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Here’s an exchange that took place in the Dáil, involving Calamity Mary Coughlan.

Mary: The company law (consolidation and reform) Bill, if anybody is interested, is huge legislation. There’s ongoing work.

Charlie Flanagan: It’s too big for the Minister.

Mary: If the Deputy wishes to throw a condescending, sexist remark across the House, that’s fine. It is very much the calibre of Deputy Flanagan but I would expect more from him after all these years in the House.

That’s it.  That’s all Charlie Flanagan said: the job is too big.

He didn’t say, you’re stupid.  He didn’t say, you’re a fucking idiot, Mary.  He didn’t say Get back in the kitchen, woman. He didn’t say Nice tits!

He simply said the legislation was too big, and from that, Mary accused him of being sexist.

Now look.  Mary Coughlan is a grown woman, 45 years old.  Wouldn’t you think a grown woman would have a bit more maturity than to pull out the stupid Boo-Hoo card every time somebody questions her abilities, which are indeed highly questionable anyway?

Is Mary Coughlan a 12-year-old trapped in a grown-up’s body?

I think we’re witnesing something profound going on here.  Mary’s behaviour, in my opinion, betrays the disintegration of a bully in the face of real resistance.  Mary Coughlan is an overbearing, puffed-up windbag at the best of times, with no real ministerial substance, and the only thing that has got her this far is a lifetime of bluster.

But we no longer live in times where bluster and waffle suffice, and Mary is steadily being exposed as an incompetent nobody, and a bit of a bully, with nowhere to hide.

And that is why we now witness embarrassing spectacles like the one yesterday in the Dáil, where a mild political jibe became, in Mary’s immature, brittle imagination, a sexist attack.

Mary does no favours to people who suffer from genuine sexism by debasing the meaning of the word because she lacks the adult fibre necessary to come up with a meaningful retort to a political opponent.

She might as well have shouted, Yeah, and you’re ugly!

That’s the level Calamity Mary has dragged political debate down to.  And God help us, this woman is the deputy prime minister.  If Cowen is suffocated by a runaway underpants, Mary will be in charge of the sinking ship.  Thankfully, this is only Ireland and we don’t have a spook with a briefcase chained to his wrist standing in the shadows.

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    Not that I’m for even a zillionth of a second going to defend that idiotic windbag Coughlan and her pitiful attempt to play the gender card, but were we living in the U.K., just think that we would have Harriet “I’m a woman, women aren’t sexist” Harman and her out and out gender fascism to deal with. Calamity Mary is Bernard Manning in comparison to that vile cretinous wench. That said, Coughlan should indeed be sent back to her idyllic provincial layer before this dear old land finally sinks completely down the tubes.


    Mary is a numpty. She is only one of a number of numpties in the cabinet.- Martin, Cullen, Ahern, Harney, Gormley to name but a few. She is not a numpty because shes a woman, shes a numpty because she is slow, lazy, incompetent and arrogant. Biffo has a chance to get rid of her now as part of the reshuffle. But will he?


    I can’t understand that woman.
    Her use of English is horrific!
    Long-winded sentences that might sound good, but actually mean nothing. Plus her grammar is poor, her sentence construction is weird and she uses words inappropriately.
    Take this quote –
    !It is very much the calibre of Deputy Flanagan but I would expect more from him after all these years in the House”.
    So which is it, Mary?
    You think Deputy Flanagan is made of very poor calibre stuff
    You expect more from him?
    Do you have zero expectations of him or high expectations?
    Make sense, woman, you give me a pain in my brain.
    She needs to go somewhere where she doesn’t need English.

    Our cabinet Ministers are having a hard time lately, lads – rape? victim? sexism?


    “Mary Coughlan is an overbearing, puffed-up windbag at the best of times, with no real ministerial substance, and the only thing that has got her this far is a lifetime of bluster.”
    It’s also important to say that she’s a member of a political dynasty – a trend that’s becoming more and more injurious to the Irish political scene. (I’m trying to watch my sentence construction in case Mairead gives me lines..)


    Mary Coughlan is simply not up to the job. For me last weeks loss of 300 jobs, or was it 500, was a clearer example of how bad she is. O’Leary however objectionable has won. Ireland should take its beating and take the jobs. If someone has to drive a bus over him in a years time (metaphorically speaking of course), then you have the jobs and the hanger minus O’Leary. This set of simple maths was too much for Mary Coughlan and her officials. Of course the officials won’t have the unemployment bus driving over them any time soon. Even if they do, the pay off is so good, its like winning the Euromillions lottery.
    A few years years ago, while attending a cattle event as Minister for Agriculture, some wag remarked that she was best turned out female on view. Her response then was reported “to have turned the air blue”. Hardly the recommended response for a trained? social worker!


    She should have said..
    (Charlie Flanagan: It’s too big for the Minister.)
    It’s not too big for me Charlie, things only seem big when you’re used to small things, tis all relative.


    Is it just me or am I reading this in the Indo also?


    This is my favourite piece of Fianna Fail idiocy,how did she or they get this far? http://www.atheist.ie/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2684


    Am I the only one who remembers when Mary was elected to the dail for the first time in 1987? As I recall, she was the youngest TD at the time. When interviewed about his newest TD, Haughey’s comment:

    “And also the prettiest.” Grunt, grunt, fap, fap, fap.

    Nary a problem with THAT comment, eh, Mary?


    Einstein’s Theory of Evolution anyone?…enough said


    Spotted this earlier on Reason magazine website, from the writing of Mark Twain in 1882. Applicable here I believe;
    “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress—but I repeat myself.”
    – just substitute ‘the Dáil’ for ‘congress’ and there you have it :-)


    I think Ryanair and Ireland combined hold 54.9% of AerFungus – can they not just force thru the Hanger 6 horseshit?


    Is I stupid? – Martin McAleese join the club. What a lazy half arsed effort ,-Your country your call-. How much public money was wasted on this. This looks stupid enough to have Coughlans fingerprints all over it. This was done last year by Idea campaign. ie. What the fuck is this? An after thought, maybe deja vu. No it`s an officially sanctioned deja vu, with government rapid response approval. Can you still get magic mushrooms in the park Martin?


    Too true, Mel Drew, seems this is Martins bright idea, we need to create 250,000 jobs, we have no idea’s , no money, no plan, lets create a distraction, we’ll have a competition on the newfangled interweb, that should keep them occupied and distracted from reality for a while…. loada bollox.


    Polo man,
    I nearly choked on my coffee reading that,
    jaysus with the planning process the way that it is it’d take three years to get someone buried according to Mary

    The words of that famous song from the four of us are sounding more and more apt everyday.

    Click the link for a reminder…



    please follow / fan this small movement. We need momentum urgently.

    Sorry for the hijack Bock!


    King’s Bard, I’ve never given lines in my life.
    Another TD who cannot speak is Jackie Healy-Rae.
    How are they “qualified” to stand in an election, never mind get in door of the Dáil, when they can barely even speak?


    She is an imbecile. 12 yrs old mentality Bock? What, are you kidding me? 2 yrs olds have better brain capacity than the morons who run EireNarnia. Are we surprised? Look at the country. She obviously has some deep seated problems connecting the “too big for the minister” to a phallic symbolism.That in itself shows her limited moronic intellect. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go away imbecile and take your desicated little pea rattling around in your vacant head, between that empty space in your skull, with you, just go and never ever return not even to opposition benches in 2 years time. Do what is right for the country and just fuck off and take Clowan and his court of jesters with you so we can begin to set right what decades of your corruption, incompetence and downright stupidity have done. Twats one and all.


    I swear I have voted against her at every election, but it hasn’t worked yet…
    Sorry in Donegal South West

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