Sean Keogh, Lowlife Scumbag, Gets Only 4 Years for Part in Murder of Polish Men

Waste of space gets jail

After the jailing of lowlife scumbag David Curran last week, his accomplice Sean Keogh was today jailed for four years.

Keogh, you might remember, was accused of a lesser crime.  All he did was kick a dying man in the face as he fell to the ground after being stabbed in the head by Curran.

When I heard that Keogh has 75 previous convictions, I started to add up my own, and after a few minutes I came to zero.  Then I added in the convictions of my children, which increased the tally to zero.  I then turned to the rest of my family, and reached a grand total of zero convictions, so I started to look at my friends.

I went through them one by one.

No convictions.

No convictions.






Damn.  There you have it.  Between me, my family and my friends, our total conviction count comes to zero.  Nothing at all.  Not a single conviction.

What an unlucky young man Sean Keogh was to end up with 75 of the things.  I suppose society forced him to be such a scumbag.  It was probably your fault.

Four years for going with an armed man to attack two defenceless people, watching as that attacker stabbed a man in the brain and kicking the victim in the head as he fell dead.

That’s what this piece of shit got.  Four years, while his victim lies dead and his family is deprived of a decent man.

Let me ask you one question. What exactly do people like Sean Keogh and David Curran have in common with you or me?

Why do we tolerate them?  Why do we even let them live?

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  1. What a day for Irish Justice, He recieved the same sentence as Monika Paczkowska did in the Circuit Court Tralee for beating her three and a half yr old daughter so severely, She died 2 days later.
    Does either sentence make any sense, Have Judges become oblivious to the term ” Maximum Sentence ” When such savagery is inflicted on innocent victims.

  2. What I don’t get is how his defence councsel could with a straight face try to blame his actions on his drink problem and as, after having had 75 convictions, for “one last chance”

    Now I know a man has a right to a fair trial, and the right to legal representation — but surely this idea of “ah sure, he was off his head on XYZ, sure he’s sorry, ah give him another chance” as a credible defence is a bit off? I can’t recall the last time I heard anything along the lines of “the convicted man then fully admitted his guilt and threw himself at the mercy of the court”, what ever happened to taking responsiblity for your actions and not trying to wriggle off the hook at every opportunity?

    Looking at the court reports in the post and the leader, it would seem that a certain limerick-based solicitor has made an entire career out of this kind of “A Time To Kill” dramatic.

  3. I don’t know about certain Limerick solicitors, but I believe John Devane has defended very few charges in recent years.

    As for the out-of-your-mind defence, how far do you think we’d get if we tried that on a dangerous driving charge?

    I was out of my head on drugs, Judge.

    I don’t care who tells me not to use this expression. Keogh and Curran are worthless scumbags.

  4. come on, you have to sympathize. such a young man, a whole lifetime of lookin like that ahead of him that there’s a life sentence in itself

  5. in the end, I’ll get him. When he then says again that he’s out of his head, we’ll just send him downstairs, forever.

  6. Only just read the Kevin Myers article in the Indo from last Wednesday where he criticised the decision by the DPP to let the two little evil bitches who summoned Curran and Keogh to the scene off scott free.

    In fairness to today’s judge,he gave Keogh the maximum sentence possible under the law and denounced him in no uncertain terms.You’d have to think though if that had happened in many other countries,he’d be looking at 10 or 15 years in prison.Kicking a dying man in the head with great force (a man who had done nothing on him or to provoke him) is about as low as you can get.

  7. @ God.. aren’t we all God’s children…:)
    People can change.. think Morgan Freeman in shawshank redemption. Obviously Sean Keogh didn’t have the best start in life. Not excusing anything saying that.

  8. M’lud, and how shalt we deal with the two girls in this appaling equation – and a deadly silence did descend on the gelded court, streching all the way across the land to the various equality quangos, whose silence on the female involvement in the murder of these two young men, who were making a contribitution to this state, unlike the above pond life, is deafening.

  9. Only a sick society could regard the life of that thing as being of value.And it will be going around the streets again in few years time.

  10. And sexism rears its ugly head again… Assuming the article in the Independent is accurate, the two young women involved were accessories to manslaughter at best, and accomplices to murder at worst.

    If they were male, they would already be in jail and condemned for their brutality. But the patriarchal stereotypes are too strong, aren’t they? Women are delicate little flowers – they couldn’t possibly attack two grown men and seriously hurt them. It had to be the two men they called that did the damage.

    Yes, I am a feminist. Again, feminism does NOT mean that women have all the rights and power, and men have none! I want equal treatment under the law for all women, even when it bloody well hurts, because I know that we are just as capable of evil as men. Never forget that – women are whole and complete human beings in their own right; they are everything that men are, whether good or bad.

    When one is accepted and regarded as an equal, one gains all the rights thereof – and the consequences. One of the most important consequences is to take the same punishment for the same crime. The two teenagers in this case should be facing four years in jail as well, if there was any true equality in Ireland.

    (To cover all bases, can anyone dig up some information on why they were not charged? Was it lack of evidence or something? It certainly looks like sexism has allowed these two criminals to walk free, but I want to be sure.)

  11. Our justice system is a joke. I read about a woman yesterday who got 4 years for beating her 3 year old child to death because the child soiled the bed. 70 odd seperate and distinct bruises and marks, 30 odd to the head and neck. Judge Moran I believe it was and she said that the ‘severity of the attack could not be under estimated’. I imagine she said it with a straight face too, as she handed down a pathetic 4 year sentence.

  12. Claire, I don’t buy it that the two women got off just because they are women.. I mean if one of the main instigators only got four years for his part, then it isn’t too suprising the women got off scot free. And no I’m not a feminist. :)

  13. @FME Well, I do wonder why they weren’t charged. Again, if the article is accurate, there were eyewitnesses to their behaviour at the very least.

    Four years is a pathetic sentance for someone who acted with such viciousness, and it is nothing like justice. (As a side note, considering the number of offences this man has on record, I would suggest that a very long stint in prison – maybe fifteen to twenty years without parole – might be exactly what he needs to reflect on the waste he has made of his life and hopefully transform into a productive member of society.) However, let us consider for a moment that Sean Keogh was arrested, charged and convicted for his involvement in the murders. If we assume that the gardaí know of the young womens’ involvement (that of assault, harrassment, racially-charged hate speech, inciting violence, and colluding with the murderer to pervert the course of justice), it begs the question of why they were not similarly arrested, charged and convicted.

    Are their identities known? I suspect so. Troublemakers are usually known to the authorities. Is there enough evidence to arrest them? I say yes, based on what we can infer from the article. Whether there is enough to charge them with anything is debateable, but again, there are eyewitnesses. Their testimony should count for something.

    So, based on what we know, I conclude that the likely reason that these two women have not been arrested, charged and convicted is sexism. These two women are not being held accountable for their actions because it is a common sexist belief that women are not as violent or brutal as men, and not capable of vicious assaults.

    All that aside, though, we might be able to postulate another line of reasoning if we know more about the circumstances surrounding the garda investigation. I would understand completely if they were not arrested because the gardaí didn’t think they had enough to get a conviction.

    Of course, it would still be a vile injustice, but not a sexist vile injustice.

  14. Here in Malaysia and Singapore murder carries a mandatory death sentence.
    Drug dealing carries a mandatory death sentence. It does not mean that we don’t have these crimes but the likes of Curran would not be back on the streets in 4 years which I suppose in reality only means 2 years.
    Looking at his record 75 previous does anyone in the real world think this will end when he’s released.
    A lot of the blame also lies with the prosecution lawyers where they accept a lesser charge I’m sure that happened in this case.

  15. Claire – I think the girls weren’t charged with anything because of their ages – Both only 15 or 16 at the time of the crime – Charming girls by all accounts, god help the guys that knocks them up.

    Keogh, was on bail at the time when he should have been in prison – Prison sentances obviously mean nothing any more.

    following from the indo:

    Det Gda William Ryan said that on May 26 last year Keogh was sentenced to five years for two counts of endangerment.

    He also received a five-year sentence for criminal damage, three years for the unauthorised taking of a vehicle and six months for driving without insurance, with his driving without a licence being taken into consideration.

    He was banned from driving for seven years for dangerous driving. All sentences were concurrent, with the last two years suspended.

    Det Gda Ryan explained that Keogh got bail on these charges on August 30, 2007 and was out of prison when he kicked a dying Pawel Kalite in the head.

  16. Hi Claire, I would think the article is accurate but it’s also imbued with Kevin Myers opinion.. which I happen to disagree with. I think myself it’s a bit of a presumptuous conclusion to make that they weren’t charged because they are female. There are plenty cases of male culprits who walk away scot free or get off lightly.. so I don’t think a correlation exists. There was enough evidence (e.g. text messages from the girls’ phone) but the DPP didn’t pursue any charges. Maybe it was ageism. :)

    Not meaning to be disrespectful also, but if you believe in equal rights for all why not call yourself something like an egalitarian, rather than a feminist?

    Where you say, “These two women are not being held accountable for their actions because it is a common sexist belief that women are not as violent or brutal as men, and not capable of vicious assaults.” I think it’s pretty evident that women are believed to be capable of committing violence just the same as any criminal.. think The Magdalene Sisters or The Sisters Of (No) Mercy. I think I’d prefer a violent Christian Brother to one of those nutjobs any day.

  17. Just another day in EireNarnia, I can`t even be bothered to be offended by the system anymore. These half wit judges can`t be arsed to apply anything resembling justice. John Gilligan got 20 yrs for possession of 20000kg of cannabis. That`s about 20 loads of a medium delivery van. 20 yrs for possessing a drug that is used daily by millions of people all over the world. Before the self righteous get on their high horses and bore us to tears…. drug dealers are just as bad.
    But look at the reality of this. 4 yrs for assisting in killing a man, essentially that`s what he did, whatever way you look at it.
    20yrs for a bit of weed.
    How fucked up is this society?????

  18. Yeah John Gilligan is Mary fricken Poppins at heart really.. poor auld crater. My heart goes out to him.. all that money being taken off him by the CAB.
    I believe he had something to do with Veronica Guerin’s assasination, no?

  19. @Dessiegee That makes a lot of sense. It’s no excuse, but the fact that they are underage is a reason for letting them go other than sexism.

    @FME I wasn’t thinking of an overall correlation here, to be honest. My thinking was that, in the absence of any other compelling reasons, it was most likely that the two were not arrested because of the predetermined stereotype of women being incapable of real violence. As Dessiegee has other info that suggests they were not arrested because they are underage, that particular hypothesis can be mostly ruled out.

    I’m not sure if there is a distinct correlation of women getting lighter sentances for violent crimes, but anecdotal evidence does suggest it. C’est La Craic, for example, mentioned another similar case above. So can we really say that there isn’t a perception, among the judges at least, that women are not really capable of violence to the extent that men are? The incest case in Roscommon is an example where the law itself is sexist in that regard; the judge couldn’t hand down more than a seven year sentance to the mother, because the terms were specifically different for men and women.

    I expect that if the perception exists, it won’t last forever. There have been calls to change the law regarding sentances for incest in order to make them fair and equal to both genders; that’s progress at least.

    To answer your question: feminists believe in equal rights for all. (Usually, though, it means equal rights for women, because sexism is experienced disproportionately by women.) My thinking and reading is mostly to do with women’s rights, so I call myself a feminist. Calling myself an egalitarian might be just as accurate, but I prefer feminist if only for the sake of solidarity with feminists past and present. After all, it’s because of them that I can vote, own property, choose a partner, control my own body, and get an education. It’s because of them that I have a voice at all.

  20. Claire, I think you are using the term sexism very loosely. I mean lets be honest about it.. sexism means prejudical treatment of women (most commonly) not preferential treatment. It’s a bit of a fallacy in my opinion to say that feminists believe in equal rights in terms of impartiality towards women when the outcome to them would be damaging.

    I agree with Kevin Myers in that aspect, that feminists are not out calling for these girls to be treated impartially, for them to be charged/convicted.. but I don’t think that’s what feminism is about if we’re honest and also I don’t think there are many feminists out there. Men and women equally have the right to call for justice and most decent people are outraged/upset by savagery whether perpetrated by men or women.
    Is Kevin suggesting feminists aren’t appalled by these girls’ behaviour? Get real Kevin.

    Also where you say “As Dessiegee has other info that suggests they were not arrested because they are underage, that particular hypothesis can be mostly ruled out.” I don’t think your reasoning and deduction is logical there.. if there was “sexism”, it could still apply.

  21. Claire,the reason the two girls were not prosecuted was because it was the decision of the DPP not to prosecute them.It was nothing to do with lack of evidence (there were numerous witness statements that they had assaulted one of the Polish men,testimony that they had summoned the two thugs to the scene and mobile phone evidence of how one tried to concoct a false alibi for Curran) nor was it due to their ages.

    Apparently the Gardai wanted to charge them with public order offences but the DPP overruled them.

  22. The sentencing of Sean Keogh, and your one who battered her child to death is indeed entirely indicative of Irish justice today. A Garda’s life is a whole lot less traumatic and complicated when his attention is focussed on the man who drives his car too fast on an open road, or someone bringing in a vanful of cigarettes from France in order to put food on the table for his family because he’s after losing his job at home. Then you have the judges who have to deal with these cases. What threat is there from Honest Joe who was caught passing out a row of white transit vans all with caravans behind them? None; throw the book at him so. Imagine however the wrath incurred though from the family of the imprisoned vermin who murdered an innocant man in cold blood; better go easy on him. Back to the 2 cases in question; Sean Keogh – life imprisonment; and your one who beat her child – life behind bars and manadatory, irreversible strerilization.

  23. Why can we not just adopt the three strike rule like the states maybe then a few of these carrer criminals would think twice about the car they were about to rob or the person they intend to kill and literally get away with murder,15-20 year minimum.
    If you can stand in front of a magistrate and laugh when he tells you 4 years for murder then something definitley needs to change at both levels the convicted and the convictors so steal your third car and kiss the bones of your life goodbye with no chance of appeal and previous convictions are your second strike so how difficult is it really to manage .Shitty prison, poor food ,limited visitation why cant this be the norm in prisons nowadays instead of pampering these scumbags and leaving them back into society with more criminal knowledge than when they went in.I know they say they couldnt give a f@@k about the sentence but 15-20 yes they would cry like babies.the alternative is just shoot them job done for the price of a bullet I know it makes us no better but think of the satisfaction in knowing there is one less scumbag to rob/terrorise/murder someone you may know.

  24. Just wondering if the 4 year sentence just handed down to Keogh is to be served concurrently with the existing un served 2 x 5 Years, 1 x 3 year, 1 x 6 month sentences handed down last year.

    If so, then the 4 years he’s just got is not a punishment at all – The judge should have looked at the previous sentences and added 4 years.

    No wonder these guys don’t give a shiny shite about committing crime. If you know you’re going to go down you might as well commit as much crime as you like whilst on bail – It’ll make no difference to the time served.

  25. I’ll put it like this;
    Ireland doesn’t have a justice system.
    Doesn’t have a courts system.
    Doesn’t have a policing system.
    Doesn’t have a clue what to do to put in a systems model that would deal correctly with all of the elements of such a case.
    What Ireland has, and has in spades, is a system best described and observed as nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
    We are experiencing the likes of this carry on because our systems are a fiction and it really is just a matter of time before it is fully realised.
    When that happens, we will see change of seismic proportions.

  26. I agree unstranger.
    In fact, do we have any single system that does work well?
    Other than politicians salaries, we have nothing that could be considered world class.
    Not roads, health service, schools, courts, nothing, I cannot think of any one thing, can you?
    And now the “boom” is over, we never will have.

  27. course that is gettin away from the original topic I suppose.
    I can’t understand why kicking someone in the head is not considered attempted murder,,,,I mean it is a distinct possibility and most people would realise that, so why is it not treated the same as sticking a knife, (or screwdriver), in someone, or shooting someone as it could have a similar outcome.

  28. Perhaps it’s too expensive to keep them in prison. Apparently, it costs around 100,000 euro per annum per prisoner.
    By letting them out, weak Governments can keep ordinary people in fear. People in fear are weak and elect weak Governments.

  29. inco — I agree. This individual kicked a man in the head as he fell. He had no way of knowing that the man was already fatally injured. He’s a piece of shit, and he was obviously acting with a common purpose.

  30. and unfortunately it will be no lenght of time till we are treated to another story like this, some other poor fecker, set upon by some other piece of shit, and given another ridiculous sentence , and we can pull some more of our hair out.
    It has been happening for years.
    It is happening all the time.
    And it will continue to happen, because nothing ever changes here, only for the worse.
    I hope I am wrong, (I have two young kids), but I am right..

  31. Put Keogh and his type [country’s teeming with them] when convicted into the Curragh ,on basic rations and severely limit their contact with society and family.Tag the fcukers for life

  32. Shut your mouth, you fucking ejits. My Brother should be out by now, if he hadnt of asked for the charge of assault to be brought in, he would be out now! He will be out soon enough and will never be in trouble again, he is going to set up home with his girlfriend and their beautiful baby girl. He has learned his lesson and deserves another chance in life. Could all of you please stop condeming him please you dont know the full story, you were not at court to experience what actually happened.

  33. You display a lot of sympathy for the two innocent guys that scumbag done to death.Yeah sure he is reformed now (sic).

  34. Carole, while I feel sorry for what your brother did to his family, he kicked a dying man in the head as he fell to the ground.

    He has 75 previous convictions. 75. Most people have none at all — did you know that? None. Most decent people have no convictions, but your brother has 75. Does that tell you anything?

    I have no sympathy for him, but at least he’s alive, unlike his victim, and his family still have him, unlike the family of the poor murdered Polish man.

    That man had a name: Pawel Kalite. And he had a family.

    How many times did you contact that family Carole?

  35. 75 convictions, he’s a lowlife scumbag. He kicked a guy on the ground and the guy died. The country is a better place with these scumbags locked up.

  36. That’s right.

    He’s a lowlife scumbag and it’s a pity he’ll get out at all. What are the odds he’ll be living in a house paid for by you and me?

  37. Remarkable! That anyone can be of the opinion that an entity such as Keogh can be rehabilitate? Even it’s nearest and dearest must surely know that it is a piece of filth well beyond any form of redemption? Boasting that it will be free to commit even more crime in no time is hardly doing it’s case much good. I am opposed to the death penalty. But sometimes I wonder?

  38. Gary, he’s still a person. Not an ‘it’ or an ‘entity’ as you say. I find your frequent use of the term ‘it’ for a person of reprehensible behaviour reflects badly on you.
    I don’t see anyone or Sean Keogh himself ‘boasting that he will be free to commit even more crime in no time’.. Do you?

  39. FME well well! Pistols for two and coffee for one yet again? How you can refer to Keogh as anything other than a “thing or it“ is beyond me. As for boasting try checking out the alleged sisters comments .Coming out to a new life with it’s beautiful daughter and partner yea right!

  40. Ha, yeah pistols again Gary. I commented on all your talk of the ‘little people’ recently. Was thinking you were doing a rework of Gulliver’s Travellers or something.
    You also called a Bertie supporter an ‘it’ a while back too. Liam Lacey I think was his name. Which I didn’t agree with.
    It’s beyond you, is it? Well facts are he’s not a thing, he’s a human being.
    I think you need to re-read the sister’s comments. I don’t see her boasting about him being free to commit more crime. In fact, she says “he will never be in trouble again”. Look I’m not defending the guy, but stop putting words in peoples’ mouths.

  41. FME perhaps we should revert to sabres I am too good a shot for it to be fair. I have no intention of putting words in anyone’s mouth. After 75 convictions and a few day in prison I find it most unlikely that Keogh or his ilk will be reformed. Perhaps it might have been better all round had it been drowned at birth!

  42. In countries more civilised than this it would probably have ended up swaying back and forth gently in the breeze.

  43. “Too good a shot to be fair” Okie doke Gary.. whatever.
    You know Gary, you might have more in common with Mr. Keogh than you think. What mindset do you think he had, that allowed him to kick another man in the head? Think about it.
    ‘Drowned at birth’. That’d be a bit evil wouldn’t it? Considering a baby wouldn’t have commited any wrong doing whatsoever. I think you might be correct, that people can’t be reformed. You constant stance of calling people ‘it’, when a better way is pointed out to you, clearly demonstrates this.

    As for William’s comment. Where would that be William? Sounds like hell. I don’t think anyone would consider such a place civilised.

  44. No FME countries who consider the lives and property of their decent peacefull citizens to be of paramount importance and dangerous criminals to be vermin are not hell.Hell is countries that have it the other way around.

  45. Gary and FME, my view on “vermin” and capital punishment are coloured by two experiences in my life, firstly, my late uncle, in his duty as a prison officer, because he was from Limerick, spent the last night with, and, witnessed the execution of the last person hanged in Ireland, also from Limerick. He always maintained, his words, “if you participated in capital punishment, you would not be an advocate of capital punishment”, very easy to,”hang them”…” flog them”, when somebody else has to do it.
    My second experience, came later in life when I was asked to give a “David” a chance in life by a Social Worker, who believed if the opportunity was given to him, all would be sweetness and light, at the time I would occasionally partake of a few beers in a establishment now frequented on occasion by Bock himself, and became friendly with an quiet, inoffensive, barman, that quiet inoffensive barman was brutally murdered a few years later by my “David”, and, while I don’t do God anymore, there must be a God, because my “David” died in prison while serving his sentence, his “vermin” accomplice is unfortunately still living.
    Like I say, my attitude is coloured.

  46. JBK I am not an advocate of the death penalty. Apart from any other considerations too many innocent people have been put down by such a system. However there are “entities” walking among us such as Keogh that I feel should not be allowed to do so. As a serial recidivist criminal it is very likely to commit further acts. Next time it will almost certainly kill ,as it has been shown by the system that laughingly refers to itself as “Justice” that it will get no more than a light slap on the wrist in this country. Others are at liberty to rail against my opinion , possibly until such time as they get their own head kicked in by one of their “Angels”

  47. Also he is coming home o spend Christmas with the family and quite rightly so, you lot can all go and Fuck OFF.

  48. Family is right….might aswell be spending time with a load of inbred monkey if your tone is anything to go by, he should be locked up for 10 years, society doesn’t need this scumbags breeding.

  49. Carole comes across as a bit of a knacker herself. Are you surprised? The scumbag brother has 75 convictions and he didn’t lick that off the bushes, now did he?

  50. Like I give a fuck what you all think, you dont know fuck all about me or my family so dont act like you do, you were not in court, I was, I know the truth and justice was served, Sean should have and could have been out a lot earlier. How you can begrudge him the chance to make something of his life is sick. He has a job waiting for him, a beautiful little girl and a fiance. His family love him and are looking forward to having him home for Christmas so fuck the lot of yas.

  51. You obviously do care what people think, Carole. You wouldn’t keep coming back here otherwise. I would say that instead of spending Christmas with his family your brother should be stood up against a wall and shot, but that would be too decent for him. The butt of a rifle would be more appropriate.

  52. Never, Keoghs and Poles dont get along. The Poles started it but you dont care about that, they actually went itno their house and changed into boots to come out and fight but course u dont know about that, Why the fuck would I visit the poxy poles?

  53. Why am I some low life? I never did anything wrong and have never been in trouble. I got 2 kids and I luv them to bits. I can hold my head up high wherever I go.

  54. Carole — You have no human feelings. You have no sympathy for two heartbroken families who lost loved ones thanks to the crimes of your brother and his accomplice. You seem to think it’s all right to stick a screwdriver into a man’s head. That makes you a lowlife like your brother.

  55. Show me where I said its ok to stick a screwdriver into a mans head! I never said that once, justice was served and the person who did that got charged with the murder and is in prison for many more years. My Brother didnt do it, all he did was kick him in the head and thats why he got 4 years which was too much for his minor part in the crime.

  56. I wasn’t going to say anything but some people have such little humanity and compassion. “all he did was kick him in the head’. Jesus fucking Christ Carole.. what kind of upbringing did you have at all that you think it’s ok to minimise kicking someone in the head. That’s “all” is it.
    A normal human response to seeing a man lying on the ground dying from head injuries would be to try stop the bleeding and get help, not kick him in the head.
    If I had a brother like yours, I would be distancing myself from him as much as possible. I would disown him, even if I loved him. And if I had kids, I would not want them anywhere near a person like your brother as to influence their behaviour… you know why? Because they might be the ones that end up getting a kicking to the head due to the environment they get caught up in. You won’t be saying “all” then.
    By the way, you keep saying you were there in court.. so was the Judge.
    Here’s what he had to say, in case you missed it at court.

    “Judge Liam McKechnie laid out the case against Keogh: “[Kalite] was a dying man. He was utterly exposed and defenceless, without any protection. It wasn’t enough that David Curran had stabbed Pawel Kalite to satisfy Sean Keogh’s lust for harm. He had to feed his own lust and did so. He showed utter contempt for a fellow human. It showed a deep and sickening sense of personality to which society should not be exposed. On any level it was pure thuggery. If he’s capable of doing this sort of thing, what else is he capable of doing?”

    Who’s fault will the 77th conviction be Carole? I would seriously reevaluate the loyalty you have for your brother.

  57. do any of u know sean keogh. u r just going on wat u heard from the news and read in the paper.sean is a great bloke and devoted father.he done nothing wrong.and stop attacking my little sis.

  58. This Carole and David people that are defending the scumbag that is Sean Keogh, surely they are on the wind up. Yes I understand family loyality but to say this worthless low life is a great bloke and a devoted father, well only someone on the wind up or a complete idiot would make a statement like that. Great blokes dont have 70+ convictions or kick dying men in the head while they are on the ground and God knows the amount of other trouble he has caused that we dont know about, I mean if he ha 70+ convictions, how many times did he do things and not get caught? This scumbag is a danger to society and should never be let out a all he ha done is bring misery and unhappiness into other peoples lives.
    Devoted Father! From where? A cell in Mountjoy, well that just says it all doesnt it, no point in even elaborating further on that one.
    You people that are supporting or justifing these crimes are actually as bad as the people commiting the crimes.

  59. Hey Carole and David why don’t you give each other a good kick in the head and get stabby with each other while you’re at it.

    Your brother is a scumbag and he got off lightly, get over it – if there was any decency in your family you would disown your brother and issue an apology to the victims families.

  60. he is no scumbag he has 1 kid and he didin see her since she was 9 months he has no go through all that so give him a break use are all scumbags

  61. mark – “he is no scumbag he has 1 kid and he didin see her since she was 9 months he has no go through all that so give him a break use are all scumbags”

    He has a kid he doesn’t see (and so pressumably contributes nothing to because if he were paying maintinance he would have at least some visitation rights) so it’s alright that he as an accomplice in a murder? And that makes those who point out what a low life he is “scumbags”?
    I think your tracksuit is cutting off the blood to your brain.

  62. Is this scumbag still in prison or is he out now? I know he got 4 years but he has probably done half of that now and thats enough that he will probably be let out by now! I wonder are there any Polish people looking for him when he gets out?

  63. if the two polish wankers stayed in dere house when went in two it instead change in steal cap boots come out roar and lookin for trouble dey still be alive today so fuk dem dirty prevs off rapest yas pack off nosey fuks

  64. Now. That’s the kind of mindset we’re dealing with. What are we going to do about these savages?

  65. We have to go back to the old ways I think…a nice piece of rope and a trapdoor….Bungee jumping for Knackers!.

  66. William these peolple were shouted at by their teachers and unloved at home. According to the liberal do gooders they are the real victims.

  67. No. 8, do you think people who commit such crimes are not a product of society?

  68. We probably have the most lenient sentences for violent crime in the whole of Europe.
    Its always been like that though. You could spend 6 months in Jail for not paying a car parking fine.
    And 12 months in Jail for beating someone within an inch of their lives. I know, crazy hah!
    But then again violence against the individual, whether its beatings rape or murder do not seem to make our judiciary as angry as sins against the state. Such as not paying you taxes, your mortgage, your TV licence on time. But sure that’s what you get when you are living in a modern, consumer driven democracy.
    Where the dollar is King!

  69. notice the way the knacker spelled steel as “steal” ..the only spelling of the word that he is familiar with.

  70. Sorry Mermoz. I have enough to take responsibility for without taking on board these lowlife skobies.

  71. Well, you could argue that if he had a got kick up th h*le when he was a kid, he would probably be ok now, and that we are making a rod for our own back, as a society. I’m not suggesting that responsibility does not lie with the peretrator though. I’m not so keen on the “his mother didnt love him, society is to blame” school of thought either, a lot of kids grow up in tough circumstances and lead law abiding lives. Some people are just born psychos.

  72. Some people are just born psychos. But I think that we come to that conclusion far too easily in many cases. Take a look at our own city, for example. Many of the problems we have are either manufactured or, at best, unintended consequences of worthy ideals. I’m not for absolving the likes of Seán Keogh his crimes, but equally I believe that such people are the product of many factors and we (as voters and citizens) do share some of the blame. If we don’t recognise that then I don’t think we’ll ever be rid of the people like Seán Keogh.

  73. No child is born a psycho. Don’t be ridiculous.
    Lots of people have tough lives. Some turn on themselves. Others turn on outwards on society.
    Some go out and help others who been through similar.. It’s a personal choice the individual makes.
    I think even after 78 convictions or whatever it was.. that a person can change if they want to badly enough.
    However they have to take responsibility for themselves and what they’ve done.. it’s pretty difficult to make amends for a person’s life being taken though.

  74. Mermoz, you have a point but I’m not sure I can buy it.

    Certainly I agree that society “contributes” to the problem in many respects;nevertheless the argument that a person is the product of their environment holds water only so far–at some point, as i have mentioned before, every person has to stand at the edge of their own personal crossroads and decide which path to follow.
    Look at any disadvantaged area in Limerick and compare the number of scum to the number of decent people. They all came from the same background; they all had the same disadvantages; yet the vast majority of them made the right choice. Why then should society as a whole bear any actual responsibilty for the exceptional deviant?

    The bastard we’re talking about made a choice and look at the consequences. I’m not saying his choice was as easy as yours or mine; nor that the circumstances of his life were irrelevant; nevertheless, at some point in his life, as we all did, the thought has crossed his mind that his behaviour is wrong and should be changed.

    The fact that he decided to ignore/rationalise this thought away or blame his behaviour on something else is, to me anyway, irrelevant. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who finds this choice hard to make just because they were unlucky enough to be born in the wrong place; I know from personal experience that it’s hard, having been born in pretty shitty circumstances.

    Ultimately, It’s the principle that our society and our criminal laws are based upon; that every man is ultimately responsible for his own actions.

  75. Steve, I think it’s an over-simplification to say that if Person A grew up in a disadvantaged area and turned out alright then person B should also turn out alright and if he doesn’t then it’s down to his own personal choices. Environment certainly contributes to how individuals get on in the world, but it encompasses far more than the neighbourhood where the individual grew up. For example, using the example above, person A may have come from a hard-working family where core values of were instilled in the kids, while person B may have come from a far more dysfuntional family background. Person A and Person B grew up in the same area but that’s where the similarity ends. There are a myriad of reasons as to why people turn out as they do, and personal choice isn’t always high up that list.

    FME, my remark that some kids are just born psychos was a flippant reference to Essodee’s comment (#90). I was only looking to highlight that there are many reasons why people end up as they do. I don’t truly believe, or at least I don’t know if it’s true that some people are born psychopaths.

  76. Sure Mermoz.. I don’t know myself what causes a person to be so bad.. I really doubt they are born that way.
    I think it might just boil down to not being shown enough love.
    That’s not an excuse though. And there are plenty of people who didn’t get much love growing up, but turn out fine.

    RE: “There are a myriad of reasons as to why people turn out as they do, and personal choice isn’t always high up that list..”
    I’d disagree with that. Regardless of anything in a person’s past, they choose and are responsible for how they behave, how they turn out. Maybe they feel like there’s no choice other than crime, but it’s the easy route and it’s their choice ultimately.

  77. “I’m not for absolving the likes of Seán Keogh his crimes, but equally I believe that such people are the product of many factors and we (as voters and citizens) do share some of the blame”

    Mermoz, how dare you put a fraction of the blame – no matter how small – on me or my ilk for the actions of these savages. I have never lifted a finger to anyone in aggression, nor have any of my family or many friends. I like to think that we (same family/friends) live decent, respectful lives free of violence and other misdemeanors…basically the way a normal human being should behave. If you feel you’re in some way responsible for the heinous acts these bastards commit, then fair enough. More fool you.

    The level of punishment for such acts of violence in this country is jaw dropping. The quick way to deal with the pandemic is to make the punishment extreme for repeat offenders (and no, I don’t necessarily mean impale them), and in the meantime – over the years – try get down to the grassroots of the problem. That can be YOUR job.

  78. You’re an enlightened man, Paulie. I’ll give you that. Do you understand the concept of society by any chance? We’re all paid up members of it and we do have an influence on it, to a greater or lesser extent. So when society conspires, or simply screws up, to create the environment where people like Seán Keogh flourish, then we must share some of the responsibility for that.

    FME, how is it that the vast majority of our criminal class come from disadvantaged backgrounds? Are such people just not good at making the right decisions?

  79. Mermoz, education or the lack of is the greatest influence on whether one “suceeds” in life. The less educated one is the more mundane a job one gets. The more mundane your job the less your earn. The less you earn ……………………………… bla bla bla. We are also socialise by our family, peer group, school and the media. If your parents read a broadsheet, chances you will too, ditto a tabloid. If your school educates and values you chances are you go to Uni. The reason the majority of our criminal class come from disadvantaged areas is because they have no employment prospects and enter a life of crime to gain peer group respect and a standing in their community. You don’t mention white collar crime which largely is not perpetrated by those from a disadvantaged area. I would tend to label these as sociopaths rather than psychopaths.

    “The sociopath is that truly self-absorbed individual with no conscience or feeling for others and for whom social rules have no meaning. I believe that most all of us know or have come in contact with sociopathic individuals without even knowing it.” [Wendy Koenigsmann]

  80. This scumbag Keogh is now in a prison in the Midlands instead of Dublin, They usually try keep the Dubs in Dublin unless they are complete scumbags, it says it all that they moved this piece of filth to the Midlands doesnt it?

  81. Just wondering–
    If he was out on bail is the State partly responsible for what happened?
    At what level of seniority was the decision taken to release him?
    Could the victims families sue the State and/or the official for incompetence and endangerment?
    What is the point in the whole huge expensive legal, court,prison system if a mid ranking (I guess) salaried public servant can make the actual decisions on sentencing?
    What is the point of it all?

  82. He has to be out by now. Anybody confirm what he is up to? Maybe he saw the error of his ways and leads a good, respectable life now!

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