Hunky Dory Ad Campaign Withdrawn

Down with leering

The Hunky Dorys ad campaign has been withdrawn, but I’m still worried. Somewhere out there, I bet there’s a hot bird wearing a skimpy top. It’s not good enough.

I think we need something more radical, like a ban on skimpy t-shirts. Or hot birds.

Or just a general ban on hawtness. How about banning libidos altogether?

Careful now!

You know what.  How about burqas all round?


22 thoughts on “Hunky Dory Ad Campaign Withdrawn

  1. We could ban crisps.
    Thinking about that, crisps are like religion. All these different flavours, packages of different sizes, different price levels – but it’s all the shame shit. And, if taken in excess, in the end, it’ll kill you. It also goes down well with the help of a few pints.

  2. Indeed. Or of course, we could ban everything. That would put a stop to nonsense.

    Down with that sort of thing.

  3. The Burka lady is unavailable: she’s sporting a lay-off engagement or wedding ring. The Hunky Dory lady might be available in properly conducted scrums. In scrums the hooker is a vital player, emphasised in this link:

    “A good hooker must have the technique skill and physical capability to perform several tasks.” Obviously the Hunky Dory lady is not anywhere in that league.
    She might get players offside by loudly bursting an empty crisps bag and that’s not rugger.

  4. I cannot for the life of me see what all the fuss was about! Hunky Dory set out and achieved what they wanted to do, withdrawn or not, they got the info out there and penetrated the public mind :)

  5. You are generating an devilish amount of paperwork, Bock.

    Now I’m in the middle of a demarcation dispute.

    I’m having to negotiate with Ayatollah Ashkenazi over a shift arrangement for the Muslim and the Christian infernal personnel to take it in turns to get medieval on your ass! Plus making arrangements to bus your soul from one nether jurisdiction to another.

  6. I was afraid that they’d do this. It makes sense, of course, now that the campaign has had such an impact. By canceling it, they gain some goodwill from the complainers: “See, we listen to people! Look how nice we are!”

    In summary, the campaign has had a significant effect, and allowing it to continue would not really increase that effect in comparison to canceling it.

    I’ve written a longer piece here on the whole affair – as always, with your permission, Bock.

  7. Ya wanna see H and Ms swimwear collection campaign, here in Stockholm at the moment, makes the crisp campaign look like, well a crisp campaign, mabe ill take some photos and try to upload tommoro,oh yeah no ones complainin here

  8. “I think we need something more radical, like a ban on skimpy t-shirts. Or hot birds.” Damn it, where would I be sent to! :)

  9. Forget about this !! Wait until you see Hunky Dorys new publicity campaign featuring Brazilian Women Beach Volleyball players…..**** Heaven *****

  10. I don’t see the difference in the two photos. Both treat women as sexual objects.

  11. If we can ban an ad campaign for being sexist, why can’t we ban Catholism for being perverted, sexist, racist and soley ignorant to the beliefs they try and spout.
    Just an idea,
    we could sell off the free land they’ve occupied and use the schools to teach education and not fear.
    I went to a Catholic run school, and it only dawned on me that we were never taught about Dinosaurs.

  12. ? ah, no. well I don’t know I can’t see her under the dress.

    what I mean is… just in case you didn’t… oh never mind ill just say it:

    The reason she is wearing a burqa is because she inhabits an extremely partriarchical frame of reference. i.e. the burqa is to hide the rest of her body outdoors, lest the sight of her would enflame male desires.

    I might offend some burqa wearers when I say this
    but I think it is reasonable to assume that
    The reason she is wearing the burqa
    is because she is also being treated as a sex object in male-centric frame of reference.

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