When is a regulator not a regulator? When Fianna Fail is in government, HAHAHAHAHA!!! Geddit??? Geddit???

When even government ministers don’t understand cabinet responsibility it’s time to say goodnight.

What kind of a fucking eejit is Brendan Smith?

Will I tell you?

OK then.  It’s a trick question.  He’s a Fianna Fáil politician.

You see, I know he’s a government minister.   I knew that.  After all, I wrote this post not too long ago listing the people who run our governent, and Brendan Smith is in that list.

Brendan Smith is, let me remind you, a member of our government.

That’s G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T.

Got it?  Government.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the government were the people running this country.  And I thought there was collective cabinet responsibility.  Yes?

But more to the point, I thought the government had finally realised that we needed a professional financial regulator instead of the fucking idiots who allowed our banking sector to destroy the economy while they were out playing fucking golf.

Or was I wrong?

When the new financial regulator finally gets his teeth stuck into a serious issue — namely the matter of the Quinn group — what happens?

Brendan Smith leads a delegation of gobshites to meet the minister for finance, to see if maybe he can get the regulator to back off.

Hold on a fucking second, now.  Did I read that right?

Yes you did.  A cabinet minister led a delegation to meet a fellow cabinet minister to see if he could stop the financial regulator from doing his  job.

If you never before in your life had a reason for kicking this crowd of  gobshites out of office, surely this has to be it.

Brendan Smith, you are a gobshite.

They’re as bad as the bishops.  Not only don’t they get it.  They don’t even know that they don’t get it.

Is Brendan Smith a complete idiot?


Is he unique in this government?


It’s time to kick the crooks out now, but the only problem is who to vote for.  Another incompetent shower of crooks?


25 replies on “When is a regulator not a regulator? When Fianna Fail is in government, HAHAHAHAHA!!! Geddit??? Geddit???”

Bravo BOCK. Bravo. Bravo and fuck the lot of them. My son is not waiting around. He’s already organised to start a life in another country. I’ll not be far behind him.

No lessons seem to be learned, obviously. Billionaire vs The People. Who will win? Wouldn’t bet against the Billionaire in the red corner.

the really sad thing about those fuckers is that they are incapable of learning as it takes some degree of intelligence to do that.No those fuckers are lower than pond life on the evolutionary scale.They think that mouthing the right words (fed to them by their PR people) at the right time is all they have to do to con the stupid electorate into believing they are decent honest folk and when they have done that its back to gombeenism and corruption as usual.There is no hope for that country as it now stands and I cant see it ever changing.I agree with unstranger the only good thing about Ireland now is that airports are still operating and I say to any decent people stuck in that cesspit statelet that can go GO!.There is a decent world outside that mangy little island.

William — This mangy cesspit is where most of us happen to live. Therefore, while your suggestion might suit some people, it fails to address the issue.

Whatever made you think that the party of crookery and corruption would change their ways Bock?
Brendan Smith continuing to act the gobshite was totally predictable. The question is who advises these morons?. Guess who? The elite mandarins in the public service. The morons are advised by morons.

Eddie Molloy`s exposure of this corruption / incompetence in the Department of Finance (Fridays Irish Times) gives some insight to the levels of incompetence throughout the top grades in the public service. These are the people who advise the Government! They apparently believe they have fulfilled their remit over the last few years…….. Amazing.

Its time to limit the tenure of Public Servants above a certain grade to say a period of 5 years. This deadwood must be rooted out. We expect little of our politicians, we have the right to expect more of our top public servants.

You’re dead right, Mel.

People have been writing to the newspapers demanding that our top “public servants” try their luck with the private sector. In a grown up country, this would be true, they would not get anywhere. Unfortunately, this is Ireland, where our native companies would kill their mothers and, if necessary, their children to get these guys. (It’s usually guys.) Not for their abilities, such as they are, but their connections.

In that article, note Paddy Mullarkey, former Secretary General of the Department of Finance. Our well monikered Mr. Mullarkey also happens to be a non-executive director of the Quinn Group.

Also, below, we have David Mackey, who spent 10 years with the Quinn Group. He was General Manager of Cavan County Council. Infer what you want from that.

He was also formerly Assistant Manager of South Tipperary County Council. I’m from South Tipp and if his tenure there is anything to go by, I can only assume that Cavan too enjoyed dirty water and pothole strewn roads.

I hope, that if the regulator wins, we will see the beginning of the end of this type of gombeenism. It’s a slim hope though.

If the regulator backs down now he will not be viewed as the strong and incorruptable new Sheriff in town.

He will be seen as a complete nancy boy.

Break up the Quinn Group.

God we’re going to make sooooooo much money off that carcass.

Look – he’s a FF minister and behaving as such. No surprise there.

More important is the latest scam by Anglo. They are seeking to buy into the Quinn group.

Why, you might well ask? Well for no good business reason, you can be sure. The move is entirely political.

By holding a chunk of Quinn in a debt-for-equity swap they get closer to being systemically important. Lenny and his propagandists always claimed this but it was equally clear to the rest of us that they were a bank for and by a small elite, and not of any wider significance. By buying part of our insurance policies they become part of everyone’s lives and thereby part of the real world the rest of us live in. And thus systematically important and harder to close down.

Just when you think these scumbags have scraped the bottom of the barrel they come up with another wizard scheme. And the financial regulator is the only person that stands between us and more such schemes. FF would go for it like a shot, if they could. Because the wind down of Anglo would expose a lot of skeletons.

These creatures need a long time behind bars doing something useful like sowing mailbags before they will get the message. Alan Dukes included.

Bock says “It’s time to kick the crooks out now” – how can this be done? Seriously… there is all this talk about getting this crowd out, but I really want to know how this can be done? Really I do!

(I know I know, who do we replace them with… blah blah blah… I’m gonna start packing my bag now…. I hear Canada is doing well)

Tweedledumber, more like. I’m sick of the whole Cavan cabal and their bullshit about what a great guy Quinn is. It’s simple to run an insurance company without sufficient reserves – anyone can do this. The whole point is to have reserves to cover the risk that claims are greater than premium income. Without reserves, you cannot guarantee this, and your granny could offer that policy. This is why we have regulators to check that the reserves are in place.

I can’t quite believe the cojones on Smith to actually take a public stand on this despite the crisis we have been through. Either he’s completely thick, or our political system is seriously flawed (because he reckons there are more votes in defending the indefensible, despite looking like a gobshite).

“It’s simple to run an insurance company without sufficient reserves – anyone can do this. ”

That’s why we let anybody do it.

You never get paid and we make profit.

Lets be fair here, its not just FF, arent FG, Labour and SF pols in the Cavan area all shouting about “save our jobs”. Its plain that none of these would have done anything about financial regulation if they were in power over the last few years, and probably would have squawked if anyone had tried to put manners on Anglo and the rest. All because thats where the votes are. We are a nation of children. Bitch and cry about bankers and developers and regulators when you lose your job. Then bitch and cry when someone actually tries to do their job, by enforcing THE LAW to prevent further financial catastrophes. Stupid spoilt children.

We have always had this society of greed. Its an Irish thing. Is it a hangover from the British ocupation or a catholic thing? I don’t know. We all know that Garrett Fitzgerald was a good guy!!! But even Garrett had that whole AIB bail-out followed by Garrett’s loans being wiped by that same bank. Coincidence?
A certain section of society can afford tax advisors who tell them how to avoid paying tax. So the richer you are, the better equiped you are to avoid paying tax. That can’t be fair. Billions of taxes are lost to these “loopholes”; and then when the country goes tits-up who pays for the fucking mess? You guessed it. We have Arthur Cox solicitors who advise 1. The Taoiseach. 2.The banks 3.The investors and developers who owe a fortune to the banks. And the chairman of Arthur Cox Solicitors also sits on the panel of the “your Country Your Call” programme, which is just a way of getting the dissenting public to stop asking questions about who fucked up the country. So when the Fianna Fail government come to choose a solicitors firm to advise the board of NAMA, who is the last firm of solicitors they should apoint to this position because of the little matter of conflict of interest….yes, Arthur Cox Solicitors. Who do they choose. Arthur Cox Solicitors. If you read this in a John Grisham novel you would be furious. ITS FUCKING REAL PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP. CLOSE YOUR ASS CHEEKS AND STOP LETTING THEM FUCK YOU. GET ANGRY. GET FUCKING ANGRY. DID THE IRA GIVE OVER ALL OF THOSE WEAPONS?

“we have David Mackey, who spent 10 years with the Quinn Group. He was General Manager of Cavan County Council. Infer what you want from that.”

Seeing as Quinn are one of the largest employers in Cavan ( proportionately bigger than Dell was in Limerick) the chances of a high ranking official in Cavan having previously worked with Quinn group is actually really really high. ( This is sort of like the so called Prosecutor fallacy)

There is absolutely nothing to infer from that.

In relation to Smith , he is caught in a dilemna created by our crappy electoral system. Bock is right to mention the conflict of interest – but there is more to this story.

He has to been seen to be looking after his constituency, as much as all the other TDs. The voters will be like “where was Smith when the Quinn stuff was happening”. They wont care for this conflict of interest concerns. They will vote for the first muppet who comes along drapped in the county colours.

The Irish electorate – not the politicians – are the cause of the parish pump politics that is plaguing our electoral system. Bring in the List system !

“Seeing as Quinn are one of the largest employers in Cavan ( proportionately bigger than Dell was in Limerick) the chances of a high ranking official in Cavan having previously worked with Quinn group is actually really really high. ( This is sort of like the so called Prosecutor fallacy)

There is absolutely nothing to infer from that.”

That is true. But Mackey was General Manager of Cavan County Council before joining the Quinn Group.

It would be very unusual for a county manager, or any other senior council official, to have come from private industry. County managers, for the most part, come up through the administrative stream of the public service.

Just to confirm your point Bock:

“David Mackey spent over 22 years in the Irish Local Government Service during which time his positions included Town Clerk of Kinsale and Letterkenny Town Council; Director of Donegal Regional Development Organisation; County Secretary and Assistant County Manager of South Tipperary County Council and County Manager of Cavan County Council.

He then spent over 10 years (1989 to 1999) with the Quinn Group, six years as Group General Manager, followed by four years as Group Chief Executive”

This came from the website of the Central Fisheries Board, of which David Mackey was appointed Chairman in 2005 by Minister Noel Dempsey.

You gotta fight fire with fire. Our legal & government processes are being systematically abused by the people who have the funding & knowledge of how to do it.
All I hear is more moaning and complaning and no cohesion of effort to act together, i.e. the basis of democracy.
So simple, open a bank account, publish the account No & anybody who wants change transfer a euro. Appoint a trustee, Bock you’re nominated!
Now there are funds.
The next thing we need are resources. Any good lawyers/economists/etc out there who are out of work or who are willing to work pro-bono. A legal challenge to all this nonsense is formulated. The same challenge may highlight & publicise the croneyism that is actively taking place.
Next, whistleblowers. Again any accountants out there with some free time who can follow the money. Ireland was swimming in money three years ago, where the hell has it gone? We paid throught the nose for property & services so the money did exist, so where the hell is it. A good set of auditors will find it fairly quickly.
Its time to get organised and take the fight to them, fuck em, its time ‘they’ felt the pain.

With you Thar Farraige .We must cleanse the body politic of these parasites who have exploited our commercial ignorance,apathy and powerlessness and fed their Mammon selves and their cronies while masking under the guise of respectability and as patriotic servants of the Republic.This country is prostrate,knackered ,sucked dry.We cannot allow those who betrayed this nation to withdraw from the mess they created and retire with fat pensions and profits. If I may employ some powerful words from La Marseillaise: “Tremblez,tyrans et vous traitors……..” Tremble, tyrants and traitors ! Infamy in all its forms Tremble! Your gluttonous actions will soon be justly Punished

I blame the parents and the children! No joke, if my father or mother was caught up, associated in this, connected in this or any other criminal activity Id say Good Luck to ya! I would openly denounce them. Although its hard not to focus on the hatred of Fianna Fail it must be born in mind their unquestionable backwardness (they actually think they are sophisticated!! Seriously. The Dermot Desmonds and the like including the Fitzrotten Character. All them except perhaps the Runners who like to see them selves as more devious and cunning. Anyway, if my children put their hand to anything like this, not just the criminality but to not just destroy your country but also destablise Europe and then claim Europe thinks your Marvelous! Like I said where are the parents. Most of them I suspect are dead or do they reflect their own vile rottenness. What were they at when other parents were teaching us right from wrong. Half I would guess were absentee alcoholics that bought their childrens loyalty with money. And thus you have this warped sense of reality and an ability to accept that as long as a lie is believed its ok. They simply know no better, take Brian Lenihan, pretending to what be honest! Pulling stunts at every turn. He knows no better!. Its not a defense its a fact. They actually believe as long as Irish people buy nonsense its normal to carry on. How many were raised by nanny”s and no parents, a few (of those with money from their parents not just robbed) All the hall marks of neglect no honorable Stature or no good Character involved. And Utterly no Sense whatsoever of Nation building or Race Development in light of our past. You have to blame the parents.

Speaking of all of this I wondered at the similarity between our situation and the situation Germany was in no not with the Nazis and making comparisons but with the Jews. The Jews were (wrongly) blamed for being the Fianna Fail type of their time, they may have included jews but there the line stops, the swell built up and they got the blame. Lucky we just have Fianna Fail to blame no Jews. But I think we need to get a grip before they drive this country literally mad. Confidence, Partnership, and Leadership. I think it starts in every town and village and begins with finding our own intelligence. Heretofore not developed except at a very local community based level. We need to partner up with new Irish and start to raise intelligent people.

Well done Thar Farraige.
Well lads, there you go. A route mapped out and everything.

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