George Lee Rebuffed by Small People

Yokels reject great man

There once was a land far beyond the Purple Ocean, high up on an enchanted mountain where volcanoes fill the air with beautiful songs and angels plait the golden  braids of celestial princesses.

This is RTÉland, a mystical world of giants and timeless beauty, a land of song and wisdom and never-ending happiness.

Far below the slopes of the enchanted mountain, beneath the clouds, they speak of a  dark land.  A land of ignorance.  A grim place filled with Small People.  A dark, rough wilderness unblessed by the sunshine, the wisdom and the witty cheer  of  RTÉland.

Now, there came a time when hardship fell upon the Small People.

What is this to us? asked the cheerful, wise folk of RTÉland. Are we not wittier, and prettier, and more tanned than they?  Do we not speak with stranger accents?  Are we not indeed blessed?

We are, agreed all.

But a quiet, chivalrous fellow spoke up. I will try to help them with my wisdom and my cheerfulness, and my better tan, said Sir George.  I will show them how to live properly, as we in RTÉland do.

It is impossible, said the wise, witty and tanned people of RTÉland.  The Small People are not of our ways.  They are dull and untanned.  He will surely fail.  But when he does, we will welcome him back and bless him for his good thought.

We will indeed, shouted they all, and so began a great cheese and wine party.

And when the cheese and wine party ended, Sir George girded himself, called his mighty battle-steed and descended the mountain until he came to the dark and forbidding Blueshirtland

Behold, he proclaimed. I am George the Glorious, come from RTÉland to end your misery.  I would be your King!

But they gazed upon him with dull eye and shuffling gait.

Who is this stranger?  Let him muck out the stables.

Sir George drew his sword.  Stables?  Stables??  What is this talk of stables?  Know ye not who I am?  I hail from RTÉland where the lowest one of us is greater than any in this dark land.

The yokels of Blueshirtland grunted and turned from him.  We know nothing of this RTÉland.  Muck out the stables.

And so it was, with a heavy heart, that Sir George the Glorious urged his mighty steed heavenward until at last he emerged above the clouds.

The wise Princess Olivia greeted him.  Welcome back, gallant Knight.  You tried your best for the Small People, but they wanted you not.

True, said Glorious George.  The Small People deserve whatever befalls them  Let us give our thoughts over to tanning and being wonderful here in RTÉland.

Indeed, said Princess Olivia.  For ever more let us talk of them but let us never, from this day forth, talk to them.



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61 thoughts on “George Lee Rebuffed by Small People

  1. Bollix, excellent piece BOCK, reminds me of the song ‘Pop the Magic Dragon’.
    Poor aul George, god help us all if that was all we had as a leading political light and the only solution to our woes and yes; there are those that voted for him who are now quite suicidal! Seriously, feckin’ suicidal.

  2. I reckon he was hidden down the back because the FGers felt threatened. He realised its a waste of time trying to change the system from within an established party. I hope he will set up a new party and clean the place out!

  3. What a tosser! What a waste of space! What about all the talk of him leaving a secure job to fight the good fight for all of us retards who dont know what is going on. Oooooh lets see. He is going back to RTE in April as his years leave of abscence from RTE is over. The fucking wanker!! I voted for the prick because he said he was leaving a secure job to fight the good fight. I thought at last here is someone of integrity. Just because Enda did not make him Tea Sock in waiting he throws a little tantrum and fucks off back to an overpaid job at RTe to talk more shit! Hey George, heres a news flash. Fuuuuck you wanker!!!

  4. “What did you do when the country was on it`s knees Dad? “Ring a bell George Lee the fucking wanker.? “Well kids I fucked off, because I threw a tantrum as I was not running the country in 3 weeks. Thats what I did kids. I left you in the shit because I am a uselees wanker who wants to work for RTE again.” TOSSER OF NOTE FOR HISTORY BOOKS. GEORGE LEE PRIME CANDITATE!!!

  5. Lord Muck, and I’m hoping to pen a five year deal with Real Madrid in the morn. What about the poeople that wasted their vote on him? No wonder a high percentage of the electorate don’t go out and vote – in this case a wasted vote. He’s on RTE as we speak, being given a soft ride on his contempt for the Irish electorate that do vote. The establishment closing in to protect their own.

  6. George Lee is revolting. Fair play t’im. He could’ve treaded water for a bit longer but that’s just just as destructive in the end. Speaking as a direct descendant of an ex-RTE employee, I’d say he just had an itching to return to the mothership, bunch o’ feckin’ weirdoes that they are.

  7. What a beautifully crafted tale Sir Bock, May I say I consider the ” mucking out of stables ” to be most nobel work of man, what better deed than to clean the shit from your slave and friend, And place the most sweet smelling straw for the beast of burden to lie upon, practised on a daily basis it bringeth wonderous sleep and pleasant dreams.
    Do not anticipate reward for this act, For all it brings is comfort, The Knights and Ladies know nowt of the ” stable muckers ” for them tis the faeries, These invisible “stable muckers ”
    My sympathys to the Nighted George for missing the opportunity to delve in the organic sweet smelling muck, from which springs the most vibrant flora and fauna to sooth mans inner demon’s.

  8. He strikes me as being an honest straight forward guy who realised he had fallen in to a crooks and gombeens den and felt the need to get the hell out for as the saying goes..when you lie with dogs eventually you end up with their fleas

  9. Ye seem to be on a roll here guys, I personally think George Lee acted with honour, he realised he made a mistake, was being taken for a patsy by Fine Gael, and, took the only honourable course open to him, contrast that with the Honourable Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea T.D, Barrister at Law, Medical Card procurer, pothole fixer extraordinaire and polltopper for the constituency of Limerick East.


    I met George Lee at a Fine Gael Dog and Pony show before Christmas, and was most impressed by him, I did feel that he was being used as a Poster Boy to draw a crowd, and the real business of policy was handled by Inda and the boys
    This country is bankrupt financially, bankrupt of ideas and morally bankrupt, we are fubared, yet in George Lee we had a person on top of their brief, with the knowledge of the intricacies of economics, and, the Fine Gael party chose not to use this valuable resource, and indeed send out a clear message any anyone else that could make a real contribution to the betterment of this country, that they can **** off as well, speaks volumes for political mindset in this country, why use an expert when we can use an illiterate jumped up County Councillor instead.
    As the country slides further into the economic abyss, we shall rue this day

  10. Nail, hammer, head, jbkenn.

    BTW, your linky to the story on the ‘Tashed Warrior seems to be broken.

  11. Assuming George had been allowed to ‘input’, what then. He said the economic problems of this country need to to be addressed now, not in two years time when it’s too late. What did he think was going to happen? Enda trotting off with Georgies input to one of the Brians saying here’s Georgies input, change everything now for the love of god before it’s too late? I feel like a deluded soap opera fan.

  12. The people of the enchanted mountain had celebrated for forty days and forty nights to herald the return of Sir George. The ear to the ground people had commissioned a series on which breed makes the best fatted calf and both Nevin and Rachel were called upon to prepare the feast.. Such was the rejoicing on the enchanted mountain that the board increased the licence fee by fifty euros.
    In the secret reprogramming chamber Sir George was decontaminated , exfoliated, and retanned. The DG wanted to start a special channel called RTE George. Where The Glorious George could present his own programmes on cookery, makeovers, fashion, sport, mucking out stables etc. Wall to wall George what could be more exciting.
    In the last of an in depth series of 75 programmes fronted by the ghost of Aunty Gaybo and the Princess Olivia ,George would be asked the big question.
    “Why do you no become taoiseach George?”
    “The price was too high” answered Glorious
    Pressed on thre matter by the venerable and veteran Princess, George confided.
    “I never knew that to become King of the Blueshirts, you must be castrated by the ghost of Generai O`Duffy at a secret ceremony at Beal na Blath” weeped George tears washing away his tan. ” I just wasn`t man enough”

  13. If he didnt have the gumption to get a commitment from Kenny on his role in FG, before he left his good job, then he’s a bit of an idiot and the electorate are really better off without him. If he did get a commitment in advance and this has not been honoured then he should come out and say so, and he would at least have done us the service of letting us know that FG are no more trustworthy than anyone else. So which is it George?

  14. Jeez Bock lighten up, he was on a break..

    You couldn’t have said truer words about Sir George . Whatever about the blue shirts and the political fallout , this is an incitement on RTE. Where the fuck does this entitlement end.

    I think I remember Fergus Finlay saying when George was elected, that it wasn’t such a good idea having an economist as a politician. He didn’t go half hard enough it my opinion .

    George is a moppet who has worked inside Donnybrook’s gilded cage for the majority of his pre-political career. No sense of reality, nothing credible or real. He worked in Macro land .

    I suppose and in hindsight, what did we expect ?

    Fucking moppet.

  15. The only thing that George is guilty of is being naive,naive enough to think that being smart competent and honest would be a plus in the political system of a gombeen/gobshite backward corruption ridden little poxy nation.Did he not realise that politics in Ireland is not about the good of the nation but the good of the politican.Sure he could have spent his time sleeping in the dail chamber and getting bloated in the dail restaurant and bar while waiting for his pensions to build up.It is to his credit that he threw it all back and walked out at least he gets to keep his self respect.Sad part is that it shows that if you are not an incompetent gobshite or bogtrotting inbred you have no business in Dail Eireann

  16. if george really wanted to be in a position , where his input could be turned into policy, why did he not run for fianna fáil in the election? if he had brian lenihan would not have to have gone cap in hand to the other celebrity economist. with the failures he would have been in a position to influnce policy making. policies that are being put into place now. with the blueshirts any input he made would not be implemented until the next election.
    george never spoke to enda about joining the party. his only contact with him was on the morning he announced he was joining and running for the party. and it seems he did not speak to enda about leaving the party until a few days before he made that announcement. what planet was this guy on? why not run as an independent? then he’d have real influence.
    did anyone notice, when he was asked to name just one of his many policies/ideas on the frontline show last night, that no answer was forthcoming? now in fairness, his avoidance of this question was aided and abetted by pat the plank. we’ll come back to that in a minute, says pat. no he did not.
    me thinks we’ll see a documentary about georges experiences at the coal face of irish politics before long. maybe something called “a waste of talent, ” or maybe “a talentless waster”

  17. I think he came to the conclusion that they had no interest in his ability only his celebrity status.His role in the party was simply as a poster boy to win votes.As for him running for Fianna Fail that would be like a small nation joining the Axis cause in the last months of the second world war

  18. Strikes me that people are starting to apologize for George.

    Look, he made the running, he made the decision, he looked in every TV camera and spoke into every microphone which came his way. He never once kicked over a table, never once lost the rag, never gave any indication that this still might not be the same shallow, loved up nest which it always appeared to be.

    Fuck it – did someone say Celebrity Economist above, well that George definitely is, but it’s a case of I’m a celebrity economist and get me to fuck outa here . About as much credibility as Jordan or the others . Absolute moppet .

    And don’t go getting all political here. Just because he’s the others are a bunchacunts, doesn’t make him any less of a moppet.

  19. I just heard an RTE reporter asking Inda why he didn’t sit down with the prima dona and map out his career with him. What planet are the RTE staff on?? The rest of us had to make our own breaks in our careers or live with the consequences. What did George Lee expect? That Inda would put Richard Bruton on the back benches to let him in to solve the crisis single handed from the opposition benches. What a self serving prick.

  20. I’m with jbekken and william etc. Don’t particulary care for George, but I think that the best chance this country has, is that if the corruption, skulduggery, ineptitude, and heeldragging that goes on, is highlighted enough, we may one day get change, and this doesnt mean Fine Gael or Labour. George, (like the good reporter that he used to was), got the inabilities of the system onto prime time viewing once more. This in itself, is doing a service for this country, probably more than could be achieved at the bickering matches in dublin, irrespective of where he is sitting.

  21. Any truth in the rumour that Charlie Bird called George Lee last week to tell him he has no friends in the US and George said he had no friends in the other Ireland. They decided to retake RTEland in May and live in everlasting bliss educating the plebs and running after bankers with microphones.

  22. I suppose if he kept it just to throw muck it would have been entertaining if not effective, but how often would he get to talk.
    God I miss Joe Higgins and the way he used to attack Bertie et al.
    Could George have stayed and become an “inside” correspondent for RTE?
    Or hand his seat to Charlie Bird for such a momentous job?

  23. “jbkenn — Your comment has been edited to delete potentially libellous statements.”
    Apologies Bock, it was not my intent to draw any threat of libel on you.

  24. I like George Lee.
    I believe him when he talks, and that’s pretty damn unusual!
    Remember he was the one who told us to get on the SSIA trail.
    He was the one who warned everyone repeatedly about the dangers of our “economy”. He was poo-pood and insulted, but he was right.
    the knives are out again today.
    I really wish he hadn’t resigned yesterday, but I assume that he must have had his reasons.
    I don’t get the feeling that he was a prima donna, or looking to be leader of FG.
    I do get the feeling that he wanted to help Ireland economically, but he was shoved into a cupboard for 9 months instead. How many times have you asked – where the Hell is George Lee?
    FG yesterday and today were on about George needing to serve an apprenticeship blah blah blah! What did he expect blah! blah! same old blah!
    Our country is in the pits of the pits, we need help, we need to cut the red tape and get all hands on deck.
    I believe George when he said that this is what he wanted to do.
    He thought he could, but now he knows that the red tape is too strangulationary, so he got out and I have no doubt that he will search for other ways to get the message out there.
    I am a do-er, not a talker, and have sat on committees of blah blah blah merchants. It is absolutely sickening to the power of forever, and totally pointless. The Dáil, sadly, seems to be one of these stupid, pointless, good for nothing and achieve nothing committees on a mega scale.
    No wonder George Lee had to get the Hell out.
    He couldn’t play their game.
    I couldn’t either.
    This “game” needs to stop, we need a new system.

    FG are further away from ousting FF now, sadly, or maybe it’s about time EK was ruffled up.
    The most successful leader of FG? Jeez, don’t they know that FG have only risen because we are totally sick of FF? We don’t like much FG much ether, and take EK on sufferance only to get the Hell rid of FG.
    Wake up FG.

  25. It certainly illustrates that the alternative is no more inspiring than the dimwits who govern us right now.

    I’ve been listening all week to FG wafflers on the radio, such as Michael Ring, and realising that there’s no difference between the FF gobshites and the FG gobshites.

    That’s why the country is doomed. Either way we turn, we’ll be controlled by gobshites.

  26. Sorry, I should have said “get rid of FF”.

    I know, Bock, it’s scary to think that we’ve only got Labour left!
    Greens are just a joke of a party to rural dwellers.
    Nothing wrong with Labour as such, but the welfare state does seem to fatten under them.
    Am I totally wrong in that presumption?
    (I ask genuinely).

  27. Vincent Browne just played a clip from “George Lee by the Corrigans”.
    Horrible and not funny.
    George Lee is a decent man.
    Why do we laugh at decent men and kneel to kiss the toes of eejits in Ireland?
    Makes me sick.

  28. Well, it’s true that George Lee is a decent man, and it’s true that the Corrigans are idiots, but unfortunately George’s latest antics are ridiculous enough to attract the attention of fools.

  29. Fair enough, but I disagree that George’s antics have been ridiculous. His actions have disappointed us, because we had such hopes for him and opened a can of worms, because we had such hopes for ABFF (Anyone But FF). Now we realise that it was all a dream. George is entitled to leave a job where he felt used and useless. The riduculous part came from FG not GL. Then again, I wondered from the start if Richard Bruton and / or Leo Vradkar would let GL into the loop.
    So what now, Bock? Forget voting at all because it’s pointless?

  30. I’m disappointed in George because I thought he was his own man. But now I think he was simply a creature of the RTÉ reality-distortion bubble that seems to infect all who enter there. There appears to be an effect that causes people to develop an inflated opinion of themselves once they sign a contract with RTÉ and I suspect George was a victim of that. He couldn’t believe he had to behave like the small people.

    “Don’t you realise who I am?” It’s the Montrose Effect.

  31. I didn’t get that impression at all.
    I’m imagining myself in Dail Eireann driven mad by eejits, and getting the hell out before I went insane.
    Perhaps I’m putting myself in George’s shoes too much or him into mine?
    It is disappointing.
    It’s actually depressing, and I am feeling very down tonight.
    What’s the point?
    Is that the question of our time?

  32. I too have heard a lot of opinion based talk on TV and Radio regarding GL’s resignation.
    What I am trying to glean as fact from all of that is GL was approached to run as FG’s S Dublin candidate, he did, he won with a landslide, It seems to me he was choosen for his skills which were identifeied as Economics and Communication, But also he never met in person with EK prior to his agreement to run for election.

    I don’t think GL was “petulant ” but I do think he failed to use his individual skills to effect, It’s not good enough for a Politician to be ” naive ” He was and is a skilled communicator so why all the talk about ” mutterings ” When ,if anyone in FG including GL had the serious drive and motivation for change was all that has come to the surface now not communicated in a way which would not have impacted so negativly on FG and let the 27,000 voters in S Dublin without a representative and GL’s two assistants unemployed ?
    He may well have clashed on economic policy with Richard Bruton but that should’nt have happened either, I do think GL is a decent man, but even decent men lose the drive for the original goal,
    My dissapontment in him as a Politician is that he let his voters down without fighting for their rights as their chosen representative.
    He may not have been able to hack all the game playing but it was a serious role and nine months is merely an introductory period, especially for a party not in power.
    I don’t think too many assumptions can be made because between all the lines we are being fed there must be something else not being said, they are all being so circumspect under pressure.

  33. George will go back to the cosseted enclave of RTE so he will still be very much gainfully employed – meanwhile his staff got their P45s a tad prematurely. Surely not the actions of a man that really wants to “change things”?????

  34. Accepted.
    But I hardly think he should be expected to stay just so as to secure their employment.
    The bright side for them is that they got nine months work, (with apparently little to do), when half the country was/is losing their jobs.

  35. There is no bright side to losing your job…….at any time…… matter what length of service you have….if you do not have another well-paid job which just happens to be waiting in the wings.

  36. George Lee came across as a no nothing, self-obsessed, cry-baby. He is detached from reality and molly-coddled by RTE and its vanity train. He has gone back to his RTE job and he sent two of his staff to the local dole office.

    George Lee is the Emperor that had no clothes.

  37. There is often a bright side to losing your job……
    Actually it can sometimes be the best thing to happen people..
    Some go on to much better things..
    Some reclaim their lives…coming to realise that there may be much more important things than career, especially a career in the service of someone else..
    They had 9 months work apparently, it does not entitle them to chain GL to his post

    was there something on the news today about Dell staff getting on with things?

  38. Well Mairead he did to me. I have talked to people in Counties Mayo, Galway, Sligo & Roscommon in the last few days, as I have happened to be in those counties & every single person I have talked too have been negative about Lee, not all as harsh as me but most. Maybe George Lee does not come across as well out of this to people West of the Shannon who have always disliked the Montrose Mafia and who have wanted to see the back of Fianna Fail long before the Eastern Irish Celtic Tiger failed. We have long felt Fianna Fail and RTE have failed us. Negative comments I have come across mostly revolve around people fearing that he may have weekended opposition to Fianna Fail and that he is another arrogant, self-obsessed, Dublin/Leinster centric, diva, who lives in his little Montrose Narnia.

  39. William unfortunatly it is, but then again Dublin people elected Bertie, and as long as the likes of Ryan Tubridy keep licking up to him, they always will. I take your Queen and Ace it. RTE is dominated by Leinster folk, especially Dublin, setting the Dublin/Leinster agenda. Its been 1979 since we had a Taoiseach from outside of Leinster and don’t say Charlie, he was Dublin to the bone. It’s time end the City State mentality of the Dail and Montrose and allow the citizens of Connacht, Munster & Leinster have a voice and stop Ireland from tipping into the Irish Sea. During the recent cold spell it only became a crises according to the Dublin media and RTE when it hit Dublin a week and a half after it had cripple Connacht, Ulster & Munster. I’ll give Leinster one thing, fantastic Motorways & thats a nice bridge on the M50 that the taxpayers of the North, South & West had to pay for.

  40. “Greens are just a joke of a party to rural dwellers.” – What did you mean by this Mairéad?

    As far as I can see they are all Dublin people who like to legislate and social engineer for the rural areas, smaller cities and provincial towns without actually living here.

    Maybe a few more rural dwellers ruling this country and influencing its media and we would not be in half the mess caused by Berite and his Montrose-Irish Independent cheerleaders.

  41. It seems plain enough to me what Mairéad meant. Rural people regard the Greens as a joke.

    What did you think she meant?

  42. Seems Deirdre de Burca thinks the same as Mairead!!!

    This whole George episode makes me wonder what the hell did he and Inda talk about after they “came looking for” him?????

  43. George made a bollox of himself. Deputy Sean Power of the Fianna Fail bastards club thought it was great fun in the Dail (Feb 11th) This would be same FF that has fucked the country, fucked its young people, loaded them with debt particularly in Sean Power’s Kildare constituency. The people who have lost their jobs and can’t pay the mortgages for houses bought from Fianna Fail builders and developers must be delighted that Deputy Power is using his Dail time to ease their burden. With smart asses like Power, no wonder Ireland is fucked. Serves the people of Kildare right. When you vote for Fianna Fail you get fucked. At least George Lee got the hell out. The country is beyond redemption.
    Compliments of Fianna Fail, Ireland has reverted to a corrupt, clientilist, tribal pre colonial society that existed before the British came. We ousted the Brits and got Fianna Fail and Power. Hardly a good swop.

  44. Yes the Green Party are a joke, they have replaced the PD’s as a rump-buffer party of the Fianna FAILure party.

    However I wonder how rural dweller is considered a joke or an insult?

  45. Mairead

    “Nothing wrong with Labour as such, but the welfare state does seem to fatten under them.” Really?
    “Current” public spending increased from €28 billion in 2003 to €45 billion in 2009 a rise of 60% in 6 years. This was the “if I have it, I spend it” illiterate economic philosophy of McCreevy persued by him, Ahern, Cowen and Harney. Oops, forgot the Cullen or was it the Dempsey voting machines.
    Labour were last in coalition from 1994 to 1997 and left the economy in excellent shape but the INDO wanted payback for the big boys.
    What you believe is what the indo and other media is telling you, not the actual facts.
    The facts are that Fianna Fail fucked the country so as to enrich Bertie, themselves, their friend, builders bankers etc.

    This is the second time in my (soon to be cut short) working life that this has happened. Still over one in vote support the people who fucked the country. Some fuckers, some country.

  46. I haven’t logged on properly for a couple of days. In the meantime, Deirdre De Búrca is gone too!
    About George Lee –
    I don’t really factor in what the majority or the minority think about George Lee, Sack, I just have my own impressions to go on, so those were the ones that I wrote about. I think it’s a pity that he didn’t rage like a lion against the system and change things, but he didn’t, and I find that very much a pity.
    About the Greens –
    I am a rural dweller. I never said that rural dwellers are a joke (thanks Bock). I said that rural dwellers think that the Greens are a joke of a party, and I have heard umpteen neighbours using those exact words – “The Greens are a joke of a party”. They don’t make the countryside greener, they make it redder with tape and foolish ideas. They care more for ideologies than for people. The rural people around me do not like the Greens, unless they haven’t lived here long. The Greens should live as farmers for a few years in the countryside, or as anyone living in rural Ireland. It would give them a lot of insight into the reality of living “Green”. As it is, they are “a joke” of a party.
    I find it ironic that neither FG or the Greens have taken on board what GL and DDB have said – they really should, especially FG who should be miles and miles ahead of FF in the polls. I’m tired of hearing how EK is underestimated because he has taken FG to mighty heights …. Is that due to EK or due to FF being such yokes and we’re sick of them? Wake up EK, FG and Greens. Wake up all of us too, or we’ll have FF returned again in 2012!
    About Labour –
    TC thanks for those numbers. My impression of Labour doesn’t come from reading the Independent, because I have given up reading it since their onslaught on a particular set of workers during most of 2009. When I mentioned “welfare state” I didn’t mean public expenditure of wages. My impressions come from my life’s observations. I agree with you that FF have wrecked this country, and I will never vote for them ever, but I just am not convinced about FG or Labour either??

  47. Sorry Mairead, I interpreted your comment differently to your intention. I am a provincial town dweller myself, but get lumped in with rural dwellers in the media because we all know Dublin is the only Urban area in the country!!!!!

    I really do believe Enda Kenny will make a good Taoiseach, there has been a concerted media campagin against him from the start. RTE’s top paid pundits/stars/hosts are nearly all from Dublin or the province of Leinster, they are overwhealmingly Fianna Fail. Then in Today FM you have another influential Fianna Failer Ray D’Arcy. Tony O’Reill is another Summer friend in Galway of Fianna Fail. It really is an uphill struggle against the Fianna Fail and the cronies it has installed in high places or facilitated over the last 15 years.

    All these RTE hacks and a few other media types are doing the EXACT same thing they accuse Fine Gael and other Dail members of doing, they are sticking together in a vendetta against Enda Kenny, with broadstrokes at Bruton, FIne Gael and the Dail in general. I know one place far more corrupt and full of over-paid self serving divas and that place is RTE studios in Montrose. Long live TG4.

    By the way, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to go into government with Sinn Fein, they are just a handsreach from baseball bat diplomacy in my opinon.

    Fine Gael have been on the rise since Enda Kenny took over, not just since the fail of the fake Fianna FAIL economy.

    Also Ray D’Arcy was a disgrace on the Brendan O’Connor show, I was glad when O’Connor showed him up, by saying “& your the man who doesn’t leave the country with Brian Cowan as Taoiseach”, he is not one of the little people he is an arrogant twat. Unlike D’Arcy I like tens of thousands of young “little” people did and do have to leave the country because of BERTIE AHERN & BRIAN COWAN.

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