Martin Cullen Resigns

On a personal level, I sympathise with Martin Cullen.  Ten or twelve years ago, I experienced a problem with my back that was so severe I could barely walk, and so I can understand how badly he must be affected by his injuries.  Nobody who hasn’t been there can understand the feeling of trepidation that you might end up in a wheelchair if things don’t work out.

I was there for a brief period and that’s why, as a man, I feel sympathy for him.

On the other hand, as a politician, he’s a knobhead, and the country is all the richer for his resignation.  One less fool in a government of fools.

Cullen’s entire career has been characterised by petulance and immaturity.

Last January, he compared press reports alleging he had an affair to being raped, but this insult to genuine rape victims was far from his only act of stupidity.  At the end of 2008, he told a stunned reporter that he would support the idea of an Irish soccer club playing in the English Premier League.

But of course, for sheer density, Cullen’s defense of the patently unworkable e-voting machines takes some beating.  His leather neck, combined with a total failure to understand the issues, allowed him to come on national radio and defend a flawed, anti-democratic computer system even after an investigation had shown to the whole world that these machines would never again be used by anyone, except perhaps as weights for fishing nets.

Now, admittedly, his thuggish cabinet colleague, Noel Dempsey, was the man responsible for the fiasco, and his cretinous leader, Bertie Ahern, was the fool responsible for lecturing us about modernity,  but Cullen’s stupidity was such that he failed to grasp one fundamental point: the whole thing was a load of shit.

Some people would call it loyalty.  Others would suggest it bordered on the moronic.

Cullen’s record is not inspiring, but I know before you say it what’s on your mind.  You’re wondering why I’d single him out from a cabinet of cretins, and in truth, perhaps you’re right.  After all, if there was ever a gallery of the bland, the mediocre and the incompetent, it’s this current government and its former leader.  From the mumbling platitudes of Batt O Keeffe to the arrogant bluster of Mary Coughlan, they truly are a sad bunch, and perhaps it’s unfair to select Martin Cullen above this pantheon of dullness.

In many ways, I suppose, Cullen’s greatest achievement is to look stupid in such company as Éamonn Ryan, Éamonn Ó Cuiv and Mary Hanafin., but it’s a nice thought that his  resignation will prompt a cabinet reshuffle.

What could be more appropriate from a bunch of shuffling zombies?

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140k in back pocket tax free, 100k per annum for the rest of his life. I only wish I was an incompetent fool like Mr. Cullen. It must be great to be rewarded for being so useless.

if feeling like “being raped” (i.e. so called allegations that he had a sexual affair with Monica Leech) results in Monica Leech getting a few million Euros (and more to come?) and now Martin Cullen can start the same process in the 4 goldmines- and top up his obscene pension entitlements with the same golden handshake that Monica got – then I wish somebody would rape me-like every day of my life!!

Are Irish people so thick that we just lye down and let fecking robbers like Cullen steal from us?

We are broke as a state, welfare and other benefits will get cut further and yet the gombeens continue to award themselves lavish amounts of cash like this?

Even AIB today announced bumber bonuses to their top peope of nearly 4 million euro and yet the failed bank continues to beg the government for cash?

FFS people we need to revolt, we need to do as the french did and hang these shower from the tallest tree. Our country is going down the pan and we will really have another famine in a few years as the country wont have anything and benefits and jobs will be a thing of the past. But the filthy rich will have fled the country to retire on the Villa in Spain purchased from tax payers money.


Quite frankly Bock, I could not give a rat fuck about his back. I am just glad he has been forced to make a decision to get out and away, from the running of this country by whatever means. Now they can do away with his ridiculous fabricated portfolio as well, maybe save a few million to keep the incompetents in the health service going. He can afford the best of immediate health care in the UK while the poor plebs in EireNarnia have to wait 3 months (if they are lucky) to see a “consultant”. Then they are shunted around for another 3 months while waiting for “care” or to wait on trolleys for hours, in reception areas of hospitals. I have been there, thank you very fucking much Mary Hernia. Almost a decade as Minister of health, and sweet fuckall to show for it. So please forgive me when I say good fucking riddance to Cullen and the sooner the rest of them disintegrate the better. Given the health “care” in EireNarnia, one considers emigrating to Somalia or suchlike to have some sort of medical attention. Oh, by the way, the quicker Jabba the Hutt aka “Mary Hernia” fucks off, the better for the planet. Seriously, look at what represents the ministry of health. Clowan actually said today that she has accomplished more than anyone else in the health ministry. Is he insane? What? Is this a cosmic joke? Any less and we may as well pull our own teeth out with a pliers or strap up our own broken bones….

P.S. the Dental care is being pulled as soon as the fund runs out (which is very soon). I shit you not. Ask your local dentist if you are an unbelliever. So get ready to throw your medical cards in the bin. What`s next? Social Welfare?

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