Crystal Meths

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Mar 262010



It seems from the comments that some people might not know about the original Crystal Swing, so here you go.  Judge for yourself which is weirder.

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    does that chap blink at all?
    It is a weird thing to pick up, i know, but it freaks me out a bit


    Christ , is this the crap our national broadcaster is inflicting on us.. RTE are evil.
    If they came Christmas caroling at my door.. I’d tell um ‘go sell crazy someplace else, all stocked up here’.


    Oh my God


    Blame d’Internet for this one……that ol’ FaceTube, as me Ma calls it


    Thank You Mister Robber. It’d take 20 men with pickaxes to get the smile off my face. Brilliant.


    The second one is definitely weirder. A good piss take by whoever did the spoof version. They managed to capture that whole local talent competition vibe.
    Was it filmed at a wedding in the local hotel or something?


    Weird :-)


    That guy looks like a paddy keilty tribute act, and he’s either miming or he’ll sound like a whale when his balls drop.

    Why’s he dancing like that with his sister? She’s out of his league and she knows it anyway.


    Am I the only one to find the Mammie scary/attractive in a Stepford Wives kind of way?

    I am truly a sick individual and will discuss it at length with my analyst.


    I’d say your on your own there, Squire.


    Dear Mr. Epopt.

    You are as mad as a bag of badgers and I cannot be your doctor anymore.
    I’m sorry I just can’t deal with this level of depravity.
    La la laaaa I can’t hear you la la laaaaa *runs out door with hands over ears*


    Jesus I was fine until I read the comment aboo teh blinkin,
    He’s definitely a V and so is mammy!

    BONES, have a wee word with aul’ Epopt there will ya like a guid man.


    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh mate thats gold bloody gold mate


    Great stuff Bock!



    Where the feck did you find this. If it wasn’t for the brother getting to her first, I’d let her talk dirty in Spanish all day long. On second thoughts, don’t young women turn out to look like their mothers.


    They’re doing a PA in HMV Cruises St in the next couple of weeks. Was meant to be last week but they’re fully booked up!


    The Mammy is leavin, BOO-HOO , it just wont be the same, imagine the Beatles without Ringo


    The mother looks like something from The Grinch.


    They have invaded the US now! They were on Ellen yesterday.

    The best bit is when the brother performs on his own at the end. I’m mortified for them! :)


    These people are a fair reflection on this country at the moment! Fuckn eegits chancing their arms and gullible langers willing to give them money!
    I think Iwill vote FF next!


    Thank you God.

    Ireland is saved, the recession is over. Crystal are set to record a duet with Jedward.
    We will be the freak capital of the world, tourists will come in their droves.
    Mick O`Leary is laying on extra flights. This will be the biggest boost for tourism since The Quiet Man.
    The arts have saved Ireland.Mary Hanafin you`re a legend!

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