Hunky Dory Advertising

Feminists upset by crisp ads

Some people are deeply offended by this Hunky Dory advertising campaign. They say it makes objects of women.

I feel their pain.  Having sat through too many televised rugby games where my women friends hooted, whistled and leered at the players, I can understand the outrage of people offended by these ads.

What do you think?

Update.  10th May 2010.

The ads have been pulled after 300 complaints were lodged with the standards authority and the IRFU threatened legal action.

The standards authority asked the company to cancel the campaign because of widespread criticism.

According to the Rape Crisis Network, These posters add to attitudes and behaviours that make Ireland a place where the casual and everyday sexual assault of women is permitted and unchallenged.

I know that women are sexually assaulted every day, but I didn’t know Ireland was a place where this was permitted or unchallenged.  I’m struggling to see the link between the ads and sexual assault.

Maybe we should ban dirty jokes as well, just to be on the safe side.  In fact, why don’t we ban skimpy tops and solve the problem once and for all?

92 thoughts on “Hunky Dory Advertising

  1. According to the Irish Times…

    The Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) has lodged a formal complaint against an advertising campaign for Hunky Dory crisps.

    The complaint, to the Advertising Standards Authority, was made against a campaign featuring women in revealing tops playing rugby under straplines such as “Are you staring at my crisps?” and “Tackle these”.

    The RCNI claimed the posters were sending out messages that may condone or have the effect of encouraging unsafe actions.

    “These posters add to attitudes and behaviours that make Ireland a place where the casual and everyday sexual assault of women is permitted and unchallenged,” RCNI director Fiona Neary said.

    She called on the Largo Foods campaign, which cost €500,000, to be withdrawn immediately saying “it is wholly unacceptable that a corporation should not only condone these harmful attitudes but indeed use them as leverage to promote a product”.

    These people need to get a grip (pardon the pun). RCNI does wonderful work, and is deserving of our support. However, targeting an advert such as this does their credibilty no favours.

    Nice tits, by the way.

  2. These are some great looking birds in these ads. I thought it was very clever of Hunky Dory to give something back to male rugby fans with these ads. I know one of the reasons I love to watch rugby is to ogle Jerry Flannery’s biceps, or Donnachas beefy thuggery, Thomas O’Leary has the cute boy-next-door look where some women go mad for ROG, not my cuppa tea but I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for smelling of crisps, haha. Watching rugby with women and gay men is a filthy comment fuelled orgy of laughs and phooaaarrs. I love it, oh and rugby is mostly pretty good too.
    Being a woman I also love being objectified. Not all the time of course, but I like being a woman, I have kids and love my line of work. When I make an effort I can look ok . I’m thankful and I always remember what my Mammy says “I was lovely all my life and I never knew it till I was old”. She’s right. It’s possible to be a valid member of society and look alright aswell.
    Besides these are ads, designed to get attention. These hotties are getting well paid and so they should be, it’s a job, just like any other except they probably make more money than me.
    On mainland Europe EVERYTHING is advertised with sex and mostly the public respond with an apathetic Meh! It’s business, it’s money. Next.

  3. Val you must never got as far as jerry’s head christ he’s one ugly man he’s lucky he done well for himself in a sport cos if he was lets say jerry the check out worker he never get fucking laid.

  4. Ah no, I know where you’re coming from there but no, think these adds originate in the minds of a bunch of D4 type marketeers who couldn’t give a flying fuck about a down side.

    They would refer to the rape crises statement or any other feminist organisation’s views as a down side ( or any view ) , they would measure it in Euros , asses a risk and make a call.

    The add is pitched at that bunch of Donnybrook Heino turned up collar pricks who are everything that is wrong with rugby, that elitist group who would consider this as another fucking entitlement, that you can do or say anything you want in this world – walk on people – rob people and fuck over women as long as it’s good for me.

    I think the crack and the phooring that Bock and Val talk about is different and no one could possibly be offended by these comments . Actually I remember earlier this season when the BBC cameraman focused too long on the clinging wet shirted torso of 1st Jonny and then Draco and the place went blue.

  5. What upsets women more than being whistled at while walking past a building site?

    Not being whistled at passing a building site.

    Think about it.

  6. I’m absolutely offended at Hunky Dory’s misleading advertising. The crisps are not made with 100% natural ingredients, and no doubt lead many astray. Not to mention, they really need to do a better job at all that photoshop editing; the bag just really does not represent the industry well.

  7. Well, Sniffle, I want to tell you that. speaking as a man, I feel objectified by all this perving at Donncha, Jerry, Wally, and the rest of the lads. We’re people, Sniffle. Real people with real feelings. Not objects to be leered at and fantasised over.

    People, do you hear?

  8. Jerry ugly? Are you blind? He’s the hottest looking piece of pikey ass on that field, and I’m not alone in that feeling. I once sat on Jerry’s lap, before I noticed how tasty he is, the moment was wasted on me, what i wouldn’t give to turn back the clock, mmmm

  9. Sniffle

    “They would refer to the rape crises statement or any other feminist organisation’s views as a down side ( or any view )”

    You regard the RCNI as feminist? Really? Interesting.

    I like Hunky Dorys. Cheese and Onion for me, not the multi-pack with the other crap flavours, mind you. I’m also partial to a nice pair of tits, even though I’m more of a leg-and-bum man myself.

  10. Crikey I think I might be part carpet licker.. eww.. I don’t mind being objectified either Val, in fact I usually do it myself. Was at the Munster V Ospreys match recently and happened to have thomond suite tickets to hang around like a groupy watching the boys eating their dins after the match..
    I said to my friends, whilst pushing up my assets, I’m just popping over to the boys to ask um are they still hungry after the match… :) Oh the disgrace of it. What a floozy.
    ROG wouldn’t be my cuppa tea either.. passed him out at the whatever it was – hang around like a groupy after thingy and he’s kind of on the short side for me. Sorry ROG.

  11. that hair looks like it would be a bit impractical on the field. I’d suggest a bandana or a shave.

    I notice her legs are dirty but the clothes are spotless. that’s a nice trick.

  12. As a wiseman once said if i live for a million years i’ll never figure women out. If you’re looking for pikey then look no further, i’m the sorta pikey looking fucker even pikey looking fuckers are afraid to make eye contact with. Funniely enough the only place lady folk make eye contact with me is clohessys.

  13. Do you know something, Kae?

    I hadn’t noticed the long hair, nor the dirty legs, until you mentioned them.

    Isn’t that strange?

  14. I like neither crisps nor rugby, but I like crispy men. And I like it when they look at me and get filthy thoughts (rather past tense, unfortunately, I’m not getting any younger, though I still have my moments). It’s power, you can manipulate men no end by just being a woman… har, har, har….

    Having been a mild feminist in my youth (that was, when feminism still meant something politically) I never could understand why some women found it despicable to get male attention. That’s what we tried and try all along, that is getting a man, getting laid, having fun and have them eat out of your hand.

    Apart from that, it’s incredibly uplifting and empowering to feel sexy. But maybe the christian doctrine is still working in the psyche of some women (and men) that women have to be demure and submissive and look over their shoulder in case a man is chasing them. They belittle themselves and underestimate their own power. And offer themselves on a plate for any man who wants to objectify them.
    You can only objectify someone who makes themselves an object.

    By the way, usually (not always) it’s not the confident sexy woman who gets raped, but the timid and trusting one. Rapists are too afraid of sexually conscious and confident females. It’s always a power thing. Fight it with your own power…

    The girl in the ad looks great and far from being an object. She has legs which look as if she could kick a man in the groin if he tries something on she doesn’t want.

  15. Kae, well spotted on the dirty legs clean clothes thing, It passed me by!

    Maybe she changed her shorts on the field like Donncha did, with exactly the same lack of Phwoooaring from persons of the opposite gender? Or the same demure behaviour when Jamie Heaslip had half his shirt ripped off after a maul.

    Of course they weren’t objectified now were they?

  16. Right so objectification is it ? It’s been a while since I’ve properly objectified anyone, especially a gorgeous crisps girl but yes I’d certainly objectify her with flowers and drink and then a wall. Class I is.

    Oh yeah babyee, objectify me, slow then hard objectification but slowly, and with the eyes too, where would a good objectification be without the eye contact.

    Look someone mentioned power above – and that’s where it’s at really.

    D4 cuntmoppets.

  17. I think all of this proves that as an ad campaign, it’s a success. It doesn’t matter if yo like it or loath it, more people’s attention has been engaged by the debate than the actual brand, which slips into the brain by mistake or side effect.

  18. The only thing worse than being talked about….
    So far I count 6 mentions of Hunky Dory (<= that makes 7) on this page alone. I think God (above) has it figured out (never thought I'd say that!)

  19. How come the Rape Crisis Network don’t object when it is half dressed men being used to flog products? I didn’t hear much complaining when Beckam and his well stuffed lunch box advertised underwear (and no I’m not jealous) As for Ms. Hunky Dory? As Val said, great tits, pity there aren’t more like her playing rugby.

  20. What’s a Hunky Dory?

    Rugby’s the one with the spoons and the five-ounce eggs, isn’t it?

  21. Hey god – don’t play god with me baby.

    Success is when Messi scores or Munster win the European cup.

    Hunkydory loser cuntmoppets.

    Don’t be a pawn

  22. There must definitely be somebody with RCNI connected with the marketing people for Hunky Dorys. Just look at what you have kicked off here, all this free advertising for Hunkys. Well done lads You’re playing a stormer.

  23. Some context: the marketing director for Hunky Dory (Largo) is actually a woman. And this isn’t a D4 creation, it’s by Challenge who are based in Los Angeles.

    My only objection is that these billboards are displayed at the side of busy roads. I nearly lost it out by Bunratty the other day.

    Compare the boycott group on Facebook (108 members) with the appreciation group (1739 members). Pick one.

    And for the record, I will also chime in: great tits.


  24. Having taken a while to consider the nature of the ad campaign, and of the comments on this thread, I’d like to once again offer my opinion as a feminist.

    My initial reaction to this campaign, having seen the billboards around, was not so much that it was sexist but that it was lazy. From a marketing perspective, we all know that sex sells; the ads suggested to me that Largo Foods had decided to forgo developing a clever and broadly based campaign in favour of appealing solely to the male gaze, which struck me as being rather short-sighted.

    Let us take it as a given that the makers of Hunky Dorys want as many people as possible to eat their crisps. It therefore follows that when they advertise their crisps, they target a broad range of people. This particular campaign was tied into a sport – rugby – so clearly it may use elements of that to promote the product, but it should not overtly distance the product from the larger non-rugby-watching audience. (I can recall an ad for something to do with hurling or Gaelic football, for example, that consisted of a team playing on the surface of lake. I know nothing about the sports and I don’t care to learn, but the ad itself was clever and compelling to me – an excellent example of good advertising.)

    So, bearing that in mind, it seemed to me that the Hunky Dory campaign is simply an example of bad advertising. It’s specifically targeting men to the exclusion of women using the mantra of ‘sex sells’, even when the use of it in this case is rather laughable – are they honestly making a connection between crisps, sex and rugby using taglines that might have been written by a hormonal teenager? If the desired result of this campaign is to sell more of their product, it makes no sense that they would launch a campaign that excludes – or in extreme cases, offends – half of the adult population in Ireland. My question would be why, if they decided to run a campaign in this manner, they didn’t use a male model as well? One of the players, perhaps, that you describe here as being attractive? Surely that could appeal to women and get them buying Hunky Dorys?

    As for the RCNI, I’m unsure as to whether they have a point when they describe these ads as encouraging unsafe behaviour. They objectify women, true – but popular culture is awash with similar images and themes, and singling out this particular campaign strikes me as being a little odd when we see the same or worse in American TV shows aired over here. And, of course, by condemning the campaign they are discounting the opinions of women who find being objectified empowering.

    It’s a hard call to make. They are invested in protecting women, and, despite what carrig says above, I do not believe attitude is a factor in rape statistics – or, if it is, I am not aware of any study demonstrating it. So on one hand I see their point, but on the other hand, I doubt they thought it through in the context of the greater cultural narrative.

    One thing that bothered me a little about the comments here is the suggestion that, because one woman may find being objectified empowering, all women should do so as well. This is inherently sexist because it projects a single opinion onto all women, including those like me who don’t find it empowering and who would feel desperately uncomfortable if they were whistled at while passing by a building site, for example. It’s akin to saying that, because one man likes curry, all men must like curry as well. It’s quite disrespectful.

    The flip side of this is the situation where the female supporters at a match are *ahem* ‘perving’ over the players. Again, it takes a single opinion and projects it onto all men, even those who may find it unnerving and offensive. I would love to hear the opinions of the male players in this case, and learn how they feel about it – but the female fans assume they’re accepting of it, because (I would guess) the men they know have told them that they’re accepting of it, as Sniffle demonstrates above. It’s no less sexist when women do it, no less disrespectful, and we cannot take it as granted that the players are comfortable being objectified simply because they play a sport in public – just as we cannot assume women are comfortable being objectified simply because they walk past a building site.

    Bottom line here, I think we should be careful in making blanket statements and being disrespectful of the opinions of others because of those statements. I would say that we can assume the model in the ad is comfortable with being objectified, but that is not true of all women, just as it is not true of all men that they like curry.

    Apologies for the wall of text…

  25. @Claire Ryan:
    I’m still wondering in which way this woman in the ad is objectified?
    In this case every woman in any picture is objectified, even a blue-haired granny doing ads for baking powder. Or me grinning at the camera for a picture my friend would take.
    Or what about babies being “objectified” in ads for sweets or whatever? And men? Do you remember that gorgeous guy resting lazily and naked on a sofa and eating chocolates with bubbles? Adressing specifically the “ladies”? And a woman’s voice from the off sighing something like: “I didn’t listen what he said, but I want this chocolate”? Was he not lustfully objectified?
    No. He was playing with the imagination and desires women have.

    I’m a woman and I don’t feel offended, not even ignored as a target for buying crisps. I actually like the way the woman in the ad looks, because she looks as if she could kick arse. If I would like crisps, if I could be manipulated by ads alone, I would certainly buy hunky dory because of this ad. Because I would like to be like this woman who comes across as quite powerful and cheeky and playing with the imagination of the lads.

    Objectification (what a word!) looks different.

  26. @Claire Ryan
    Claire while your opinion as a feminist is valuable and pertinent you did not address the most important question here! Do you think the babe has great tits or not?

  27. I believe the objectification in this context occurs with the use of a woman solely as a sexual element; alternatively, if I may explain, she is there solely to be looked at. She has no relation to crisps, obviously, and there is no connection between her and rugby, as she is not a player. She is present in the ad entirely as an enticement to men, disconnected from the actual thing being advertised; hence, ‘sex sells’.

    In other ads, such as the granny you mention above, we can reasonably hypothesise that the woman in question is representative of some aspect of the product. Instances where you are present in a picture being taken by a friend bears no relation to a discussion of advertising, and I would suggest it is irrelevant here.

    I’m not familiar with the ad you describe above. I would surmise that that is also objectification, as the man in question has little connection to the product being advertised. As with the woman, he is there solely as an enticement in the classic mould of ‘sex sells’. But again, having never seen the ad, I will not say for sure one way or the other.

    You must remember that your opinion is subjective, and although you don’t feel that this ad campaign is excluding you as a woman, that is not automatically true of all women. Perhaps I was being overly pessimistic in stating that the campaign excludes half the population of Ireland, but I do believe a significant proportion of women would feel that way, and bearing that in mind (and the fact that we have many examples of excellent sports advertising from other sources, such as Guinness), I think the campaign is lazy and short-sighted advertising.

    To be honest, this is the kind of thing that requires careful study to determine the proportion of women and men who react positively or negatively to it. If the reaction from women is overwhelmingly positive, we can consider this to be a successful campaign and I would stand corrected. Personally, I view it neutrally as another example of popular media; interesting, perhaps, as a case study, but nothing all that special. I’ve made my argument above as to why I believe it to be objectifying.

  28. Do ads have to be inclusive?

    I remember the chocolate ad. Your man was a bit of a hunk, and I’d say most men hated the bastard but since they were selling the chocolate to women and not men, the advertisers probably didn’t give a rat’s arse. Saying that, how hard can it be to sell chocolate to women? Seriously. How hard?

    I have serious misgivings with the RCC’s complaint. For years we’ve been told that rape is not sexual, but an act of violence.

    I’m getting a bit tired of being made to feel like a pervert because an image of an attractive young woman grabs my attention. Message to the world: that’s the way we’re made.

  29. Honestly, Bock, no. But it’s not exactly advantageous for the advertisers to exclude a potential customer base. In this campaign they could have used a male model to appeal to women as well as using a female model to appeal to men; they chose not to, hence, I suggest it is sexist.

    They also could have run a campaign that did not objectify men or women for the sake of selling crisps, but that argument seems to be up in the air at the moment.

    Rape IS an act of violence and control, and therefore I am very much in two minds about the RCNI’s complaint. Like I said above, I find it hard to say one way or the other. Feminist thinking would typically propose that the objectification of women becomes part of the rapist’s rationalisation that what they did wasn’t really wrong (she was asking for it, etc etc), but I would say that there isn’t enough research in this area to really confirm it.

    Hmm… I would be quite annoyed to learn that the RCNI director has lodged a complaint based solely on an emotional response. That way of thinking has ‘slippery slope’ written all over it.

  30. Darwin, It matters not a whit whether the advertiser is from LA or Dublin, boy or girl.

    This add was pitched at the D4 turned up collar losers – that was the cuntmoppet’s target audience for this add – the Leinster match – this demographic who are stitched into the hierarchy .

    I’d love to objectify the babe ( like what bock said ) but the add smacks of the man cheaply manipulating the masses and being more then patronizing with his cheap shot at the gals.

    So look at the babe – fine – don’t buy the fucking faux taytos.

    Hunkyfuckingdorys – deluded fools

  31. I’ve driven past these and didn’t notice, am I gay??????????????
    Not all guys look at pictures and think rape, like not all women in Mountjoy need to be released early simply because they’re women, I’ve seen some femenist posts and have to say, tends to be one sided biggotry from them, women deserve the right to do what they want, and men deserve to pay for being men, thats all I hear from these women, self serving egomaniacs, “I’m a different woman so everybody should listen to me”- Shut the fuck up……. The biggest problem with the womens rights movment is it doesn’t want equal rights, it wants to decide every right, but just how they affect women, most of these feminists above are GIrl Power Feminists, so lets hope they spice up their life, and zig-a-zig-a, the biggest problem women have with the pictures above is that they don’t look like the women in them and it terrifies them, but the most simplist thing in the whole world is the male member, who doesn’t give two fucks if you look and sound like Nell McAferty, you’d still get a ride.
    Women have tried to be too masculine, too independant because they want equality, but there are women out there who don’t, who want a man to look after them, who want to raise a family and look after the kids and in a feminists mind these women are worst then rapist men.
    Hunky Dory spent €500,000 on advertising, the bloody feminists have probably spent more on opposing it, either way, Hunky Dory’s don’t give a fuck, all complaining does is bring their campaign into the spotlight, and thanks to the posts, I’m off out driving and looking for Hunky Dory posters.
    Feminism is like Supositries, both stuck up arseholes.

  32. Peter — Brilliant. I couldn’t have taken the piss better myself. Would you like a job in the satire department?

  33. Bock,
    Would be a pleasure. How much would it cost me??????
    I’d be just terrified that some butch/ skinhead/ pre-op that rolls her own tampons would burn your office down, if your happy with the risk, I’ll commit.

    Do you know the gas thing, no matter what way your inclinded sexually, a dick is a dick, if your a hetrosecxual man it can be put anywhere near a womans body and your happy, as a homosexual man, the very same with a male subject, but its strange when it comes to Lesbians, because no matter how hard they try, and no matter how enjoyable it must be in a loving woman/woman relationship, there is no pleasure they enjoy more then dick, or at least dick shaped, so why all the hostility towards men, do Lesbians not use strap-ons? Is this not a want to be a man, so does Feminism in its route only exist because men have what women want??????
    A dick (real or rubber), money, house and a nice car- Is that not what everyone wants??
    I think Feminism should be outlawed, not in a sexist way towards womens rights, but calling it Feminism is sexist to men as it makes it seem like something forced on them and not something drilled into them.

    Bock, Thanks for giving us all the ability to tell the truth, and not in 500 letters or less.

    I’m off out, I really am going looking for those posters, probably bring the moth aswell, so she can feel ashamed of herself for looking so normal- Bad girl. But I’ll be home with Hunky Dory high jinks in my tonight and the moth may well get a bit of smokey bacon if she’s lucky. (Sorry, cheap I know)

  34. haha Peter.. too funny.
    I wouldn’t be a big fan of feminists either. “Spice up their life, and zig-a-zig-a,” lol
    I don’t see any objectification of that woman in the ad. Why exactly? Because men find her attractive and I would think women do too for that matter. Feminists don’t half go on about tits sometimes. You can’t stop women showing off their assets or making a living from it.. so get over it. They probably don’t feel as though they are being objectified. The trick for men is though not to confuse a woman wearing a whores uniform for a whore.. I know it’s difficult.. for instance you expect someone in a Guards uniform to be a Guard, so try not to get too confused with that one. :)

  35. haha..
    It’s fun to stay at the YMCA!! It’s fun to stay at the YMCA!!
    They have everything for young men to enjoy,
    You can hang out with all the boys – Not bloody fair I say..

    If only our male Gardai wore those tight uniforms. and could shake their little behinds like that. mmm

  36. @ Claire Ryan….you wrote so much i didn’t read past the word feminist, then i immediatly moved on to the next comment.
    @ Sniffle….what the fuck is a D4 cuntmoppet, or any cuntmoppet for that matter…..I can never understand the culchie v jackeens nonsense, yet we are all Irish when the enemy is British.
    @ Peter. As I mentioned in another post, we both have the same name so I am changing mine to Peter A, this being my other initial, to avoid any confusion. ( dont tell me A is also your other initial). And once again you took the words out of my mouth.
    But my comment is, No, I’m not looking at your crisps…..(and I’m not looking at her tits either)

  37. Hey Peter A. – take a cunt and weld a moppet to him – presto. New word .

    Don’t jump at shadows – it’s not about east & west – rural & urban.

    The add was cheap and shite – produced by marketeers who pitced it specifically at the Leinster rugby crowd in advance of their last match, The steretypical Leinster supporter is who I am referring to ( the stereotype – roish ! ) – not exactly the most enlightened and egalatarian of stereotype.

    I didn’t like the add. Nuttin else kid.

  38. Advert so obviously targeted at the D4 Rugger Buggers down the pub as thats where they are mostly sold
    IRFU only complained as it suggested they were sponsoring them , said nothing about the
    state of womens sport in this country. underfunded in all areas. This add only makes it clearer that the rugger buggers couldnt care less about womens rugby, have never taken them seriously and this just
    proves it.

  39. Oh dear…

    @Peter: I would consider that I have a pretty good handle on current feminist discourse, and the accusations you level at feminism – ‘one-sided bigotry’, ‘self-serving egomaniacs’ and the thought that a woman who chooses a traditional life at home is worse than a rapist? – are unfounded to the best of my knowledge. Cite your sources, please?

    I would be very wary of making blanket statements regarding the desires or sex lives of lesbians, as well – unless you have access to studies or other material that I don’t?

    @Peter A: You agree with the other Peter, hm? So you view feminists as being all of the above… and I am a feminist, here right now, attempting to take part in a reasoned discussion with you. But because I state outright that I am one, you discount anything I have to say? Is it really fair to judge me before even reading my comments?

    I find myself wondering why you have this view of feminism as being militant and completely anti-men. I’ve said as much elsewhere here that the concept of the ‘feminazi’ (as I believe it’s called) is not something I’ve encountered to date, and I’d be deeply suspicious of anyone with such views. I mean, I really can’t find anything like you describe on mainstream feminist sites – they’re overwhelmingly sex-positive, supportive of all choices, and frequently go to bat for human rights issues as well as womens’ issues.

    So – in case your attention span is waning, here’s a quick capsule feminist opinion on the ad campaign: probably sexist. Debateably objectifying. Largely uninteresting.

    Oh, and because we’re trying to keep it light-hearted, let me think of a suitable euphemism – ah! She has large… tracts of land.

  40. Hi guys, I’m back and feeling Hunky Dory thanks. Peter A, please forgive me, I do recall you mentioning me tagging with your name, I’m a late comer here so I’ve no problem taking the hit and reclassifying myself.
    Claire Ryan, seriously, if your that much of a misguided feminist that you cant see the woods for the trees then I wouldn’t waste my superior male breath on you……
    Are you honestly saying that in the Feminist world, a woman who choses to “obey” the rules of marriage is alright by you…… Bullshit, these women are lambasted for not having careers and pretending to be men..
    But the most insulting part about your feminist penis loving bullshit is this, its people like you Claire who’ve made politics/business/sports something that needs to have women involved, not on merit, just that you think women should be there so no matter how talented someone is we now have to make sure there are an even amount of women, or you and yours would take to the streets and refuse to do the ironing and something.
    Whats the male equivalant to Feminism???????
    Is Feminism not just beinging a bit of a butch Lesbian?
    As for the go at Peter A for having an opinion, its the “I’m a Feminist” that tends to sicken everyone, even lovely Lesbians who don’t give a shit if the best man gets the job, once the jobs done right, and not well fuck the job, once a woman gets to force a position for herself through sexism claims and crying.
    Claire, get over yourself. If your a lesbian, then enjoy it, but don’t spend your life hating men. Feminism is in your head, its 2010 woman.
    To be honest Claire, I’m a Lesbian, a red blooded male Lesbian, never could look at men.
    You also mentioned that your “supportive of all choices, and frequently go to bat for human rights issues as well as womens”- All that says to me Claire is your the type of prick that wants the lads in Mountjoy to have a good time while serving their sentence for murder, to me your only a fucking disgruntled individual and if you were a man, Claire, you’d still be a prick, you’d be like a cocktail of Ryan Tuberty/ Gerry Ryan with all the brain power of Eamon Ryan- Its a Ryan thing Claire

  41. @Peter

    Sounds like youve got a problem with women being involved in sports, business and politics. Why would you not want more women in these areas of society Peter. you’re a joke the way you are talking about this.

    Where is your research to say that feminisim equals putting women down because they choose to take on a tradtional role of getting married , and staying at home to looks after their children.

  42. Such vitriol, Peter… Angry insults do not really make for a compelling argument. Why the hatred? Did a feminist hurt you personally?

    I can see I have very little chance of having a reasoned discussion with you. With all due respect, I believe your opinions to be baseless and woefully misguided, with no actual source apart from hearsay and prejudice, and that you resort to personal attacks says much about your ability to engage in proper debate.

    I will bow out from this point on; I believe I have no more to say here.

  43. Are you both that fucking ignorantly Feminist that you cant even read what I wrote, take your Nell McAferty spectecles off and read what I said, “On Merit”. You two proved my point, you’ve only read the bit that made you mad and ignored the sense. Women deserve to be in those places, but for being good, and not just for pissing and moaning so much that society just gives in to your whining, we now have a political system where each party has to have a percentage of women on board, whether they’re ability is upto or not, and its Feminists fault everytime a woman whose out of her dept fucks up, because she’s only there because people like you moaned so much you’ve made our ears bleed. Kyla and Claire, thank you, you’ve proved that Feminism is merley man hatred and a lack of self worth.

  44. I never said i was a feminist peter. you are making things up now.

    Again you definitely have a problem, someone definitely fucked you over either in politics or in the busines world
    F.Y.I. – Nigeria has more women in politics than we do and no we do not have a system where each party has to have a percentage of women on board. Again check your facts.
    You says women arent in business or politics because of their merits ??
    you must be on the drink , you come across as a very very angry man, and should really get that seen to

  45. We are all drawn to what is aesthetically pleasing, The part I find ironic about the arguement becoming gender based is that it’s so easy to misguide men with expert photography, Not to say the individual woman in the above ad is not extremly beautiful, But from fake boobs to push up bras, full body make up airbrushing, add ons and silouhettes honed and buffed all women advertising products are projected as absolute perfection.
    Men advertising products and removing shirts/tops are far less photoshopped, unless they have spent the real time in the gym , They won’t even be considered, The male world of advertising is by far more difficult than the female world, much less trickery.
    Mostly its just opinions expressed in the comments, The ones i have difficulty with are…..
    Carrig @ 21 “By the way, usually (not always ) it’s not the confident sexy woman who gets raped but the timid trusting one ” That is a very misleading statement which must be based on perception because it’s definitly not based on fact.
    Claire Ryan @34, ” female supporters at a match ” Ahem ” perving over players ” Firstly whats with the ” Ahem ” sounds very uptight, secondly, Why do you think it’s “perving” ? Why can’t a woman openly admire and express same of a fit good looking male ? nothing ” pervy ” about that.
    Claire Ryan @ 37 “In other ads, such as the Granny you mention above, W e can reasonably hypothesise that the woman in question is representative of some aspect of the product ” That is as archaic a comment as i’ve read in a long time, Is that because you ” hypothesise ” that once a woman becomes a “Granny ” she is no longer a sexual being and can be justifiably associated with a tin of ” baking powder ” What utter tripe, I hope you are’nt representative of how women are thinking.
    The woman in the above Ad probably spent about six hours working on that one shot, hopefully she was paid well, Its probably her chosen line of work, maybe she’s working to get pissed and party, maybe she’s working to put herself through Med school or rear a child, who cares who can judge, Its advertising and beauty, male female or inanimate sells products and sometimes even makes people smile, Whats the big deal ?

  46. Nigeria—–
    Although the elections which brought Obasanjo to power in 1999 and again in 2003 were condemned as unfree and unfair, Nigeria has shown marked improvements in attempts to tackle government corruption and to hasten development. While Obasanjo showed willingness to fight corruption, he was accused by others of the same.[who?]

    Umaru Yar’Adua, of the People’s Democratic Party, came into power in the general election of 2007 – an election that was witnessed and condemned by the international community as being massively flawed.[26]

    Ethnic violence over the oil producing Niger Delta region (see Conflict in the Niger Delta) and inadequate infrastructures are some of the current issues in the country.

    Why have so many people left Africa to come to Europe????

    As stated, on merit, yes I’ve no issue, Maureen O’Sullivan and Joan Bruton would be two I’d have the utmost respect for, its just the women who think because they’re not men they’re not equal, they’re not equal because thats how they feel, and thats how they behave, but your too far up your own idea that you haven’t really a clue.

    Kyla: “Again you definitely have a problem, someone definitely fucked you over either in politics or in the busines world” ????? Have you been living on the fucking sun you stupid little girl, everyone has issues with politics and business, its just people like you are more interested in trying to make something out of nothing that you failed to see whats wrong with the world.

    You failed womankind with your daft ignorance, if you and I wen’t for the same job and you had better experience or were the best person for the job then fair enough, but if the situations reversed yet you still get the job or else the percentage of men to women would be out of sink, well thats just wrong. Feminism has pushed this philosophy on the world and all it will do is fuck up an already fucked up system.
    I really think common sense is lost on you, I’ve a Hunky Dory girl to dream of.

  47. Your a complete dick head Peter, and you have no consideration that someone might have an opinion different to you.

    About the hunky dory girls – dreaming is defo all you’ll be doing. Get a life you fool

  48. Could this be the beginnings of a whole new thread ?
    Do women resort to name calling when disagreed with ?……………….much more so than men !!???

  49. Peter,
    I’m sure you have a lovely “bit of smokey bacon”, nice and phallic and all that, but believe me if you were a woman you’d probably never get out of bed. You could have a lot more than one la petite mort as the French call it, at a time… so don’t feel too sorry for the women, they don’t have that much penis envy I wouldn’t think.

    What’s all this talk on research about:
    Claire @ 40:
    “Feminist thinking would typically propose that the objectification of women becomes part of the rapist’s rationalisation that what they did wasn’t really wrong (she was asking for it, etc etc), but I would say that there isn’t enough research in this area to really confirm it.” How would that research happen do you think Claire? 90 out of a 100 rapists surveyed said, she had a big pair of knockers and theys was asking to be objectified kinda thing?

    And Kyla @53:
    “Where is your research to say that feminisim equals putting women down because they choose to take on a tradtional role of getting married , and staying at home to looks after their children.” How would the research for that work? 90 out of 100 feminists surveryed secretly admitted they just loves ironing really.

    Who says you need to research someone else’s opinion to have one for yourself. A lot of research is BS.. agenda determining the outcome. Research my arse.

  50. I think we are all missing the fact that this beautiful woman has fantastic tits and apparently Honky dorys have kindly sponsored her picture to be shared with all crisp loving men (and women of that nature) out there, fair play to them I say. Fair play.

  51. Peter — I thought you were being ironic, but in fact you’re just being a prick. Please show some respect to the other commenters here and drop the personal remarks.

  52. Bock,
    Good morning,
    To be honest, everything written was with sarcasm, until the Ultra-Fem showed up, then it just went to pure piss take, added to with common sense. I have no problem with women, love them, its just pricks like the 2 last night who spoke for woman kind, bollox.
    Like your comment on respect, note you never advised any of the women to do the same- Fuck you too buddy, fuckin sexist man.

    Good luck Bock, your just like the rest,
    Cant upset the women with honesty, or they’ll piss and moan till your sites closed down.
    Well, cheery bye, I won’t be back.

  53. Nah Bock,
    As written previously (over the last week and a bit, cause thats all I’ve been, and will be around for) I really enjoyed posting on your site for the pure honesty and also the banter wrapped in foul and abusive high jinks, but I have to say and not in a pissy way that I would have expected more from you, now not knowing or caring if your man/woman or a little bit of both I respected your views and more so enjoyed the creative and well educated comments that follow, but that doesn’t mean that just because some crazy Feminist has rolled her tampons too tight to see her views are PURE sexist and abusive, yet the mighty Bock folds to the common conception that women can’t defend themselves. If you read through what I wrote, I answered everything these women sked of me and added my own “twist”, but only because when dealing with people on threads, humour and I suppose antaganising become common practice. I do apologies to you, if my comments might get you in hot water, but I’ll always stick by my feelings- I treat men and women the same, if your a prick your a prick, whether you have one or not, unfortunately its individuals like yourself and the 2 upset ladies who believe women are equal but need to be treated differently, its the worst form of sexism, and its being shown by you and the site. Bock, this isn’t a dif at you, whomever you are, but I believe my freedom of speech has been hampered by Feminisms freedom to tell everyone to shut the fuck up.
    The ad’s being withdrawn, how fucking sad is that?????? Not because we won’t get to see the lovely ladies but because Ireland is that backwards that rather then stand up for itself, we’ve folded yet again.
    I really cant wait for the next picture of a good looking man I see, I’m going to get so angry at his chisseled body that I’m going to write a letter demanding its taken down and burnt, and then the Fuhrer can deal with the offending party in the propper Mascalism way, I don’t wan’t rugby players to wear shorts anymore because I can see there arses and its upsets me, the water Ad on the telly where the hunk carries the Large bottle of water, thats gone too- Actually, I don’t think I’ll complain about these, because I don’t give a fuck about advertising, and I’m not a feminist/mascalist. I take an advert as an advert, its directed at a target audience, and if you don’t like it, your not the target.

    So cheery bye again,
    Didn’t want you to think I stopped posting for a Hissy fit, just the fact your Site seems to be weighed to one side.
    Thanks for all the previous and best of luck with whatever you do, but I’m out, If it can’t be said, it wont be said.

  54. Again you are speaking for me Peter, I never said women were equal, how would you suppose we are eual
    when there has never been more than 14% women in the Dáil, when there over half the population are women

    You also summised I was “upset” certainly would not be upset by a D4 tosser like you

    “some crazy feminist has rolled her tampon” – what can be said about this comment – it really does say who you are Peter, youve let yourself down yet again with your ranting and raving. I dont suppose you would speak like that to your mother or your sister or your daughter, althoug doubht it if you have any children.

    Your comments are your comments not the blogs so you are responsible for them, not anyone else. A word of advice, we live in a deomcocratic society therefore we all have opinions to express on this blog, that even if you donnot agree with them , are valid. You seem like you are educated – word of advice your language and the words you use to express yourself come across very badly …IN MY OPINION.

  55. He is not far off the truth as far as militant feminists, the white male is everybodys devil!

  56. Peter — All I ask is that people use the normal standards of courtesy towards each other. Nothing is out of bounds except personalised remarks. Even that’s acceptable much of time as you can see from another current thread where everyone gives as good as they get.

    I won’t explain myself to you for the way I run this site, but I will say this. Claire’s comments were considered and balanced. They were not ideological, and I thought you were being ill-mannered.

  57. @ Norma, fair comments above, well said.

    @ Rob (27), according to an article in the Times yer wan’s name is Isabela Soncini, and she’s Brazilian.

    Anybody ever watch a show called “Mad Men”? If memory serves, Peg at one point observes “Sex sells”, and Don gives a very good reply (“Says who? You feeling something. That’s what sells. Not them. Not sex.”)

  58. “The RCNI claimed the posters were sending out messages that may condone or have the effect of encouraging unsafe actions.

    “These posters add to attitudes and behaviours that make Ireland a place where the casual and everyday sexual assault of women is permitted and unchallenged,” RCNI director Fiona Neary said.”

    typical ultra pc reaction for such a small add campaign.

    was’nt so long ago the women in the office were swooning over that bloke with his diet coke. gimme a break. women objectify men just as much as we do.

    i’ve lived in france for over 2 yrs, there are adds in the pharmacy’s which show naked mens and womens bodies (obiviosuly not full frontal) selling creams from weight loss to cellulite reduction.

    reason why the french people are ok with it?


  59. 10+yrs playing rugby and not once objectified!

    Where was Val and the rest of these fine ladies when I was getting me mug shoved in the dirt – improvement believe me!

    The 80’s were a right bugger I blame that bloody pope!

  60. think the dirt on the legs has been added on by photo shop. background is also added.

  61. Bock,
    Final Rant.

    Can I ask where is your post to Kyla with regards the comment below:
    “You also summised I was “upset” certainly would not be upset by a D4 tosser like you”

    You see my point Bock, if people keep treating women as inferior and men believe they need to defend a womans honour no matter what then you’ve turned yourself into a Hypocrite. My point was always the same, Feminism is like Catholisism, when srutinised by Science, neither holds any water, religion is made up, and men are different to women- people need to realise this and not treat it like a Sexist disease, a bit like our economic crisis, we as a people won’t get out of the trouble we’re in until we all put our hand up and admit that WE caused all the issues in the world and only WE can rectify it, or more so, I took a loan that I need to pay back. No different to a man saying Yes I’m a man, Yes I’m different in everyway to a woman and I’m happy by that, that doesn’t mean your sexist, your just happy with being who you are, no need to have Penis guilt. And women just need to realise that there women, the most beautiful creatures on the planet at times but unfortunately the female gene means an inferority complex for many, who aren’t content with being who they are.

    I’m not from D4, I find it very insulting that someone might think that, I’m a proud Northside Dublin Man, but more so Irish man, nor do I find it acceptable that the whole of Dublin 4 can be insulted by this particular woman yet you’ve nothing to say….
    This young lady called me a “Tosser”, I don’t think she was making refernce to my previous posts about enjoying a good wank either, yet the mighty Bock says nothing about personal put downs.

    I’ve been reading the articles over the last few days, and I have to say your bias tends to swing rapidly, and your tolerance to places being insulted (Limerick for instance) isn’t really with fair representation.

    I don’t really give a fuck about what she said to be honest, just wanted to show my point.

    Peace out,

  62. Peter —

    It has nothing to do with defending a woman’s honour. That’s just a conclusion you jumped to.

    It might surprise you, but I sometimes fail to notice things, including Kyla’s comment. In general, I ask people not to make it personal towards other commenters but instead to address what they say. Kyla was wrong to call you a D4 tosser. I would also be deeply offended if someone suggested I was from D4.

    Generalisations about entire locations such as D4 or Limerick are permitted. However, gratuitous slurs against my home will be vigorously resisted, as you have seen.

  63. I know, but I was gettin a bit arsey, sorry. An apology to the 2 ladies too, although I had to make a point, my childish mud slinging probably didn’t help express my point.

    To think Bock, 300 people petitioned the Hunky Dory Ad, yet 100 people turned out to march outside Dail Eireann because the government has signed away any hope of an equal and prosperous Ireland- (The Star as sourse for 100 people, so pinch of salt)

    Fucking Nuts, isn’t it? We’re the masters of our own destruction. Thank fuck I’m gettin out of here soon.


  64. Thank you for that gracious contribution Peter. There’s a character commenting on another thread who could learn a thing or two from you.

  65. I saw that alright, I realise its probably harder to be in reciept of everyones opinion, and then be asked to favour everyones thoughts. This must be a little irritating to say the least. But as you know and I’ve shown, its very easy to get upset with your keyboard or the guy/girl on the other end of a post, but try asking that same poster to get off his arse and march and you’d see what we’re left with, letargic armchair politicians complaining that our representitives don’t do enough and when we get a chance to stand, they’re all at home watching “Eastenders” and hoping We won a victory for the people. I feel at times when I send an e-mail to some prick politician or post a comment on a site that I’m really contributing but instead I’m sending my thoughts away, allowing Yahoo/Facebook and so on to tell the world what I think, instead, I should walk up to the politician and speak my mind, I need to ignore the national broadcasters media blackout and boycott the pro-FF/Green newspapers/reports/reporters and so on.
    They’ve told us the music we like is Drug fuelled and damaging to society, we’ll let me end on this, lets look at the logic, I would like to see us better our country, I’m not religious, but this man I believe wrote like a prophet and spoke like one:

    Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.

    Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.

    Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.

    Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

    Man is a universe within himself.

    The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall.

    When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.

    Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

    None but ourselves can free our minds.

    Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight.

    You have to be someone.
    Bob Marley

  66. OK got them from the hunk dory web site you shoul check it out even more pictures for you guys to drool over

  67. I’m doing a bit of catching up on a few missing months and this is brilliant.Tremendous post and faaaantastic tits.A bit of salt and vinegar sprinkled over them and hunky dory.

  68. how can people be offended by this class advertsing? what about the lynx ads? or the malteser ad where your man struts around in a towel talking about chocolate but more than likely women don’t actually know what he’s talking about? i believe the ad for hunky dory was showing sportsman ship literally! showing they had just as much sense of humour just like LYNX,. so people think twice before you ridicule a classic ad. sure we might as well just stop having a sense of humour and complain about everything.. i would dive more into this subject but to be honest with the other ads going on that are in the same context as this and not being ‘bitched’ about it just proves those who ARE complaining are plain hypocrits. get a life!

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