Martin Cullen Raped

Martin Cullen thinks press reports suggesting he had an affair are like rape.

During that period, the only way I can describe it to you is that… it was like waking up every day and being raped as a man – and that is how I felt and I use those words very carefully. But that was actually how I felt.

Martin Cullen felt that reports about an alleged sexual affair made him feel raped.

Good enough then.  Very well.  That’s how Martin Cullen felt and who are we to tell him he didn’t feel that way?  Who are we to say that we know what he feels or what he thinks?

We don’t.

But here’s my difficulty.  If Martin Cullen thinks this was rape, what word will he use if somebody holds him down and physically rapes him?  What word will he use if somebody decides to humiliate and degrade him by pushing their penis up his rectum, tearing his tissues and lubricating the assault with his blood?  What word will he use to describe the pain of shitting after his arse has been torn apart?  What word will he use to describe the pain of reconstructive surgery to repair his torn body?  What word will he use to describe his feelings of humiliation, degradation and powerlessness after he has been physically tortured, spat upon and laughed at?

Will Martin Cullen select the same word he used to describe innuendo in the newspapers?

Don’t forget, this man, who can’t tell the difference between a newspaper report and being raped sits at the cabinet table and has a say on all aspects of government policy.


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He also thought that electronic voting was the way to go, (that went well)
And that privatising Aer Lingus was a great idea, (thats going well too)
And that a 6000 euro helicopter flight to get him from Killarney to Dublin was good value, (didn’t go so well, when the door fell off).
Its great that we have such great thinkers in charge.

Yeh we shouldn’t be surprised at anything coming out of the mouths of that pack of gobshites. And it looks like we’ve got another two years to put up with them.

and it wasn’t even, off the cuff, apparently he claimed to have put a lot of thought into using it

So insulting and disrespectful to genuine rape survivors who deal with the long term consequences of their attack on a daily basis.

its a huge coincidence that Martin felt like he was being raped when he and Fianna Fail have been fucking me for twenty years.


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