Andy Lee Wins Joke Fight

Mamadou Thiam takes the money and runs

What exactly was that?

One second, we were looking at a rather dull boxing match on TV, and the next second it was over.

Mamadou Thiam, Andy Lee’s opponent, had given up after two rounds.

Andy was laughing while the rest of us stared at our screens in disbelief.

What the fuck are we looking at?

Is this a joke?

17 thoughts on “Andy Lee Wins Joke Fight

  1. in fairness when someone decides to retire on the auld stool there’s not a lot you can do about it. Lee caught him with a nice right hook in the first frame, sent him wobbling back into a neutral corner. After that I reckon Thiam thought to himself he’d seen enough as – except for crude overhead rights he had little to offer. Lee will get a shot at Darren Barker’s European title now, Thomond Park has been mentioned – think that’s a bit ambitious myself – and the FAI might not sanction it of course. Lee beat Barker 18-8 in the European Seniors in 2004 – despite having a broken right hand. Still, it would be nice to see someone winn ing a European title in TP this year.

  2. Thanks be to Jasus! Two reasons, one, Andy won against a real thumper, Thiam knocks people out for the fun and two, I really considered buying a ticket to watch it live but figured fifty bucks was a bit steep and a few cans in front of the telly was an easier and cheaper option. I feel for the people who forked out!

  3. The guys he KO’d must have been standing in front of him waiting for the punches to arrive.

  4. i was at the fight, thankfully i only got da 30euro tickets, not a great undercard and an embarassing main fight,thiam knew e couldn handle it and gave up

  5. Jay, I agree that Thiam threw in the towel, mentally – but you are not guarenteed 10 rounds in boxing, Football lasts 90 minutes, rugby 80, unfortunately sometimes. However, boxing dosen’t have to go its distance if someone short circuits the affair with a KO, or loses heart, as Thiam did. Maybe he did suffer a back injury. Regardless, Lee would have won anyway. Thiam hadn’t a notion how to deal with Lee’s southpaw stance, and except for some very crude looking overhand rights which could be seen coming as far back as the Treaty Stone, wasn’t in Lee’s class.Ref Emile Tiedt, whose dad Fred (RIP), claimed welterweight silver for Ireland at the 1956 Olympics, confirmed that Lee won the two rounds. He looked sharp and focussed, did Lee. There was nothing he could do if his opponent retires on his stool. Thiam had 46 wins (43 KO’s) from 54 before Saturday and is an ex European champ.

  6. I think when that young Irish boxer who commited suicide in the UK died it brought boxing into the light, its a very difficult sport to take on, it doesn’t matter how good you are, all it takes is an unhealable cut or a couple of broken fingers and your career is over. I was never a boxing fan, but I’ve always had respect for anyone who can train to the level they do, the commitment shown doesn’t always gets seen in the fights but if I were fighting Andy Lee last week, I’d want to have the Mafia, a shotgun and plenty of ammo and even then he probably still kick the living daylights out of me. But the point, to last 2 rounds of 3 minutes to the watcher seems easy, try taking a beating for 6 minutes, where everywhere you turn some angry Paddy is waiting to punch whatever he can see of you… Now think people, would you last 2 Rounds?????
    I sure as fuck wouldn’t so can’t critise either fighter, but the laugh, we’ll you train solid for 2 months or whatever it may be, stay away from your friends and family in preperation and see if you don’t don a little smirk if the finishing line ran up to you instead of the other way round.


  7. Some good points Peter.

    In Saturday’s Irish Times TV guide of Pro Box Live they wrote that Thaim was a “pig-punching ex European champ….they obviously meant big punching, then again he may have been going around knocking out porkers. The swine.

    “I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it. It was you – Piggy, to paraphrase Brando in On The Waterfront.

  8. yes i no boxing cant always produce,, i was at the afif fight when andy outpointed him, great nit wiv a great undercard,i think andy is happy wiv the result but hell be disappointed in the long run as he only boxed two rounds and his next fight will be against barker for the european title, ill be gettin front row seats for that,, best thing about sat nit was the cubans, i tink perez is a legit fighter wiv huge power, it was like a young tyson how he dismantled his opponents, garcia was also impressive , i look forward to seen them fight again,when it comes down to it sat nit was an ultimate fail but im sure the next andy lee fight nit will be a great nit for limerick

  9. Jay – Lee beat Barker 18-8 at the 2004 European Championships in Croatia en route to winning bronze end qualifying for the Athens Olympcs. Lee had a broken right hand going into the fight – he beat him with one hand in other words. If Barker does put his title on the line in Limerick, then we’ll have a new European
    middleweight champion. Perez, a former World junior champ, fighing out of Cuba, looks a good prospect. However, the first heavyweight he stopped, Edgar Kalnars of Latvia, has lost 23 times in his career, and the second guy he boxed, Tomas Mzarek of the Czech Rep, has lost 28 times. That’s 51 losses between them, other than that etc. I reckon that Perez is too small for a heavyweight, reckon he should drop down to cruiser.

    …..Marty Morrissey was asking Lee’s opponent would he be interested in a re-match immediatly after his “six” minutes in the ring. I would said Thiam, following his abject capitulation. He has about as much chance of getting a re-match with Lee as Jacky Heakly Ray has of signing a five year contract with Real Madrid.

    Meantime, Marty, we love you, but give us a break will you.

  10. Thiam’s purse has been withheld pending an investigation by the Boxing Union of Ireland, some fecker is reporting today.

  11. yes you could be right bout perez. but then again look at haye, his speed is a massive advantage in the heavyweight division,only time will tell, hopefully they keep thiam money, he looked out of shape and out of hope fter 6 mins, i think brian peters was embarassd, marquez vs valazquez tomoro night,der 4th meeting, dont miss it

  12. Marty Morrissey is a pain in the proverbial orifice. Is it now mandatory that he appears in every major boxing promotion in this fair isle? Who is responsible for this outrage? Why are we subjected to his mediocrity? Because away from the camera this guy is porcine in his attitude.

  13. But we love Marty, Tony, we lurveeeeee him. Lee’s coach, Joey Gamache, a two-weight world champ in his day, reckons that Haye should stay away from the Klitschko brothers. Wladimir has trained with Lee and Gamache a few times in the past. Wladimir – note to sub eds, it is Wladimir not fucking Vladimir, bastards – very hard to hit according to Lee. The doctor that examined Thiam, according to some low down wretch in the papers, couldn’t find injuries consistent with what Thiam was complaining about. Waldron was 5/1 to beat Power at UL….and he won. We took our eye off the ball there.

  14. willie casey, another limerick native 5-0 4 by stoppage is fighting on prizefighter this week live on sky sports, boylesports have him at 5-1

  15. He’s been drawn against Liverpool southpaw Mark Moran Jay – his manager reckons that if Casey, nicknamed Big Bang, hits something in York Hall, London it will go down…series carries a first prize of 32 grand sterling. Esham Pickering, who dropped his European belt to Dunne in Dublin in 2006, is in the mix and is favourite.

    Casey got his “Rocky Bilboa” like opportunity after Wayne McCullough withdrew injured.

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