Winter in Limerick

Snow and ice and a walk with the dog

It’s a bit nippy out there.

The Geek contributed a few of these later on from his own wanderings.

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18 thoughts on “Winter in Limerick

  1. Lovely snaps.
    So you’re a nature lover at heart.
    I’ve been trying to get good Robin (bird) shots over the last week. Even left loads of bread up on the hills where I was shooting photos. Found out later all the birds were at lower altitudes.

    Off to Glenstal Abbey witht he kids for fun in the snow.

    PS. Did you use your new G11 or soemthing else?

    Your location looks like the Clare side of Plassey, along the Canal.

  2. At least he had sausages, my local shop was out! I was not a happy bunny this morning,

    Bloody snow, all those matches cancelled. If I never see it again it’ll be too soon.

  3. No ordinary sausages either, I might add, but pork and apple sausages. They also sell sausages made with pork and sundried tomatoes.

    BFH — You’re right about some of them.

  4. We have been putting out halved apples and brown bread for the birds but nothing is eating the food. I think they may be all dead.

  5. The most important thing you can put out is water. They need it to keep their feathers in good condition so they don’t freeze to death.

  6. Bock we have been putting out basins of Luke warm water on a regular basis but still no sign. I fear that all the birds around here are dead.

  7. We normally have lot’s of birds, they nest in the eves and the barn, Lots of food out for them and no sign, no sounds from the eves.

  8. Exceedingly well shot Bock!, I’m just about to post mine on facebook as its the handiest way I know how to show em off, check em out, I think they’re fab! The general area is O’ Connell Ave, Redemptorists, The park everything looks magic in this weather I think, the laneways look brill as the snow is untouched , took quite a few photos of them, kind of recreation of the doors idea in Croatia that you made poster of, 07 I think.

  9. bock~ your photos are brilliant, as usual~ thank you once again for some incredible irish eye food!
    here’s what i wanted to share with you and your readers about birds in the wintertime in wisconsin~ as some of you know, i commute back and forth from oregon to my other home/studio on a tiny island in n.w. wisconsin, 3 months here, 3 there. sometimes i am in wisconsin coldest part of year (december through february.) every permanant resident on the island takes special care of the “critters” in wintertime. island has at least 50 bird species spring thru fall, but only year arounds are owls, sea gulls, black crows, bald eagles cardinals and blue jays. one time in coldest january i can remember there, when my daughter (who is from tonga) and her best friend from jamaica were also there, the kids took their boiling hot water in teacups outside, threw the boiling water into air, jumped back and watched it land on ground frozen. temperature that day was @ -40, but i don’t know how to say it other than fairenheit. i say it like this: frigging life or death ass bite cold…when you’re outside and you have to blink real fast or your eyelids stick.
    the year ’round islanders would never think of putting heat coils in their bird baths, reason is this: birds would freeze to death. also at first ice glaze on lake, eagles don’t dive anymore, they pierce the thin ice with claw plus beak jabbing, but they fish from top of ice. reason they don’t dive in, even though it’s just barely cold outside: they would die. a bird cannot fly in cold temperatures if wings and feathers are wet, because as soon as they spread wings to take off, the air weather turns the water on wings to heavier water, then to ice. this happens within seconds, bird can’t fly with iced wings.
    as ice gets thicker on lake, eagles fish from holes left from ice fishermen, just before sundown so holes haven’t yet refrozen. otherwise they fish from ice cracks. birds will drink from ice-cracked puddles in late afternoon, but never take a bath, however their main source of water is snow. they all eat snow from tree branches all day long. don’t worry for getting water to them. they never ever bathe in wintertime because they would die. birds caught in water right before 1st freeze stage in lake, and don’t get out by sundown, will freeze even though lake water hasn’t yet turned to slush, because they can’t navigate out of water, their feathers and their wings are too cold to propell them into colder air. what they love eating in real cold weather: suet, either beef or pork~ mixed w/birdseed, raisons etc.. they love bakery sweet rolls in tiny chunks, apples are too cold to eat, they love any animal fat but no animal meat, just the fat. suspending mesh bags of suet from tree branches is perfect! they love shelled nuts, not with shells still on~ pretzel pieces (for the salt.) special treat for me in wintertime in chetek is watching birds and squirrels atop same snow covered round wooden picnic table two inches apart, eating… dept. of envirnmental quality in n.w. wisconsin now makes lake property owners put “rick rack” full length of their shoreline so deer can climb up bank from the frozen lake in wintertime without breaking their legs. they can get bit of a foothold now, which they need if they’ve traveled any distance. thank you bock, for your awesome website where i have learned so much both from you and from
    your readership~ with love and warm thoughts from silverton oregon~ jstone

  10. Great shots – I know someone else asked – was it the G11 – just read a review of it – looks like a great bit of kit – interesting that they have dropped the MP count back – good to see a manufacturer prioritising quality over marketing gimmickery. I gather the noise has been greatly reduced on high ISO levels – I have a Sony Alpha 200 which is great in good light and can pretty well match my bro’s 5D Mk II until it comes to low light when mine just falls apart above 800 ISO.

  11. Paddya — Most of these were taken with a G11 but some were taken wityh a G9. Unfortunately, some of the G11 shots are a bit grainy because I stupidly had the ISO turned up far too high. But in general, the G11 is an improvement on the G9 as a result of Canon’s decision to drop the megapixels from 15 to 10.

    A sensible design decision since all this talk of megapixels is only a gimmick.

    Having said that, the G9 is still a terrific little camera with great optics, as you can see, for example, with the 7th picture in the series.

  12. I have also done the ISO thing and shot once for a whole day at ISO 1600 – Disaster! Re shot 7 – superbly sharp and vivid – is it macro or a telephoto shot?

  13. Don’t know. That’s one of the pics the Geek took with a G9. I’m winning him over to the advantages of small cameras.

  14. no, paulo~ i hate to tell you (it gets worse) it’s your eyeballs that freeze, and the lids stick to your eyes. when you’re outdoors in anything below 20 below zero, it’s a situation of having to be “survival prepared” when you step away from a heat source, and all on your face needs covered but one can’t cover the eyes or navigation
    would be hard. what you do is blink 2X as much as usual and “deflect” heat to your eyes from your nose scarf. glasses are a real challange because they steam up then freeze, then the frames stick to face while the lenses are coated with ice frost. where i live in wisconsin is in area (and across to minnesota) that is the coldest part of u.s.. very close to ontario canada. cheers and stay warm! jstone

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