The Wisdom of Seánie Fitzpatrick

The collected bullshit of former Anglo boss.

Seánie Fitzpatrick addressed Experian‘s annual business lunch on the 21st June, 2007.

Here are a few things Seánie told his audience, and before you accuse me of making it up, I’m telling you now, every word of this is as he said it.

  • You can’t keep good people down forever.  Look around the world and you’ll find Irish emigrant stock at the very top of social, civic, commercial and political life. What happened over the past ten years or so was that this potential was unleashed at home here in Ireland rather than overseas. The Irish economy began to benefit from the innate business sense and entrepreneurship of its people.
  • All the politicians did was stand aside and let it happen.  After years of meddling they finally stood aside and allowed the people to get on with it. Taxes were cut and the economy was allowed to open up and the effect was like putting a flower out in the sun. The economy blossomed.
  • Having developed this marvellous entrepreneurial culture which is delivering so many benefits in terms of employment and wealth to the country we must ask ourselves if there is now a danger that our regulatory environment has gone too far? Are we starting to shackle instead of encourage the entrepreneurs who in turn generate more wealth not just for themselves, but for the country as a whole.
  • Among the more insidious and I believe iniquitous aspects of the current regulatory environment is its apparent presumption of guilt on the part of entrepreneurs and businesspeople generally. The whole structure seems to be geared towards an annual proof of innocence statement. This is corporate McCarthyism and we shouldn’t tolerate it.
  • It is time to shout stop. The tide of regulation has gone far enough. We should be proud of our success, not suspicious of it. Our wealth creators should be rewarded and admired not subjected to levels of scrutiny which convicted criminals would rightly find intrusive.

How about that?

17 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Seánie Fitzpatrick

  1. Judging by the appalling fucking fiasco that has since taken place, I take it Seanie had his way and the government stood aside? The nerve of them, anyway, trying to put rules on Masters of the Universe.

    Bankers here in Canada are all busy clapping themselves on the back for escaping relatively unscathed from the global banking meltdown. They conveniently forget how long and hard they bitched, moaned and whined for freedom from regulatory oversight. Fortunately, the Canadian government told them to fuck off.

  2. Hey Bock – you remember Sweary’s cuntometer ?

    The same way Frankie Sheehan blew the needle offa the steroid gauge that day in Toulouse, well on the cuntometer Seanie goes beyond the red, beyond the comtemptable, beyond the un-utterable,

    Seanie defines CUNT.

  3. I had the dubious pleasure of meeting Seanie at one of these do’s a few years back. The incident reminded me of the comment made about someone to whom people in general take an instant dislike – “It saves time”

  4. Seanie will be a convicted criminal soon himself, so he can save his righteous indignation about the ‘level of scrutiny’ until then. Be sure to let us know how it feels, Seanie.

  5. “All the politicians did was stand aside and let it happen.” A jessus fine man yourself.
    Add and lined their pockets or was it filled their paper-bags with cash.
    In China and he would have already faced the firing squad.

  6. Tessa, the government had been standing aside alreay for years when Seánie made that statement, and he cannot have been unaware of this. He was just keeping the regulator in his place I suppose.

  7. [Deleted. Darren, are you trying to get me sued? You seem to be working hard at it in recent days.]

  8. I didn’t know that you could get sued for telling the truth. Larry is a little like Denis O’Brien in the manner of speed with which both of them reach for their lawyers as soon as somebody farts in their direction. That is the action of a guilty man. (Don’t worry Bock, this one is just for you and I) Not intending to get you dragged into court. Thanks for being there. Good job. We need more freedom of speach – not less of it. I am not a fan of unions; never have been, but at the moment I support them, you know why…At least they retain that ability to say “fuck off” And in this little Havana that is one of the last castles we have left.

  9. Truth is a defence, as I’m sure you know, but it doesn’t prevent a lawsuit.

    Calling somebody a fraud and a crook is not appropriate in comments. If I want to call somebody a fraud on this site, it will be my judgement.

  10. Not a problem. I’ll keep my judgements between myself and my dog. She can’t repeat what I say and I think it would be beneath even Laurence and Denny to sue her.

  11. ?All the politicians did was stand aside and let it happen. After years of meddling they finally stood aside and allowed the people to get on with it. Taxes were cut and the economy was allowed to open up and the effect was like putting a flower out in the sun.

    Please read the out-take above and find the misplaced letter “i” where there should have been an “o” ?

    Is it?
    aside – asode -NO
    meddling – meddlong – NO

    It’s simple, look harder………..

    it – ot – NO
    like – loke – NO

    O.k, I’ll tell you, its “In”

    You see Mister Fitz(Nicely in my wallet) mistake was it wasn’t like putting a flower out in the sun, it’s more like putting a flower out ON the sun, you horrible horrible little creature.


    Can you tell me this, with the comments attributed to this particular scumbag above and the fact that it’s as good as testimony that the Department of Finance openly agreed to give these people a free hand, can we not use his past speech as evidendance in a future criminal proceeding against the whole fucking lot of them?????


  12. Bock,
    If there is ever anything I say or do that might get you in trouble then please feel free to pass on my e-mail address to the fuckers harrasing you about my view. If I say something on your site its because your site allows me to do so without fear and within likeminded company, but if lets say some dickweed politician or corrupt businessman fancies a pop then send them my way, a bunch of spinless fucking creeps the lot.
    Its a bit like eve’s dropping, sometimes your dying to hear what people are saying, its just a bitch when you find them talking about you.
    So from me to the concerned politicians and pariah- GO FUCK YOURSELF

  13. O’Keeffe was a farmer and company director by profession before becoming involved in politics. In 1982 O’Keeffe nominated by the Taoiseach, Charles Haughey to the 16th Seanad. He was first elected to Dáil Éireann at the November 1982 general election. He has retained his seat at every general election since then.[2]

    Since his election in 1982, O’Keeffe has served in a number of positions. He was Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Industry from 1982 until 1987. While Fianna Fáil were in power between 1987 and 1994, O’Keeffe remained on the backbenches. When Bertie Ahern became party leader in 1994 O’Keeffe was appointed Deputy spokesperson on Enterprise and Employment with responsibility for Commerce, Science, Technology and Small Business. He served in that position until 1997 when he became Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture and Food. He served in that position until February 2001 when he had to resign due to his voting on a Dáil motion without declaring that he had a beneficial interest in the subject matter.

    On 28 November 2007, during a debate on a motion of no confidence in the Minister for Health and Children Mary Harney, O’Keeffe resigned the Fianna Fáil party whip when forced to vote his confidence in the Minister.[3] On 26 February 2008 he was re-admitted to the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party.[4]

    He was a member of Cork County Council from 1985–97.

    He was an unsuccessful candidate at the 2009 European Parliament election for the South constituency. In the pre-election debate on Today FM he voiced his support for the use of Nuclear power and an incinerator in Cork Harbour.[5]

    Oh Yeah,
    And he’s also a share holder in Experian too……….

  14. If there is ever anything I say or do that might get you in trouble then please feel free to pass on my e-mail address to the fuckers harrasing you about my view.

    Peter, this is the site policy: if any comment is considered to be defamatory it’s automatically deleted and the commenter is asked not to repeat the statement.

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