Willie O’Dea to Replace Brian Lenihan as Finance Minister

The rumours going around are that Willie O’Dea will replace Brian Lenihan as finance minister if Lenihan has to step down due to ill-health.

I was a bit taken aback to hear these rumours.  It would seem surprising if a minister who inhabited the lowest orbit of respect in cabinet — defence — should suddenly be projected into one of the most influential roles.

And yet.  And yet.  The rumours and the whispers persist.

I wondered how Willie might be qualified to fill this role, and so I had a look at his web site, where I discovered that he was formerly a Barrister and Accountant, to quote his site exactly.

I then read that he was educated at UCD and Kings Inns and the Institute of Certified Accountants (BCL, LLM, BL, Certified Accountant).

And so, not unnaturally, I looked up the Institute of Certified Acountants but I couldn’t find any organisation of precisely that name.

What I did find, on an admittedly rushed Google search, was a page relating to The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland, but absolutely nothing about anything called the Institute of Certified Acountants.

Not to worry.

I wrote to the Institute of Certified Public Acountants, asking the following question: Could you please advise what qualification Minister Willie O’Dea holds from CPA and when it was awarded?

An answer came back: We do not have a member by that name on our database.


There’s Willie’s website, which clearly states that he was educated, inter alia at the Institute of Certified Accountants. And yet I have been unable to locate this organisation.

At the same time, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland has no record of a Willie O’Dea on its database, but perhaps this is due to a variation in his name, and perhaps he might be registered as William O’Dea, or Billy or Bill, or Will or something like that.

It’s baffling.  Clearly we have to take the information on Willie’s site at face value and presume it to be accurate.  And yet, I haven’t been able to find an institute of the name referred to.

This is probably my mistake.  There probably is a well-known Institute of Certified Acountants and I simply can’t find it.

If you happen to know where and when exactly Minister O’Dea acquired his accountancy qualification, would you please set the record straight and pass on this information as soon as possible?

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is this not a private matter between himself and the said institution,(or not)? Every fecin thing thing he does, pesky people are asking questions

Looking through the list of Chartered Accountants, there are 10 O’Deas, but no Willie, William or anything similar. Which is not to say he was not once on the list but chose not to maintain his registration given that he is not a working accountant.

I’m proud to be a pesky person.

Bock, a good number of years ago (before your time) the now defence minister got into a little bit of controversy for claiming to be a member of some accounting institute or other. The particular Institute (was it ACCA?) in question, as I recall (I am not signing an affadavit on this) was concerned that Willie did not fulfill all the criteria to claim membership. I don’t know what the outcome was or whether Willie subsequently engaged in a course of study to establish his debits from his credits.
In relation to his candidature for Minister for Finance, don’t the Europeans have enough trouble with the Greek statistics? Can you imagine the consternation in Europe when the Irish statistics arrive accompanied by an affadavit from Willie swearing their authenticity?

Good man Bock, hound the lying fucker, check everything he ever said, lets see just how shameless Cowen and the rest of them can be. Although maybe on second thoughts, we’ve seen it already, the phrase brass necked doesnt really describe these guys audacity.

Katherine — You’re correct. He could have allowed his membership to lapse, but in any case he doesn’t claim to have been a chartered accountant. He claims to hold a qualification from the Institute of Certified Public Acountants. I have been unable to locate a body of that name.

Might I suggest…

Dear DPP,
I write in connection with reports in today’s Irish Times which suggest that Willie O’Dea, TD, has a prima facie case to answer in respect of a statement he made during the Local Elections last year. The statement, purporting to be fact, suggests that Mr O’Dea may have infringed the Electoral Abuse Act.

I am aware that if this were proven it would mean the loss of Mr O’Dea’s seat, the loss of his right to vote (for a specified period), and it would render him ineligible for re-election for some time. Therefore, given the seriousness of the matter and the need to properly protect the elctoral process in the public interest, I trust that you will examine the facts as a matter of urgency with a view to determining whether a prosecution is merited.

Yours etc,

A citizen

Willie O’Dea for finance minister? Run for the hills!

The woman on the counter of the local Credit Union would do a better job than any of the creatures in the cabinet. But Wee Willie the Tash? What’s next – a nomination of Sarah Palin for the Nobel Prize for Physics?

Keep on the qualifications trail – is this a re-run of Bertie’s time at the LSE?

I was at a match a few months back and someone had a big Merc parked across three spaces. That’s what we call Fianna Fail parking round here I was told. Apparently there is such a thing as FF parking. Basically, if your in FF you park your car anywhere because you’ve been in power so long. Dillie O’Wee is on the papers today blaming the Gardai for the info he was given in relation to lying out through his teeth. Another FF red herrring. Whether the Gardai gave him wrong info or not has nothing to do with his lies. But that’s the way FF do business, and that’s the way they park their cars, because their allowed get away with it.

The whole “the guards told me” shtick just makes it worse.

First of all, if they did, how did they tell him? Was it an individual guard in a private/casual conversation? In which case it was just gossip and hearsay.

Or was it told to him officially by the guards in his capacity as a minister? Though it’s hard to see why they would do that, if they did then he had an obligation to treat an allegation of that sort in confidence and should not have been using it for political ends.

Either way, what he heard was nothing more than an allegation – there had been no conviction or even any formal charge of wrong doing – so anyone with a titter of wit would know that talking about it was at best foolish, at worst opening up the possibility of a charge of slander.

Well given that bertie Ahern lied on RTE that he was an accountant (he was an accounts clerk at the Mater hospital) and also the FF website listed him as studying at the London School of Economics (they have no recollection of a student by that name) …… Ring any bells? Methinks this about O`Dea should be confirmed. But mind you O`Dea can say what he wants and when he is caught out lying under oath he will simply say it was a mistake and carry on as nothing happened. Speak to your friends, family, and anyone who will listen. At the next election get them to vote for anyone other than FF or this shite will carry on and on and on……

I think he’d make a great minister for money. Lads all ye have to do is talk to the guy. Hes sound out. If it wasn’t for him, my club would be struggling to stay afloat. He finds money when everyone else tells you theres none.

You’re here again CS, praising Willie?
To repeat myself – it is not Willie O’ Dea’s job to keep your club afloat.
It is his job to keep our country afloat!
He can’t “find money” for your club, unless he takes it from another fund.
For example, he can’t tar your club car park (as you said in another post), and tar the country’s roads.
Which should he be doing?
Which is my tax euro funding?
Willie O’ Dea is not your personal TD, he belongs to all of us.
He has disgraced himself, and should of course resign.

@CS “great minister for money”

I’ll have to lie down until the risk of apoplexy passes.

Unless we can get beyond this kind of infantile clientelism we are finished. We shouldn’t have to go crawling to some gombeen jumped-up bollix to get what we need, rather than having our money blown on bankers and developers.

CS I too have to ask, Are you being serious ? Willie O’Dea is a total joke and has been since forever, O’K. I too have heard the legends of Willie getting someones Grannie 55 pensions, Someones Uncle disability for 5 arms and 12 legs and all that fucking nonsense that keeps the like of the Minister of Defence good and busy.
“He finds money ” Ahem, So did Charlie, Bertie et al, Where are they finding it ?
WO’D got himself into this debacle because he is a small minded parochial little gossip, All he is missing is the clothes line or the garden fence, He relishes the snidey dig type of remark which is delivered to floor his opponent but rarely does because his repetoire is so asinine, Then every single time he turns to his little gang of supporters for his self satisfied smirk.
He should lose his position for being a total old woman gossipy little annoying twat, This time his Fr Ted criteria to politics has brought his approach into the media spotlight but the only difference between this debacle and every other load of bullshit he has blathered for years is a tape recorder.

Concerned Sportsman- O`Dea, (I will never justify or legitimate his existence by using his first name) if he becomes Minister for Finance, which is not possible even in EireNarnia, he will have to represent the country to professional people abroad. Do me a favour. What will he list his accomplishments as “I did a few tings for a sportsclub”
Hey Bock! Where is our arsehole, liars and imbecile of the week, list? We had Georgie Porgie arsehole of the week – 9 stars . Then Mary Coughlan as imbecile of the week – 10 stars. Now we have O`Dea as liar of the week 11 out of 10 . Shit. all we need is Clowan to become clown of the week and the circus will be complete.

Please, by any god you may pray to, don’t send him to Europe. Isn’t it bad enough that he’s an embarrassment here, without the rest of the EU realizing that we as a nation continually return the same idiots to power again, all for filling potholes.

I figure if he’s offered the post, he should be obliged to do an immediate public oral exam on the differences between the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the EU Commission, and their respective areas of influence and power. Mind you, the same should be true of anyone we intend to inflict on our neighbours….

Sound out??? I talked to him, a few years ago at a time of massive personal strife (involving/concerning a division of the state), that nearly destroyed our family. The only positive thing I can say is that he returned my call, his help consisted of the advise, “get a good barrister”. My problem drags on.
I am sure that if I needed a pothole fixed he could sort it. Tar the club carpark etc. But I often wonder what is meant when politicians talk of all the work they do in their constituencies, clinics, meeting people and sorting out their problems etc. People who judge politicians on their “tarmacability” are the same people who re elect crooks and liars and frauds, they are the real fools who have this country bol…xed.
Not that willie is alone either, Jan O’Sullivan, Peter Power, Pat Rabitte labour leader at time, no response from any bar a christmas card the following xmas from Jan. Thanks Jan.
It is also a sorry situation I am in, that I had to post here under a different name to my normal one for fear of being recognised and jeopardising my situation further, such is my trust of the systems in place in this land. If this breaks rules Bock I apologise.
By the way my original response at top was very much tongue in cheek, I, like Katherine can be quite pesky, We need more pesky people and less concerned sportsmen.

Peoples Peskiness Party????

The Prick has resigned and gone the way of bertie before Garda investigated him. Both were too cute to get dragged into court. Now Clowan has the portfolio, God help us if we need a defence force this week…………

Concerned Sportsman is typical of the sort of people who flock to Fianna Fáil gobshite politcians. It was the same with the Dingle marina lobby, claiming that Haughey did so much for their town. he did, but who did he take the money from? Who went without so that Dingle could have their marina, and who went without so that CS could have his club-house fucking tarred?

They make me sick.

On a technical point. Was the original false affidavit as submitted to the court ever withdrawn? As I understand it from the Sean O’Rourke interview on RTE1, Willie withdrew the allegation in the private case taken by Quinlivan but nobody has contacted the good judge or court to withdraw the affidavit. Am I correct?

Tumbrel Cart — there were two separate court cases.

In the first case, Quinlivan asked the court to prevent Willie from repeating the slander. The court refused this application on the basis of a sworn affidavit which was later shown to be untrue.

Quinlivan then took a defamation case which was settled. The afffidavit had nothing to do with this case.

Bock. The court made a decision to refuse Quinlinan’s application on the basis of the false affidavit. But this affidavit has never been corrected in court. Willie admitted on RTE1 that he had only brought this to the attention of his legal people. The false court affidavit is still extant in the court.

He settled the case with Quinlivan and I presume the LL, thereby admitting it was untrue.

But the false affidavit as presented to the court has not has not been formally withdrawn.

Am I making too much of this fact?

There is no mechanism to withdraw an affidavit or to amend it.

This makes perfect sense.

When you swear an affidavit you are stating under oath that you are telling the truth. If you’ve told the truth, then why would there ever be any need for a change? Or a withdrawal? Changing or withdrawing would be an admission that you had not told the truth, that you had in fact lied under oath. Which is an offence.

So even the suggestion from Willie that he had withdrawn an affidavit would be both ridiculous, in that is is not something that can be done, and damning, as it would be an admission of lying under oath.

Swearing an oath in law is not some playground game. You can’t just say what you like and then say ‘I take it back’.

The reference to ‘certified accountant’ almost certainly refers to ACCA Ireland, the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants. This is basically a group of third rate accountants who wanted to be (proper) Chartered Accountants, but didn’t have the personality. In the old days when O’Dea would have been there, they were known as the Association of Cost and Certified Accountants (ACCA). When they rebranded it to sound more like proper accountants, in all the excitement somebody must have forgotten to change the initials of the organisation. That’s the level of intelligence we’re dealing with.

In any case, you wouldn’t trust one of them to count your lunch money.

I’ve worked with Chartered Accountants. (ICAI Insitute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland) and you wouldn’t trust some of them to count your lunch money either.. they’d count it all right but keep it.
ACCA – The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a reputible body and requires untaking pretty much the same exams as a Chartered Accountant.
You may be getting mixed up with CPA’s.. Certified Public Accountants and actually out of ACA, ACCA’s and CPA’s, ACCA would be the most detailed of the three with mandatory inspections of firms at least every three years.
ACA do hold themselves in higher regard all right though but undeservingly and I think they were going to join under the one organisation at one point – ACA and ACCA. What would be your approved accronym if that happened?
All the same with a different name really.. same parts under the hood.. kinda like an Audi & VW.

I’ve worked with Chartered Accountants. (ICAI Insitute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland) and you wouldn’t trust some of them to count your lunch money either.. they’d count it all right but keep it.
ACCA – The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a reputible body and requires untaking pretty much the same exams as a Chartered Accountant.
You may be getting mixed up with CPA’s.. Certified Public Accountants and actually out of ACA, ACCA’s and CPA’s, ACCA would be the most detailed of the three with mandatory inspections of firms at least every three years.
ACA do hold themselves in higher regard all right though but undeservingly and I think they were going to join under the one organisation at one point – ACA and ACCA. What would be your approved accronym if that happened?
All the same with a different name really.. same parts under the hood.. kinda like an Audi & VW.

Cynical Joe is clearly trying to divert himself from the cynical joke that is the Chartered Accountants ethics manual. It is just about as robust as the Fianna Fail ethics manual. I wonder if Seanie Fitz helped to author both documents? Seanie had personality all right. I wonder if he is he still a member of the Institute?

That’s a bit unfair, surely. It’s the behaviour of 99% of chartered accountants that spoils the reputation of the other 1%.

Wille steps out. Reynolds steps in again. Is there no end for the much mailgned Fianna Failers? The Reynolds family in the person of James Reynolds is reported to be the owner of the house whose address was on some of the forged / stolen assassin’ s passports. Back in the early 1990s a Reynolds family company, C&D Foods was the recipient of a major cash injection from the then legitimate sale of Irish passports. Could a stray passport have come boomerang style back to haunt the Reynolds? Or is it just a tried and trusted slueth technique to pick the addresses of vacant houses in ‘respectable’ leafy districts.

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