Kevin Myers and Ronan O Gara

The Dublin media have finally got their way and Jonathan Sexton is included at the expense of Ronan O’Gara on the Irish team to face England in London next weekend.

All I’ll say, my final word, is that Irish rugby must be in rude health if we can afford to drop the highest scorer in the history of the Six Nations and replace him with a rookie.

Meantime, Sexton’s inclusion arrives amid a bizarre spat between O’Gara and Irish Independent columnist Kevin Myers.

Myers wrote a piece after the French debacle in which he castigated most of the Irish team, and anyone that happened to be in the vicinity. He also implied, getting all Freudian, that Irish coach Declan Kidney, because Irish people like to lose sub-consciously, picked a team that would do just that, hence his selection of O’Gara.

(Freud incidentally believed the Irish were a race of people that psychoanalysis had no effect on whatsoever).

O’Gara then wrote a letter to the Independent calling Myers a scurrilous journalist.

However, Myers had another cut at O’Gara today.

I’m a great admirer of both O’Gara and Myers. However, I reckon that O’Gara should just concentrate on the rugby.

True, there has been a concentrated drive by most of the Dublin media to get O’Gara dropped and Sexton included in the starting line up over the last few weeks.

Likewise, I wouldn’t blame O’Gara for being a bit touchy – you know you’re not paranoid when they really are out to get you.

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I think Kidney will regret the O Gara decision this weekend. I thought that O Leary would have been out and Reddan would have been in but there ya go. Also dropping Cullen for O Callaghan seems strange. Add to that picking Murphy at full back (short of game time) might make one scratch the head and believe the shite that Myers writes.

Put your trust in Kidney, he knows what he’s doing and retains no fear of the ‘Dublin’ media.
Kidney’s focus I believe is the Rugby World Cup. He has only a few games (less than 12 possibly) through which he can gauge the measure of his squad plus he knows the importance in having those selected for the World Cup should have as many caps as possible. That has to include Sexton as he will become a vital part of the Ireland squad by next year so he has to blood him. It’s a natural process.
Anyway, O’Gara will doubtless appreciate the break; give him more time for correspondence as psychoanalysis apparently won’t work in his case!

To say that Kidney listens to and allows the Dublin media to influence his selections is both an insult to Kidney and a massive over rating of the importance of the Dublin media. Would this be the same Dublin media who got Cullen dropped for O’Callaghan? To say that Sexton was picked because of the Dublin media is an insult to him. O’Gara was dropped by his friend and former school teacher because he deserved to be. In rugby terms O’Gara is getting old and Sexton is the new kid in town. There is no doubting O’Garas records but every dog has his day and Sexton deserves the chance to be the king. Meanwhile Meyers is getting his arse kicked because some people refuse to read the printed words in front of them and invenr slights and insults to satisfy what ever form of persecution they are under going that day. Ireland to beat England!

The thing to remember about Kevin Myers, the really important thing, is that he’s a tool. Didn’t he have a go at O’Gara before for not having doffed his hat to the Queen or some such nonsense. Myers is the pompous man’s Joe Duffy. Nothing more.

C’est La Craic, can’t agree re Meyers. Along with O’Toole he is the most thought provoking journalist in the juristiction. IMO he stands for freedom of speech, equality for all and a just society, so he gets my vote. Does this make me pompous? As for his fracas with O’Gara, O’Gara was lined up in his IRFU no.1s, following last seasons Grand Slam, with his hand in his pockets waiting to greet the Queen of England. Good manners would decree that you take your hands out of your pockets when greeting anyone, especially an elderly person and even more so an elderly head of state.

PS Joe Duffy, now there’s a tool.

While a good writer, Kevin Myers is a bit full of crap. In the article linked to in this post, he links to a previous article criticizing Ronan for not using correct etiquette while greeting ‘your majesty the queen’ .. so fricken what. She’s not our queen.
” For I have written about O’Gara before: when he stood with hands in his pockets while meeting Queen Elizabeth II last year after the Grand Slam win. And for the bilious leprechaun definition of national identity, he was striking a blow for Irish freedom, by insulting the octogenarian head of state of a friendly power.”

Yea that’d be part of the Irish psyche all right to think it’s acceptable to criticize one of our best rugby players in the country for not bowing down in the correct manner to a foreign head of state. And how does he know the queen was insulted. He’s the one who took offense. He seems to feign respect to the wrong people.

(I think I remember an article of his copied on a previous entry here where he called people who want to see the removal of the Catholic Church from education, D4 dogmatic secularist liberals. Nothing about that desire limited to D4.)

Sexton deserves a run, there nothing wrong with O’Gara, but a player with the ability of sexton need games now while O’gara can step in if he’s needed.
as for kevin Myers, he was only using rugby to make another point.

Totally agree with No.8, just think of the fuss if it had been a black head of state. While Kevin Myers may not be the world’s leading authority on rugby he was making the point about an Irish attitude. BTW I would not have dropped O’Gara either, he has too mch form at that level of rugby.

When the Times bowed to the mob during the bastardgate affair they lost Myres to the Indo.
He left a big hole in the Times. It was never filled.

Agree 100% Seconds Out. Like a lot of his work, it was taken totally out of context and used to beat him and free thinking.

Hope Jonathan Sexton does not suffer the same fate as the other Leinster great white hope, George Lee. Myers use of phrase- Pour encourager les autres- is distasteful as it was reason give by the French Generals for the mass execution of their own soldiers in World War 1 for alleged cowardice or just no reason other than Pour encourager les autres. Myers knows the history well, too well for that kind of remark

I find reading Myers frustrating in the extreme. While I would general agree with the premise behind many of his pieces, his complete in ability to use facts and critically analyse reports, was badly exposed last year when he towed the company policy with regard to public sector.

No 8, you’re correct when you say O’Gara is getting old and Sexton is the new kid in town. Seconds whinging about the Dublin media looks very much like what Ulster supporters were saying when Humphreys was jousting with ROG for a place in the team. Humphreys played well from the bench and it worked well for us, who’s to say that this isn’t history repeating itself?

ROG misses tackles, not as many as he used, to but he still misses them. Look at that one on Trin Duc that could easily have led to a try. England under Johnson have little imagination but plenty of bosh merchants who would love nothing better than to run over ROG. Sexton brings more physicality to his game than ROG does IMO. Also the championship is gone this year so why not try out more players to get ready for the next world cup?

NO 8 is also right that Cullen is unlucky to have played well in both his games but gets shoved onto the bench for DOC. You could say that he’s keeping the normal pairing together, but then others could point to O’Leary still keeping his place despite his bad form this year, slooooow ball out of the ruck and box kicks that are about 15 yards too far ahead. I’d have had Stringer or Reddan on instead of him. You might disagree but there you go.

The craziest / stragest decision for me has been the inclusion of Buckley at the expense of Tom Court. Buckleys’grand in the loose as you know, but his scrummaging??? Unless Court is injured I think a lot of people up in Ulster are going to be going wtf?

Anyway Seconds, there you go. When you’re blood pressure comes down you can start typing! ;o)

PS Myers is a professional contrarian, and everything he writes should be read through that prism.

This isn’t a partisan Munster thing. I agree with you about Buckley’s scrummaging. Not up to it. And Tomás is nowhere near as crisp in his delivery as Stringer or Reddan.

However, the ROG / Sexton issue is still worrying. O Gara has the form, and while his tackling isn’t always up to par, the total package can stil be a game winner.

Fair enough Bock, it’s late and I meant it to come across as less of a partisan thing than it looks on rereading. But I think that this situation is similar to Humphreys and ROG a few years ago. I’d be taking the longer view and going with the younger fella. It’s the same thing I was saying when ROG was coming through. We’re lucky to have both of them now. Most teams have analysed ROGs game down to the final degree, so being able to mix and match with the two of them if needs be can keep other teams on their toes.

Here’s hoping that we win anyway!

FWIW I can see the selection swinging between them for different games unless one of them seriously loses form or is injured.

*Crosses fingers & touches wood hoping it doesn’t happen*

I reckon they’ll win also. However, RTE sports banging on about how Ireland’s superior skills
should prove too much for the Saxon hordes tonight plays right into their hands. They love that
kind of talk, does Paddy Englishman.

it could be said, that kevins move from the times to the indo, dramatically improved the quality of both papers.

That’s a good sound bite Gerro. Myers is on about sport again today, the Winter Olympics etc etc. He tails off and
mentioned that boxing is our most successful sport, which is of course 100% accurate. However, over on the Timeslast week there was no mention, as in NO mention on Thursday or Friday or Saturday that the Irish Men’s and Women’s Senior Championshipsbegan at the National Stadium in Dublin last Friday. I can only assume they received copy, all of the other seven or eight nationals didand used it. One national point out that the National Senior Championships will feature two Olympic medalists (boxing won our only medals in Beijing,tragically one of the medal winners is now no longer with us), two World Champions, one World Senior bronze medalist, three European Senior Championshipsbronze medalists, eight European Union gold medalists. The piece adds that the last time an Irishman or woman failed to win a medal in international competitionwas at the 2007 World Championships in Chicago, a winning streak stretching back almost three years. In that period the IABA have lost track of the amount of gold,silver and bronze they’ve won at Multi Nation level. The success rate is actually frightening, very un-Irish old chaps. Don’t you know you should be doing the decent thing and claiming moral victories.Likewise, when you speak to the Elite High Performance boxers in Ireland they speak openly and confidently about winning medals at the Olympics, World or European Championships. Success breeds the assumption and confidence that you are the best in the world. However if you speak to athletes involved in other sports, qualifying for events is an end in itself. Meantime, the Irish Sports Council announced their grantsscheme last week and boxing got the most money. I “wonder” why that was. But over on the Irish Times the most successful Irish athletes of the 21st century are being ignored. GUBU.

I agree O’Gara should not have sent a letter, but how can anybody have respect for Kevin Myarse! the guy is a buffoon, why the hell he gets so much air time is beyond me.

Sexton is in because at the moment he’s the form outhalf and ticks all the boxes of what a quality outhalf should be. I completely disagree with the essence of this article meaning there’s some kind of conspiracy of a Dublin media rallying against O’Gara and getting their way in the selection of Sexton.

@Seconds out: You must have a very low opinion of Declan Kidney to actually believe this.

This Myers fan (and occasional hater) would just like to point out that far from being driven out, or walking away on a point of principle, Myers availed of a tasty early retirement package to leave the Irish Times and promptly walked into the same job in the Indo.

From the IT’s perspective it was lose:lose, from Myers’s it was win:win.

It definitely was a lose lose situation for the IT. A few years ago John Waters was sacked by the Times and then reinstated when they, er, realised he was under contract.Charles Krauthammer was also syndicated from the Washington Post and he’s also gone. although this may have been because of cut-backs. I’ll take your word for Myres departure Terry, although he didn’t exactly make friends at the IT when he was there after he accused the executives of virtual embezzlement in one of his pieces.I can imagine how that went down.

no documented evidence to suggest Freud actually said that we were immune to psychoanalysis. just a myth. was quoted in a novel a few years ago and gathered momentum after that.

He is quoted as saying in relation to Paddy – This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.” Proper order, that’s why we built St James’s Gate.

The phrase “Pour encourager de Autres” does not emmanate from WWI. It was used by Voltaire in relation to the court martial and execution of Royal Navy Admiral John Byng in the 18th century.

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