Fighting Crime — Irish Style

Disgraceful policing

Last Monday night, at 11:30 pm, a police inspector and a rookie walked into a quiet civilised Limerick pub, where music students from the university were playing a trad session.

They instructed the proprietor to be shut by midnight, warning they’d be back.

Imagine that.  In a town where real crime exists, and where real criminals make their living, this police inspector considers it a good use of his time to wander around the quiet streets, breaking up trad sessions that timprove our quality of life, and enhance the image of the place where we live.

What’s more, his superiors consider it a good use of his time.

This little incident, in my opinion, says more about the failure of our police force than all the official inquiries that money can buy.

It speaks of a failure not only to grasp the nature of their job, but of an inability to set priorities and allocate resources.  It speaks of a complete failure to imagine what effective policing could aspire to in a modern society.

It also speaks of cowardice, cynicism and stupidity, of an organisation content to go for the soft target and the easy mark.

But what could you expect from a police force whose members routinely plug their own laptops into the national crime database in the stations, and then bring them home for their children to use surfing the internet?

An Garda Síochána is broken.  Like so many other institutions, I’m afraid our police force is managed and controlled by yesterday’s men with yesterday’s ideas.


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24 thoughts on “Fighting Crime — Irish Style

  1. Ah bock, don’t be silly they don’t plug their laptops in, they use USB keys. If you were to see the documents contained on members personal unprotected laptops(which they go online with) you would be very unimpressed. These people don’t have even the slightest idea as to what data-protection means.
    I personally have seen statements regarding many serious offences stored on memory keys and left exposed on laptops with only the logon password to protect them (remember hit ctrl-alt-del twice and you will probably find that the administrator password is blank).
    I tried to report this once but was ignored.
    This organisation has no idea how to operate as a modern police force. Wait until the govenment sets them upon us when they have completely screwed the country.
    How much does an inspector earn anyway? and why was he out checking pubs?

  2. The hierarchy of the Gardai are not interested in fighting crime. They are the herarchy because they didn’t join to fight crime. They joined for power, for authority and for a well renumerated career with a solid gold pension and plenty of nixer oppertunities along the way. That’s exactly what they joined for and that’s all they want out of it. This guy didn’t get to be inspector by chasing criminals or sitting on road blocks on merciless, cold nights. That’s for the honest plebs who don’t understand how the system works. That’s for the eejits who joined the Gardai because they watched too much Starsky and Hutch as kids and were gullible enough to believed that there was somehow something honourable about service to your community and they whole right from wrong thing, catching criminals bad guys and all the rest..
    The gardai get there power from us. We as a society give it to them, and only we as a society can take it away. What the inspector seemed to be teaching his rookie was how to show them who’s boss, and “them” is you, us. Not the hardened criminal who has no fear of the fat, lazy cunts who loath to leave the comfort of their stationr or squad car. The Gardai will knock neither fear nor respect out of those guys, but the can out of us.
    So what do you think this rookie is going to do? Be a decent honest cop and end up with a radar gun at 3:30am on the side of the road in th pissing rain, or will he choose to follow the other, more lucrative, path of swaggering around town and pushing the innocent around?

    To quote the Morris tribunal
    “The Tribunal has been staggered by the amount of indiscipline and insubordination it has found in the Garda force. There is a small but disproportionately influential core of mischief-making members who will not obey orders, who will not follow procedures, who will not tell the truth and who have no respect for their officers.”

  3. I agree that in 2010 it is a waste of police time to be “raiding” pubs for the heinous crime of drinking after hours. However I have no sympathy with the whining bastards that call themselves vintners. They closed ranks when McDowell tried to introduce continental style cafes where people could have a drink and a bite to eat in pleasent surroundings without having to go to a pub. Drinking would be uncontrolled they said. Now we have the Limerick cabal led by our Mayor trying to get the Munster v Leinster game rescheduled from Good Friday, because the attendance wil not enjoy the game without 15 pints of porter each, how touching that they care. If the said publican had contributed to the Garda benevolent fund they made not have had to close. The only thing the Gardaí lack in this country is a Junta to lead it.

  4. i always felt that pubs should be allowed open for a set number of hours per day. lets say 16hours. now when the publican decided to open and close would be up to himself. if he wished to stay open till 5 in the morning, fine. the only criteria would be that he runs an orderly house. the guards rather than trying to close the place and herd people on to the streets, would only be required to make sure that people were not falling over drunk inside. publicans who run a resposible house will not have a problem. those who do not,would face closure for a year and would have to compensate their staff for loss of work.
    if done properly, it might be possible at some stage to finish work at midnight, go home , have a shower and a shave, maybe have a bite to eat and stroll down town and have a few quite pints.
    wonder what chances of that happening in our lifetime?

  5. There’s a doctrine among senior Gardai that the pubs must be controlled in order to control the streets. This belief is not supported by research or evidence, but is handed down from one generation to the next, like scripture, and is rigidly held. The GS is such an entrenched and antiquated organisation that questioning such beliefs is not permitted. In fact, questioning anything is not permitted, and I hear that even senior officers who dare to doubt the validity of this untested assumption are shouted down.

  6. I was caught after hours in a pub (admittedly it was about 4am) one weekend with the missus and a few friends. it was a small pub, and everyone in the place was over 18 and did not partake in any illegal narcotics or anything of the sort. Also worth mention is that we were all tax payers. We were enjoying quiet pints interspersed with the occasional song when anyone felt brave enough. Nobody there had any run ins with the law, or were even remotely problematic citizens. Whenthe guards came in they looked on us with such disgust as if we had just pissed in their grannies faces. After being read the riot act (everyone was very polite and cooperated) I asked the rather sour faced bean garda what would happen now, would there be a fine or what. She lost the head and said you were in a licensed premises at 4am!! I said yes I am aware of that, thanks, but what happens now. She just shuddered with rage and went talking to someone else.

    Now bear in mind this is your average west of ireland town, small population, and as of late high rate of drugs and what I would call social crime (louts hassling people on the streets, windows broken, lads zipping loudly up and down the town at night sans tax). I’ve walked home some nights and thought christ above, for someone from a different town, this place would look like some shithole. The guards are well aware of such behaviour and were called several times by people I know living on the main street, nothing done of course. Everyone knows who the ring leaders are, and who the dealers are. Not just at a small time level, but where most of it is coming in, in any other country I’d imagine the police would jump at some information.

    Sure as you say, it’s easier chalk off a line on the tally than actually do some policing.

  7. Maybe they didn’t talk nicely to the guards. There used be a bar not far from there where we were still being served at the crack of dawn, every dawn.

  8. Its all about getting files off a desk and bringing in revenue.
    My daughter recently had an unpaid parking ticket ( small town and on a sunday when offense was committed)
    She appeared in Court to take her comeuppence, by the lunchbreak when it was’nt called I approached a local Garda to ask for a rough time frame as she had a Doctors app that afternoon, On checking the list it was’nt on the list and the Garda who was bringing it to court was on a day off.
    The summons had been delivered by two Gardai in squad car calling to our home.
    Total waste of tax payers money.
    We are a great nation for asking no questions, Now it’s question time.

  9. They’re pigs. One of them passed me in a club recently, I was thinking there was a fight or something so I ask him in my drunken stupor as he passed me on a stairs, is there a problem garda.. to which he promptly pushed me out of his way. pigs. There wasn’t any fight, we were all quickly hurled outside at the same time as it was passed drinking time.. but definitely the way to go to start some trouble isn’t it.. good going pigs.

  10. “I was caught after hours in a pub (admittedly it was about 4am) one weekend with the missus and a few friends.” You should be ashamed, drinking and enjoying the company of your wife and friends! I hope next time they throw the book at you. Matt Talbot died for nothing.

  11. In a pub near here, two very drunk off duty Gardai were refused service at 1 a.m. Nobody in the pub had been served for about 20 minutes, and time had been called, but these two mules thought that there was a different law for them.
    Strangely enough though, and for nearly a year after the two “members” were refused, the pub was raided at least twice a week, by super vigilant Guards, protecting our community from the evils of late drinking.

  12. The poor Gards are gettin picked on by the big bad scumbags poor little things so we’re the poor little bastards bearing the brunt of it.It’s a case of the bullied becoming the bully,
    Niall is a nice guy with a very respectable clientele and I wonder why Crockett n Tubbs didnt go down to the Mucky Duck and try the same thing?For one reason and one reason only,the Collopys told them to fuck off from their premises when they called there a few weeks ago,they duly obliged,they’re still drinking and smoking in there 24/7,who gave them a license i wonder.Why have they not been able to close down the Kellys sheebeen in Southill? It’s obvious the scumbags have something on our local ‘police” force,the Kellys alluded to as much in “the Hardman” documentary aired many moons ago..Fuckwits the lot of them,all we want to do is enjoy a pint in fuckin peace to forget for an evening what a bollox these bastards and their bosses have made of this city and our country.
    It’s scary to see how many kids in their teens and early 20s are hanging on street corners begging for their next fix,believe me this WILL become an epidemic over the next few years,I saw it in areas of Melbourne and Dublin I was living in,my 60year old mother wont walk through town at 9am to get to work in the morning any more,Why don’t they deal with this shit instead?
    Useless lowerlevel FF gombeen men gobshites should have stayed in the cabbage patches they were shat out in!

  13. Garda Farce they should be called! They hit on the easy targets and it’s true for Pauleire above, they were told to fuck off out of the Mucky Duck a few weeks ago and off they trotted with their tail between their legs (I daren’t say balls, cause they don’t have any when it comes to dealing with actual criminals!). There is a case going on in LImerick at the moment, and the details would make you shudder. High ranking Gardai blatently harassing a ‘soft and easy target’ in the most unimaginable way possible. It would nearly put Donegal to shame. If you complain one of them, they get promoted! and then they set out for revenge and they don’t stop until they wreck lives. There is a corrupt element in Henry Street, it’s quite frightening. Between the corrupt church, politicians and gardai, this country is serioulsy up shit creek without a paddle.

  14. If a politician like Brian Lenihan can appear on the Teevee and tell a ” joke ” about asking a Garda if he wanted a posting to an island, and the audience roars with laughter, and re-elects the politician, then the people get exactly the police force they deserve.

  15. Nothing to see here story hasn’t changed in the 30 years I have been hanging around bars where is the story?

  16. You didnt have smackheads running around our streets like something out of the night of the living dead mugging us and burgling our homes 30 years ago,we didnt’t have dangerous sociopath uncivilised drugpushing scumbags taking over our society while the fuckwits in uniform are doing absolutely nothing about it.there’s your fucking story Rob!

  17. I see you found something to keep you busy on those long winter evenings. Well done and good luck with the new hobby.

  18. Ah lads, you are all missing the point here. There is no doubt that the Garda management are a shower of muppets but they are only enforcing the laws that our legislators have in place. Its the same argument about the Gardai in leather suits who hide under the bridge at the montrose and get people driving over the ridiculous speed limit that is there. The law is made by the family operated political system that we have here and the Gardai enforce it….simple really.
    If as N0.8 points out McDowell had got his cafe law passed then the Inspector would have had to find something else to do on the night in question. If the speed limit was raised under the bridge the leather corps would be back washing their bikes or drinking in a cafe somewhere….

    This country is broke. The “democracy” we have here is a family business and the law is an ass. I pity the poor bastards who have to enforce that law and deflect the criticism from the imbeciles we elect time and time again. Junta? Bring it on.

  19. That is simply not correct. Resources still have to be allocated and priorities set. Somebody at management level decided it would be a bettter use of this man’s time to be walking the streets raiding pubs than to be fighting serious crime.

  20. The trouble with the justice system and laws nowadays is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs and the more corrupt the City/Police force the more laws. And, even with the introduction of the new Bill last year and the big hullabaloo about human rights etc, the Gardai haven’t acted on it in Limerick yet. Why? because they are chickens when it comes to standing up real criminals and, corn can’t expect justice from a court composed of chickens!

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