Irish Bishops Meet Pope

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Feb 152010

The Irish bishops are in Rome meeting the Pope about their handling of sex abuse complaints.

I wonder what they’re wearing?

Seriously.  What do they wear when people aren’t looking?

Do they still put on the dresses and the make-up, or will they all sit around in jeans and t-shirts with a few beers?

What will Ratzo wear?  A suit?  Track pants?  Pyjamas?  Maybe a nice fawn v-necked pullover, cavalry twill slacks and Argyll socks. Suede brothel-creepers?

Will the bishops be in drag or will they not?  I know people will think this is a very trivial question in the context of what they’re discussing, but I’d like to know.

Will any of them be smoking?  Eating burgers?  Pizza?

Will any of the bishops be listening to an iPod on the sly?

And finally, I’d like to know if the Pope curses at them.


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    Does anybody really care what the bishops say or do anymore. Not many are listening now. They have rejected the idea of collective culpability (as espoused by Diarmaid Martin) for the cover ups and benefited from their inactions by continuing to hold onto their posts and thier perceived respectability. It is clear that they failed victims of abuse and many others, particularly the less well off, over many years. They lived by and large in palaces (or at least they were called palaces). The Catholic Church ( and all othe religious organizations) should now be systematically stripped of its lay powers, particularly its role in education. But finally how about a sackcloth and ashes outfit for the bishops and the pope.


    Ratzo will be wearing his ‘How’s your birds lumbago?’ eerie smile, Brady will be wearing his ‘I’m a celebrity…get me out of here/George Lee ‘ expression and Martin will be will be doing his Rudolph Hess ‘where’s the nearest bi-plane?’ impression…what a crowd of clifts!….that picture in the press yesterday summed it up…what a shower of smug bastatrds!…most of them couln’t wait to get back home to the house-keeper to do some ‘mentoring’…pity Gerry Flannery wasn’t in there kicking the shite out of them.


    Last person to sort this lot out was King Henry VIII he knew how to deal with the catholic church by taking all their property away.


    @ Tumbrel Cart – I think a huge amount of people do actually care. Sure the numbers are dwindling, but a great chunk of the Irish populace either really listen to their babble, or else feign respect to them.


    FP. Point taken. You comment is a good deal nearer the truth than mine was in relation to the numbers of people still listening or not being seen to publicly disagree.


    But Howard. I beleve that auld ‘Enry was a particising Catholic up until the day he died. He never did subscribe to any of the lesser churches, cept to get rid of her indoors, a gaggle of em. But he never did relinquish the glory of Rome for those churches that subscribe to whatever your having yourself this weekend.

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