The Volcano in Iceland

Reflections on an act of God

When the volcano in Iceland erupted, few could have foreseen the consequences, except for some educated men in universities.

The ordinary man is simply not equipped to understand such things and that is precisely why “Ryan Air” is so successful.  It transports the ordinary man from his drab home to a sunny place where he can continue to live his routine life without too much mental challenge.  In my experience, the ordinary man does not wish to devote a great deal of effort to thinking, and neither does his wife.

This is as it should be.  The Lord ordained that society should be stratified according to the gifts He has bestowed upon mankind, each according to his station in life.  It has always struck me as apposite that the Lord bestowed intellectual gifts in direct proportion to the prosperity of the family receiving them.  You will not see a factory worker’s children becoming doctors, and this is for a very good reason.  The Lord has ordained that a factory worker produce children of concomitant intellect.  What would be the point in  a labourer reading challenging philosophical treatises?  None!  By the same token, the children of the merchant are blessed with the gifts necessary to become a lawyer or a doctor, or, dare I say it, a priest, because in the Lord’s wisdom, he has decided that certain classes of people are placed on earth for the guidance of the rest.  This is why the medical profession, and the legal, instruct those less blessed in correct ways of behaviour.  And in a wonderful symmmetry, the labouring classes are placed on earth for the sustenance of the educated.

It is foolish to presume that all men are born equal, for they are clearly not so.

I see on the “TV” that some of the poorer people are in difficulty now that “Ryan Air” is temporarily unable to fly.  They do not have any place to stay and must sleep in the airports.  You can see what a contrast it is with the educated classes, who have had the wisdom to insure themselves, and also to book the better sort of hotel.

Perhaps this volcano is a sign from the Lord that people should acknowledge their correct place in the scheme of things and not be getting “above their station”.

16 thoughts on “The Volcano in Iceland

  1. Hello Fitzie!

    It’s great to see you back – you were missed.

    Tell me, do you have a viewpoint to offer on the position of Michael O’Leary via á vis the position of the Commission for Aviation Regulation and the EU directive requiring airlines to pay compensation to stranded passengers?

    He says that Ryanair shouln’t be forced pay up, since it’s all attributable to the actions of your boss.

    Has your boss offered any expanation for his decision to press The Big Red Button on Eyjafjallajökull?

    Is this his way of teaching M O’L a lesson??

  2. Mr O’Leary’s position seems perfectly plain to me, Bold Pilot, and I agree with him, but he does not seem to have the law on his side. This proves that sometimes the law is an ass. I do not think that the legislators ever contemplated an event such as this.

    I know what you are saying about my “Boss”, but He does not operate at such levels. This was a simple event of Nature and in no sense ordained by the Lord, except of course that all of Creation is part of His divine plan. At least we are of a genuine faith. I read recently that a “cleric” in Iran has blamed earthquakes on the wearing of short skirts, which is plainly absurd.

  3. Father have you been reading A brave New World, by Huxley for too long maybe?
    Can you explain me this: how come some wealthy people are thick as planks, namely politians and bankers? Are they born with a greedy gene is it and being a half-witted cretin does not negate you from becoming wealthy?

  4. It is certainly true in our excessively egalitarian society that some people of humble origin have risen beyond their station and taken positions better suited to men of appropriate birth. Mr Ahern is perhaps the most prominent example of this phenomenon, and you can see where his preferment has brought us, but sadly it is also the case that the banks and the professions have been lax in their promotions policy.

    One can only hope that Ireland will learn the lesson and revert to traditional recruitment practices.

  5. Excellent post ff. Now i know why you are the priest in your family, of course it’s the same reason men of a certain generation became a priest.

  6. “One can only hope that Ireland will learn the lesson and revert to traditional recruitment practices.”
    Would that be cronyism and nepotism Father?

    ” In my experience, the ordinary man does not wish to devote a great deal of effort to thinking, and neither does his wife.” LOL. “man” or “mankind” will suffice for all humans Father, but how considerate of you.

    Father you might do well to read up on the teachings of the man you supposedly worship..
    ‘what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul’.
    We all have different talents and attributes Father, but granted some are subjectively valued more than others.

  7. Yes he’s got a point but he should sue the CAA and not expect the cattle he carries face the loss. Think of all that extra money in fuel he’s saved.
    On another point if I may.
    “Berlusconi accused of sacrilege at funeral after receiving Holy Communion”
    The Roman Catholic Church forbids divorced Catholics who go on to remarry to accept the sacrament.
    What high moral standards its OK to rape children but if anyone should remarry your in big trouble.

  8. FF – you’re a man with a plan.

    After all the Jewish-homosexual inspired child abuse business has blown over the church must revitalise it’s historic role of fighting Communism.

  9. What a load of pretentious rubbish ! How dare a member of a caste now rightly despised the whole world over make such aspersions. Does he not remember that his Saviour was the son of a carpenter, hardly one of the so-called higher classes ? Why did God in his infinite wisdom not allow his son to be born into a Pharisee family, or be the son of a Roman emperor ? Most of his disciples ( and now your saints) were fishermen and ordinary people,
    did this make them any less honourable ? Intelligence has nothing to do with class, the only reason the children of doctors or lawyers follow in their parents profession is because they can afford to educate them. Their inherent intelligence has nothing to do with it. Let he who is without common sense cast the least aspersions !

  10. Irony is not lost on me. However in my life I have met many b******s who actually believe that kind of rubbish and attempt to perpetuate it. I suspect that the irony is a cover for their underlying contempt for others and this kind of gombeen thinking has led to the current political and economic climate. And after all this is St. George’s Day.

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