George Lee’s Resignation Statement

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Feb 082010

I wish to announce that I have resigned from the Fine Gael Party and from my seat in Dáil Eireann today Monday 8th February 2010.

It has been driving me mad a very difficult decision, but it is one that I have taken after kicking the dog a great deal of cursing reflection on my position and on the role that I have been playing in Fine Gael since I joined that Party in May last year.

The nine months since then have been a period of enormous economic upheaval. Throughout that period I have done my best to get a job rom that muppet Kenny play a positive role in contributing to the national debate and to efforts to find a solution for many of the country’s economic problems.

The reality, however, is that Fine Gael is full of gobshites despite my best efforts I have had virtually no chance of getting a handy job influence or input into shaping Fine Gael’s economic policies at this most critical time.

The role I have been playing within the party has been ridiculous very limited and I have found this to be a pain in the arse personally unfulfilling.

When I entered politics last May I made it clear that I was an RTE journalist  doing them a favour doing so because I wanted to show them how we do things in Donnybrook try to play a new role contributing to economic policy formulation. After nine months of nobody listening to me trying within the political system it is now my considered view that I know best the role available to me within Fine Gael is  not a role I was born to fulfil am happy to play.

I would like thank most sincerely all those who campaigned for me, for all of their efforts and support. I would also like to thank my Secretarial and Parliamentary Assistants for all of the help and work that they have provided to me and I’m slightly sorry they’re out of a job.

I particularly want to thank the electorate of Dublin South who thought I was serious voted for me in such large numbers last May. It has been a great money-spinner privilege and an honour to serve on their behalf. However, I do not believe I would be getting my way serving the electorate honestly if I were to work hard at my job continue allowing my efforts and mandate to be used to promote and market economic policies into which I have had no input.  Luckily I can go straight back to my old job.


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    RTE report that he hasn’t left them at all but is on leave off absence. This expires in May……He’s now guarenteed a position back in RTE, but not neccessarily his old position RTE say. Maybe he’ll be reporting on Bernard Dunne fights. Yeah right. Welcome back George. He should issue an apology to the people that voted for him. He’s managed to give politics a bad name.


    Agent Lee anyone?


    It occurs to me that George lasted (in maternity speak: a full term – he is after all now due a pension!). By any chance is it even remotely possible that George has been reborn and thereby saved and by such, could possibly save us all?
    Or are we about to suffer the re-emergence of a new political entity (aka PDs, Greens, or any other such vox pop shyte/entity) at the behest of a vocal minority given back-up by RTElander’s again as there’s fuck all else about to be reported on?


    What a throw in the towel monkey !


    George Lee? Even John Dee couldn’t sort out Fine Gael’s woes, not until they stop walking around with a loaded shotgun pointed at their feet anyway.


    Would you rather GL sat on the back benches, stayed schtum and then collected a well earned pension with the other twats in the Dáil? FG approached Georgie to do a job on the economy, they then left him to stew while more knowledgable FG yes men made all the decisions. George has nothing to apologise for, Ireland nneds more George Lees and less Healy Reas. Well done George.


    Tough decision. Are they the only choices?


    “He should issue an apology to the people that voted for him. He’s managed to give politics a bad name”
    Come on. How could George Lee give politics a bad name , if the best efforts of Haughey, Burke, Flynn, Lowry, Ahern, and any amount of others haven’t done so already. Presumably those that voted for him had some sort of expectation that his supposed talents may have been utilised, he owes them no apology, but Fine Gael does.


    True enough for you. Like politics had a great name before George arrived.

    What he has managed to do, however, is expose the alternative.

    We’re doomed!


    Yea, absolutely doomed.
    We have built enough for decades, and we can’t manufacture anything cheap enough to be viable, and when we did have billions did we fix the roads, hospitals, schools or anything that may have added to general quality of life? No, we flew the “elite”, around the world, with their wives etc., and their expensive tastes, showing off the fabulous job they were making of running the country, which warranted their fabulous salaries and smarmy grins.
    How in the name of god are we going to get out of this mess. FFers, FGers and LABers are totally un-inspiring. although I am sure they could organise a few committees and task forces, to look into it and drag things out even longer. Like how did they spend fifty million on demolishing a few houses on the Regeneration before they shut it down.


    Time for a new political party – the stop task forcing and get up off your ass and do something party!
    George Lee for Taoiseach.
    I’ll take education, please, but it won’t be pretty for the kickers and screamers whose fingers I will pry from power.


    I reckon George really saw how much shit we really are in and has deserted a sinking ship. My guess is that he won’t even stay in this country but will take over from Charlie Bird in the US of A.


    “I reckon George really saw how much shit we really are in and has deserted a sinking ship. ”


    Don’t forget that when George ran 9 months ago, it seemed very likely that the FF/Green Junta would collapse in 2009. Now, it seems likely that they’ll last to 2012.

    Given that drastic action is needed, preferably 2 or 3 years ago, and that Mrs. Enda has used GL as a PR prop, the idea of sticking around for 2 and a half years must have seemed like a pointless waste of time.

    I doubt he’d have resigned though, if he hadn’t had the “leave of absence” option.

    I think he made a major mistake. Better to resign, go indy, and be a raging bull. “Mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it any more”, etc.

    Oh well, Back to the loving bosom of Mammy Donnybrook.


    Yes, I like the raging bull, Indy option.


    so his choice would be

    (A) go independant, and possibly get dumped at next election and have nothing
    (B) just go back to his secure job and take whatever flack is fired

    presumably he has to spare a thought for his own welfare and family etc.


    Iconcur with Mairead and Dermotoconnor A ” raging bull ” would be understandable as opposed to ” pissed off ” which was what came across, very dissapointing from someone so media savvy.
    On Channel 4 new’s last night Greek workers were marching throgh the streets of Athens with banners declaring
    ” Were not Ireland We fight back “


    I saw that, Norma. It made me ashamed, because they’re right – we take any old rubbish.
    We’re good at moaning about it alright, but that’s about it.
    George, it could have been so different.
    Bob, I thought the very same thought too. It’s impossible to blame GL for thinking of his own family, but what a pity he didn’t go for a good rage while IN FG. We need to turn things upside down around here. We thought we had a choice in the PDs, but mo léir cráite……


    Did anybody notice the Greek civil servant who said his pay was only 1600 Euros…. a month!!.Cant picture George Lee being a “raging bull”.That sounds more like John O Donaghue defending his” expenses”.

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