Andreas Varady Appeal

Jazz prodigy fundraiser

Unless you’ve had your head under a pillow for the last two years, you’ll know about Andreas Varady, a staggeringly-talented 12-year-old jazz guitarist who lives in Limerick.

We’ve been trying to get Andreas sorted out, and now he’s on his way to New York for tuition at Skidmore College, but he’s still playing an electrified plank through a kettle.

The guitar is on the way but Andreas still needs an amp suitable to his gift.

Here’s the deal.

If you’d like to kick in a few shillings, even five or ten euros, send an email to with some contact details and somebody will contact you in confidence.

Do this.  The kid is outstanding.  It won’t cost you much and you’ll be doing a big thing for music.  And for this great musician.

15 thoughts on “Andreas Varady Appeal

  1. Obviously a guitar genius! (The kid barely broke a smile through the whole performance though! So intense! He doesn’t seem to be having fun? Maybe it’s just me, but kids should be gettin some fun from music at this age surely?) Or am I just old? Maybe! Probably. Definitely!

  2. I assure you, Mapstew, this kid knows how to have fun. His parents are doing one hell of a job with him, from what I can see. Once he’s off stage, he’s just like any normal 12 year old. He does smile sometimes while playing but, if you suggest that this video shows an unhappy kid, I suggest that you firstly listen to his playing again and secondly try and do what he is doing and have full control of your facial expressions.

  3. OK that is just ridiculous. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this youngfla play yet – is he doing another set any time soon Bock? Jaw-dropping stuff.

  4. Hey, Paulie, it is hoped that Andreas will do a short set in Limerick before he leaves. Nothing has been confirmed as yet but you should be able to witness this phenomenal young musician within the next couple of weeks.

  5. I’d definitely like to donate something..
    Will send an email later.. just need an address to send a cheque.
    Definitely worth supporting this kind of talent!

  6. I was. Mr Steele got in touch.. thanks
    Said I’d comment to keep it on the agenda.. Not looking for praise or anything.. :)

    Bless and save you too. :) Blesses and save us all! :)

  7. I’ve heard Andreas on the streets in Galway, Cork and Limerick. He just sits there and with unbelievable incidental ease, plays one of the best Jazz sounds I’ve ever heard! Just amazing! Don’t ever retire!!!! We want more!

  8. Hey there, can I just say that a local businessman has said that he will make up the shortfall if we can raise another €300. When we reach out target, we’re going to furnish him with an amp befitting a guitar genius. FME, your contribution is much appreciated and I’ll let you know when we have the amp for him. We were going to get him a guitar but a major guitar company has spotted his talent and is furnishing him with a guitar. Lets get him to play dynamite through proper amplification. This kid deserves the utmost support.

  9. Bock, Any update on Andreas? Did he get sorted with what he needs? Any update on how he got on at Skidmore?

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