Dear Deputy O’Keeffe

Cynical politicians oppose financial regulation

Hello Ned.

You might not remember me, but I was the guy desperately trying to prevent himself from punching you in the smug, self-satisfied, crooked Fianna Fáil face last year when you turned up in my local pub.  It was a Saturday morning at the market, when I like to enjoy my coffee and my read of the paper, but you, Ned, invaded my space with your Fianna Fáil cronies out on the stump.

You have no idea how close you came, Ned, to a kick in the crotch, as you wearied the entire pub with your tired old jokes and your cringe-inducing false bonhomie, you despicable, back-slapping old bore.

Now, Ned, let’s not mince words here.  You are an idiot.  A cunning, self-regarding, rat-faced, greedy, overbearing, loudmouthed, gombeen idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.  Ned, have you ever read a book?  I doubt it.  In fact, Ned, can you read at all, or would you be able to see the point of it?

Probably not, Ned, you fucking cretin.

Now, Ned, you’re probably wondering why I waste this invective on a superannuated, inbred, Fianna Fáil hillbilly, and the truth is I wouldn’t normally devote valuable seconds to vermin like you, but, Ned, this week you stepped over the mark.

I wanted to give you an award.

No seriously, Ned.  I wanted to give you this medal that I had specially minted for you.

Ned, thanks, you moronic old gobshite, for exposing the dishonest heart of Fianna Fáil for the whole world to see.

Ned, I want to thank you for speaking out against financial regulation in such an impassioned way.  I know it’s a subject close to your heart — money — and I want to compliment you on speaking from that shrivelled old heart on the only thing that touches you and makes you human.  Money.

Wasn’t it good of you, Ned, to attack the financial regulator for his nationality, you miserable, xenophobic old prick?

And wasn’t it a fine national service you did, Ned, you despicable old bastard, to oppose more staff for the regulator, for fear he’d find out about the criminality in the banks?

Well done, Ned, you pathetic old waffler.  We couldn’t have those foreigners finding out how crooked we Irish are, could we Ned?  And especially, we couldn’t have that regulator exposing the dealings our elected representatives have in the banks and related companies that brought about our country’s downfall.

You wouldn’t happen to be financially involved in any of those dodgy banks, would you Ned?  What exactly did you mean when you defended our former failure of a financial regulator, Neary?  Did his incompetence suit you and your cronies, Ned?

Ned?  You despicable old bastard?

God, how I wish I’d punched you right in the middle of that smug, insincere grin when I had the chance.

Yours Sincerely


PS.  By the way, Ned.  What exactly did you do in the Dáil bar?


UPDATE.  December 2014

Ned O’Keeffe convicted of fraud.

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  1. With Quinn jobs certain to go in Clondalkin (301 of them) I despaired to hear Joan Burton (Labour), her constituency, on Newstalk say that the Quinn Insurance business model was a good one as it provided competitive premiums and jobs? Pity it did not involve meeting reserve requirements? Oh yeah this is almost the F.F. model where it is ok, except if you get caught with your pants around your ankles. I worked for a UK insurer for many years and they are still around, and I hope they will be in business when my pension is due. Their chances are better now that pricks like Quinn are stopped in their pursuit of cashflow over underwriting. Fucking hell I’m mad as hell and won’t listen to any more backyard minding politicians. Labour me arse.

  2. Bock

    I have got a bone to pick with this article. – You are not emphasizing enough of how big a tosser this guy is.
    This guy is a world class tosser, a wanker of epic proportions. I cant think of a bigger shit in irish politics , either now or in the past.

    Have a read of this

    Evening Echo (Cork) reports:

    East Cork TD Ned O’Keeffe has said Rathcormac National School should not be a priority for funding and that it has a “fabulous” layout of Portakabins.

    Rathcormac NS has more than 200 pupils and there are nine prefabs in use, at a cost of €83,000 per year.

    But it gets worse:

    A site alongside the existing school has been identified and architectural designs have been drawn up. The local community has campaigned for a new school for the past decade.

    Deputy O’Keeffe insisted, however, that the school was not a priority for him, as Rathcormac was not a place where he gained many votes.

    He told the Evening Echo:

    “There is a fabulous layout of Portakabins there. There are many other schools that need the funding first. Rathcormac NS will get a new building when funds become available, simple as that.”

    Deputy O’Keeffe said he was being honest with the parents’ council of Rathcormac NS when he said he would not lobby the Minister for Education, Batt O’Keeffe.

    He explained that he had not received votes in the area when he ran for election to the Dail in 2007.

    “I was contacted by a representative for the parents’ council and told her straight out my position. Des O’Malley used to do the same. All things being equal, I asked her why I should look after the people of Rathcormac if they didn’t look after me? I told her there was no funding available.”

  3. I agree that Ned is a wanker of world-class quality, but this is a carefully-honed post, designed to highlight a particular aspect of his wankerishness.

    General Ned-wankery will be covered in future issues. He is, after all, the wanker who keeps on giving. And taking.

  4. I see – the scale of his wankerishness is so vast that it may need long series of posts to do it justice.

  5. Did he really say, ““I was contacted by a representative for the parents’ council and told her straight out my position. Des O’Malley used to do the same. All things being equal, I asked her why I should look after the people of Rathcormac if they didn’t look after me? I told her there was no funding available.” True example of altruism isn’t it! Bock next time you see him, please punch him.. at least tell him what a wanker he is.

    What did he supposedly do in the Dáil bar anyways? Bore the arse off a granny and put her in an early grave?

  6. Ned O’Keeffe advocated a boycott of the movie ‘Babe’ as it endangered the pork industry.

  7. @ Big Dave

    Holy shit. Thanks for posting that: who could fucking credence it? Such an insufferable, arrogant prick.

  8. He’s one of my constituency TDs and I’m sad to say he would be a certainty to be re-elected.

    The ads for his clinics have him in Aghada (20 miles from me) at 2pm, Midleton (17 miles) at 3pm, Castlemartyr (10 miles) at 3:30, Killeagh (7miles) at 4pm and here in Youghal at (4:30).

    Clark Kent would have some job making all his clinics in that time. But you hit the nail on the head Bock, He always appears in the pubs every now and then and buys the odd round and that’s how he does it.

    That whole Rathcormac incident is a nice sideline but despite that all that his son Kevin, is a Cork County Councillor who topped the poll in 1999 when first elected. Despite all the shite about Rathcormac they will still vote for him in their droves. Certainly for as long as one of them is in the council and the other in government.

    Ned is getting a bit old now (66) and his attempt at getting Kevin his seat as a TD by running as an MEP candidate failed miserably but you can be sure one of the O’Keeffes will be running in the next general election and one of them will be elected with or without the help of the people of Rathcormac. Almost certainly with their help come to think of it, for as he said himself the people of Rathcormac didn’t look after him in 2007 but they’ll be damn sure to next time around.

  9. I forgot to mention before just how he would have known that the people of Rathcormac would have let him down as it were given their ballot boxes would have been taken to a central location to be counted along with the boxes from the rest of the constituency.

    The actual fact is that he cannot be exactly sure if they did or not as all votes are private and in theory is should be impossible to trace a vote pulled from the ballot box to an exact house on a street.

    But candidates are allowed to have tally men (or women) at the counting centre who keep an eye on how the votes are being counted. As the ballot boxes are being opened it’s pretty easy to see on the side of them from which polling office they came.

  10. Well, here’s a question about voting that has long puzzled me. I’ll preface my comments by admitting that I’m pretty stupid most of the time, and as thick as pigshit the rest of the time. I’ve probably got the wrong end of the stick here, but I hope somebody can put me right.

    When you vote (and it’s been about a decade since I cast a ballot), isn’t there a serial number on the ballot paper? And isn’t your name entered against that serial number? And wouldn’t that make it a piece of piss to find out just how somebody voted?

    Like I said, I’m probably wrong on this, but I’d like your comments.

    Incidentally, the link Dave posted above includes a link to contact Ned O’Keefe. So now we can all let him know what we think of him.

  11. Isn’t it alleged that he sexually assaulted RTÉ political correspondent Úna Claffey in the Dáil bar?

    (In the form of a question, so not technically libellous, I think. But delete this if I’m wrong about the phrasing.)


  12. Robert and Ricepaddy – you’re nearly there. I know how it’s done.

    Every ballot paper has a serial number and they come in books of fifty. Every candidate is entitled to appoint what is called ‘personatlng agents’, who are always quasi-voluintary local low-level political activists such as cumann members, nieces of old IRA men, widiws of mediocre UDC members and so on. The independents, Greens and other sundry wackos and raving loonies won’t have either the savvy or the manpower to do this. The personating agents’ official role is to sit in the polling booth and ensure the voters who present as Joe Bloggs are Joe Bloggs, from their own direct knowledge of the local community. (No contextual pun intended.)
    Because they give up their day selflessly in order to uphold the highest standards of democracy in our country, their vote is transferred to the polling station in question, if not their own. They may therefore vote, at any time during the day.
    They may also mark off a copy of the electoral register, to ensure nobody votes twice. This is officially the Polling Clerk’s role but the PAs provide a check and balance…
    Candidates and their election agents may visit polling stations any time, again to ensure an honest process. Personating agents aren’t supposed to speak to the voters.
    Personatilg agents are allowed to watch the Presiding Officer mark the ballot paper for an illiterate person – but curiously, not an incapacitated one.

    Stage now set…..cue: drum roll…

    FIrst thing in the morning, the polling station opens. One of the personating agents votes – and records the number of the ballot paper. As the voters arrive, the sequntial numbers of their papers are entered in the personating agents’ copies of the electoral register. As new books are begun, the personating agents take it in turn to vote and thus track the numbers. It’s very easy. Fools are doing it.
    The illiterates allow calibration of the system – in a place like Moyross, up to 60% will present as illiterate, therore all their votes are known.

    Act 11 – cue further drum roll and minor chords…the plt thickens, scene opens at the Count Centre.

    Step one – the boxes are opened under the scrutiny of party hacks as you’ve seen on television, all jostling to see in over the barriers. The ballot papers are straightened out, and often there are two, such as local and European papers or Dail and European etc so they will have to be segregated. That is the first opportunity for the hacks to see the marked paper and try to glimpse the serial number. Other opportunities will come.

    First task of the officials is to determine the total VALID poll, this is done by counting the ballot papers and eliminating the spoiled votes. You might typically in one box get 800 total papers, six spoiled, total valid poll = 794. The “tally men” will check that this figure corresponds with what their personating agents recorded, if so, all is well and under control.

    Next task is important – adjudicating on the ‘doubtful’ votes. Any candidate may semand a check on any vote. The check and adjudication is done by the returning officer with the candidates and their agents present. Typically, where a voter marks 1,11,111, 1111 instead of 1,2,3,4 and so on an adjudication is deemed to be necessary and the candidiates will see that paper up close and see its number – all those votes are therefore known early on.

    Next begins the long process of count and re-count, as our proportional representation system kicks in. At every stage, the voting papers are flattened out and counted, under the scrutiny of the hacks. After ten or eleven counts, they get well used to reading numbers upside-down, and will even on occasion ask ‘show me that one again’ in the usual informal Irish style of dealing engagingly with officialdom. By the end of the evening, the hacks will have a near-perfect idea of how the No 1 votes in each polling district went, and it will be cross-referenced back to the electoral register as marked by the personating agents. They will therefore know if you voted at all, and if you did, how you voted.

    And you’re all wondering about Rathcormac School?…


  13. Your all so wrong. I got a good Christian Brothers education up to 5th standard National School. I am in the Knights of Columbine and still smoke Woodbines. I was called an intellectual by no other than Oliver J. Flanagan…and he was a Papal Knight or somethin’. I consider being called a Fianna Fail cretin and moron a great compliment as I’m among a great number of them in the party. So Pog mo Thoin!

    Yours etc.,

  14. A tired and emotional Nedser, is alleged to have given Una a tight squeeze before he slipped the tongue in. Sadly, she was so shocked by this gallant display of FF foreplay that she forgot to bite hard on the offending fillet of prime East Cork steak, more’s the pity.

  15. @The Bolted Nut

    “After ten or eleven counts, they get well used to reading numbers upside-down, and will even on occasion ask ’show me that one again’ in the usual informal Irish style of dealing engagingly with officialdom.”

    I’ve often wondered how they pulled of that trick. And how they selected local areas for benefit / victimisation with such precision. Thanks for the info.

    FF still at 23% in the latest Red C poll. Unbelievable.

    And even worse na Glasraí up one point! That’s 29% for government parties, after Anglo, Nama, wage and benefit cuts that went straight into the pockets of the bankers and bond markets. They are probably patting themselves on the back in the Daíl bar as you read this. “Could be worse you know. Just hang on in there for a couple of years.”

    The citizens of Athens are pointing the way.

  16. @pope – what I gave you was the quick summary. The detail can be even more interesting, but there is certainly no such thing as a secret ballot in Ireland. A few more tangential points –

    The greatest looders of all in the political system are the yuppie ‘partners’ who decide their alleigances lie one FF and one FG, and therefore stay at home altogether and watch Friends with a nice glass of pinot grigio, and tell all their pals how clever they are. That is a dumb move. Participation is vital.

    The best voters are those who really dislike one candidate, and if there are fifteen on the ballot paper, they give him/her No 15 and then fill it in backwards to No 1. Good tactics.

    I’ve seen adjudications on spoied votes where the voters wrote ‘gobshites’ , ‘dickheads’ or ‘pricks’ with one letter in each box. The candidate who got the letter ‘I’ will usually claim the vote.

    I’ve seen candidates with “O’Something” surnames dropping the O in order to get higher up the ballot paper and capture the many who fill them in 1,2,3,4 etc from the top.

    We have a ridiculous country at times, we deserve the luck we’ve made for ourselves.


  17. Ned is not a Cretin. He is just a member of that section of humanity that evolution left behind. The missing link between civilisation and a self-serving, ignoble, knat. That species are called the Irish.

  18. I sent Ned an email asking him if he believed school funding should be prioritised on the basis of need.

    Strangely, he hasn’t replied.

  19. Evolution didn’t leave his equals behind. They evolved because nobody prevented them taking control of our country. We vote in fellas who won all-Ireland hurling medals for that reason only. We vote in fellas who blame ‘Dublin’ for everything. We vote in gun-runners. We vote in terrorists who tacitly condone the shooting of our states’s unarmed civil police force by their political colleagues. We tolerate the giving of seats in our upper house to people who are rejected by the electorate for the lower house. We vote for people who have no first language in a country that officially has two, and expect them to perform competently in Europe up against les enarques. We confuse stand-up comedy with serious and competent public speaking. We regard education and competence with suspicion.

    Again, we deserve the luck we’ve made for ourselves.


  20. Having never voting for any gobshites in Ireland I find these posting very enlightening.
    I especially liked Roberts ” He always appears in the pubs every now and then and buys the odd round and that’s how he does it.” To me that sums up the Irish voter “sound-man yourself ” buy the gobeens a pint and they hand over their future to gobshites like him. What is the matter with people.

  21. O’KEEFFE, Edward (Cork East)
    This same vermin I believe was banished and returned after he decided to forget he and his family were involved in farming when it came to disclosing interests, the same Ned O’Keeffee who’s only interest over the last few years was allowing a certain degree of authorised drunk driving in the sticks (these peoples lives must be second rate according to our Dublin government, and as a Dub I find it disgraceful that a sitting TD would like the roads to be more dangerous for my unfortunate neighbours around the country) Below is what Ned O’Keeffe last year admitted to having part in financially, note Banks/Builders/Insurance Brokers and of course Experian who itslef throw up so strange unethical problems- Who do Experian advise? Who are the board? Why is there so many vested interests and sitting board members on a company which only seems to have one purpose, and to me, its dictate currency rates/house prices and everything elses thats put us in the shits.

    O’KEEFFE, Edward (Cork East)
    1. Occupational Income …….. Farmer: Ballylough, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.

    Other Information Provided: Farming activities: dairy farming – cows, cattle – reared to adult stage, grow grass.

    (1) Dairygold Co-op, Mitchelstown: Food Company;
    (2) Permanent TSB, Dublin: Banking;
    (3) Greencore Plc, Dublin: Food Processing;
    (4) AIB, Dublin: Banking;
    (5) Beecham/Glaxco, UK: Pharmaceutical/Chemical;
    (6) Bank of Ireland, Dublin: Banking;
    (7) Grafton Plc: Hardware/Building Materials;
    (8) Readymix UK/Ireland: Concrete Products;
    (9) Mitchells Butler Plc, UK: Leisure;
    (10) Lloyds TSB, UK: Banking;
    (11) Scottish/Newcastle, UK: Brewery;
    (12) Topps Tiles, UK: Retail;
    (13) Marstons Plc, UK: Leisure & Brewery;
    (14) Vodafone, UK/Ireland: Telecommunications;
    (15) CRH, Ireland: Construction;
    (16) BP Plc, UK: Oil;
    (17) Wolseley, UK: Hardware;
    (18) SSL International Plc, UK: Health Care;
    (19) Hanson Plc, UK: Building Company;
    (20) Standard Life Plc, UK/Ireland: Life Assurance;
    (21) Halfords Group Plc, UK: Retail Motor Components;
    (22) Belfry, UK: Investment;
    (23) Home Retail Group: Retail;
    (24) Experian, UK: Retail & Finance;
    (25) Marshalls Plce, UK: Construction Company;
    (26) FBD Insurance, Ireland: Insurance Company;
    (27) Rank Group Plc, UK: Leisure;
    (28) Aer Lingus Plc, Ireland: Airline;
    (29) Rentokill Initial, UK: Pest Control;
    (30) Tomkins Plc, UK: Motor Components;
    (31) Royal Dutch Shell Plc, UK: Oil;
    (32) Barratt Developments Plc, UK: Construction Company;
    (33) Royal Sun Alliance Plc, UK: General Insurance;
    (34) King Fisher Plc, UK: Hardware;
    (35) Debenhams, Ireland/UK: Retail.

    3. Directorships……………… Nil

    4. Land ……………………… (1) Land: (1) Ballylough, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork: farmland; (2) Cloughleafin, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork: farmland.

    5. Gifts ……………………… Nil

    6. Property and Service …….. Nil

    7. Travel Facilities ………….. Nil

    8. Remunerated Position ……. Nil

    9. Contracts …………………. Nil

  22. Wrong. The main problem is people voting. People who know fuck all about politics or how politics works. When I left school at sixteen I did not know a thing about how to vote or how our election system worked. I don’t know if they teach this in school now, but they should. It’s the usual ould deflection trick. Keep the people stupid and ignorant with X-Factor and the Premiership. If they ask too many questions, give them tax cuts we can’t afford and sack somebody who is surpless to requirment. Brian Lenihan’s cancer must have been met with a muted, secret, though jubilent cry from the benches of the Fianna Fail party.

  23. Why has this man not been pulled from his constituency office and shown a thing or two. Saw Kileen at the weekend at a show and almost got a roar at him, but he’d the head down… hanging in shame no doubt!

    With regard to the Secret ballot…. non existent in this country, i knew that from an early age, but what i would like to know is, is it in the rules that a pencil be used instead of a ball point pen? I find it highly unusual that a pencil is used as it can be easily rubbed out. Strange that exams can’t be done in pencil, but the future of our country can be scrawled out with it! Would love to hear any views on it!

  24. Bock We mere mortals do not understand Deputy O’Keeffe was sent by God to mind Himself, O sorry us .
    It is the F.F. way. Members and supporters will always find some way of deflecting these little indiscretions to others. Please read comment No.1 Folks.

  25. Nevie – the State supplies pencils, but many people bring ball-points and use them. I know a lot about the system and I’ve never had a concern about pencil marks being erased. There actually isn’t an opportunity – the ballot box is sealed just before the poll opens in the morning, it is taken for safe-keeping by the gardai for the night after the polls close, and it’s opened by the returning officer in the count centre in the morning. He will check the seals.
    I don’t know if there is hard black-letter law on the use of pencils, I doubt it. I would guess it is simply tradition and cheese-paring of the budgets.


  26. Dear Deputy O’Keeffe, you’re so crass
    You ought to be put out on grass
    A blogger named Bock
    Has put you in the dock
    And concludes you’re a pain in the ass

  27. This “pencil conspiracy ” is nonsense.
    The logic of it it that ballot papers ticked with pencil, would have their ticks erased and transferred, for some nefarious purpose. If it was possible (it isn’t) surely it would be easier to stuff the ballot boxed with new slips, and take out and burn the “wrong” slips.

    The government probably bought a job lot of pencils back in the 70’s or something , that get left inside the ballot boxes in the mean time, and we have been using them every since.

  28. Bock in truth you and your “mates” from the pub should have kicked seven kinds of shite out of O’Keefe and his minders. He is no more or less than the face of F.F. the scum that shall rule forever by the votes of cretins.

  29. was ned not on a committee regarding the regulation of pork production? and did he not have to step down from it when it was highlighted that might have a vested interest?

  30. Every funeral I have to attend this cretin of man shows up, is there anything that can be done to stop these slimeballs from canvassing at funerals? A friend of mine recently stated that her Aunts wishes was to say “no politicans” on the paper when announcing details of her funeral arrangements but the newspaper “examiner” refused.
    He is a spoofer to his very core.

  31. Well, it’s not that I actually care, but his accent just oozes sliveen.

  32. well said bock…too many of these muck savages in power in this country

  33. Eamon Keane on Newstalk radio thinks O Keefe is a great man and fawns over him on a regular basis. Just proves the boggers stick together. Whats the saying…… can take the man from the mountain……………..

  34. Thanks for your views and insights…

    Anyone feeling as ashamed as i am after hearing the greeks shout “We’re not like the Irish, we don’t sacrifice ourselves for the rich”. Whole world must be laughing. We’ll do anything we’re asked, especially if we’re asked twice.

  35. “Anyone feeling as ashamed”

    Not in the least. It is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen in my life. This will serve not other purpose than to inflict more damage on an economy already reeling. Unless it gets its act together real fast, Greece is fucked.

    If they bothered to pay their taxes, they wouldn’t be in this mess. Tax evasion is chronic there.

    I am not saying that we should take what is happening in this country lying down. Apathy is the cause of our problems as much as cronyism and corruption. But follow the Greek example ? Never.

  36. @ Big Dave

    I think Nevie is more impressed with what they’re saying and not taking things lying down rather than the riotous situation that’s going on. So am I.

    Regarding tax avoidance, it’s their equivalent of the PAYE worker that are paying most of the taxes. The rich i.e. shipping magnates etc. avoid tax and hole it up in a bank in London. The tax evasion issue in Greece reminds me of Ireland in the 80s and 90s. Chronic is right.

  37. @ all

    “(24) Experian, UK: Retail & Finance;”

    Didn’t Seanie give a talk to these chaps?

  38. Dave, do you not think that that is exactly the attitude the Seanies, Derek Quinlans and Dermot desmonds want you to have. I have nothing against somebody getting rich; even getting rich by doing nothing but sitting in an office chair and punching a few buttons. But when I am asked to pay a levy so that Dermot Desmond doesn’t lose another penny on his bank shares – that’s fucked up.

    “So many people can’t express what’s on their minds
    Nobody knows them; nobody ever will
    Until their backs are broken and their dreams are stolen
    And they can’t get what they want, that’s when they’re gonna get angry”

  39. No – I am all in favour of active protest, but only for the right reasons – An honest living for a decent wage.
    That is not what is going on there.
    While the bosses shouldn’t take the piss, neither should the workers….What is going on over there is just taking the piss. Retiring at 52, transfer of benefits, a state subsidy to buy gifts…Stuff that is just inconceivable here.

    Also – it isn’t just the rich scamming over taxes over there…..The black market is absolutely chronic. Non Payment of VAT is a huge problem there – and it isn’t just the rich doing it.

    Go do some research on what they are actually protesting about, before you start talking about Seanie and Dermot Desmond. Absolutely nothing like what is going on in Greece.

  40. Dave. I have a rudamental understanding of the Greek problem from the media already. I take your point. But your assersion also sounds like “our criminals are not as bad as their’s.” Its the mentality of the mob. “Sure everybody does it!” As for tax avoidance and tax evasion; the difference between those two is the presence or not of a solicitor and a tax advisor in the room. You say “the most idiotic thing you have seen in your life” are the riots in Greece. How about Ernst and Young investigating it’s own incompitence. Or Arthur Cox solicitors – solicitor to Anglo and advisor to the Taoiseach – being appointed legal rep to NAMA. Or how about Bertie’s book being called art and qualifying for the arts exemption rule. How about Alan Dukes’ first act as head of Anglo is to give himself a pay rise. Maybe my father – who is the most honest man I know, who worked since he was thirteen and always saved and paid his way – having to pay a bank levy on his pension so that DERMOT DESMOND’S shares don’t lose any more value. How about a thief like Charles Haughey getting a state funeral and being called a patriot by the sitting thief. This country is as corrupt as Greece. We just think we are better.


  41. What my assertion “sounds like ” is irrelevant. What my assertion actually “is” is what matters.

    My assertion is that our problems and greeces problems are, for the most part , completely diffferent.
    Greece didnt have the problems with Banks and property developers that we had. We dont have the problems with the Black market that they have.

    Chalk and Cheese!!!!

  42. Bock,boggers means bogmen,a species of thick,fucking ignorant potato faced cunts particular to this bankrupt little island,sodbusters of unparalleled neck girth many of whom have invaded,by hook or by croook,positions of power and influence which they have invariably and shamelessly used to further their own narrow(monetary) interests. A few examples:
    “A guard told me”; “were all in this together”(Waitt); “there is no alternative”(Tina);”i had no bank account”;”i got a dig out from friends in Manchester”;”we didnt know about this child abuse”;
    Even better are the ones in post no. 51 above from Darren.

  43. Dave, as Yobbah so correctly pointed out, it is the fact that the Greek people have joined together in protest that i admire. I do not condone violent behavior, but agree with a large united front. We as a people have done nothing but moan and whine for a considerable period to what end? there is no action. No matter what the reason, they have united, something the Irish just can’t seem to comprehend. Everything is a competition. Everything is pressure, stress. strain. Ireland has gone from being one of the friendliest to “The rip off republic” in Lonely Planet guide. Rules and regulations from any direction including our buddies in the EU! We’ve been stripped of our fishing rights, our agricultural industry is being regulated out of business by directives, our competition is gone out the door, our sovereignty, to most of its extent is non existent. Our gas given freely. We’re asked politely twice for our opinion, but only when it suits them, or when they’re scared the big bad EU boys will punish them. The youth of the country was handed over to a paedophile ring for their entertainment, the mentally ill were tortured, the sick were ignored, (i should use present tense also)…

    The Economy… oh, we must not hurt the economy. any one watched South Parks episode on this? Pretty much lays it out. Fuck the economy, pardon my language! Look where the economy has got us. Loans from banks who think muck savages have billions they can personally guarantee, insurance companies receiving multiple policies on one property, taxes on everything except the bare scrape of the essentials, levies for services already considered covered elsewhere, disgraceful planning, with locals left fighting tooth and nail for their own permission…. 51 & 53 mention a some good ones, and sure, if we all had a little think about it… a real good think, it surely would boil blood.

    Alls i thinks is we should pull together for a national day of protest at the quiet frankly embarrassing situation that is our Country. We’ve spat in the faces of our abused children, our elderly pensioners rotting in homes, who probably remember what it was like to have a pair and we’ve all left the most needy in the drain to make sure we can still pat the banker on the back, and hand him our future with interest, along with the future of our children, not even born yet. Let our bright, talented, educated population flee to civilized countries to make a better life for themselves, and see what it is like not to be financially raped from all angles and having a rich healthy life!
    “You know, I have a theory about Charlie Haughey. If you give him enough rope, he’ll hang you.”
    – BBC Ireland reporter Leo Enright.
    “He is the best, the most skillful, the most devious and the most cunning.”
    – Charles Haughey’s description of his successor as Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern……

    I found it disturbing to see celebrations of 1916 Rising being celebrated in Church…. I could hear the snorting louder that usual. If a statute didn’t bleed from the bigotry it never will.

    Stand up and chance the system. Its rotting from the core.

  44. Thanks for that big long incoherent ill informed Rant.

    I will keep this short: It is clear you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

  45. Rant:yes, totally off the point of the original blog post: yes. ill informed?

  46. ill informed? A whole world of YES.

    I am not against public demonstrations (In fact I am actually helping to organise a few) , but I wont abide the motives of the Greek demonstrators – A Gravy Train, and at our expense – and certainly not being compared to them.

    We have nothing in common with Greece, thank god.

  47. Again Dave, haven’t once mentioned the fact that Greece and Ireland’s problems are the same, just that they have the balls to stand up, (whether their right or not)

  48. Headline in yesterdays Sunday Independent business section:
    “Haughey protege appointed to the board of Anglo”.
    The more things change,the more they remain the same.

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