Man Gets 14-Year Sentence For Sexual Abuse of His Son

Religious maniacs interfere in HSE investigation and facilitate a further four years of child rape

You might remember this post about a year ago, involving a Roscommon woman who was convicted of sexually abusing and starving her children.

The children’s suffering was prolonged by the interference of a far-right Catholic group led by a crazy old bat called Mena Cribben, aka Mína Bean Uí Chribín,  with close links to Youth Defence.  The Health Board first became concerned in 1996 and eventually negotiated an arrangement for the children to be taken into care, but Cribben and cronies approached the sex abusing parents, in the interests of keeping the family together, and financed a successful High Court challenge. No credit is due to the HSE here: they didn’t bother to attend the hearing or contest it afterwards.

However, as a result, thanks to Mena Cribben and her Youth Defence followers in 2000, the children underwent a further four years of torture, rape and starvation.

Of course, as we all now know, rape of children means nothing to extreme Catholics as long as The Family remains intact.

The mother was sentenced in January 2009 to seven years imprisonment, even though the judge would have preferred a life sentence.   Under Irish law, only men can receive a life sentence for this offence.

The father in the case has now received a 14-year sentence on 47 charges of raping and assaulting his son up to 2004 — four years after Cribbben interfered in the case.

So take a bow all you nutcases in Youth Defence, and take a bow, Mena Cribben.   Thanks to your zeal, a child has been orally and anally raped, starved and beaten for an extra four years.

Are you proud of yourself, Mena, you demented old bat?



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42 thoughts on “Man Gets 14-Year Sentence For Sexual Abuse of His Son

  1. Truly dreadful Bock, may the bastards burn in hell.

    However there is no evidence to suggest that HSE would have acted to prevent this atrocity. On the basis of their failings in the cases of the children (exposed by Alan Shatter) who died while in care, probably none.
    These wasters have no brief to protect children, just their own power and position.

  2. That whinging cunt Cribben’s been at it for ages. Back when they were trying to legalise the pill and Mena – the nutjob – Cribben was a post mistress in Santry, she had this to say about family planning:
    “One can’t plan a family. Only God decides when a child is made. The Catholic Church has forbidden contraception and that, in my opinion, is enough”.
    She went on to say that, in her position of post mistress, if she spotted a parcel of contraceptives in the mail, she would withold it – even if it came from a protestant.
    That is the kind of fucking fruitcake the high court listened to? For fuck’s sake. This country needs to be picked up by the ankles and shaken until all the fucking right wing catholic fucking lunatics fall out.
    The name Mena is Hindu in origin and the name Cribben is of Protestant origin so one can only assume she’s one of these fucking idiots who actually converted to Catholicism. I’ve come across a couple of these – figuratively, of course – and I found two common denominators in all of them.
    Firstly: They’re all mad as a box of schizophrenic frogs.
    Secondly: They’re all badly in need of getting laid. I mean, does Mena sound like someone who is badly in need of a slap of a knob or what.
    In my opinion, Mena and her bunch of dried up old fuckers should be jailed for being complicit in the crimes of those two Roscommon animals.

  3. Cap’n P : “does Mena sound like someone who is badly in need of a slap of a knob or what” . The only other Mena I can think of is Mena Suvari, remember her in American Beauty? I would like to think of her in such desperation alright, but realistically I’m sure she has plenty of offers…..Sorry, waaay off topic, in my defence its a sunny spring (ish) day.

  4. So what happens this youngfella now do the hse have to compensate him for there neglect? I really believe they should atleast make his life comfortable, give him decent accommodation and try to make up for the way they’ve failed him.

  5. I am simply fuming BOCK. I remember the original post. I’d forgotten it until you brought it up. I can only conclude that the catholic church and everything it stands for should be proscribed. Not going to happen I know, but it could be boycotted.
    Cribben should of course be sued by that child and his siblings for what her actions caused to happen – four years of absolute torment.
    Unfortunately, I expect some day to read about his suicide.

    There’s this –

  6. Cap’n P ; I am in total agreement re ” box of frogs ” have some personal experience about ” conversion ” and the box of frogs was an insidious web of delusion that I was lucky enough to avoid largely due to a Father much devoted to his ” faithlessness ”
    That Cribben one needs to be hauled over scorching coals, but that preserving of the abusive family situation is very prevalent in this country.
    The 20 yr old boy in question is beyond brave, I too hope he sues them to kingdom come, He must have some very solid support to have come this far and long may he have it.
    Unstranger; I am not au fait with facebook at all but thats a great link, One does wonder about the very high rate of suicide but it is surely the outcome of desperate pain and repression, of which we are so famed.

  7. Cap`n. You choice of language – slap of the knob- is questionable and devalues your point. Maybe that was what that the young mans father said to him before raping him.

    UB40 – maybe you should just stalk HSE workers and take them out one by one, grow up!. HSE workers have done more for this country than the likes of yourself.

    There was obvious wrong here. The courts have dispensed justice Bock , move on and stop attacking our moral gaurdians at every opportunity.

  8. But silver they give us so much ammo how can they be held up as moral guardians with so much failure in basic morallity.

  9. The courts, Public Servants, The Catholic Church and its special place in our country and lastly our democratically elected government.

  10. None of the above are our moral guardians. Public servants are paid administrative functionaries, the courts administer law and neither the Catholic church nor the government have any moral authority .

  11. Silver: it speaks volumes that you should re-use my colloquialism in such a sinister manner. You also appear to be more worried about my language than the actual point so, in your eyes, the point is always going to be devalued.
    If you think the government and the catholic church are our moral guardians, you need to ask yourself some serious questions. The two institutions of which you speak are made up of thieves, conmen and child rapists. I certainly don’t want to be morally guarded by any of those fuckers.
    This is a tragedy that should have been avoided but was made worse by the intervention of someone who holds the church in the highest regard. People who hold the church in such high esteem shouldn’t be heard by anyone. This country is fucked because of people who refuse to see that the people who they were taught to respect are, in fact, to be reviled.
    Get angry about the crime, not my language.

  12. Was the Catholic Church or clergy involved in Mena Cribben’s group or is she just another wacko who happens to be a Catholic? To state that the Catholic Church is made up of thieves, conmen and child rapists is an insult to all the good priests we have known particularly here in Limerick. I’m thinking of Fr. Aengus and Jack Finucane who have done so much good through their involvement in Concern, Fr. Gerry Daly who has worked tirelessly for the poor in Limerick, Fr. Pat Hogan in Southill and numerous other decent priests including the three priests in my own Parish. Name the priests who are thieves, conmen and child rapists if ye like, but don’t insult all priests. In this case we are discussing, it was the father and mother who were the abusers, the people children expect to love and care for them. And worse still, this is not an isolated case, abuse and neglect are commonplace with upwards of 5,000 children currently in care.

  13. Limericklass —- You might have overlooked the Ryan Report, the Ferns Report and the Murphy report which explained in great detail the institutional nature of crimes by the Catholic church in Ireland and the subsequent concealment of crimes by the senior clergy in this country.

    I recommend a thorough reading of these reports instead of listing the names of four priests.

  14. Limerick Lass: It’s far easier to name the good priests than name all those who have been involved in, what can only be described as, evil as the latter far and away out number the former. You just proved that by naming the above priests. I’m sure there are good priests but the Catholic church needs to be disbanded. It’s an affront to humanity that it still exists.
    Tell me, Limerick Lass, have you ever been to the vatican. Well worth a visit to see some of the outstanding art there. There’s an original Dali in the Vatican that’s absolutely excellent but the place itself is a model of opulence and excess and it illustrates very clearly where the priorities of the Catholic church reside. The wealth that the Vatican possesses could probably save untold amounts of starving children. There’s a bigger issue than a couple of decent priests. The whole institution is rotten to the core.

  15. Limerick lass has a point – that animal would have raped his son regardless of whether there was a catholic church or not,. Yes the Catholic church are to blame for appalling abuse but this case has nothing to do with them. Mena Cribbin is not a clerical member of the church. She is just a nutter who happens to harp on about the rights of the family and calls herself a catholic. Yesterday I was in a certain part of Limerick and heard a ‘mother’ call a little boy of about 5 or 6 a c£$t, a Ba@£ard, go for him with her handbag and continue to say the most horrible things to him. There are members of our society who are an absolute disgrace and would be that way with or without a catholic church in this country.

  16. Elle — The crimes for which this man was convicted would not have taken place if Mena Cribben’s group had not financed the injunction application or id the health board had chosen to oppose the application.

    Cribben is working from a fundamentalist Catholic perspective. She isn’t a Muslim, a Jew or a Hindu.

  17. I’m sure he was carrying on his abuse and neglect long before he heard of Mena Cribbin. If her actions delayed those children getting help, then she is complicit in making those children’s life hell. Her fundamentalist tendencies are still not the fault of the church. Primarily, it was that child’s parents who are to blame followed by the HSE and finally the ‘delectable’ Ms. Cribbin. There is an awful lot of abuse it seems in this country and my point is church or no church, that wont change. I would actually be more angry with the state services than with the church in this case, but I am mostly angry with any human being who would subject a child to that kind of abuse. That boy and the girl in Listowel who was raped will do more to change the country for the better. It is amazing that such brave people are willing to stand up for what is right, when many of us are so cowardly.

  18. The conviction in the Listowel case was for sexual assault, not rape. Wasn’t that the case where a priest lined up in front of the victim, along with fifty others, to shake the convicted man’s hand?

  19. That’s exactly it, Bock. The church doesn’t recognise the rights of the child, only its right to brush its ill-doings under the carpet. The same church that has fuelled that cunt Cribben with her undiluted hate, guilt, rage and utter stupidity.
    Elle, you’re right, the HSE are to blame for a lot of cases where children are left in abusive homes or they’re put in unsupervised B&Bs when there’s nowhere else to put them. I reacted to someone who said that the catholic church and the government are our moral guardians. This is clearly bullshit. What is happening to children in this country is detestably awful and you are absolutely right to say that we have piss poor support services. It’s a fucking disgrace.
    You are, however, totally wrong in saying that there would be just as much abuse with or without the church. How many priests have raped and, in some cases, murdered children in this country. No, I’m not saying that every priest does it, I’m saying that many have. A staggering number of children have been abused by priests who have used their position of authority and trust to very evil ends. If you agree with this, then you must agree that, without the presence and power of the church, many kids would have been spared this horrible horrible torture. In fact, you could go further and say that, since many abusers have themselves been abused as children, then the level of abuse would be proportionally lower.
    You could go further again and say that, if it wasn’t for the fact that bishops and the Gardai covered up these attrocities, we may have developed better support services. Remember, that for many years the clergy held immense power in this country.
    I am not attacking anyone’s faith but, as an institution, the church has more to answer for than it has thus far answered. Bishops asking for financial help with their legal bills. What an utter shower of fucking bastards. The pope called them all to a meeting and did sweet fuck all about anything. Why, with their vast wealth, have the vatican not ponied up the cash for legal and compensatory bills? It’s because they don’t care. Ratzo and his shower of n’ere do wells are sitting on a corrupt board and we should not be buying into it.
    I will repeat that you are absolutely right about our state services. We still house mentally ill kids with mentally ill adults. It’s crazy.
    Finally, if it is suspected that a child is being abused, no injunction should place him or her back with their abusers, no matter how loud that fucking reprobate Cribben and her shower of frustrated old bints shout about the word of God.

  20. My point is that that boys parents abused him, not Mena Cribben and not clergy. (and as for the 50 people lining up to shake the man’s hand who sexually assaulted that girl, 1 was a priest and 49 or so were not ) . There is a lot of sexual abuse and ‘general’ abuse/neglect of children in the home that we should not overlook and blame the govt/church, no matter how angry we are. I’m sure many people who look in on this website have children – the responsibility is ultimately with those of us who are parents to look after our children.

  21. Elle, I don’t think anyone will argue your point that it is up to the parents to be responsible. Mena Cribben directly contributed to that boy’s continued abuse by insisting on him being returned to his abuser. She states it’s because God wants the family together above all else. She is complicit, no matter what way you look at it.
    My point still remains that the church have intrinsically damaged this country and are continuing to do so. They are still held in way too high reverence in this country, particularly by the likes of Mena Cribben and her shower of nutjobs. They encourage people to believe just like Mena does.
    In fact, if all of us believed like Mena does, there would be a hell of a lot more abuse and it would all still be covered up.

  22. Elle is right in saying that there would be just as much abuse with or without the Catholic Church. There are currently 5000 children in care – I don’t know how many have been sexually abused but nevertheless they have all been abused in some serious form or other. For many years now,, Social Workers do not remove children from homes for neglect – rather they put in Family Support Workers, arrange parenting classes,after school clubs for children, financial assistance if necessary, basic cookery classes or anything else that will help and try to keep the family together if at all possible. Only in the more serious cases is a child removed from the home and put into care.
    Bock- it is unlikely that the abuse only started after Mena Cribben got involved. The HSE would have had strong grounds to remove the children prior to her involvement. It is wrong to blame the Catholic Church in this particular case as they had no involvement. I am a practising Catholic. If I go out and beat the crap out of my neighbour, set fire to his house and kill his dog, would ye blame my Parish Priest ?

  23. I’m sorry LL but that’s the most ridiculous argument I’ve heard. If you read the post, it states that Mena Cribben’s intervention prolonged the abuse. Nobody said the abuse started because that idiot poked her nose in. It’s also been proven that there would be markedly less abuse if we didn’t have priests abusing children.
    It seriously annoys me how blind people are to facts.

  24. I really don’t want to insult anybody, but isn’t is amazing that a post that is incredibly important in terms of making people question all facets of this country’s failure to protect its children, ends up with people more interested in being apologists for an institution that encouraged child abuse.
    Sorry, diplomacy has run out,.

  25. Cap’n P – I think you are so angry with the catholic church (and you have every right to feel that way) that you fail to see my point. I for one am not an apologist for the CC but I wont blame them for EVERY sordid act that goes on in what seems like too many homes in this country. In this particular case, the blame is with that boys parents and the state by not intervening sooner. The cc is rotten from the top down, I think most people will agree with that, but take them away and we still have awful problems it seems in our society. That’s the point I wanted to make.

  26. The Parents – child abusing scum
    Mena Cribben / Catholic Church – interfering bastards.
    HSE – State employees with a duty of care to this boy
    The Court . A body to dispense justice?

    The focus is all wrong here. The parents and Cribben are the shits here from whom you would expect fuck all else.

    The paid employees of the the state are the the people who failed this boy and many others……….. Time to expose them

  27. Strip away, down to the basics, and we have to admit that the likes of Mena Cribben would never have had power in a country that was run as a Republic, without Catholic Church inteference.
    Priests who abused children would have been jailed like any other rapist, if our police were not subservient to the Catholic Church.
    Parents whose children were raped by priests would not have gone cap in hand to the Bishop, they would have dialled 999 instead, but our country is still ruled by the Catholic Church and our population is still hypnotised by it.
    We need to stop apologising for this Church, because it makes us weak in our resolve to remove their power, and remove it we must.

  28. The Catholic Church has been the most powerful influence in this Country, It has shaped our society and way of thinking, It cannot be excused as the entity at the source of such evil.
    They have used terminology such as…….
    All of the above beaten into the minds of children, There are indeed good men and women, who are members of the Catholic Institution, But these good men and women are far too cowed and repressed to stand up and walk away from entrenched beliefs which are no longer beliefs but a systematic and dogged adherance to control of a populace with a learnt love of a man who walked the earth long ago and preached “love of thy neighbour “, A message taken and propagated to heap adulation and millions in currency to enable the select to wreak misery and havoc on the young, the poor, the uneducated, the fearful, the hungry and the poor.
    The Catholic Church has permeated Irish Society at every opportunist and vulnerable level, ie Education and Hospitals, The Catholic Church has beaten the backs of it’s people, It is culpable in it’s creation of monsters both within and outside of it’s ranks and the time has come for an end to it’s reign of terror.
    I realise that this comment may be a step too far for it’s believers and followers but thats my belief and I can’t possibly apologise for it.

  29. Not all Catholics are ignorant, superstitious, cowed and silent. Not all priests are abusers. There are some heroes such as Tom Doyle in the US who has tirelessly advocated for victims and has been vilified by Rome for his trouble.

    I was one of a group of catholics who spoke before the Louisiana House of Representatives Criminal Justice Committee and told of my abuse by priests. We were advocating for extending the requirement to report sexual abuse of children to include Roman Catholic clergy. We also were asking for an extension of the statute of limitations on reporting child abuse. The Archbishop sent a priest/theologian/canon lawyer expert to speak against the bill. At the time I was still working in Catholic Education, trying to protect young lives from within. I gave up since then but there are lots of catholics who haven’t and who still stand up for the rights of children and women in the church.

    If all the people who give a damn about the evil in the church just leave it, then they are abandoning the children who are still being indoctrinated and who are still being exposed to serial molesters and rapists by a callous catholic heirarchy. Groups like Future Church and Voice of the Faithful are still trying to do good.

    Let’s try not to tar all catholics with the same brush…that’s all I’m saying.

  30. Hi Mona. I have been thinking about what you have posted here, and I can feel that it is heartfelt.
    I can also feel that you know more about this than I do, and thank you for sharing that with us.
    However, I am having trouble with the idea of people staying in the CC in order to protect children from within.
    Wouldn’t it be better to gather up the children and take them out with you?
    Supporting a rotten building only delays the inevitable collapse.

  31. Mairead, I hear your point. But what about the kids in school? I would not want my children raised in a secular society that does not allow for any kind of ethical philosophy and practical morality to be taught in the public schools. Neither would I want my children being educated by fundamentalist christians, who scare me intensely, whether they are Catholic, Baptist, non-denominational, whatever. In fact I wouldn’t want my children being raised in any fundamentalist “we have the Truth and the Truth is One” religion OR political party. I WOULD want my children raised in the best kind of post- Vatican II Catholic education system that focuses on real critical thinking, allows students to challenge and question and form their own opinions, and exorcises all superstition and all grandiose claims to controlling people’s eternal destinies, a church that sees sacraments as special moments in life when we give thanks and bless those we love: the newly born or berieved, the newly married ( gay or straight) and not as magical rituals. An educational system that approaches religion as a human quest for meaning in a universe which remains mysterious and even miraculous, and an educational system that approaches Catholicism as one of many traditions of belief that have developed a set of answers to life’s biggest questions. But only one set. And finally a religious education that acknowledges that all we say and believe about God and destiny and life after life is all a matter of ancient myth, personal experiences of “the holy” and a shared hope that there is some kind of sense, meaning, purpose even if it is one we have to create and commit to ourselves…as Nietzsche suggests.

    My teaching of religion involved this kind of openness and non-doctrination. And as long as I was allowed the freedom to do that, I know that I helped a lot of teenagers as they struggled with the big questions of their lives. But when the national bishops and the local archdiocese took over control of textbooks and curriculum I saw my “retirement ” written on the wall. There are still over a 1,000 kids in my old school who are now being taught only the “catholic” truth and not the big picture. Teachers are not allowed to even suggest that Truth can refer to anything other than Catholic Truth/Doctrine. No Plato or Aristotle, Nietzsche, or Hesse, no Kushner or Frankl. AND I believe deeply, that they are worse off as a result.

    So I guess I feel that while the church still runs schools we should not abandon the students to the fundamentalists and the misogynists, and those who see catholic as the only version of the truth and that truth as communicated from God directly to a group of old misogynists and closet homosexuals and pedophiles in Rome.

    I taught high school religion for 27 years and led a whole department, and I came to the point where I couldn’t teach what and how I thought I should teach. But I have some good friends who are still keeping up the fight within the catholic school systems, Jesuit and Dominican schools most of them. And I am proud to have worked with them. Me…I am over the diocesan church. Can’t do it any more. But bless those who still try to keep it real.

  32. We don’t have any State schools / public schools in Ireland, Mona.
    I hear what you’re saying and after 20 something years myself, it is hard.
    I do teach ethics, morality and philosophy with / without religion though.

  33. In the USA the state run schools are called public and there is a law that stipulates that religion cannot be taught. So that means that morality and philosophy are’nt either. In fact some school systems are trying to impose the teaching of Creationism and outlaw the teaching of evolution. It’s pretty nuts. Anyway, my point is that there are hundreds of thousands of children currently in catholic and other christian schools and therefore in danger of all the bad influences of religious fundamentalism. Their parents are not going to suddenly remove them; in the US catholics have remained incredibly faithful despite the abuse. In Ireland I think the solution is to separate education from the catholic church, but until that happens I think it is important to have teachers in those schools looking out for the children. In the US we need to allow the teaching of ethics etc in public schools but that is not going to happen.

  34. There is no necessary connection. I guess I have not made myself clear. I am tiring of the discussion, though. Suffice it to say that atheistic humanism seems to work fine.

  35. We don’t have state run schools in Ireland, Mona, therefore we don’t have public schools.
    Most are Catholic schools, where the Catholic religion must be taught and is inspected.
    The teachers cannot protect the children, as you are suggest.
    The teachers are hired and fired by the priests.
    If the priest wants to hear confessions one-to-one, alone with a child – do you think that the teachers can stop him?
    He is the boss.
    We have fine sounding child protection guidelines, but I couldn’t put my hand on my heart and say that they are properly implemented, e.g. as above.
    A big problem is that teachers do not have a proper place to complain.
    The principal teacher is usually the DLP (Designated Liaison Person), but he / she is also an employee of the Bishop / Board / priest.
    Social workers have huge caseloads, and go about their business in a strange way in my experience.
    For example, twice in recent years, I have answered the school phone and been asked by a person who claimed to be a social worker, if I thought she should close the case on a named child.
    1. I could have been anyone answering that phone.
    2. She could have been anyone.
    3. This was the first that anyone in the school had heard that this child had any contact with a social worker!
    4. How should I know if the case should be closed – I knew nothing of the case even existing – and I am not a social worker.
    I refused to enter into conversation on the phone (much to the annoyance of the caller) and asked her to make an appointment to call to the school. She didn’t in either case, and I never heard another word.

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