Elite Israeli Love-Commandos

What kind of commandos are they raising in Israel these days?

I remember a time when one Israeli soldier could beat a truckload of Foreign Legionnaires with both his legs cut off, using only his little finger, but these days, when they rapelle from a helicopter onto a ship, the first overweight hippie they meet is able to take their gun away from them.

Either Israeli commandos are getting soft or hippies are getting tougher.

I’d say the problem lies with all this new politically correct thinking they have to do because the Americans are paying the bills.  As an Israeli  commenter on another thread informed us, the love-commandos boarded the ship armed only with paint-ball guns because they didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Special forces of love.

Luckily, the PC classes haven’t made the IDF completely stupid and so, even though they were being beaten up by a crowd of stoned, vegan hippies, the Israeli commandos had the answer: they machine-gunned everyone, but in a very measured, caring way.  According to Israeli soldiers who were present, they all cried a little after the firing died down, because they were the real victims.

As their life coach told them: every time you shoot a peace activist, you shoot yourself.

It probably wouldn’t have happened at all if the hippies could organise themselves properly, but you know what hippies are like.  Stoned, drunk and dirty.  Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon pointed out that the flotilla was an armada of hate, and of course we all know hate comes in many forms.  It can come from the barrel of a tank, or it can appear in the sky as white phosphorus over a densely-populated concentration camp.  It can show up in the smashing of greenhouses, the uprooting of olive trees or the eviction of families from their homes.  It can take the form of a 12-foot-high concrete wall separating a man from the farm that feeds his family.

Or it can appear on the high seas in the form of a ship loaded with wheelchairs and bandages.

Now that’s real hate.  That’s venom.  It’s likely that  the Israeli love-commandos were exposed to a leak of terror and possibly hate due to inadequate sealing of storage canisters by the dirty hippies, which would account for their unnecessary use of harsh language while shooting the misguided puppets of international terrorism.

An Israeli politician pointed out that the flotilla was trying to infiltrate terror into Gaza, which makes sense given the use of a ship formerly used by the Guinness brewery.  The MV Rachel Corrie, was named after an American protester who violently attacked an Israeli buldozer by standing in front of it and was lovingly crushed to death under its tracks.

This ship is equipped with tanks once employed for exporting Guinness but now converted to a far more sinister use.  The tank on the left has been filled with Hate-Dioxide  and the one on the right with Terror-Tetrachloride.  These seemingly harmless substances can be readily broken down to their constituent parts using only simple household cleaning agents found in any Islamic kitchen.

Cleaning agents of terror.

The Rachel Corrie is due to reach the Israeli exclusion zone two days from now.  Since the Israeli authorities have warned the ship not to enter this section of international waters, it will be the hippies’ own fault if love-commandos are forced to execute every last one of them.

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Allow me to fix that for you Pope Epopt.

“Nice boys sent out to do a dirty, if totally unnecessary, job”

dangerous stuff, this Love, Peace and Understanding… and sometimes the most rare and expensive thing on Earth. No discounts available.

Great stuff Bock.No one says it like you.Wont be long until Israel lashes out its love in Biblical proportions.Here have a Nuclear Warhead.The end justifies the means and the end is nigh.A greater World lies ahead .Apocalypse soon.

Very good Mr Bock.

It also provides a nice counter point to the “they weren’t real humanitarians” line repeated by the cheer leaders, like some how that makes a difference. By that logic they could have attacked and killed merchant sailors on the grounds they weren’t “humanitarians” either.

The poor special forces group that were set upon, me arse. They’re high trained special forces killers whe never would have been in harms way (a position they put themselves in and are payed to do, I high doubt these were military service conscripts) if they hadn’t descended by helicopter onto the boats in international waters.

Where we failed in our attempts to inspire people to protest against NAMA and the criminal bank bailout, this weekend will probably see twenty thousand Irish people parading down O’Connell Street in protest at Israel’s actions. The following weekend our mardarins in the department of Finance will be delighted when attention is drawn away from their machinations, by the fifty thousand people who gather in the Phoenix Park to protest at a woman who accidently dropped her baby in a supermarket in Melbourne.


Did you hear the deputy Israeli ambassador on “Frontline” last night. She actually said that the activists were armed with sophisticated knives and iron bars. This to protect themselves from sub-machine guns !!!

Succinct post which states all the things I have been thinking, there are two Australian journalists currently being detained in jails in Israel that were on these aid ships … and an Australian was shot and is in hospital … can you imagine if our countries were to perpetrate these atrocities, no idea what answer but I do think that this action will bring public condemnation and may aid the plight of those non military innocents in Gaza

News from non-Israeli Destruction Force sources is beginning to filter out:

Haneen Zuabi, a member of the Israeli Knesset who was on the Mavi Marmara, accused Israel of trying to “cause the largest number of fatalities” and said she did not hear any warning.

[Source: Guardian online]

The UN failed to condemn Israel explicitly. The US is playing it’s usual role there.


Regrettably there are more than one terrible development in the world. I share your frustration with the sheer sheep-like passivity of the Irish citizenry in bending over and letting themselves be screwed up the fundament by financial self-servicers and their political representatives. (Take a bow, Eamon Ryan, you creepy know-nothing little shit).

Another couple of billion for the black hole called Anglo and the EBS looks just as insolvent as the rest, having been donated nearly 1 billion.

However, it’s not a matter of either / or in protest and resistance.

The two are subtly linked in the following ways, among others I haven’t thought of:

1. Protest against Israeli government impunity could help undermine Irish government impunity. This government will do damn all about the Israeli actions, except tut-tut loudly. They are too afraid of US reactions and jeopardising ‘inward investment’. So a protest against Israel is a protest against FFG’s implicit complicity.

2. After the export of technologies for surveillance and repression, ‘financial services’ are a major export sector of Israel. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the IFSC has front companies for Israeli financials spivs, to enable them to operate within the EU with little to no regulation. Doubtless some of the debt mountain and blood-sucking fees and bonuses FFG are so relentlessly protecting points towards Israel.

3. The EU-Israeli Association Agreement is used to fund Israeli R&D and education from EU coffers. Suspending that would do a (little) bit towards fiscal viability in the EU.

Does that help?

More non-IDF testimony from the Brazilian film-maker Iara Lee:

“Their first tactic was to cut all of our satellite communications and then they attacked,” Lee said, reportedly speaking from an Israeli prison in the city of Beersheva, 80km from Jerusalem, where she was under arrest.

“All I witnessed first hand was the shooting,” said New York-based Lee, who has also lived in Iran and Lebanon. “They came onboard and started shooting at people.”

Lee, a former director of the Sao Paulo film festival and whose film Synthetic Pleasures was nominated for a Sundance award in 1996, said the operatives then sent the women to a lower level of the ship.

“They said we were terrorists – it was absurd. They came into the part where the women were, lots and lots of them, dressed in black and with gigantic weapons as if they were in a war.”

“They confiscated all of our telephones and all of our luggage that was on the ship and took everything out of the bags and put it on the floor.”

Lee said she planned to return to Brazil and then to the US where she would continue her activism. “Justice will not come quickly, we will have to continue working,” she said.

[Source: Guardian online]

More testimony from the Greek helmsman, Mihalis Grigoropoulos,

I was steering the ship, we saw them [Israeli soldiers] capture another ship in front of us, which was the Turkish passenger vessel with more than 500 people on board and heard shots fired.

We did not resist at all, we couldn’t even if we had wanted to. What could we have done against the commandos who climbed aboard?

The only thing some people tried was to delay them from getting to the bridge, forming a human shield. They were fired upon with plastic bullets and were stunned with electric devices.

There was great mistreatment after our arrest. We were essentially hostages, like animals on the ground.

They wouldn’t let us use the bathroom, wouldn’t give us food or water and they took video of us despite international conventions banning this.

This was not an act of self-defence [by the Israeli army], but rather it was completely disproportionate – although we were counting on our ship being blocked and maybe checked.

This was a very serious offence, this was a war crime.

I personally saw two and a half wooden sticks which were used [by activists].

We had not prepared in any way to fight. We didn’t even consider it.

No violence, no resistance – because we knew very well that we would have absolutely no chance against soldiers like this.

Norman Paech, former member of the German Bundestag.

[Source for this and the previous testimony:]

Pope: Norman Paech’s words are completely contradicted by video evidence. It may also interest you to know he is a member of the most far-left party in the German Parliament, the successors to the ruling party of the German Democratic Republic, otherwise known as Stasiland.

No. It doesn’t matter a goddamn what party he’s a member of. Stick to what happened and stop trying to smear people.

The biggest problem for Israel is sheer embarrassment at the incompetence of their special forces. If you dangle down a rope, one-by-one, onto a boat of hostile men, and you’re not prepare to engage fire until you get the order, you’re asking for a massacre. They’re the Special Forces, not the Special Olympians.

It’s just inconceivable that they thought they could just drop onto the ship and take over. One-by-one. Didn’t the first guy stop and think “wait a second, what do I do until the second guy arrives?”

It’s so incompetent, it must have been planned. I think the Israelis knew that an attack was not justifiable, so they rigged the raid to give themselves a pretence to open fire, and then (ta-da!) claim they were only defending themselves. “There we were, your honour, minding our own business, rapelling onto someone else’s ship in international waters, as you do, and the bastards just set upon us for no reason”.

The Israelis really don’t care about behaving hypocritically because they don’t accept the concept that human rights apply to other people. They are god’s chosen people – they can do whatever the fuck they want . They fundamentally do not give a shit about what we would call fairness and equality. I’ve had plenty of arguments with Israelis and assorted Zionists, and I came to the conclusion that they are not dealing with a straight deck. They don’t play by the same rules. They do whatever they want. As a consequence, Israel is, by any standard, a rogue state now.

At some point, this behaviour will cause them to be isolated. Liberal European governments are getting pissed off. Even Brian Cowan said he’d go over there and kick the living shit out of Netanyahoo if he fucks with the Irish – go ya bad boyo, go. I’d pay for tickets to that one.

Wrong again, TSW.

Paech is a West German and Die Linke (the party you are referring to and one of the parties in Europe with the most robust position of financial parasitism, incidentally) is a coalition of disaffected Greens, former West Germans to the left of the SPD (not hard) and democratic socialists from the former GDR.

Try reading their programme and learn just how narrow political debate is here and in the UK. The English is amusingly more than a little Germanic at times, but you will get their drift.

@Cynical Joe

I would also pair a fair whack to watch Biffo mud-wrestle to the (mutual) death with Bibi. And buy the DVD.

And furthermore…

Israel Military Industries are in the running for supplying 10 million rounds to the Irish Defense Forces. If you know anyone in procurement for the Army, give them a piece of your mind!

Netanyahu is a military hero, who has been involved in hostage rescuing missions in Lebanon with Sayeret Matkal. He is also genuinely intelligent, and managed to turn a bad economy around in two years during his first term as PM. Albeit, in ways ‘Die Linke’ would not approve of (nothing from Lenin’s songbook!). Netanyahu studied management and science at Harvard and MIT.

Cowen is a not so healthy looking, uncharismatic leader of a disgraced government who point to Gaza to turn people’s attentions away from the fact they pay the legal bills of serial child molesters. He is also quite possibly the ugliest world leader out there.

You know who has my support in a fight.

Neither individual’s personal appearance or education is relevant to this issue. Any future off-topic comments — from anyone — will be taken out.

Censor this if you want Bock, but a point of information.

Die Linke’s GDR precursor eschewed Leninism nearly two decades ago. They are democratic socialists.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. He continues to disrespect the site by posting irrelevant material, and that’s why his comments are now closely moderated.

Excellent post as usual Bock. I laughed my arse of @ “It probably wouldn’t have happened at all if the hippies could organise themselves properly, but you know what hippies are like. Stoned, drunk and dirty. ”

@dazman I agree with you wholeheartedly, the utter crap that Israel realised about the “flotillas of hate” is just more of their twisted chosen peoples rhetoric which thankfully publicity like this throws a greater light on what a bunch of cunts they really are.
And if there’s a collection going round, I’d happily chip in to send Cowan on his way over there to kick the balls off a few of these worthless scumbags
Also this extract is taking from:

[ The U.S. wants an international body to be involved in the investigation committee, and has offered to send officials to take part in the probe in order to increase the results’ reliability. ] Reliability my arse!

“It probably wouldn’t have happened at all if the hippies could organise themselves properly, but you know what hippies are like. Stoned, drunk and dirty. ”

There may have been many leftists on the boat, but the majority of the attackers were Turkish Muslims, and by the looks of it of a fundamentalist variety. I don’t think anyone is doubting that now.

I wouldn’t underestimate the danger of leftists, however, even if they appear a bit scatter-brained. I’ve been involved in several political pressure groups and campaigns in areas like drug policy reform, that attracted the attention of the SWP and their thinly disguised front the IAWM, and other assorted Trotskyites. I have seen the Trots up close in their efforts to manipulate and dominate and ultimately nearly destroy a very broad alliance.

Every single issue and movement is for them only another part of their unending struggle against ‘Capitalism’, and is to be directed to that sole, overarching end. They are never allies, but only revolutionaries who know it all and must control everything – as they do in IAWM.

Pretty much all of them openly or secretly back Islamic jihadists in the interest of undermining capitalism. The same reason why German Communists urged their members to support Hitler in 1933, do he could destroy capitalism for them. ‘First Brown, then Red’ was a popular slogan back then.

TSW: Just because you say something, doesn’t make it so. You seem so intent on defending Israel that you actually come across as, dare I say it, a bit of a knob. The world and it’s sister knows that the Israelis have been getting away with murder for a long time now. The state of Israel habitually lies. They now advocate concentration camps. If it wasn’t for the fact that every American administration is scared silly of losing the Jewish vote, they’d have been cut off years ago. It strikes me that you quite enjoy being the devil’s advocate but we’re talking about human rights violations on a grand scale here. We’re also talking, ironically, of crimes against humanity.

The Israeli propaganda on this incident remind me of the story in Pravda the soviet propaganda news sheet during the border dispute with China in 1969,China had just complained that 4 of their tanks had been attacked and destroyed.the version of events in Pravda the following day ran something as follows…A Soviet tractor working peacefully in a field in the vicinity of the border was attacked by 4 Chinese tanks, the tractor acting in jusifiable self defence opened fire and destroyed the 4 tanks..

Well William, take a look at some of the commenters here I don’t think Bock is moderating like myself.

After hearing Israeli forces were shot at, Pope immediately claimed it was staged.

Cynical Joe, upon realizing the major logistical problems of the operation, came to the conclusion it was staged.

This is what I call Israel bashing.

TSW — You are closely moderated because of your disrespect for this site. it’s a situation created by you. Take responsibility.

Mark: I’m not payed or hired to do this. I first found myself on this site almost two years ago when I read Bock’s review of Leonard Cohen’s 2008 Dublin concert. I thought it was a fantastically written piece better than anything I had seen in the print media.

I glanced at the site very once in a while, as I found Bock’s analysis of things very funny, sharp and seering with a rage I can very much relate to at the quality of public servants and society’s foibles.

We just have a lot of disagreements about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Is one allowed to be just a regular guy and do this? However, I don’t think our vision of an acceptable final settlement is actually that far off, as we came to a form of mutual understanding once on the topic of settlements.

Read it, the summary that is. The turkel committee found that Israel acted in a legal and reasonable way when dealing with the aid ships trying to enter Gaza on humanitarian grounds. I knew those elite soldiers were forced to kill and injure all those people. I mean they must have been frightened out of their elite minds by all those civilians and sailors running around like mad men waving spanners and hammers. Items by the way, you would not normally find on a ship. Well done Israel, you’ve done it again!

Well,Israel, from now on I am going to be extra extra careful about ensuring that I do not buy Israeli produced goods ,fruit etc.A small action but if practised by many it could help humanise a reactionary state

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