Limerick Roofscapes

A different angle on the city

I was sitting in Bourke‘s civil pub, having a coffee and reading my paper, when somebody mentioned the EV+A exhibition across the road.

So I wondered over to the EV+A exhibition and took the lift to the top floor of the new building where it’s possible to see views of the town never before witnessed.

Get along there and  check out the exhibition.  Then go upstairs and check out the horizon.




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9 thoughts on “Limerick Roofscapes

  1. Was up there last week. Exhibition didn’t mean anything to me but interesting to see view especially back of Augustinians.
    View of new market roof from Ellen street is interesting. Saw it while driving today. Never expected roof to be so tall.

    You might get a good pic from there on Saturday when the opera singer is on Catherine street.

  2. BFH — I was surprised how tall the market structure is as well. Don’t know where that decision came from. It was either to make an architectural statement or to keep the tension in the structure to a minimum, and I can’t see that being the reason.

  3. Nice one centurion! Had a looksy at the new Market canopy the other day. Is it me or is the center pole lopsided? or is it just not fully erected? (insert innuendo here).

  4. I think it’s supposed to be like that.

    As someone once remarked, a man well-known for getting words wrong, Jesus, ’tis like the leaning tower of Penis!

  5. Is that man a semi-permanent feature who darkens the back-door of TC’s bar every night of the week at an appointed hour Bock?

    Tower of Penis sounds right up his street. One other that comes to mind was “no skin off my teeth”
    while anyone seeking an instant pick-me-up could earwig his conversations with Catherine for some classic dialogue.

    gimme an S…gimme an H????……………………….or is there another one out there?

    Nice pics btw, the Stade looks majestic.

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