Limerick Haiti Fundraiser

Limerick’s people coming together to raise funds for the people of Haiti

It was touch and go.

As the evening wore on, and nerves began to fray, eyes got squinty and fingers twitched.

The Chair of the entertainment sub-committee didn’t like the way the Chair of the Catering sub-committee was whistling the Tennessee Waltz out of tune.  The Chair of the Business sub-committee didn’t like all these hippies without ties trying to organise a significant fundraiser without at least one speech from a Dignitary.

What?  No politicians?


No bishops?


Not even the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce?


A councillor?

Forget it.  Just go out there and twist arms.  Make them give good stuff for the raffles.  Make them hurt.

It was ugly, but finally they all backed off.  Just as well or we’d have to replace them with sober people.

We got to Yes, and so it seems to be working.  There will be music, dancing, painting, eating, singing, laughing and bawdiness.

It’s going to happen in Bentleys and the Brazen Head on the 21st February from 3pm onwards.  Any band of significance in Limerick has volunteered to play on the day, and we thank Kieran and Frank Murray for providing their respective  premises to hold the event.

It will be child friendly.  There will be face painting and magic tricks.

There will be food.  You will pay for it and the money will go to Haiti.

There will be a charge at the door.  You will pay this charge and the money will go to Haiti.

There will be top-class entertainment all day long.  There will be high-profile names.  There will be low-profile names.

There will be raffles.  You will  buy tickets and the money will go to Haiti.

There might be auctions.  You will bid for items and the money will go to Haiti.

I’m not acccepting NO for this.  You will hand over money.

Our recession means we can’t buy quad-bikes for our kids.  This disaster means the Haitian people can’t affford water.

There will be fire-eaters, tumblers, magicians, acrobats.   We have made contact with the African and Caribbean people in Limerick, who have all been touched by this tragedy, and we hope to have a major involvement from them, including food, music and performance.

There might be celebrities.  Rough, fit celebrities.  We don’t know yet.  They might have prior obligations.  If there are celebrities, we will auction them off to the ladies.

There will even be a touchy-feely healing thing going on with crystals and reiki and stuff.

You will pay for all of this, and you will do so with a smile.

These people in Haiti had nothing when the earthquake hit them.  It destroyed their communications.  They had no hospitals anyway.  They have no electricity.  In March, when the rains come, the water will become polluted by all the bodies in the rubble.  There will be disease.

This is Phase Two of the calamity and we need to help ease it.

The money is going to the Red Cross.  We have recruited accountants and lawyers to oversee its collection.  Much though we’d like to, we are not going on holidays with it.

I’ll give you full details when I have them.  This is a non-political, non-religious event, and the organising committee will disband when the event has finished.  It is not a movement.

The organising committee will the following day go on a gigantic bender to relax, but that’s their own business.


If you want to volunteer your help, a special email address has been set up:

Any details you supply will be kept in the strictest confidence.  Please give a name or an email address so you can be contacted.  Every message will be examined carefully and acknowledged.

If you have some area of skill, and you’re willing to share it, please give details.

11 thoughts on “Limerick Haiti Fundraiser

  1. There’s no question that I’ll be there and will empty my wallet on the day. I’ll tell anyone that will listen, and bludgeon those that won’t until they submit. In the meantime, how can I get in touch with the organisers? I’d like to offer my time, too, if it will help in any way.

  2. God bless, Bock. Sounds like a fun day for an excellent cause. I wish I could be there. I’ve been to Limerick, seen the Shannon, and all-around enjoyed myself.

    What’s with The Downtown Dixieland Band? That’s my territory.

  3. I’m glad I missed that one, by several months!
    Give money to Haiti…?
    You must be bonkers!
    Such natural disasters are onl God’s way o reminding them all that he’s a whiteman and they are little joke that misfired.
    We should just accept this.

  4. @curmudgeon. I sure as hell hope that any of my tax/prsi etc is not going to keep you on life support.

  5. Right, Curmudgeon. As you’ve posted here under three different names and made racist remarks in two of your comments, you’ve broken enough of the site rules for us to part company.

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