Mar 252010

RUGBY fans will be allowed to get legally rat faced in Limerick on Good Friday.

Judge Tom O’Donnell, who we shall refer to as God henceforth, today granted Limerick’s publicans a special exemption to open between the hours of 6pm and 11.30pm on the night when Munster meet Leinster in the Magners League at Thomond Park.

M’lud, a learned man, noted that Thomond Park had a special stadium license to serve drink and that it seemed absurd to him that pubs in the locality could not open for business as well.

He added that he was granting the exemption for health and safety reasons.

Ahem. Health and safety? Has M’Lud ever witnessed the amount of alcohol your average rugby fan consumes? Still, he’s a wise man, a man of towering intellect.

The Judge made his ruling in response to a request from Limerick’s publicans, who are also God’s, to be granted a special exemption on the day in question.

Sanity, albeit with drink involved, has prevailed at last. But note the way that the only time Paddy acts logically is when his pint is threatened.

Stand by for the inevitable Catholic backlash. How will the monks out in Moyross react. Will they be throwing holy water over rugby fans as they enter Thomond Park for the match?

Meanwhile, will the oval ball game be responsible for the repeal of an antiquated law stretching back to 1923?

Is Ireland finally entering the 21st century?

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