How Do You Feel About Giving €2000 Every Year For The Rest of Your Life To Anglo-Irish Bank?

Well? Does it feel good?

I’ll simply repeat the headline here.

How do you feel about giving €2,000 every year for the rest of your life to Anglo-Irish Bank?

That’s it.  I have no more to ask.

32 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Giving €2000 Every Year For The Rest of Your Life To Anglo-Irish Bank?

  1. I wonder would Seání give me a loan so that I could pay off my 2k per year all in one go?
    How many years, Bock?

    How do I feel?
    Raging mad. Raging verging on the insane. I actually have a headache with the height of the rage I feel.

  2. GUTTED…. but worse still is there will be no revolution, there will be no uprising, we,ll all have a good old moan and then it will be business as usual… for fuck sake whats it going to take for the good old paying public to get the juice and properly stick it to these thieving fuckers???.. reckless banks lending to greedy fucking developers who are happy as larry to leave you me and the great unwashed to carry the monumental fuck up of there creating… seize all there assets, full fucking stop!!!… let them get a taste of OUR reality… christ, im angry !!!… but angry gets fuck all done… we need strong physical protest and the strength of crowds right at the governments door…this shower of cretinous incompetants are the first to screw us for any kind of stealth tax and the last to give a flying fuck when were having shit dumped on us from every which way… so, yes i am gutted, untill the next kick in the nuts…..

  3. Sometimes it helps to gain some perspective to look back, check this from 2005
    Hindsight an all,
    Layer upon layer of lie’s and deciet.
    To place the figure to be repaid at 2k for every man,woman and child will probably work out at about 12k for every working person per generation.
    I have decided I won’t pay it, I will read the small print, I will examine and take note of every empty utterance, I will try to log all avoidance of answers by Politicians.
    I will change my life to whatever degree it requires change to survive and pay my way but there is no way I will pay for Drumm’s and Seanies houses and lifestyles……….No I just won’t do it.
    It’s amoral, it’s frightening, it’s imposition and oppression, it compromises my freedom and that of my children and grandchildren, It is the ultimate betrayal and I will not be a part of it.

  4. That link is broken, Norma, at least it was a second ago when I tried it.
    I would love to know how you will not pay Brian’s bill, and join you.
    As a PAYE worker, I suspect I am screwed though and won’t be able to avoid it.
    I will be having my own private protest though, you can be damn sure of that, any way that I can.

  5. The apathy in this country astounds me. There is no limit to the depths that this government will go to rub the biggest state assisted robbery in history in to our subservient faces, whilst we take it like the idiots they presume we are.

    Where has our fight gone to for fuck sake? this is our country, our children’s country, the country our grandfathers fought for.

    This would not be tolerated by any other European country, the French would not “wait until they come to my door looking for my vote”, fuck no, they would be out in the streets demonstrating, getting their voices heard and their feelings known. Even the fucking Greeks vented a massive amount of spleen.

    Fuck the banks, let em go, fall in to the abyss like any other failed business in the history of capitalism, and don’t be telling me that it’s important for the survival of our financial and banking system that we prop up the zombie banks, the zombie developers and the zombie coalition.

    It is more important that we have schools for our children, hospitals for our sick and work for our unemployed.

    Count me in for a march on the Dáil.

  6. Amended link:

    Makes pretty stunning reading in the light of current events.

    I feel completely lost for words and angry, angry, angry beyond measure. And helpless. I also feel desperately sad when I look at my 11 year old and realise that not only he but his kids will still be paying for this. An entire country and the futures of millions of people obliterated by these bastards, and they are walking away. I’m finding it almost impossible to get my head around the enormity of this whole mess.

  7. ANGRY. Thanks for the link norma, because I am even more angry now that I have read all that corporate clap on the back shit. I am always sickened by how people (especially the financial press) view the likes of Drumm as though he was a wonder kid. My opinion is that all these large accountancy firms are ALL CROOKS. All this so called venture capitalism, stocks, bonds, and all the other words they invent to describe all their crooked dealings are designed to confuse the fuck out of the rest of us. The whole stock market thing should be banned. Its GAMBLING. And gambling is an illness. These brokers dont produce anything. So how do they make money. Simple. Of the sweat of the ordinary workers brows. Unless there is inflation, they cant make money. ( well they couldn’t until they invented a new thing called spread betting).
    Of course many ordinary people bought into the greed. Many thought they could become millionaires overnight. Just keep buying property with interest only loans and let some mug pay the morgage by renting your apartment. Then sell and reap the profits by selling.

  8. Once upon a time a schools’ inspector visited a rural school and decided to give sixth class a dictation test. He was about to begin reading out the test piece when he was interrupted by a cry from the back of the class – “sir, sir, I has no pincil”. The inspector was appalled at this manifestation of bad grammar and said, “no, no, that’s incorrect. You should say – I HAVE no pencil”. He then proceeded to expand on his reply by iterating the full conjugation. “I HAVE no pencil, you HAVE no pencil, he or she HAS no pencil, we HAVE no pencils, you plural HAVE no pencils and lastly they HAVE no pencils. Is that clear?”. “But sir” asked the pupil who first spoke, “who have all the pincils”?

    So, to today. The banks have no money, the government has no money, the developers have no money, Seán Citizen has no money, Who has all the money?

  9. So…

    We need to occupy the Dáil, the NTMA and Anglo Irish headquarters until we stop this daylight robbery.

    It’s Easter. It’s do-able.

    Pass the meme around.

  10. I’m livid Bock,
    I can’t begin to describe the anger, the depth and head aching anger I feel. Like Katherine I look at my children and I try to think of a way to avoid them having to pay for the godawful craven greed, stupidity and treason of the Fianna Fáil government. I feel disgusted that my people voted for them for the last god knows how many years and for god knows what reasons. There is no limit to my anger on this subject: not just because I didn’t make a killing during the so-called Celtic Tiger years, not just because, for the last ten years I listened to radio commentators and pundits refer smugly to ‘our’ new-found wealth as vox-pop economists marvelled at the apparently never-ending upward trend of ‘our’ economic progress while those who dared to challenge the status quo were invited to commit suicide. The actions of a small number of men (and they are nearly always men) are tantamount to treason and the cost of their cronyism and nest-feathering antics is now ours to bear while the inactions of the many somnambulant masses resulted and will result in our taking it on the chin and, worse still, electing the same disgusting coterie into power again and again and again. Dammit Bock, I feel like another Easter Rising!

  11. Katherine Sorry for the bad link, I was so outrageously angry I was hammering the keys with extreme force and my mind was blind with anger ! Thank you for righting it.
    Pope. What better time than Easter ? Except that our snivilling Ministers are likely to be on HOLIDAY !
    If it’s happening I will be there though .

  12. Let’s keep it focused.

    Occupy the Dáil and Anglo-Irish and stay there. Hold a people’s parliamentary enquiry into the bank guarantee and NAMA in the Dáil chamber.

    It’s Easter. It’s do-able.

    Pass the idea around.

  13. It could be fun to impose some accountability. It can’t be worse than where we are now.

    It’s Easter. It’s do-able.

    Pass the notion around.

  14. Has anyone seen the craic with the cement mixer being parked outside Anglo Irish in Galway? It’s been there since this morning with the words “Anglo Irish Toxic” painted in big letters on the side, the license plate says “BANKRUPT”. The story is it belongs to a builder (not sure about this now) who went down the tubes and was slightly peeved that others who gambled got their stakes refunded, at his expense and others like him. I have photos of it courtesy of one of the lads livnig near there, not sure how to embed on here though.

  15. I believe that figure of €2,000.00 a year is incorrect. I believe that the way this Government have been doing things the sum you quote can be quadrupled, quite easily. Remember that levies and stealth taxes et al continue and the coming increases in local authority charges will simply stupefy people.
    It is a maneuver which is insidious, evil and apparently; inescapable.
    Think feudal landlords who owned all they surveyed, when they choose to create new debts for themselves they merely put it around the necks of their other personal possessions; the peasants.

  16. I know how I feel … I got out last year …. sounds selfish I know, but after six years (I returned in 2003) of observing at first hand the house of cards that was the Celtic Tiger and getting zero response on any level, whether trying to become active politically or simply observing people refusing to see the obvious, convinced me that this was the only way, both for myself and my family … now at least I can see some results for my tax euros where I live now, and a better quality of life into the bargain

    But sure the pubs are open today in Limerick, so everything’s grand (not a dig at you or your city, by the way)

  17. Everybody knows about the crooks in Anglo and their corrupt bastard buddies in the Public Service and Fianna Fail.We have known for years about these scumbags.

    The question is who empowered them?…….. Yes the electorate…. the party faithful…… the sure me da always voted for them morons. These stupid inbred bastard supporters of Fianna Fail are the ones who have fucked it all up for us……. nobody else….If your excuse is that we didn`t know ye must blind and deaf as well as stupid
    It has been patently obvious to anybody with half a brain that they are the party of brown envelopes, corruption and crookery. How could anybody with a scintilla of decency have voted for them, unless they also were on the make..

    Well you got what you deserved….. Stop the whinging and hand wringing and face up to it. You are a shower of stupid cunts who have visited these gangsters and their economic holocaust and treachery upon us…….. In the words of your esteemed colleague in government Gogarty…… Fuck you!

  18. It’s indentured servitude.
    Fuck them
    Fuck them all
    If I’d voted for them once I’d feel responsible, I never have. But, why so many cowards? Who do you meet who ever admits voting Fianna Fáil?
    Fuck all the cunts…
    But the rest of us are fucked too… and a great big wrath is coming

  19. So many big girls blouses in this country ! West Germany took over East Germany FFS, and the deutschmark threw a bit of a wobble and the world – and Germny – went about its business. Twenty years after Germany flattened half the cities in Britain they’d been rebuilt. Britain also had to repay the Lease-Lend cash to the Yanks. In ten years this Anglo nonsense will have been relaged to the h’penny place by currency shifts, inflation and whatever you’re having yourself.
    The utter lack of logic in the current ” debate” is laughable. What about the unemployed goes the cry. Well, shit fer brains, if there hadn’t been a property bubble, people wouldn’t have been EMployed in the first place! People got at least ten good years out of a situation that shouldn’t have happened so suck it up, and get on with it like every other generation of Irish people had to do.
    Anglo is the best thing that could have happened at this point in time. Probably never again will sub-Thatcherite twaddle about light touch regulation get past the Irish electorate- even dumb as they are. Anyone who couldn’t see this coming had their head stuck waaaay up thier ass. The property section of the IRISH TIMES used to have (still has ?) a “four for ” section. There you could see what the price of a semi in Dublin would buy you all over the world. Usually a chateau in France , or one third of Romania; something like that. WTF did people think was happening ? Deluded idiots.

  20. In response to lapsedmethodist: you are not wrong in saying that we should learn the lessons of light regulation etc but you are missing one fundamental point. Some people, including our government made insane money during ‘the boom’. INstead of building a country we could be proud of they opted for zombie hotels, estates, factories and office blocks: no investment in the thing that make lasting difference. Then, those that squandered the boom walked away from their losses and saddled others with their debt (an abomination even to free-market capitalism). I know we can’t turn back the clock but, taking your Germany analogy further…following through so to speak, lets have our own Nuremberg trials: lets hang most of the offenders and start again. That should see to it that light regulation doesn’t get another run in my lifetime! This may seem absurd but ssing words like deluded idiots in this debate is unhelpful, unconstructive and ( I honestly think) missing the point

  21. Well, Bock, it’s not all right, really. But if fingers fumbled in a greasy till seventy years ago, what we’ve seen is merely the upscaled, hi-tech version of same old same old. It’s the faux indignation that bothers me.

  22. If we are ever going to move out of adolescence as a state we need to be bothered about, and decide, what being grown up means. At the moment we arent much different from kids in a playground. If enough of us are happy with that, fine, fuck it and get on with it. If not we need to make it known. Think it would be wise for us to be grown up at least about the corruption if not the rest. We need foreign money and if I were sitting somewhere in the east wondering where to put a few billion how keen would I be to put it in Ireland?

  23. I agree with cnuimh. I for one did see it coming. I didn’t vote for Fianna Fail or the Greens. But unfortunately no one listens. ( I know, isn’t that what mad people say). I made a modest amount of money in 2006. But other than that the celtic tiger was actually bad for me. So if I say it now here will anyone take note. As lapsedmethodist points out, the Irish Times shows what you can buy for your money in other civilised countries. So how the fuck can a terraced council house in working class Dublin ever have been worth €500,000. Most of the people living in these areas wont earn that much in their entire lifetimes.I reckon that idiots were paying 3 times too much on average for properties in this country. But it gets worse. Many Irish get rich quick merchants bought in other countries, again paying too much, because it seemed cheap compared to our over inflated prices.
    So where is all the money? Someone has it. Why cant some of it be recouped?
    And what about NAMA. Well my opinion of NAMA is that it is a conspiracy, (there I go mad again) to keep the property prices artificially high, to protect the asshole investors. Well fuck them I say.
    High property prices mean high rents, rates and insurance premiums. So people like me have to work my bollocks just to pay these, and then charge higher than average European prices for my services. The whole thing is a vicious circle, that can only be broken by reducing the property prices to a sensible level, which should be one third of what the asshole estate agents currently imagine they are worth.
    Why the fuck do we Irish think we are worth so much. Ireland does not have much to offer, so the sooner we realise this the better.

  24. There is never any decent person to vote for. Our Dáil is the foul instrument of every predator.

  25. As for giving 2 k every yr for the rest of our lives to Anglo? The Americans have a nice expression “Eat Me!” It is time to look elsewhere for a real life. That`s unfortunately a reality that over 65 000 under 25 yr olds exercised last year. David McWilliams and Eddie Hobbs are the only 2 economists in this country with a brain in their head. The rest of them are still talking about coming out of recession in the 2nd quarter this yr? Are they on fucking drugs or just completely stupid? They must have gone to college in a jungle somewhere. Until the imbeciles that run this country realise NAMA is another massive fuck up we will continue down into the abyss. Until we stop hearing shit from the finance minister that “property prices have returned to realistic levels and you can buy again” we have no hope whatsoever. Hullo Brian! Upward interest rates are going to suck up every delusional piece of “realistic price adjustment”, you can think of. Property is still 30% overvalued, the NAMA valuations are insane which you the taxpayer will pay for, and the Anglo farce is beyond a joke. That prick Fitzpatrick got a 27 million euro payoff and Brian Cowan said “We can`t do anything about it as we cannot change his package retrospectively” How the fuck can that fat oaf live with himself when the taxpayer foots the bill for his idiotic government. It`s sad but the only option left is to leave. The problem is too big to fix and there are no capable people to fix it………

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