Bertie Ahern Gets €29,000 Per Fight

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Mar 182010

I nearly forgot to mention Bertie Ahern’s foreign fighting engagements.

Did you know that the shape-shifting shitebag is getting twenty-nine grand a pop to beat up foreigners?

I kid you not.  This is an EXACT quote from the Register of Members’ Interests for 2009.

Travel facilities.  Fights/Accommodation.

(1) 11/12 February 2009, New York Business Conference: Washington Speakers Bureau, 1663 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA22314, USA;

(2) 17/20 February 2009 Honduras: Washington Speakers Bureau, 1663 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA22314, USA;

(3) 26/27 February 2009, New York, Moyne College: Washington Speakers Bureau, 1663 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA22314, USA;

(4) 30 March/1 April 2009, Bari, Italy: FAI, Abbotstown, Dublin 15;

(5) 23/24 April 2009, Nigeria: Washington Speakers Bureau;

(6) 15 April 2009, Edinburgh University, Scotland: Inaugural Lord Provost’s Banquet;

(7) 15/16 June 2009, London: Co-operation Ireland, 20 Herbert Place, Dublin 2;

(8) 8/9 June, New York: Co-operation Ireland, 20 Herbert Place, Dublin 2;

(9) 14/15 July 2009, Washington: Co-operation Ireland, 20 Herbert Place, Dublin 2;

(10) 22/25 September 2009, New York: Co-operation Ireland, 20 Herbert Place, Dublin 2, Clinton Global Initiative;

(11) 20 October 2009, Amsterdam: Ireland/Netherlands Business Association, Rokin 99-101, 1012KM Amsterdam;

(12) 22 October 2009, New York: Parker Green International, Drumalane Mill, Newry, Co. Down;

(13) 23/24 October 2009, Chicago: Parker Green International, Drumalane Mill, Newry, Co. Down;

(14) 3/4 November 2009, Madrid: Washington Speakers Bureau, 1663 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA22314, USA;

(15) 9/11 November 2009, England: Durham University, Mo Mowlam Memorial Lecture;

(16) 19/22 November 2009, Dubai: World Economic Forum, 91-93 Route de la Capite, CH-1223 Cologny/Geneva, Switzerland.

Last year, Bertie fought in New York five times.  He fought once in Honduras, Italy, Nigeria, Scotland, Holland, Dubai  and Spain.  He had two fights in England and one each in Washington and Chicago.

Apparently, he paid for the Scottish fight himself and the FAI paid for the scrap in Italy, but he got a purse of €29,268 for each of the others, making a total of €409,752.

That’s not bad, is it?  €409,752 on top of his TD’s salary of €101,446 and his ministerial pension of €162,000.  Not to mention his book sales which the Revenue Commissioners kindly agreed to exempt from tax, and of course the free 24-hour chauffeur service to promote it.

I hope his next engagement is with some other retired bastard.

Mike Tyson, for example.

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    Am I to understand that we picked up the bill for his ‘fights’ promoted by the Washington Speakers Bureau? Those are commercial engagements for which he is paid – surely we can’t be subsidising his nixers?


    No. I don’t think so. The WSB paid for the fights. It’s a declaration of members’ interests.


    Surely if he has all these engagements he can’t be doing his Dail job properly. Why are we paying him his TDs salary?
    I can’t understand how he’s getting paid for stuttering his way through a speech someone has written for him.


    What gets me is that people will pay to see this maladroit flabbster prance around the ring.

    Or could they be ‘unattributable’ benefit engagements for services rendered to sponsors in his glory days?


    Sorry but all these politicians and priests need to be strung up with piano wire from the nearest lamp posts.


    Maybe..just maybe he’s being put on as the comedy act before the heavyweights begin..


    What’s he to speak about ? How to wreck your economy in five easy steps ? And end up paying for it decades later ? He getting pretty easy the money that is …


    “Surely if he has all these engagements he can’t be doing his Dail job properly. ”
    Did he ever, King’s Bard?
    Anyone who pays that twerp to speak has more money than sense.
    Do they realise that he is a hated creature here?


    I hope he doesn’t have his speech impediment, the one he used on the poor smuck’s that voted for him.


    Where do you get the E29k a pop figure from, don’t see that in the register of interests?


    That’s the rate he gets from the agency. I haven’t time to go looking for the original article but if you have a quick look around, by searching for Bertie and the Washington Speakers Bureau, I’m sure you’ll track it down fairly quickly.


    Good morning all, some really good articles here on everyones least favorite parasite- But also, where’s the Bull and has he given back his ill gotten gains yet???
    Where did our old Ceann Comhairle head off too, and why is and was the independent chair of our government a sitting member of the already shamed FF government (And again). How can you in anyway not put an Independent TD with no party affiliation in their for the good of the people is beyond me and I would ask any future government not to be so disrespectful as to make the impartial member of the Dail the most pro-party individual you could find, with a bulging wallet to prove.
    In a society well governed poverty is something to be ashamed of, in a country badly governed wealth is something to be ashamed of too.
    Fuck Bertie and all his bandito’s- It’s a shame that Irishness has become so letargic, by media abuse of Irish Nationalism over the last 20 years in place of Capitalism we’ve forgotten how to fight, and only worry about how life affects our overdraft. How many men, women and children were beaten and murdered for Irish freedom, and as soon as we got some of it, we decided to hand it over to American/European Empire to control.

    Maybe someone might be able to tell me the migratory patterns of the lesser spotted “Spin Doctor”, where have all these people who carved up Irish society gone, the people who decided our fate and worked the foot peddles of the pricks in Dail Éireann.
    A big thank you to the Bock,



    Do we get to vote for president or is it setord on the QT? I honestly can’t remember.If David Norris was running, he’d be the man for the job.Bertie fuckin’ hell. I’m a bit fascinated by the complete lack of humility or shame that the likes of himself, Callely et al seem to have. If I got caught being well dodge but still got a couple of super large pensions etc I would just quietly go away and count my blessings.These cunts are unreal.

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