Ireland Squad Announced For Italy Game

15 – Rob Kearney (UCD/Leinster)
14 – Tommy Bowe (Ospreys)
13 – Brian O’Driscoll (UCD/Leinster) (capt)
12 – Gordon D’Arcy (Lansdowne/Leinster)
11 – Andrew Trimble (Ballymena/Ulster)
10 – Ronan O’Gara (Cork Constitution/Munster)
9 – Tomas O’Leary (Dolphin/Munster)
1 – Cian Healy (Clontarf/Leinster)
2 – Jerry Flannery (Shannon/Munster)
3 – John Hayes (Bruff/Munster)
4 – Donncha O’Callaghan (Cork Constitution/Munster)
5 – Paul O’Connell (Young Munster/Munster)
6 – Kevin McLaughlin (St. Mary’s College/Leinster)
7 – David Wallace (Garryowen/Munster)
8 – Jamie Heaslip (Naas/Leinster)

16 – Rory Best (Banbridge/Ulster)
17 – Tom Court (Malone/Ulster)
18 – Leo Cullen (Blackrock College/Leinster)
19 – Sean O’Brien (Clontarf/Leinster)
20 – Eoin Reddan (Lansdowne/Leinster)
21 – Paddy Wallace (Ballymena/Ulster)
22 – Keith Earls (Young Munster/Munster)

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Tough on Earls, great to see McLaughlin and O’Brien coming through. Sextons injury robbed us of some great arguments.

Earls is up against some tough opposition in that list. I’m surprised to see Paddy Wallace still being selected, though. He’s not of international quality.

Sexton is only pretending he has an injury because he knew the Californian would get the place anyway.
Now there’s grounds for a good scrap. fair play to you for putting in the clubs.

RTE Sport Site started out earlier today with a yarn telling us Irish rugby legends Tony Ward and Ollie Whoever reckon that Sexton should get the nod over O’Gara. The team is announced and then they headline: “O’Gara to Start as Sexton Injury Revealed”. In order words O’Gara is only starting because yer man is goosed.

On the squad list we then have a list of two players, one of which is Sexton, that are “unavailable due to injury”. This is the first time that I have seen a list of injured players when a squad was announced. Again, this is being done to highlight the fact that Sexton is not on the team because he is injured. Likewise, this gives the impression that this is the only reason O’Gara is starting.

Of course, technically speaking, being unavailable due to injury could apply to anyone in the country. At the moment I have a bit of an ankle injury, so sorry Declan, I’m unavailable for Saturday. I know Bock is carrying a few knocks also, so that’s him ruled out. In fact, half the country should have their name on the sheet because they are “unavailable due to injury”. You can’t do that, I hear RTE saying. Why not. We’re Irish, we’re injured and we’re proud.

Meanwhile, whose this O’Gara fella? You’d swear he was the top scorer of all time in the European Cup and the top scorer of all time in the Six Nations. Next they’ll be telling us it was him that fired over the drop goal to win the Grand Slam last season. Down with O’Gara. Up with players that are unavailable due to injury.

Surprised to see Earls on the bench but with Ferris injured there had to be one jaffa in the starting 15….. seems to be the unwritten rule for a while now,Trimble can be the Chester Williams of this particular line up.In fairness;if Earls was playing on the wing for Munster he would be a dead cert to start,he’s proving himself as a quality center so leave it to Kidney to give him a run there at some stage,he’s far far too talented to be warming the bench for any team he’s going to be involved in.
Great to see Fla back but Mclaughlin good and all as he is,and obviously DK has one eye on the world cup but I can’t help wondering is Kidney regretting not having a headwrecker a la Ferris in and around the squad even for this campaign alone…ie Quinnie

Someone better start an argument in here pronto, or yer all barred. What do ye think of the Italians being fucked around by the Magners League shower. You won’t be happy until you find a nags head at the end of your beds lads. However, isn’t the Magners for Celts? The last time I looked I didn’t notice any carrot tops in Rome, and they can’t hold their Guinness either.

Italians shafted by the cider league. To ask for €3m helloe money is a joke. The rugby fraternity have a duty of care to the game and to help developing countries achieve certain standards. As for the Magners being for Celts we Irish are mainly Norse and Spanish. Your ball.

The 3m was a bit hefty all right and flies in the face of European rugby chiefs saying they want to foster the game in Europe. We’ll go with the Viking part but the Spanners? I thought we were all from the Basque region myself?

Whatever about the Ities in the cider league, I was musing one evening without my muse (that souds durty and it is) anyhoo, musing and thinking that instead of the cider league, wouldn’t our crowd be much better of playing in a franco-irelandais league, their top 14 + our 4 , for a sexy 18 .

fucking well better then bleeding Glasgow or newport . and we’d figure out handy ways to make it economic. one or two big planes bringing them here and us there – picking up out of cork,dublin, shannon .

Change to the first xv. Donnacha O’Callaghan ruled out through injury, Leo ‘Plug’ Cullen in the starting XV, Donnacha Ryan on the bench. Good to see Jerry and Rory back to fitness but I would prefer to see Sean Cronin start at 2(well at least make the bench). Glad D’Arcy is in instead of P Wallace. Trimble is a fair enough call, there’s not much between him and Earls. Glad to see Horgan not even make the bench. McLaughlin looks like a good prspect, does a lot of donkey work, good hands and a quality lineout option. Also Italy is a good test for any international pack and I expect Ireland’s front row will find it hard to get to grips with Perugini L Ghiraldini and Castrogiovani.

This business with italian clubs is appallingly short sighted!!! If France and England lose interest in the Heineken cup – professional rugby in ireland is dead.
How many English clubs in the QFs? One – and they are up agains the European no1

We are “Celtiberian” apparently , according to the book “blood of the Isles” – so we aren’t “Not Celtic” either.
[Celtiberian: basques who got “celtified” while migrating northwards through France about 700 -400 bc ]

Ah but Dave, it has been proven that if you drink porter for one 100 years without interuption you can dilute the Basque out of the system, leaving just Paddy and his ways.

Snotty lapsed methodist? Trimble although returning to some kind of form in the last few months is nowhere near the class of Earls or even Shane Horgan for that matter.Pre concieved selection policy the only plausible explanation for his place on that field,reminds me of Isaac Boss’s form a couple of seasons ago when the man wouldnt have got a run out in a junior game on a Sunday mornin down this direction,yet he was first choice scrum half!?Another baffling selection, One word….4 syllables…Paddy Wallace? case closed.

Pauleire…. wtf has anything you’ve just posted got to do with ” Jaffas ” ?!?!
Boss has talent…and had talent. Form is a different animal.
Paddy Wallace ? Whats wrong with his game ? Are you serious that O’Sullivan was pressured into picking Prods?

Delusional tripe.

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