There can be no viler act …

The distorted world of loyalism

This is Iris Robinson’s view on gays:

There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children.

At first glance, you might overlook the intent of that statement, because the real malevolence is hidden in the syntax.

Let’s deconstruct it.

There can be no viler act, than sexually abusing innocent children

apart from homosexuality and sodomy.

There you have it.  Homosexuality is worse than abusing children, in the opinion of Iris.

Two consenting adults having consensual sex is worse than a grown man raping a screaming child, in Iris Robinson’s world, and Peter Robinson — the First Minister —  was not among those storming the barricades when his wife, a Member of Parliament, issued this statement.

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll be well aware of my views on the shortcomings of this Republic, such as it is.  You’ll know that I think the Catholic church was one of the worst disasters ever to befall this country.

Likewise you’ll be familiar with my opinions on the religious nuts who have imposed their will on our country, but I’ve tended to stay away from the religious nuts in the Wee North, because it’s a bit outside my field.

Iris has changed that.

Northern Ireland is a deeply dysfunctional and schizoid society because of its origins.

Now let me say this.  I don’t give a rat’s arse who a man’s antecedents were.  I’ll take him for what he is, and I don’t care who his father was or his grandfather, and I certainly don’t care what religious tradition he came from.

Loyalism rejects such thinking.

The loyalist tradition has no interest in being Irish and has no respect for Irish ways.  Loyalism makes a virtue out of being different from the natives, as it perceives them, in much the same way as the Afrikaners.  Loyalism celebrates the fact that it arrived on these shores  and conquered the locals.  It symbolically replays these conquests every year to remind the natives who the boss is.

Without triumphalist, intolerant loyalism, we would not have seen the violence that took place from the sixties to the nineties, and I’m afraid that people such as  Peter and Iris Robinson  — good Christian, God-fearing people — are at the heart of this intolerant, triumphalist mindset.

In the same way as they dismiss gays, the Robinsons have little enough regard for those they would consider to be the conquered natives.

It’s a mindset that I find very hard to like or have any sympathy for.

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  1. Bock,

    As we say stateside, “You are the Man!”

    I appreciate your keen insight, spot-on commentary, and stick-it-to-the-man style of writing. A good satirist is someone who makes you: think, laugh and use reason. Thanks for all of the free entertainment you provide on this site. You should figure out a way to make some quid off your brain.



  2. Hard to disagree with your point here Bock. However the parallels between the views of the Catholic heirarchy and Iris Robinson on homosexuality are quite remarkable. Iris`s statement might well have been made by a Catholic priest or bishop.
    The Loyalist intolerance and triumphalism is born out of the insecurities of a marginalised people with no real sense of belonging. Unionists in reality are and were living on borrowed time. Faced with the facts that the Brits didn`t want them and their numbers were falling pro rata to nationalists, their displays of loyality to the British crown became increasingly self righteous,ridiculous, bitter and absurd. Living under the belief that the Provos were trying to kill them all, it wasn`t hard for so many God fearing prods to buy into the crap.

  3. As a former practicing Catholic – of the U.S. variety – I can tell you that my ‘faith’ in The Church disappeared when the U.S. Catholic Arch Diocese couldn’t agree on whether or not to institute a “One Strike Rule” on priests who engage in child abuse. Really? That question requires debate and a vote?

    The fact that Mrs. Robinson compares homosexuals to child abusers is both sad and pathetic – but not unexpected from “evangelical Christians”. Teg Haggard, and Jimmy Swaggert ring a bell?

  4. I like homosexuals.
    I like heterosexuals.
    Bigots, racists, homophobes, misogynists, supremacists, religious maniacs – no, I don’t like those folk.

    Iris, Mrs. Robinson, for God’s sake woman, cop on. Child abusers are the limit.

  5. That’s appalling, but not shocking. I am sure the gay community in Ireland is thrilled to be compared with people who inflict physical and emotional trauma on children. We have the same judgemental, misinformed strain of religious zealots on this side of the Atlantic. It’s good to see you calling a spade a spade. Keep up the good fight!

    As an aside, I just recently started getting into some Irish rock. I’ve always been a huge Pogues fan, but can you recommend some good Celtic Rock bands to a neophyte Yank? I’ve got everything ever done by Van Morrison, and most of the Pogues catalogue, but I’m sure there’s a lot of great music from your fair country that I need to hear. Give me your Top 5 artists from Ireland.

  6. That just means you keep (kept?) good company.

    In the words of Mr. Chow from the movie, The Hangover, Toodooloo, Mother Effers.

    Thanks again for entertainment, Mr. Bock. You are a credit to your countrymen.

  7. Check out our entertainment section for motherfuckin good local bands.

    In this country you can say things like motherfucker and cunt without anyone trying to stop you or tell you it’s bad for minorities. It’s one of the few good things about this cocksucking country.

  8. I guess I need to get in touch with my Celtic roots and delete my political correct sensor before entering this site. I will remember that, at least on this site, there is true freedom of speech. You realize, of course, that this might be the only place left on earth where one can actually say what one wants without fear of retribution?

  9. @ Bryan/Brian : ‘You realize, of course, that this might be the only place left on earth where one can actually say what one wants ‘ – Ha! You’ve a lot to learn Bryan.

  10. There’s no automatic right to free speech on a privately-funded site, Audrey. However, if you want to set up a site of your own, nobody will interfere with your opinions, so please feel free to do exactly that.

  11. Sorry to interrupt guys. However as I understand the belief system of Iris and her ilk adultery is punishable by stoning to death. Just a thought.

  12. I understand Bock, actually agreeing with you.. I’m not as aware as yourself of defamation laws.. You did advise me though you weren’t talking about Iris Robinson.. which I wasn’t also as you know(?) but birds of a feather and all that.. no difference to me in thieving, pillaging, hypocrite morons who are/have run the country into the ground. The more interference with opinions the better, don’t you think.

  13. Audrey — There’s only one difference between you and me.

    I have to take responsibility for what’s said on this site and you don’t. That means I make all the decisions and you make none.

  14. One small point, was not most of the abuse by the priesthood committed against the same sex ? Is tht not child abuse and homosexuality ?

  15. That’s flawed logic, PA, akin to stating:
    John is a student.
    John studies hard.
    Therefore, all students study hard.

    Homosexuals are not automatically child abusers, just like heterosexuals are not.
    Some child abusers prefer boys, some don’t.
    I’m no expert, but I know that much.

    You may not have meant to generalise, but I’ve heard people argue this one in a homophobic tone, so I just wanted to make the point.

  16. Perfidious if you do a little research you may find that Homosexuality is two consenting adults of the same sex choose to have sex with one another. Paedophiles and rapists are exercising power over their victims and have no feelings of affection or love towards them. There is no correlation between Homosexuality and Paedophilia. This is my understand and of course I am open to correction.

  17. I reckon that Robinson doesn’t see anything hypocritical or incompatible about her carry on and her views on homosexuality. In her eyes her tryst is a heterosexual infidelity,a natural, if immoral, given her marriage vows, sin of the flesh which will be forgiven, given penance and prayer.However, she’ll still see a homosexual act as an abomination which cannot be mitigated because it’s, in her view, an intrinsic and unnatural evil. She was sacked today. Her husband will be next week if they keep following the monney trail. There’s talk of Sammy Wilson, a complete and utter idiot, taking over as First Minister.

    Time for Dublin and London to rule the province directly.

  18. the news keeps showing the same clip of Iris , entering the first ministers office , as she approaches the desk , he points at his cheek and says lay it on me there darling , but iris being no shrinking violet lays it squarely on his lips , and the tender moment is all the more perfect , now that we know that iris had those very same lips wrapped around that young fellas todger , oh joy joy joy .

    loyalism along with many other isms should be put where they belong , history’s dustbin , paedophiles should be deported , to saudi arabia , or iran

  19. I read in todays paper that Martin McGuinness is “shocked” by the tales of her marital failings and the story of 5k going missing out of the 50k secured from friendly investors. Had to laugh, no mention of being a member of the Army Council of the Provos or the theft of 25Million Sterling from the Northern Bank, to fund volunteers pensions. What a blood soaked Janus faced lying fucker.

  20. Shocked?

    Of course, you have to remember that Martin is a daily Mass-goer.

    He wouldn’t be too familiar with salami-hiding, which is something I imagine he shares with Peter Robinson.

    Now, Sammy the Naked Creationist is a different matter.

  21. Further to 18-21
    I’m still confused by your comments. While consenting sex between 2 same sex adults may be one aspect of homosexuality, surely any man who joins an all-male society can not be entirely heterosexual, and if he then proceeds to molest members of the same sex he is then a raping child- molester and a homosexual.
    At least poor Iris was not guilty of that !1

  22. PA, taking part in a homosexual act does not mean one is actually homosexual, the same way that one drunken weekend doesn’t make you an alcoholic….or does it?

    Perhaps we should just refer to these people as what they really are, which is “monsters”.

  23. Perfidious I suspect you are trying to live up to your alias. Perhaps you and Steve would like to know that the “normal” response to Homosexuality is “so what” . Homophobes are themselves unresolved Homosexuals. To put it bluntly Homophobes are queerer than queer’s check it out. I have no problem with consenting adults doing anything with one another. I have a major problem with child abusers and rapists . Iris is hardly “poor” it seem now that she shagged the boy’s father as well. A true lady.

  24. PA — In much the same way that a man who raped an 18-month old baby recently is a heterosexual? Is that what defines an abuser’s orientation — the orifice chosen to commit the rape?
    As regards all-male societies, how do you feel about the sexuality of members of all-male golf clubs?

  25. Woah there, Gary. Please don’t lump me into the same group as PA, just because you can’t read a comment properly.

    “these people” referred to child abusers, not homosexuals.

  26. Steve I am perfectly capable of reading written English . Perhaps you might care to review your posting and consider your ability to write? You make no reference to child abusers simply to Homosexuals and then refer to “these people” . Some of your readers may be capable of reading your mind as distinct from the written word. Regrettably this is beyond my ability.

  27. Gary, Steve is clearly refering to child abusers calling them monsters.. Referring homosexuals to monsters hardly seems appropriate even for the most fervent homophobe.

  28. Gary: fair enough, I should have made it clearer.

    For the record; I regard child abusers as monsters, and I don’t have any issue with homosexuals.

  29. I watched Bunnan Bui, the excellent documentary on Liam Clancy, the other night. He told a story about the first time they came back to Ireland after achieving fame and fortune in the US. They were a posh reception and he got into conversation with the then Minister for Education (Donagh O’Malley ?) . He didn’t like the Minister seemed to talking down to him , so he decided to put him in his place with the following question. ‘So you’re the Minister for Education are ya ?. We’ll then, when are you going to do something about all the homosexuals in the Christian Brothers’ ?’.
    I just hope poor Liam really meant to say ‘paedophile’. !

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