Willie O’ Dea Resigns

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Feb 182010

Minister for Justice Mr. Willie O’ Dea announced his resignation this evening.

“It was all a terrible Moustache” he said…



Willie O’Dea did not provide the court with inaccurate evidence.  He provided the court with untrue evidence, and there is a huge difference between the two.

Inaccurate evidence can be corrected but untrue evidence can only be withdrawn, just as Willie O’Dea’s had to be when it was shown to be false.

Inaccurate evidence might suggest that a man was driving at 40 mph when in fact he was driving at 50 mph.  This can be corrected.

Untrue evidence might suggest that a man never accused another of running a brothel when in fact he did make such an accusation.  This evidence can only be withdrawn if it turns out to be false, as Willie O’Dea’s evidence was.

Here is what Willie O’Dea told the Dáil, our national parliament.

When I later saw a transcript of the interview I saw that I had, contrary to my recollection, gone further in what I had said and what had been quoted in the newspaper.

I took the initiative. I went to my solicitor and immediately corrected my affidavit.

This statement by Willie O’Dea is not in accordance with the facts.  It is not what happened.

Willie O’Dea did not correct his affidavit, because it is not legally possible to do so.

He took back what he had said, in the hope that he would escape the consequences of swearing something that was untrue.

An affidavit is a categorical statement of fact, sworn under oath, and Willie O’Dea, who claims to be a trained lawyer, knows this perfectly well.

Nevertheless, he attempted to persuade the Dáil otherwise.

What has happened in this instance was that the evidence I gave to the court was mistaken. Evidence and testimony is regularly corrected in courts without allegations and assertions of lying and perjury being levelled.

This is wrong.

Sworn evidence to the court is not corrected.  If evidence is found to be misleading or inaccurate, the court decides if the person giving the evidence has deliberately lied.  This is how Jeffrey Archer went to jail.

In this case, the court relied on the sworn evidence supplied by Willie O’Dea and ruled against his opponent.  It later turned out that O’Dea’s evidence was not simply inaccurate.  It was untrue.

Consequently, Willie O’Dea has misled the national parliament, and by extension, the voting public.

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    He had to turn in his ministerial moustache when his resignation was accepted.


    Dont they say ‘prostitution increases in times of recession?! if so, Willie the Kiiid has done wonders for it! Any ideas on a Welcome home Willie march?!! He might take up a different career path, keep fit dvds perhaps, power walking and the like.


    “GOAL” for the Yellows, I mean Greens.


    Mrs Thatcher famously said (referring to her ally and colleague Mr Whitelaw) “everyone needs a good Willie2. Wonder if Brian Cowen feels similarly?


    Did you not see the “vox pop” on the nine o’clock news? Quote ! “the people of Limerick stick together” “ we will miss him he made Limerick popular”. As soon as the smoke clears Willie will be back in high office. At the next election I predict he will get at least two quota.


    He had become the polar opposite of the kind of person needed in government someone who was routinely wheeled out to defend the nonsense of his political compatriots and every time he did that, which was often he used up his own political capital and tarnished his own reputation. He has fallen on his sword for the wrong reason (the greens needed to be seen to stand up to the bully FF) but seeing that his political career had become a joke I am not sorry to see the back of him.

    All I can say is that Willie O’Dea you had great potential but being a member of FF put paid to any ideas you may have had of contributing something to your country. You did a lot for your constituents but fudged FF’s dismal failures. You were more than willing to make every excuse in the book and even invent some of your own to justify Ahern’s profligate politics. Shame on you! You played the game and at the end of the day changed nothing. Enjoy the pensin.


    I think he is enjoying the pension


    Anyone who bases their views on a vox pop needs to have a long think about life.


    Good riddance to the mustachioed git… Now, isn’t it appropriate for him to face the music for lying in an affidavit to the high court?

    Might have been mentioned already in another post, but was interested to see how when a member of the public accused Willie of assaulting him in the pub, was deemed to have given a false statement, got a 3 month suspened sentence.

    The sentence was later overturned in the face of video evidence, interestingly enough, and reading between the lines, the Gardai knew where their bread was buttered: http://newswire99.blogspot.com/2009/03/matt-larkin-has-odea-appeal-upheld.html

    Much as quoting the little toad makes my skin crawl, you have to love the irony of this gem, which he doled out in response to Mr Larkin being convicted:

    “It really is one of the most horrible things imaginable to be the subject of a false accusation when you are trying to prove your innocence, even though you have done nothing wrong.”


    Regardless of who Matt Larkin is, little Wil-lie committed more or less the same offence – lying to the gardai / court, and as such should be treated accordingly.


    Re Vox Pops – Agreed – They are the scourge of the post-modern era – Proof positive that ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’ is a contradiction in terms.
    In closing let me share my contribution to the Twitter Willie thread last night: ‘The Greens may have no balls but they finally got a Willie’


    There was a young man they called Willie,
    A T.D. from bold Limerick City,
    He authored some shit, in an affadavit,
    And now he’s been given the welly.

    Therewas a young man they called Willie,
    Who filled in a form willy-nilly.
    He told a few lies, about some other guys,
    And now his repute is quite smelly


    I think it’s a disgrace. In my book shinners have zero reputation – therefore anything he said about them couldn’t lower them. Anybody remember Gerry McCabe?

    The shinners successfully would up the blueshirts on this one, and then sat back and enjoyed the mayhem they caused. Shame on the blueshirts. Shame on the Limerick Leader, it hasn’t served its community this time.

    We have a half-dozen Shinner TDs in the Dail, including Martin the gun-runner, people whose cause is to subvert the state including its civic police force, people whose disgraceful ambivalence on the murder of Garda Gerry McCabe RIP and others was compounded by their ‘welcome’ of his killers on release, taking the high moral ground on Willie O’Dea BL TD whose purported wrongdoing was to suggest that a Sinn Fein Councillor was co-owner of a cat house, based on information given to him by a garda?

    This country has lost the plot.



    I always thought that Willie O’Dea looked like the old time silent movie guy, Dick Turpin.
    Turns out he was an even bigger clown.


    Yes but look what Willie did for limerick.
    The regeneration is in full flow at this rate it will only take 80 more years.
    Shannon airport, look how easy it is to get parking now, with all them flights gone
    You can walk around the City centre without all those shops distracting you, and the chances are that if you from limerick you have a better chance of having the time as
    More people last their jobs per head than anywhere else in Ireland
    At last he can get around doing what he is best at, filling out forms and getting people what they were entitled to anyway.
    Willie had his eye on votes and fuck all else.


    Hmm…much as I hate the current government and those who would take their place, I have to say I kind of agree with you.


    Well Bolted nut WOD played right into their hands didnt he. Who would have thought that a fairly mild and perfectly legitimate critical comment from a rival SF candidate about O Dea’s use of taxpayers funds i.e. using civil service manpower and stationery to fight an election could have led Willie into nasty, untrue smears, lying about said smears to the High Court, and then lying about all of that to the Dáil. Oh those cunning republicans, trapped poor Willie, and made the Guards look bad too.

    If you see nothing wrong with a minister lying to the courts, the Dáil, and the people of Ireland, all to protect his hide from the consequences of his abuse of our money, and his vicious personality, then it doesnt say much for you Mr Nut.


    Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow!!


    As a matter of interest the Civil Liability and Courts Act of 2004 section 29 deals with the penalties for swearing a false affidavit. A fine up to €30,000 and or 10 years in prison!!!!!!!!


    In his defense he said that he wouldn’t have knowingly made a false declaration as he knew there was a recording of the interview. If he remembered the tape why didn’t he ask the Leader for a copy of it? I know I would have. The truth is that the little weasely fucker didn’t think it would surface.


    EssoDee – nice name by the way, any relation? Next time you pass a security truck delivering cash to a bank, accompanied by a contingent of guards and soldiers to prevent the shinners robbing it Adare-style, console yourself about waste of taxpayers funds. Next time a garda like Gerry McCabe gets shot dead by your freindly local shinners leading to a criminal investigation and high court trial, ditto. Next time there’s a riot on the streets of Dublin, ditto. The subversives who have run a regime of violence, terror and fear on this island for the past forty years have caused more waste of money and indirect losses than any election. If Willie or any other public representative uses the power the people gave him to send out letters etc, then obviously the people are happy with that method of access to and delivery of public services. I would prefer to vote for somebody who used envelopes and stamps to fight an election, whatever their provenance, than someone who thinks an armelite is a legitimate political instrument.



    Bolted Nut
    I don’t think anyone is supporting the shinners here but surely you can see that what Willie O’Dea did was wrong by firstly whispering poisonous lies to Mike Dwane and swearing an oath saying he never said it. Even if he was the saviour of the nation it he should still have gone. For too long we have put up with corruption in politics.
    The shinners and their ilk should have been dealt with in other ways.


    Sinn Féin are irrelevant to this issue. WOD gave a false statement to the high court,and it doesn’t matter who that statement related to.


    See what the De Fan said above there , about what happened on Minister O’Dea’s watch?

    That’s class.

    And do you see above what the Bolted nut is saying about the Shinners?

    That’s class too.

    And Monsieur Le Geek’s forensics ?


    You know the commerce of politics in this country is baseless and morally bankrupt ( like all referees who walk into Thomand Park ) .

    This post and commentary articulate my frustration and fury with Ireland’s political process and participants.

    We can and should change stuff.

    We’re capable.


    By the way all is’nt there now a clear issue before the University of Limerick? Willie O’Dea is still a member of the Law Faculty, the School of Law, and has been on leave since he gained his Dail seat in the early 1980s. Now put aside the outrageous spectre of well paid parliamentarians reserving their posts in other institutions and accumulating pension rights for BOTH jobs, the University of Limerick has a code of practice for faculty members. It is legally obliged to act against staff who bring the reputation of the university into disrepute. As an alumnus of UL I want to ensure that the university has no association with an individual demonstrated to have provided a false statement in an affidavit to the High Court. He has brought disgrace on himself and on his profession and it is up to UL now to act to remove all trace of him from its structures. I would urge other alumni to write to the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Pat O’ Connor (pat.oconnor@ul.ie) and to President Don Barry, to urge them to act immediately on this.


    Word around town is that Quinlivan & Sinn Fein are opening an office next week funded by Willie O’Dea’s court defamation payment.

    You could say that Quinlivan has donated O’Dea’s award money to his favourite charity.



    Bock is right Nuts, SF have nothing to do with this, and you are flailing in trying to justify yourself. In post 1 you decry the fact that SF have gun runners in the Dáil, in your next post WOD can do no wrong because people elected him, he’s only “using the power the people gave him”. I could use your logic to conclude that elected opposition politicians should be allowed to put a bullet into any of the cabinet, because they have wrecked the country. Hmmm……..maybe we have a lot in common after all. And no, no relation by the way.


    EssoDee, I am neither flailing nor failing. Where did I say Willie did no wrong? The wrong you think worth mentioning is the use of state resources for his representative role. I wonder how many of his constituents (and I’m not one) reacted on receipt of a letter from Willie in relation to their business with dismay at his use of a taxpayer’s stamp? Your misuse of my logic is absurd.
    What Willie did was wrong indeed, but the reaction has been grossly out of proportion. The conduct expected is that of men, not of angels. Having heard the Mike Dwane tape, it sounds like a pub conversation – I don’t know where the interview took place, I’m just saying it sounds informal. Willie passed a gossipy remark, repeating something he had heard from what he thought was a reliable source. He has paid more than enough of a price for it in the settlement with Quinlivan. The litigation between them was a private matter. Thousands of documents are lodged by parties to litigation every year. Of those that go to full hearing, the High Court makes a final finding of fact per the Constitution. Ex hypothesi, the sworn arguments of a significant number of unsuccessful litigants are therefore deemed to be incorrect. How many times have you read a judgment that included the words “I prefer the evidence of…”, showing that a judge decided that one side was not being truthful. It’s the nature of adversarial litigation, and the courts would be clogged indeed if proceedings were to be brought against everybody whose affidavits were found to be erroneous in fact.

    Over the past decades, we’ve seen Haughey attempting to appropriate the Blasket Islands, swindling Lenihan’s transplant money to buy shirts, selling the country’s infrastructure to developers for peanuts and acting generally like a dictator of a banana republic, we’ve seen Lowry extending his house with Dunne’s money, we’ve seen Bertie doling out Fianna Fail’s funds to his partners’ aunts, we’ve seen Healy-Rae using the parliamentary arithmetic to sell his vote for a disproportionate amount of government expenditure in his backyard – and our only response has been to set up tribunals costing tens of millions under obsolete legislation acting as the only possible regulatory mechanism without having the power to impose sanction.

    On the scale of all things, Willie’s wrongdoing, compared to his long career of right-doing, is a nothing. Willie is personable and gabby. He has both the common touch and the academic brilliance, combined with a strong work ethic. he knows his electorate and they know him. If he were an aloof toffee-nosed east-coast gobshite, he might have been cuter in his choice of words, but he’s not. He deserves to be in cabinet, he is one of the better guys.



    Hey Mr Nut , I agreed with you said about the Shinners but I don’t agree with you here though, no.

    I wouldn’t share with anything here, at all, at all.

    Willie, in a way, is to be pitied, he can’t help his silly weasel worded argumentative cussed character, he can’t deny himself to himself.

    He’s hasn’t been able to see that it’s not about him, he can’t remove himself from issues. He always brings it back to Willie and the smart remark.

    During his watch, the mid-west died.

    Look around at the remnants of a once vibrant industrial development.

    He stood idly by and played word games with the media.

    I remember once him turning up at a funeral, asking who was dead and what the chief mourner’s name was, and legging it up to 1st to sympathize.

    He just wasn’t able.

    I think his inner Rottweiler would have been better served arguing out planning permissions below in the courthouse, then playing wide boy games with local and national media.

    In short Mr Nut, he was a proper cunt.


    Cowan has no balls and now he has no willie is just one of the texts flying around. It’s a sad day for democracy to see Wille resign. If he had hung on the Greens might have thrown a tantrum and the gov might have fallen.
    We would then be rid of the cunts. But now we’re stuck with them and it’s our fault for demanding that Willie resign.


    On a technical point. Was the original false affidavit as submitted to the court ever withdrawn? As I understand it from the Sean O’Rourke interview on RTE1, Willie withdrew the allegation in the private case taken by Quinlivan but nobody has contacted the good judge or court to withdraw the affidavit. Am I correct?
    PS I hope the nut has bolted.


    Sniffle – we can’t agree on everything. What has the industrial development history of the Mid-West to do with the issue in hand? How is it Willie’s ‘watch’? We lost Ferenka because the unions were all-powerful at the time. We lost Atari because the product ran its course. We have lost Dell because it’s cheaper to make PCs in Poland, precisely because the EU is helping them now, as it helped Ireland in the 70’s and 80’s. Willie’s role as Minister For Defence isn’t to act like a super-Healy-Rae bringing home a different turkey every evening. The mid-west has problems. We have too many murderers, too many robbers, too many useless uneducated, unskilled and unemployable people and too many horrible, dirty, dangerous estates. Our local politicians can only respond by calling for Limerick to become a tourism hub. Sweet Jesus. The Regeneration has always ben a joke, thankfully the proposal to squander millions now seems to have little chance of happening. Moving murderers into new houses won’t turn them into choirboys.

    I’m totally baffled by your last remark. In what way are planning permissions argued out in the courthouse, and what role do you envisage for Willie? The City Manager grants planning permission as an executive matter in accordance with the development plan adopted every five years by your elected local representatives. It doesn’t happen in a courtroom before a judge.

    Describing Willie with a selection of curse-words indicated that you and others have already formed a certain view on him, long before this current resignation controversy. To that all i say is: two quotas. All I’m addressing here is the circumstances of his resignation. I think it is wrong.



    Apologies Sniff, they are not my forensics, they’re the chief’s.
    I just stuck up the original bit, the rest is the boss’s.
    Post Author corrected now


    Mr Nut , he’s not able, he doesn’t know how to get stuff moving, how to engage and rally the troops .

    He stood by whilst the Dell thing fell apart, he did the US trip with Coughlin ( was it) when the horse had well bolted – it was a choreographed sham – Dell were already in the process of moving . That decision was about money, pure and simple and filthy. If Willie had had the know-how Ireland could have continued to subsidise this factory for another ten years, as it does with the Ringaskiddy FDA clusters and Intel in Celbridge and all the others. This is what was needed and on his watch he let this happen(let it shut and let is down but pretended to be doing something about it) . And it wouldn’t have taken the billions which he voted okay for nama. He’s out of his depth in grappling with the complexities and in making a positive contribution.

    Shannon, again a political decision where the mid-west dies, and on his watch too. Cork has now go the Ryanair flights , that’s Michael Martin’s patch. Go figure. Air Lingus could have been won over if he’d kept more than a watching brief.

    The regeneration – what was that he said again , nothing left?

    Mr Nut, if someone is representing me and the area I live in, I want them to lead with initiative, be creative in finding solutions and at all times be credible and coherent.

    Wille likes the fight, likes the argument, loves the oul riposte to such an extent that he loses sight of what is at issue ( and has been known to go missing when the shit hits the fan)
    This is what I mean that he might be better fighting small claims below in the courthouse.

    By calling him a cunt I mean that I find his behaviour cuntish, turning up at funerals and such.


    Sniffle – small claims aren’t planning permissions nor vice-versa, and lawyers don’t appear in small claims. You seem a tiny bit confused on the legal side of things.
    Do you think Ryanair decide major strategic issues for their company according to the relative charms of cabinet ministers? Please spell out exactly what you would have Willie O’Dea do to control what decisions a private company like Ryanair take. Their only loyalty ie earnings per share, and that applies to every company. If he bought all their shares, he could tell them what to do, but in no other case.
    Every Irish politician goes to funerals, it’s expected by the population. Funerals are social occasions where people go to meet other people. The custom has grown that there is an expectation that politicians will attend constituents’ funerals, along with hurling and football matches, old folks parties, launches of things that don’t normally float etc. We get the government we deserve.

    You are entitled to your views and you are entitled not to vote for Willie on the range of issues you have traversed and your own judgment of them. My view is that he shouldn’t have been engineered into resigning by the antics of the shinners and Fine Gael, and I think he is a loss to the cabinet.



    We should remember also that Willie O’ Dea had no problem about ruining Mike Dwane’s reputation as a journalist and as a person. That is a very serious act. He didn’t care! He didn’t even check, he just swore away. He’s so used to saying whatever the hell he likes, that he kept on doing it. This time, he got caught out. Many FFers have the same habit. Say anything they like, tell any old lie. Like Batt this week saying that the schools on the building list he announced this week have never been on the list before. That’s just not true. Some have been on that list since 2003 and beyond!!! Check the INTO site for details at http://www.into.ie


    Mr Nut, the confusion thing, thanks. But you get my point about him being better suited to bickering below in the courthouse, dontcha ?( sorta like we are now, but in a more pinched, whiney and moustachioed fashion) .

    And look, if Willie had been proactive with Shannon, the London route and the Ryanair flights would never have gone to Belfast or Cork which are hardly strategically (your word) in opposition to Shannon. Are they ? Common Mr Nut. This one needed Wille to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in with the Shannon authority, Air Lingus , the Government and laterally with O’Leary. He didn’t cause he wasn’t able.

    And, and, if someone turns up to a funeral they should know the people . End of really.

    Thanks for the acknowledgement of my entitlements too.

    I think we can do a better job of what we call politics. But we need sincere and credible people on board. ( and journos and bloggers too). Willie acts cuntishly and as I said earlier, can’t help his self.


    Fuck Willy the lying bastard. He should have been fucked out after the Larkin affair where his evidence was not accepted – that was in the Circuit Court of Appeals back in March 2009. He lied then and it was Larkin who was proven to have made a truthful affidavit.

    As for the slew of jokes doing the rounds, here’s one I got from the Hooligan;
    ‘Limerick brothel too much for one willy!’.


    begod, things have changed at the Leader. When Halligan was editor, Mike Dwane would have been forced to produce and burn the tape in the editors office. Halligan wouldn’t have let the truth get a look in where FF were concerned.

    Willie O’Dea never had a problem slinging mud and lies when he could get away with it (Dail priviledge or whispering campaigns via ‘trusted friends’.) now he’s been caught out by an honest journo, and he acts like the victim, and dozens of weeping muppets ring up to blame the Limerick Leader, and refer to the ‘tragedy’ that has befallen Willie. As if Mike Dwane tricked him into talking about Quinlivan?


    Look at Willie’s way of handling the closing of Dell. He announced 700 new jobs as they were closing the doors.
    He was the ultimate city councilor, and all the time his one goal was as much votes for himself.
    He was totally unsuitable for high office and I wish that someone who says he was good for Limerick would explain what he did for the city.
    Every time I heard him on TV he finished every argument with we have led this country through the boom for 10 years. Then all of a sudden it was everyone else’s fault


    Willie’s area of expertise when he practised as a barrister was in taxation law. He didn’t do advocacy or general practise. If he returned to the bar he would earn a lot more than he does now.

    Any comment on his or anybody else’s personal appearance, eg Willie’s moustace, in the context of the current debate, is utterly puerile.

    I invited you to spell out exactly what you would have had Willie do in relation to Ryanair, and you say he should roll up his sleeves and get stuck in laterally to O’Leary. I can’t debate that kind of waffle.



    Okay Mr Nuts, here’s the thing, your continued apologies for the ex-minister are weak and mediocre arguments. You have offered nothing as to the moppet’s accomplishments bar some vague pointing at crime and Moyross. You’re tone has become more than patronising which if backed up with something tangible, might be tolerable, but since it’s not, it really has become tiresome. Stop throwing stones for the moment and defend Willie in the context of Dell, Shannon Airport and the Regeneration project.

    And, and , take a moment to have a laugh at the absurdity of the affair and at the participants and please, stop getting so technical on the legal side. This is not a court of law, I know what you mean and you know what I mean..

    So Mr Nut, how will Wille be remembered ? For his facilitation of the recent “modernisation “ of the defence force or for getting my auntie’s pot-hole fixed or ..


    I met Willie in a moustache parlour recently.


    “Anyone who bases their views on a vox pop needs to have a long think about life!” Think about life you say. And what thoughts would you recommend thinking and for how long? There is a god you know, cause I asked for a big prick and he sent you..


    Sniffle, I’m not in any way apologising for Willie O’Dea, I’m expressing my opinion that the circumstances of his resignation are disgraceful. I haven’t credited him with accomplishing any crime or with pointing at Moyross.
    I haven’t been remotely close to getting technical on legal matters. I’ve corrected you on the simple facts that that planning permission is not a matter for the small claims court, and neither is it a matter for a practising taxation barrister. You appear to be ignorant on these matters, I’m not, but they are hardy highly technical.

    Willie will be remembered when he’s dead, and he’s far from that. For the time being – two quotas. That’s performance and electoral satisfaction.

    And don’t ask me about being tangible, I won’t roll up my sleeves, throw stones, get stuck in laterally or otherwise to O’Leary or get stuck in with the Shannon authority according to yourself, whoever thay are. last time I checked Shannon Airport was run by Aer Rianta, but you hate that sort of accuracy, don’t you.

    Sayonara, I’m off for a few pints, if I meet Willie I’ll buy him one, he was outside Souths earlier on tv.



    Nuts, I can’t understand why you think the circumstances of Willie O’ Dea’s resignation were disgraceful?
    WOD was the disgrace.
    He blackened a man by telling lies about him during an election – to a reporter.
    Why? To pass it on no doubt and gain a lead for FF in the election?
    He swore a legal oath in writing that he did not say what he did actually say…
    In so doing, he blackened the reputation falsely of another man (the reporter).
    He has shown himself to be liar and a blackguard.
    He has shown himself not to care a jot about other people’s rights or reputations.
    He has no place in Government.
    Plenty of others in Dáil Eireann have no place there either, but WOD has been caught / caught himself out.
    He had to go, of course.
    I long for the day when others of low ethical standards go also.
    Even more, I long for the day when the electorate stop voting for people like him, Bertie, Lowry, Flynn etc… etc…


    Bolted Nut, I will preface my comment by agreeing 100% with your attitude towards Sinn Fein, an organisation I have no time for, but, Willie O’Dea is also someone I have no time for, a jumped up city/county councillor, incapable, like many of our T.D.’s, of grasping the bigger picture, or, being aware that there is a bigger picture, too busy fixing pot holes, tarring football club car parks, and, generally spending half his time getting things for people they are entitled to anyway, and, the other half getting things for people they are not entitled to.
    I cannot fathom his popularity, but then, I cannot fathom how half the buck eejits who are T.D.’s get elected either, we get what we deserve, we deserve what we get, because we have not matured as a nation, and, I fear we never will, we love the stroker, the “hup ya boy ya” mentality, I sometimes feel we should change the national symbol from the harp to a muppet, any muppet will do, and the national slogan should be, “arra shur”
    Willie O’Dea is a seasoned, street wise politician, it is obvious to me from the audio of the interview, that he was well aware of what he was saying, shit stirring, low life shit stirring, fuck the policy issues, let spread some dirt instead. low life innuendo, I, naively, expect better from a Government Minister, I don’t subscribe to the “hup ya boy ya” school of politics.
    People have asked in the parochial sense “what did he ever do for Limerick”?, I ask in the broader sense in his service as a member of the legislature, “what did he ever do for the Country as a whole”? on his and this Governments watch this country became bankrupt, being aware of this calamity, the only thing really troubling Willie was a mickey mouse knocking shop, and getting at a mickey mouse local election candidate
    My Willie O’Dea Maurice Quinlivan experiences
    Before the 2008 budget Willie was on his usual constituency crawl with the faithful “Willie Wankers”, I can understand what Willie gets out of it, man of the people etc,… but, the “Willie Wankers”, I have no idea what’s in it for them, anyway, I arrive home from a hard day at the mill, heading in home with the litre of milk and the loaf of bread, minding my own business, when I am accosted by one of the “Willie Wankers”, the same guy who appeared on TV3 news this evening, accompanying Willie on his crawl, “Wllie is here” says he, “so fucking what”? says I, I turn around and there is the bould Willie, “Willie the road does’nt need tarring, I don’t need a medical card, you were MIA when we needed you on the Aer Lingus pullout of Shannon, the best thing you could do for me right now, is Fuck Off and leave me alone.”
    Maurice Quinlivan called to my door canvassing for the local election, handed me a leaflet, I looked at it, and said “as a republican, I cannot in conscience support a U.K. based political party” and handed him back his leaflet, “Wha?” he said, ” as a republican, I cannot support a party that take the Queens shilling”, he turned on his heels and left.


    It’s not about me or you Mr Nuts.

    Get beyond the personal, it’s about the ex-minister.

    What’s good about him?


    As I have said before, a political system that encourages national politiicians to attend funerals is a seriously defective one.



    This is truly a most intriguing thread, I can completly relate to where both Sniffle and Bolted Nut are coming from, anything connected to Gerry McCabe is very emotive, as it should be.
    JbKenn comment 45; I was right there with you …..until the very end and “Queens Shilling ” No productivity in those views.
    It seems that Limerick people liked the “Idea” of having a Minister,There is no such thing as a ” Man of the people” Its a myth and one adopted well by WOD.
    WOD became a caricature of himself, He appeared to have recurring ” Fr Ted ” moments, His parochial snidey gossiping was his undoing, His memory loss may have been the stone but his attitude was the catapult.
    The amount of time usurped by TD’s and Ministers attending funerals, planting trees, opening supermarkets and other such nonsense in their constituencys has become nearly the sum total of their work, Double edge sword, If you don’t mind the locals, attend Baptisms, Communions, Funerals , etc etc, you lose the vote,
    It seriously needs to stop, Ministers need to run the country and delegate work in constituencys to Local Authorities, Funerals, send flowers.
    Has anyone here read the report commisioned by the Government and completed by Denis Brosnan on Limerick and the greater Mid West region, ? Not one single recommendation made by Mr Brosnan was even acknowledged by either Willie O’Dea or Peter Power.
    The extreme distraction of the last few weeks from a very fractured Government and opposition is sending a very clear message for the need for change.
    Mairead; Maybe back to the drawing board, Is ” The Peoples Party ” still on the agenda ?


    This has nothing to do with the murder of Jerry McCabe and nothing to do with Sinn Féin. If Willie O’Dea had a falling-out with Satan, it would still look as bad for hm.

    Here’s something people are missing: there were two different court hearings.

    In the first, a court made a decision based on information supplied by Willie O’Dea under oath. In that case, the court was asked by Maurice Quinlivan to prevent Willie from repeating a slander. Willie told the court, in a sworn affidavit, that he had not slandered anyone and the court believed him. What he told the court was incorrect, and based on this incorrect information, the court rejected Maurice Quinlivan’s request for protection from slander.

    It subsequently turned out that the information supplied to the court by Willie, on which it based its decision, was untruthful.

    The second court hearing was a private matter between Willie O’Dea and Maurice Quinlivan and has no bearing on this discussion.


    Here is Willie in full bull shit mode today “I remember being in government with one of them at the time and I didn’t call for his resignation; in fact, I defended him in every way possible, and on any scale of values I think what he did was worse than what I did.”


    He said events of the past week had been “horrific”, adding: “It is something I’ll take to my grave.”

    You would defend anyone and did. Are we supposed to thank you for that? Your political master Ahern ruined your political career. Your response was to prostrate yourself in front of him. Expediency was the name of the game. The people of Ireland will take the lack of leadership and profligate politics of FF to their graves and while you sip pints in South’s they will be worried sick as to whether their sons, daughters etc will ever be able to come back to Ireland the country that was destroyed during your period in government.


    Bock – as far as I am concerned any member or supporter of Sinn Fein has absolutely no reputation. They are associates of murderers, bombers, torturers, robbers and extortionists, if not practitioners of same as well. They have refused to say the killing of Gerry McCabe was a wrongful act and that any similar act is also wrongful. Therfore, in my book, what Willie said about the shinner is a nothing. Willie insinuated that he was co-owner of a two-cat cathouse, which is a far lesser evil by a long way than shooting the guards who uphold the civil peace we all enjoy. It wasn’t a right thing to do at all, but it was not in my opinion a resigning matter for a cabinet minister. If people think that Willie should not be our local representative for other reasons, the legitimate process for removing him from that role will run in due course.
    Sinn Fein refuse to recognise Irish courts and the rule of law in the Republic made by the Oireachtas in which they now sit – when it suits them, normally when they are charged with the gravest of criminal matters. Yet they are happy to have resort to the same courts when there is a chance of easy cash. This wouldn’t have become the big issue it did had Quinlivan not been a Shinner with the facility to have it raised by the Shinner TDs in the Dail. Fine Gael needed a smokescreen this week to shift the media attention from the Lee matter, well covered in this blog, so they ran with the Shinners on this one. The asinine Greens were asleep at the wheel of their non-stop Prius’s and they typically failed to understand the game that was moving around them, so to quote a local county councillor they were treated like ‘prawns’ in the game and they deserved it.
    That’s my two cents worth. It’s a nice day, I’m going out to enjoy it, no more replies no matter what the abuse.



    Bolted Nut, as Bock says, this is not about Sinn Fein, it is about the actions of a Government Minister, T.D. and qualified Barrister, swearing an affidavit which we now know was untruthful, if you or I were called upon to do the same, I am sure we would think long and hard about it to ensure we were truthful,
    Maurice Quinlivan sought an interlocutory injunction against Willie O’Dea, which was refused, based on Willie O’Dea’s affidavit.
    This goes to the core of our legal justice system, it is a long time since I was a witness in court, but as I remember it the oath went something like this, ” I swear that the evidence I shall give this court, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” I am sure the same applies here.


    All willie forgot was the tape recorder.
    Thats why he used the newspaper article to write his affidavit. then when the editor of the leader read the affidavit, he called willie to tell him about the tape
    I would guess this is what happened.


    Bolted nut, you are drawing what seem to be strange conclusions, if you stop for a moment and take a look.

    First off you seem to be working on the assumption that Willie was done down for speaking ill of someone. He was not. What he said and who he said it about is irrelevant. The reason he has gone is because he lied in a sworn affidavit, an offence which, rightly, carries heavy penalties. Once he had done that, what led to the swearing of the affidavit is irrelevant.

    He lied under oath. That’s the issue.

    You, rightly, condemn Sinn Fein for their disdain for the courts and the rule of law. But somehow excuse Wilie O’Dea, a serving Minister, his disdain for the same courts and the same law.

    And in spite of what keeps being repeated by people who are still, somehow, not getting this, he did NOT retract the affidavit (there is no mechanism for doing that) and NO judge accepted that he had made an honest mistake.

    The above misapprehensions can be traced to Willie himself who quite subtly in his carefully chosen words plants the suggestion that such things took place.

    When he said ‘I corrected the mistake when I realized it’, many people seem to have taken this to mean he somehow corrected a previously sworn affidavit. He did not. Nobody can.

    When he says ‘It was dealt with in open Court over two months ago…..the matter is resolved and that there are no outstanding issues’ people again seem to think he somehow corrected his lie, but it does not. He was not referring to the ‘issue’ of making a false declaration under oath, but to a side issue – ie a civil matter between himself and another individual.

    Anyone who lies under oath before the courts that uphold the laws of that state is failing to respect the rule of law and is showing disdain not just for the courts and the country in which they operate but also for the people the laws serve. It’s an offence that is rightly taken very seriously and has serious repercussions. When the person is an elected representative and a minister their position is obviously untenable, no matter what other circumstances prevail.


    Some posters seem to be missing the point. It is utterly futile to attempt any form of logical argument with an individual whose opinions are set in stone. To some people in Limerick it seems Willie O’Dea can do no wrong . The fact that as a Minister of Defence, Barrister and officer of the court attempted to defame and destroy the reputation of an opponent is of no consequence .The fact that Willie swore on oath a statement which he should have known to be untrue is of no consequence.


    You hit the nail on the head, Katherine.
    Who WOD lied about is not the issue.
    The issue is that he lied, and then he lied about lying.
    We don’t need liars in Government.


    ” Anyone who bases their opinions on a vox pop etc ”
    Thats just a soundbite Bock. Unfortunately those same people toddle off every five( ? ) years and cast their votes. So having suave 21st century opinions doesn’t matter a damn because the vox pop tribe will still be putting the O’Deas of this world into positions where they can gain power.


    LM that was precisely my point. Missed it seems by Bock and others on this site. Twenty thousand people plus agree with the Bolted nut in Limerick . Willie can do no wrong. Living as I do in area of F.F. devotees I know that none of them can do wrong. A bad word against CJH or Bertie in the local pub would result in a severe beating.


    Gary — The point being missed is this: Willie’s voters are by no means all the people of Limerick.

    A vox pop is the cheapest and most facile sort of opinion gathering. It indicates nothing, and just because RTE chooses to broadcast the voices of four people defending WOD, it does not mean that he enjoys the support of all Limerick people, as suggested.


    Bock I know that. But unfortunately there are enough to put Willie back into office. Given that he is a good friend of B.I.F.F.O. I am of the opinion that he shall be back in the inner circle sooner rather then later.
    By the way I have written before , but I shall reiterate I like Limerick a lot. This is why I can not understand how anyone there can champion and defend the likes of Willie.


    I’d like to quote from a letter in todays Irish Times, which I believe speaks for many of us here in Limerick

    “Madam, – As a Limerick man, I ask if Limerick city councillors and supporters of Willie O’Dea would stop generalising and being presumptuous by stating that all of Limerick supports Mr O’Dea?

    They do not have right to speak for me or any other individual. What Mr O’Dea did was wrong. What he has done for Limerick is questionable. – Yours, etc,


    The Village,

    Adare, Co Limerick.”



    I always knew Cowan had no balls….bt now he has now Willy either……….:o


    And if the rumours about Cullen resigning are true, then you could say he’s got no arsehole either! ;op


    Can someone clarify something here – who actually owned the house that the brothel was operating from?


    I believe Nessan Quinlivan owned it, but it vhas been accepted by all sides that he had no knowledge of his tenants’ activities.


    “I believe Nessan Quinlivan owned it, but it vhas been accepted by all sides that he had no knowledge of his tenants’ activities.”

    I have no problem with the alleged activities of the tenants, as long as they were working for themselves. My issue is how did Nessan Quinlivan come to own a property in the first place,


    Is it not the responsibility of the owner to know what his/her premises is being used for – or have I got that totally wrong?


    I don’t know how he came to own the propery but my guess is that he bought it.

    I’m not sure what law you have in mind but the tenants are legally protected against unauthorised intrusion by the landlord,so it’s hard to know how he might inspect their nocturnal activities without hiding in the wardrobe or tapping their phones. Have you guidance on how much surveillance a landlord is legally entitled to carry out?


    No, no guidance whatsoever – I was just thinking if I had a property for rental would I be liable if illegal activity was taking place?


    I doubt if you could reasonably be expected to monitor your tenants’ visitors. In fact, you might well be breaking the law by doing so.


    Yeah, I suppose former IRA prisoners wouldn’t be monitoring anyone’s comings and goings…or so Eoghan Harris seems to think.


    Sorry. I thought your point related to landlords’ obligations.


    Bock amusing how a thread about Willie O’Dea has turned into a tirade against S.F./IRA (as the D.U.P would describe them) Willie gets the potholes fixed therefore can do no wrong. If he scathes the opposition with defamation statements so what? That is the F.F. way! Swearing on oath is not a problem , just don’t be caught.


    The thread is not a tirade against SF / IRA and won’t become one either, since this is a post about Willie O Dea. The thread remains remains generally on track.


    Scarpetta, the brothel is not the issue as pointed out by many contributors. This issue is whether a cabinet minister is free to sign a false affidavit and hold his position. It seems that if it was up to Fianna Fail, the answer is yes. Whatever it takes to stay in power. The greens made a bollox of themselves initially but finally showed some balls. What Willie did or more to the point didn’t do for Limerick is also irrrevelant to this issue.


    My apologies, I did not mean to stray from the issue. Yes, Willie was completely wrong to sign the false affidavit and should take the consequences. Perhaps if the owner of the apartment’s assertion that he had no knowledge of the brothel had been questioned by SOMEONE, then the situation might never have arisen.


    Scarpetta Have you been reading or listening to the media coverage? As I understand it the Guardi not only questioned this issue but conducted a full investigation. On this occasion perhaps the Officers involved were not inclined to accept the hand of F.F. up the arse. Admitted a shock to the natural leaders of Ireland. How dare anyone question the born rulers? Not to worry the Lord Willie shall be back in jig time as perhaps Minister of Spin ,the poor lad is after all a victim of them hoors in Dublin the Green’s and the meja.


    Whether the owner of the apartment knew or not is irrelevant. Whether Willie O’Dea was spreading idle gossip or repeating information about an ongoing investigation told to him by the Gardai is irrelevant.

    What matters is that he said something on the record (he admits he knew it was recorded) then swore before a court of law that he never said it.

    The way I see it he was brought down by the sheer stupidity of his actions, but it was the apparent belief that he was above the law that compounded it. He now seems to genuinely believe he is the victim in all this – which just confirms his lack of respect for the law, if not his stupidity.


    Scarpetta — Are you aware that there were two court cases?


    Someone needs to let Eoghan Harris know.


    Eoghan Harris is, as usual, irrelevant.


    WOD had been a joke amongst the younger generations for a long time.
    here’s a link to the rubbrbandits new song for willie
    quite funny


    Looks like Cathal Crowe had his wings clipped.

    Some of his fans seemed to think that they had the right in law to say absolutely anything that they wanted.

    Defamation is defamation,

    By the look of things Cathal has spent the evening deleting posts. I suppose it beats a trip to the High Court :-)



    Bock, looks like Cathal Crowe didn’t like your comments over at his facebook page.

    You have been deleted.

    I suppose it might be the part where you called him a gobshite or was it an idiot you called him :-)


    I called him a gobshite and a knobhead.

    Here’s his website, the gobshite.


    It looks like Cathal has tried to clean up his facebook page but there is still one humdinger of a libel hiding in amount the replies to postings,

    Jeasus, he cannot even run a facebook page :-)


    Fuck the Fianna Fail bastards again. I’m 55 and have just learned that the pension will not be paid at 65. It will not now be paid until 67 in my case and until 68 for those who are now 49 or younger. Now there is a bright way make exchequer savings. Just stop paying the oldies.
    But this change in private sector pensions is just for the private sector. O’Dea, Cowen, Hanafin, Lenihan and the top civil servants will get their pensions on time and on the button. Well we all should be happy that the money saved will go to bail out some more developers and bankers, all Friends of Fianna Fail. I wonder if Seanie is ok to get his pension at 65?. Fingers no doubt already goes to his local Post Office every week. There is probably a special private room for him to cash his cheque. Or is the money credited directly to his account in the now so bust Irish Nationwide?
    I’m sure the Attorney General had a good look at this proposal but I doubt he will intervene on our behalf. He immediately jumped to defend the already overpaid judges when any change was mooted. The AG supports his own.

    This is a regime, not a government. A regime looks after itself first and then its well-off supporters. That is how a regime stays in power. Everybody else can go fuck themselves. We need a revolution.


    Robbing scum. FF and the civil service in cahoots again. Now why doesn`t that surprise me?. Sure you couldn`t get a job in the CS unless you are related to some FF bastard.


    Poor old Willie. His SHORT term memory is Fucked, just like his political career!


    According to today’s Irish Star Willie O’Dea is claiming that he has forgotten which Garda passed the Quinlivan smear on to him



    I thought he originally said he didn’t get the information from the guards. Is he now saying he forgets which guard didn’t tell him the story?


    or not


    Sir, Much has been written about the political demise of ex-minister Willie O’ Dea and the way that he was forced from office by his own gutter-snipe comments about a political opponent. There is no doubt that O’Dea was one of the hardest working politicians in Limerick, but Willie was never a Limerick-man is the sense that he wanted to promote Limerick. Willie was all about promoting Willie and his personal political ambitions. As Willie’s political star was on the rise, Limerick’s city’s status was on the wane. In almost three decades since O’Dea was first elected and served as a TD, a junior minister and a senior minister in government, Limerick has gone from being the third city of the Republic to the fourth. For decades, the natural growth and development of Limerick City has been strangled by the denial of an extension to it’s boundary. The normally gregarious O’Dea (especially when defending failed Fianna Fail policies) was, in regard to the boundary extension ambiguous to put it kindly. O’Dea could never give a straight answer when asked “did he support a boundary extension for our city”.
    As deprivation and injustice increased in the council estates, O’Dea’s votes were on the rise. People queued at Willie’s clinic with every imaginable complaint and were always facilitated by Willie. At times the proverbial Fianna Fail “nod and wink” would suffice.
    Now that the regeneration of our City has been put on hold indefinitely and the “Slums” are to remain into the foreseeable future, O’Dea’s tenure in office will be seen as a dismal failure by many.
    The political exploitation of social deprivation belongs in the 19th century. O’Dea’s party, Fianna Fail has used the wealth created by the scandalously unregulated construction and banking sector to feather their own financial nests driving the rest of society to the edge of penury. Maybe its poetic justice that references to “ladies of the night” was to be the downfall of Limerick’s own Fianna Fail “cute hoor”
    Michael Hogan
    High Rd.


    Willie and Cathal Crowe doing the rounds in Ardnacusha this beautiful May evening. Neck comes first, the stupidity of the Irish Electorate second and the green fool also ran.

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