Limerick Mob Takes Over Streets

Exposed — the dark underbelly of an Irish city

18 thoughts on “Limerick Mob Takes Over Streets

  1. One of the positive aspects of removing traffic from the city streets. Hope to see a lot more of this in the future!

  2. If this is the kind of thing pedestrianisation is going to encourage….then keep on paving!!

    Well done to the kids involved for doing their bit to liven up the city centre, looks great, even had a labrador to run on the pitch.

  3. Are they McCarthy/Dundon or Keane/Collopy??????

    I’ve never been to Limerick, always heard wonderful things about until the above mentioned names tarnished a tiny piece of its City. But that’s uplifting, justs nice to see the people who visibly weren’t involved get in on it.

    Fair play Limerick,
    Now get rid of the gougers from there, tie them to the Dublin scumbags (politicians included) and burn them at the stake- I propose using the street in the clip, I’d say easily a 3 million turnout to watch the scum burn and we could dance the night away then afterwards.

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