Ireland’s Government Deficit Is The Worst In The European Union

Lenihan’s three-card trick fails to fool the Eurostatisticians

It’s official as of today.  We’re worse than Greece.

The Eurostat boys weren’t fooled by Biffo’s attempted Eurostroke and refused to pretend that the money he pumped into the banks was something different from the national debt.

As a direct result of trying to prop up Anglo and Nationwide, Ireland’s government deficit, as a percentage of GDP, is higher than that of Greece and Britain.

Here are exact Eurostat figures for the ten worst, with Ireland at the top of the list:

Ireland (-14.3%),

Greece (-13.6%)

United Kingdom (-11.5%),

Spain (-11.2%),

Portugal (-9.4%),


Lithuania (-8.9%),

Romania (-8.3%),

France (-7.5%)

Poland (-7.1%).

Now, you might remember when Biffo and Yehudi first announced that they were going to borrow mind-boggling amounts to save the banks, they told us that it would stay off the balance sheet.  It wouldn’t increase the national debt, they said.  They claimed to have done some kind of deal with the EU to pretend the money was somehow different from real debt.

They lied.

This is the true cost of bailing out the bondholders in Seanie Fitz’s joke bank, and Fingers Fingleton’s personal get-rich scheme, but that isn’t the end of matters.

It’s going to get worse, because these figures only reflect the taxpayers’ money they’ve put into these gigantic con-jobs so far.  It doesn’t take account of the money Biffo and his crew are planning to pour into the black hole.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way.  They could wind Anglo down in an orderly manner, and pull Nationwide’s shutters today without impacting on the economy.  Anything contrary they tell you is a lie.

There must be some seriously high-grade secrets hiding in Seanie’s filing cabinet, and scrawled on the back of Fingers’s cigarette packs.

Who did these two cowboys hold embarrassing paper on?  What do they know about the finances of politicians, police, senior civil servants and most interestingly of all, newspaper editors?

Who do they own?

Answer those questions and you’ll know why Fianna Fáil are prepared to destroy this country to save these two pyramid schemes.

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I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! At the next election anyone who votes for FF will need their heads examined. The sad dreary troublesome truth is that the FFers will probably still get about 25% of the “popular” vote, are people that stupid? Ggggggggrrhhh I don’t think any political party has an answer, maybe we shoud all vote for independents, at least that way we can get thje odd road or bridge for the neighbourhood. What fun a chamber full of independent T.Ds, not such a bad idea.

Fianna Fail an Fine Gael seem to have a consistent hold over 25 and 20 percent of the population, respectively. This manages to transcend generations. Its really quite stunning. Perhaps this major crisis is the birth pangs of change. Samuel P. Huntington claims shocks like this is what it takes to alter whole, long-rooted cultures.

Some “dig out” aint it. Rotten apples the lot.. It’s reprehensible greed at it’s finest and it will all come out sooner or later. Do they think the tax we pay is free money or something? It’s not. People have had to work hard for their money and it should be used effectively for public services, not lining the pockets of the corrupt.

After years of head scratching I’ve come to the conclusion that to arrive at a position of any real power is like joining the Mafia. You have to have killed people to get Made because the Dons would never share there guilty secrets with someone they didn’t have dirt on too. I am of the firm opinion that it must be something similar when it comes to pulling strings and financing election campaigns.

Accusations of treason don’t seem so far fetched now do they.

Knowledge is power and power corrupts. Feed the masses swill and they will be content. When enough people start demanding more than swill things will change. Try this – the next time you are watching a politician / churchman………..on tv imagine him / her to be a string puppet – visualise the strings and a little clattering mouth with a voice somewhere in the background. The other trick is to imagine them as cartoon characters as you watch. When I do either of those things the picture I see and words I hear are transformed – the clarity and stench of the swill/bullshit from most of them becomes overwhelming. Try it. The odd time you get something approaching integrity which also becomes clear.

Paul. Knowledge is indeed Power, but Power in itself cannot be corrupt, It is how people use that power that creates corruption.
People now need to gain Knowledge and produce power not only for rhemselves but every individual reaction, be it verbal or written needs to contain an awareness of the plight of others.
A paying forward sense of action for those who may not have access to a positive roadmap for the future.

Well put Norma. I struggle with how – on a little lump of rock stuck on the edge of the world populated by a people immersed esentially in the ways born of one race / one religion / one value set. Maybe developing our knowledge of different values is one of the keys to opening us up – assuming not everyone on the planet thinks and behaves the way we do. What do others around the world do that is different and maybe better than what we do. Will be a long hard battle battle – too used to looking up our own backsides and thinking everything green is wonderful and lots vested interests wanting to keep us in the dark. Have to do battle with the cheerleaders for history and the past (and current status quo). Current state of play probably represents best opportunity we have ever had to start changing things – maybe if we all do a bit all the little changes will grow into big ones.

Paul. That “little lump of rock ” ( and i have described it that way myself ) is where we are now, That self same rock is being eroded by an entrenched value system, We have become a nation of ” assumers” , I don’t know when it was that we stopped asking questions or listening to those older and wiser than ourselves, from at home and the rest of the world, We are essentially ” Islanders ” with all the traits of same.
Its possible, and i wont assume ! that i am a lot older than you, but when i was young the need to rail against the system seemed like a vital ingredient in personal growth, Now it seems to me, even with my own grown up kids that operating on the fringes or outside that very badly designed system is too fearful.
We are clinging with our broken fingernails to what is dead, rotten and subsiding, I will do my bit to execute even a morsel of positive change.
I come from a long line of ” high achievers ” and i was not one, I showed no signs of personal ambition and took me a long time to understand why, In that time I came under a lot of criticism for not walking the path toward personal success, The more i was criticised, the more i rebelled but on the inside I felt like a failure, even though i took all the measures to create the idealogue i believed in, Those voices of failure, Teachers, Family, so called friends reached deep inside and side swiped my sense of personal confidence and belief.
It is really only of recent times that I have gained a sense of perspective and accepted that i may always feel the pain of their judgements, my life is very valueable and my efforts garnered for me what i had hoped they would.
I think there are probably many people like me out there for who those ” voices” of judgement and criticism are still active and dominant, Its not easy to trust yourself always, but its definitly worth the effort.


If there’s one good thing to come out of the current mess, it’s that people like yourself are asserting their right to say enough is enough.

Our ‘betters’ really don’t know better. It’s down to us.

As sure as I have six toes on both feet and my mammy and daddy are my uncle and auntie. I`ll be voting Fianna Fail next time round. Keep it in the family, thats what Dev always said.

30% of the population will always be morons, it`s a given. It`s just that with the Biblical fuck up of this country you would assume even a retarded worm would not vote for FF. How stupid do you actually have to be to vote for them? It is fucking, mind boggling, astoundingly, insane, that they could even possibly get 25% of the vote.
When Biffo said that Fitzpatricks golden handshake of 27 million could not be retrospectively changed, how deep do you think the rot is set in? They changed the welfare system Christmas bonus to fuck over single mothers, people in their old age and everyone else a few weeks before Christmas. But you the taxpayer had to fork out 27 million to a man who was arrested only a few months later for financial shenanigans. It is fucking sickening.

If those stupid, obese, overpaid, incompetent buffoons, actually thought they were going to bullshit Europe into believing that your money, at these insane levels, propping up insolvent banks, was not going to be included into deficit calculations, they are more stupid than I thought (even though that is impossible). What a sad, sad ,sad joke our country has become………..

Thieves, Thieves & more Thieves. As someone who abandoned living in Ireland years ago all I can say to the voting public is: “You voted for them – now take your medicine”. Corruption is entrenched at all levels of Irish government. It starts with your local councillor holding ‘clinics’ in the back lounge of the pub, offering ‘favours’ in return for votes & ends as you see things today, in ruin. The voting public has participated all the way.

That is the biggest problem now. The people who had a brain in their head, who did not vote for the court of jesters, have to suffer along with the morons who did. Those who wanted something more than buffoons and corruption have to pay and pay and pay and pay… and then some…………. We now have to borrow 450million @8% to lend to Greece @ 5%. Oooooooh this is like a fucking cartoon……..

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