Scientologists to Haiti.

Did I hear that right?

If you were asked what Haiti needed most desperately right now, would you have said food, water, shelter, sanitation, doctors, nurses?


Would you have said Haiti desperately needs Scientology?

What has John Travolta got against the poor people of Haiti?  Why did he fly a planeload of Scientology ministers there?  Haven’t these people suffered enough without this bunch of goons performing their “healing” on the earthquake victims?

Are these people doctors?  No.  They’re followers of the greatest snake-oil salesman of all time, L Ron Hubbard, and the only reason they went to Haiti was to exploit another territory for their cult.

At a time when genuine relief flights can’t get into Port au Prince’s airport because of lack of facilities, what maniac air-traffic controller decided to let Travolta and his gang of nutcases land?  Are there Scientologists among the US military personnel in Haiti?

How is it that the followers of a con-man, a crook, a liar and a fraud could have got into Haiti ahead of genuine medics?  Who made this decision?

Make no mistake, by facilitating these idiots to blunder around the city offering  Touch Assists to people with shattered bodies, and testing them with their ridiculous e-Meters, the American authorities have prevented genuine healers from getting to where they’re needed.  While these frauds were given priority to land, genuine medical professionals wait for clearance to take off.

It seems there’s is no disaster so severe that it can’t be made worse by idiot celebrities.


Bock on Scientology


Travolta airlifts desperately-needed e-Meters to Haiti

NY Times

66 thoughts on “John Travolta Flies Emergency Aid and Scientology Ministers to Haiti

  1. He brought a bunch of Scientology lunatics to Haiti, James.

    How are things in Australia?

    (It didn’t take them long to react, did it?)

  2. I think the question that needs to be asked is, Is he gone to Haiti as a Scientologist or a humanitarian?
    It probabaly is a mixture of the two but I’m sure the haitians appreciate all the help they can get right now.
    They can make up their minds about joining some fucked up cult later.

  3. A plane load of emoting, hand wringing scientologists, quite a few of whom are “church” ministers.
    What will they do out there; get in the way of the relief workers I reckon. There are 150 planes a day with aid
    waiting for clearence to land on what’s left of the runway at Port Au Prince. Celebrities and lunatcis (as above) arriving at the drop of a hat should be refused permission to land and told to go home and to stop getting in the way. If Travolta and ilk feel so strongly about it then let them make a cash donation.

  4. Scientology: for feck sake!
    I need auditing like I need a hole in my head. I can just see it. A whole bunch of fucked over survivors talking themselves better – for a specified donation. What I can’t figure is what the specified donation would be when these unfortunate people have nothing to begin with.
    Or maybe it’s the escaped criminals; all 5,000 of them that they’re going to sort out using their Criminon program! Yes I can see how that scientifically unsupported system of hyperbolic dimensions is going to be of tremendous help to the law abiding citizenry; what’s left of them.

  5. This was nearly as bad as tax avoider Denis O’Brien giving out free mobile phones with free credit and somehow thinking that the world would see it as the act of a great humanitarian and not just a vile marketing ploy to increase his digicell customers. And as if this is not bad enough, he then goes on the national broadcaster to advertise the fact that he is doing it. Shame, shame, shame. You might get the Haitians to love you Denis, but they will never love you here, no matter how much you give to the FAI (which you just claim back through your heartless tax advisers)

    Darren Williams

  6. Heedy — Travolta didn’t stay. The Scientologists will help people by touching them with the tip of their finger. I’m sure those with gangrene and cholera will de delighted to have somebody touching them. Feel my finger. Much better than being treated by a doctor.

    I haven’t seen a breakdown of the cargo manifest, but I imagine much of it is Scientology paraphernalia such as e-Meters, which are nothing more than voltmeters sprayed a bright colour. Scientology is the worst kind of quasi-scientific, religious nonsense. It’s dangerous, and right now, it’s getting in the way of qualified people trying to help the victims. Scientology has no place in Haiti. It has nothing to offer.

  7. Bock, if any cult is going to claim Haiti it should be our own. Get them Scientology feckers out of there and get a few God fearin Roman Catholic priest types in there. If there’s any touching to be done (especially the children) you have to supply the right men to do the right job.
    Get on the Bock phone and get Bisphop Murray to fire up the jet and get over to Haiti and start converting…

  8. I remember being in New York a few months back and I saw them on the street I wanted to scream at a woman that stopped and sat to tell her they were a bunch of loons! Best of luck to the misfortunes out there in Haiti they are going to need it with JT on the prowl

  9. If JT was going to Haiti for purely humanitarian reasons, why bring the goon squad with him? This is a shameless publicity stunt for a cult with the morals of an orange peel. He also said that he couldn’t think about not using his plane and that he had used it to fly goods in when Hurricane Katrina hit. Bollox. If he’s that worried, he’d need to making daily flights not just one publicity mission with supplies that were given to him by the American military – hate to contradict you there James. He probably fueled the jet himself but, when you have an airport in your house big enough to service two 707s, I doubt that that wil put too much of a dent in the ol bank balance.
    The good news here is that no Haitian can afford to be a scientologist. Bunch of fucking conmen.

  10. I read he brought six tons of ready-to-eat rations and medical supplies. That’s equal to 12000 pounds. What difference does it make who it came from? There are lots of other religious charities out there trying to help. It’s more than any of us are doing that’s for sure.

  11. Quasimodo was a good guy, unlike Scientology which is using this tragedy for its own evil, controlling purposes. All these Scientologist are doing is getting in the way of skilled medical professionals, and preventing lives from being saved. They should never have been allowed to barge into Haiti the way they did.

  12. I see your point.. but I guess it’s the intention behind it that counts in my mind and of course the supplies they brought. I’m sure they were directed as to how to help by the skilled aid professionals..

  13. No. They believe they have all the answers. They certainly aren’t acting under the guidance of health professionals. These people are nuts.

  14. Bock you don’t know if they believe they have all the answers. John Travolta seems like a really nice person to me to be honest, I’ve never heard him pushing his beliefs on anyone, he doesn’t seem the type.. and his movies aren’t half bad either. I think you could cut him some slack..

  15. You know Bock you said you believe science can give you all the answers.. (i think you said given time and a rational mind).. Isn’t that the same belief system you accuse them of having, that something can give you all the answers. When it actually can’t. ever.

  16. Audrey — Science has nothing to do with Scientology.

    Scientology is a gigantic con-job dreamed up by one of the biggest scam-artists in history. I’m sorry but I don’t have time to deliver a tutorial on it. I suggest you read into it yourself.

    And incidentally, I never said that. You should check what I actually did say if you intend to quote me.

  17. Listened to that Rob. Tom does come across a little arrogant all right but I don’t see anything wrong with his views on medication and psychiatry, he’s entitled to his opinion.. just because it goes against the norm doesn’t make him nuts.
    In any case, I don’t really care what they believe if they can help the people in Haiti with medical supplies and food. I wasn’t leaping to anything.

  18. Audrey; I sincerly don’t mean to convey this with any degree of condesension but no way no how is anything executed by Scientology genuine or sincere, I’m sure JT and many more are ” nice people ” in as much as that mean’s, JT is an actor and a very wealthy one which mean’s he has many connections and a lot of power to wield in the media and elsewhere, For him to provide a planeload of aid to Haiti would be like me giving a box of groceries to my neighbour, financially not much skin off my nose.
    It could have been done anonymously or even just quietly but to arrive with a bunch of Ministers is blatantly preying on the vulnerable and getting international press coverage for it.
    Scientology is not a Religion, Its a cult and it has steadily leeched it’s way into many area’s of vulnerability incl drug rehab, And it’s prosletysers are alive and well and functioning in Ireland, Their offerings are wrapped up in very positive insighful packaging but it’s a cult striving to increase numbers and line the pockets of their wealthy Ministers, It is an exceptionally cold hollow and controlling business.
    Always be careful of what you are offered for nothing, It generally comes with the highest price tag.

  19. I guess I like to see the good in people Norma. So what if he has connections and a lot of power to wield in the media? I think myself he has used them to good avail in this case.
    Why are you comparing what he’s done saying it’s not much skin off his nose? He gave his time and effort and that counts for a lot too.. even if you want to down play the 6 tons of supplies he brought in. Why shouldn’t he bring publicity to what he’s doing. Maybe it inspires people to do more and keeps the focus on what’s going on out there. Isn’t that a good use of being a celebrity.
    We really don’t have any way of knowing if his intensions were sincere and genuine and I am not going to be so judgemental as to assure they are not. I tend to believe the intention is sincere with what they did, and whatever the intention, they did something helpful to people who need as much help as they can get. There are a lot of religious aid charities out there helping.. I’m sure they’re not ramming their beliefs down starving, injured peoples’ throats.

  20. Oh dear.

    Audrey, did you manage to do much reading about Scientology, as recommended, before making these statements?

  21. What Bock? Is it the psychiatry comment? I remember you saying you didn’t believe in that yourself before. Or the fact that I tend to see the good in what he did?

  22. Audrey — If you don’t know anything about Scientology, you have no business commenting on this thread because you’re working from a position of total ignorance. At least have the courtesy to inform yourself about this scam before you comment on a very serious matter.

  23. I did click on Rob’s link to Tom Cruise talking about psychiatry all right.. I’d agree with a lot of what Tom said myself.. I think you do too Bock actually! :)

  24. Audrey — I suggested that you inform yourself about Scientology, and not just a link about Tom Cruise. Please go and read in depth about the cult. Read this post again. It isn’t about John Travolta. Please stay on topic.

  25. Actually the only stuff I know of scientology is from your site here. I’d take your word for it, a lot of it seems like BS.. but like I said I dont care what they believe.. If they’re helping people in need, it’s good to my mind. I mean seriously Christianity is just as full of mis-interpretations and quakery, are you going to get as upset about the Christians helping out there?

  26. If Christians said they could cure injuries by touching people, I’d object to that as well. Furthermore, even though I don’t believe in any deity, I think Christians are for the most part well motivated.

    Scientologists, on the other hand, are scam-artists, and members of a dangerous criminal organisation.

    These Scientologists in Haiti are increasing the death rate by their interference in things they don’t understand and in which they have no training.

  27. Bock you are a real sweetie. I read scientology for about 5 minutes and figured out why the texts are worthwhile for a person who is scouring this dark universe for some kind of truth. While I am not a scientologist or a “ist” anything, all these screwy religious texts are here for a reason. I know why you find them offensive, (the group activities of the people who read them) shhhhh. It is hard having an Irish sense of humor I know, most can’t keep up. But if you will just do me the favor and watch just the first few minutes of this film (Flash Gordon 1980) i’m sure you will find something funny to laugh at. Kinda dark, I agree but anyway.

  28. Even if you assume the innocence of the cult (which, personally, I don’t) you have to question the wisdom of letting Trevolta land in Port au Prince.
    Surely the problem with his intervention is that for a mere 6 tonnes of aid (about 20% of the payload of a Hercules Transport plane) he took up runway time and parking time at an extremely busy airport while full cargo planeloads of medical equipment and doctors were being routed via the Dominican Republic.
    What influence did he bring to bear and on whom in order to achieve this publicity stunt?

  29. That’s the question. Who facilitated this ridiculous publicity stunt? Somebody had to make a decision to cancel another flight so that Travolta’s clowns could land with their bags of e-meters.

  30. The rations he brought were given to him by the US Military they would have made it there anyway!
    Unfortunately this stunt was facilitated by Obamas people they thought it would be good PR to show that hollywood cares .The fact that he still follows scientology after his Autistic son died in an seizure! while waiting for the power of self healing blows my mind. Moron!

  31. Shannaboley, when you say “Obamas people” do you mean the US government, the Democrats or black people??

  32. I mean his people”as in have your people contact my people” those in the inner circle his advisors.

  33. Yous are all so cynical.. I bet if ye were starving and injured ye’d take food from John Travolta.. probably while asking him for an autograph.

  34. The so called con man is dead. And Ms Marple, the circus surrounding scientology and its wacky factor is no different than any other religion. Scientology like Jew, like christian, like bahai. containeth the good the bad and the ugly. Now stupid white man fly at it and find the truth. Well, you findeth nothing good in it and I do findeth something exalted therein. I findeth in scientology’s texts Gnostic-like passages that I haven’t found elsewhere and I was enlightened and joyous for about 5 minutes before I chuck-ed the whole lot out and forgot about it, mostly.
    When I was 18 and me and my friends fell into a scientology store blind dunk to do their personality test I realized how cracked they were, but no more or less cracked than the Salvation Armys or any other religion that means business with the people and dollars to back it up. My own special feeling is ( and I hold this to be true with a lot of religions) is that most of the participants are suggestible seekers and don’t really know what they are doing.They are just following the crowd. But I love attacking those things that i don’t understand, just as much you seem to enjoy it, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a greater understanding of God…..(zilla.) However, I wouldn’t spend as much time on it as you do due to the hamster wheel effect. The sit coms in Canada are better than in Ireland, now that you mention it. Oh, and the girls are prettier too. Did you like the film? Who would have known it was Ming all along.

  35. Do you mean Audrey 2 from little shop of Horrors? No, O.K? I’m guessing you don’t like my Ming is about to Detonate the planet theory. See, no belief in you Bock no wonder you go berzerk over religious types. Here’s a hint -you have to be insane to get the religious thing. And just being from Ireland, while closer isn’t good enough. I would suggest quitting the grog cold turkey, that should help.

  36. I’m glad I have that effect on you Bock, you do the same for me. :)
    I think you’re missing the point myself. It was a good deed.. regardless of their religious beliefs. Even if they are satan worshippers, I don’t care.. How much harm can they do down there? They are not going around touching people in Haiti trying to heal them, that’s silly. They are being directed as to how to help by the professionals.
    You know I just thought if Mother Teresa is a crook in your eyes, then the scientologists have no hope of making a good impression on you. (off the point about MT there I know, what can I say.. :)
    George Clooney is doing a lot to help too.. are you going to asperse that too using any of his religious beliefs.

  37. Audrey — They are not being directed by professionals. They’re telling people they can cure them with the tip of their finger. As far as I’m aware, George Clooney isn’t doing that. Now would you please stick to the point of the post and stop trying to drag it off-topic?

  38. Scientology meets Voodoo. I wonder what the Haitian Voodoo worshippers are thinking, realizing that that their crushed limbs and internal bleeding can be magically healed by the touch of a mystical westerner who is in direct contact with aliens from outer space? I got a feeling that Haitians won’t be proselytized; exchanging Voodoo dolls with aliens.

    Still, Travolta volunteered his time and plane to fly relief supplies to the Haitian earthquake victims and that is admirable.

  39. How much more Aid could they have fitted on the plane if they didn’t take the ministers? The average weight for an american man in his twenties is about 75kg lets say he brought 10 ministers thats 750kgs not counting headroom. That would feed a few kids !!!

  40. I suppose it was because the celebrities knew what was best for the people of Haiti and a ton of Scientologists was better than a ton of doctors.

  41. Rob, why stop there.. how about leave out the pilot and the co-pilot, that’s anouther 150kg.. or better yet feed the scientologists themselves to the starving..

  42. Audrey – I suppose that would be because the pilots are needed to fly the plane whereas the Scientologists are not.

    Complicated for you?

  43. Audrey — Do me a favour and stop talking shit. Haiti is a major human fucking disaster and I’m getting seriously tired of your idiocy, so if you want to get your rocks off, do it on some other topic. That’s the end of moronic commments on this subject, from you or anyone else. They won’t be published. The end.

  44. You’ve joined the KMA* club..
    You talk nothing but shit. You think someone totally misses the point of anything you write if they happen to disagree with you. How idiotic is it talking about the weight of the passengers on JT’s plane.. seriously. Or “it’s like me giving my neighbour a bag of groceries.” what’s relevant about that.. idiotic also don’t you think? – No? Thought not, as it’s agreeing with you.
    And.. “What has John Travolta got against the poor people of Haiti? ” If that’s not being silly, I don’t know what is.
    And by the way, I’ve donated €500 to help.. “no skin off my nose” but it’s something and the best I could do.
    (*kiss my ass.)

  45. Bock this may be a little bit off the subject of this post but I’m wondering what’s wrong with the American forces when you consider that with much less efficient aircraft and machinery they were able, in 1945, to airlift everything including heavy machinery to keep West Berlin functioning. This, in the face of heavy bombardment from the Russians.
    Is the Haitian need less important now than keeping their interests in Germany were at the time?

  46. Best comment so far….No. 41. laughed me rocks off. well done Audrey
    Re the airport landing, he’s a film star/producer/director and mega wealthy, he expects to get what he wants. Its the fecken’ eejits that cleared the way for the landing to be allowed in the 1st place, at such an insane time and place. Surely there’s a smaller somewhat local landing strip that could’ve been used instead.
    I’d take a hand out from bock the robber himself if i was in the same position. chuckle.

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