Terry Leyden The Cowardly Worm

Slandering with confidence

Yesterday in the Senate, using parliamentary privilege, Terry Leyden accused Fintan O Toole of committing a crime. This is the exchange that took place:

Terry Leyden: It’s serious when people are riotin’ outside the House.

Pat Moylan : The Senator should not be commenting on anybody.

Terry Leyden : an’ very serious when Fintan O’Toole is incitin’ ’em.

That seems clear and unambiguous to me.   Fintan O Toole incited a riot according to Senator Terry Leyden, who was speaking with the protection of parliamentary privilege.

And yet, when confronted by Fintan on the radio today, Terry Leyden could do no more than splutter that what was written was written.  He would neither withdraw the accusation nor repeat it, even though the person he defamed was on the other line challenging him to produce the evidence.

He couldn’t produce the evidence because there was no evidence for his accusation.  What Leyden said in the Senate was simply untrue.

Slander is slander, whether hidden behind parliamentary privilege or not, and Terry Leyden did not speak the truth when he accused Fintan O Toole of inciting a riot.

He then went on to bluster that people in Greece had been killed in riots, prompting Fintan to ask if he was blaming him for that as well.

Three things occurred to me, listening to Terry Leyden bluster and squirm as he tried to worm his way out of the awkward corner he found himself in.

The first was what a useless, cowardly specimen of humanity  he is.

The second was Leyden’s complete failure to understand that people have a democratic right to protest, and that Fintan was perfectly within his rights to address any meeting he chose.

The third was that Fianna Fáil has completely lost contact with reality when a man who occupies an unelected seat in a highly questionable chamber sees fit to pronounce on anything to do with our democracy.

It’s ironic that Terry Leyden should regard public protest as undemocratic considering the fact that he  didn’t have to go before the people to obtain his sinecure.  In fact, he hasn’t presented himself before the electorate in 18 years.

That’s how detached from reality these guys are.

Curiously, Leyden was considerably more circumspect when claiming to know the names of the Golden Circle who participated in the dirty attempt to rescue Anglo-Irish bank.  Waving a piece of paper which he claimed had four names written on it, he called on them to hold their hands up, but declined to name them in the chamber.


Look, the method of electing Senators is a disgrace and produces disgraceful senators like Leyden.  It’s a mix of privilege and mediocrity, a means of rewarding failed politicians and bribing union leaders.  It keeps the questioning classes quiet while achieving nothing.  We need reform of this  Senate, and perhaps we need to abolish it entirely, but more pertinently, we need reform of our politicians.

Let us rid ourselves of these inward-looking, closed-off gobshites and replace them with people of character and vision.  We have no future as long as hill-billies like Terry Leyden can accuse people of integrity of committing crimes and get away with it.

Terry Leyden: the man for whom the word Oaf was invented.


Top 10 Seanad Expenses, 2005–2008

Paddy Burke (FG) €286,033
Paul Coghlan (FF) €249,516
Terry Leyden (FF) €248,622
Geraldine Feeney (FF) €246,369
Michael McCarthy (Lab) €240,163
Peter Callanan (FF) €230,392
Maurice Cummins (FG) €219,692
Camillus Glynn (FF) €217,224
Kieran Phelan (FF) €216,775
Marc MacSharry (FF) €214,018

18 thoughts on “Terry Leyden The Cowardly Worm

  1. He came across as an inarticulate fool. I’m glad Fintan O’ Toole took him to task on live radio. Idiot.

  2. He actually said he would not BREACH parliamentary privilege by repeating what he had said in the chamber outside it. Idiot.

    He also said “what is said is said and what is written is written”. Am I wrong in thinking that Pontius Pilate was the first and last person to whom that quote was attributed.

    Duffy and O’Toole wore him down on air and O’Toole scared the shite out of him by explaining that he had written to the chairman of the Committee on Privilege and that Leyden was on their agenda for their next session. His tone changed appreciably after hearing that bit of news.


  3. You’re right. The coward’s bowels let him down when Fintan said he’d complained to the chairman of the Committee on Procedures and Privilege. Like all bullies, he collapsed when confronted. And then he tried to ingratiate himself in the slimiest way imaginable.

    Fintan was too decent to put the boot in.

  4. I hear even the British House of Lords is to be made democratic. I have little problem with having a Senate, as long as it is elected. Highly ironic, and telling, that the Lower House is elected, while the Higher House is not. Metahore for Ireland anyone?

  5. Its an excuse to keep failed politicians in a job. The house is for debate, imagine the quality of debate the likes of Dan Boyle would give.

  6. Irate chemist – “imagine the quality of debate the likes of Dan Boyle would give.”

    “Motion to substitute Rich Tea biscuits for the McVitea’s Chocolate Digestives currently in use in the House bar, we are in a recession after all. It’s our patriotic call to duty”

  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rory_Kiely

    Rory had a good old time there with a garda-driven S-class Mercedes. He was never directly elected to anything by the general public, yet he sat on the Council of State advising the President. He is an expert on pedigree friesian heifers so that’s why you’ve never seen our President making a bad decision when buying a heifer.
    Isn’t it funny that when the electorate says “we don’t want you” in Ireland it’s almost a ticket to perpetual public office?


  8. Leyden used to describe himself as an architect, but I notice that’s now gone from his website and the FF site. Did somebody tell him you can’t pretend to be an architect behind parliamentary privilege?

  9. Just got his CV online. Makes for good reading, it looks like a child has designed it.

  10. This is the same person, Who, Last year held up a folded piece of paper in the Oireachtas, claiming to have four names written inside, Four names out of the ten “Golden circle” Anglo defaulters, He ranted about this priviliged info in his possession only to put it back in his pocket and say nada.
    This guy is a class A complete and utter brain cell absent embarrasment to anything he claims to represent, A perfect example of bullshit and cronyism.
    What exactly has he ever done or contributed ? Why would anyone listen to anything he has to say.
    Lest i forget though, He does fight on behalf of Co Councillors, that they should not have to pay PRSI…….that and the continuation of the REPS scheme which is notoriously corrupt.

  11. Why not select 26 people, one per county to run the Senate? Select them the way juries are selected. If you are selected and do not want to go, they can just pick another one out of the hat.


  12. Spot on about Leyden but BOCK you’re wrong about the Senate.
    It isn’t a failure.
    It does exactly what it was set up to do.
    What people assume it’s for, really has nothing to do with it.
    Leyden is a prime example of how successful the Senate is.
    No political party wants to abolish it and no party will; ever.
    FG saying they will abolish it is mere wordplay.

  13. You can add Jody Corcaran to that list. I am fed up reading and hearing the long list of groups that have taken part in protests in this country over the last year and so. Republicans, former republicans, headbangers and “anybody with an axe to grind.” well Jody, how about good old PAYE workers who are buggered everyday for the white collar crime of a few. Do you have to be a “headbanger” in this country if you stand up and fight for what you believe in. The Fianna Fail party reveres and is founded on bunch of “headbangers” who marched to the GPO in 1916 and began a revolution. That’s the problem with politics and political thinking, Jod old boy, there is no balls in politics. There is no discrnable difference between our political parties. Look at the opening of the Aviva stadium on Friday(another triumph for the few). Bertie Ahern and Eamon Gilmore sitting side-by-side, having a laugh. Next day Eamon will be in the Dail, saying how corrupt Bertie was while he was leader. How do you square this? And don’t say “that’s just politics”. BOLLOX. Your talking about making decisions that will shape people’s lives and either ruin or repair the country. If you feel that passionite about your priciples, at least carry that into your friendships.

  14. That little list of only the top 10 Senators adds to €2,368,804 (I’m bored what can I say)..
    That’s for 3 years.. averaging per Senator/ per year it’s €78,960. And that’s just for one and just expenses and just for one year.
    Per week that’s €1,518 – on expenses.. for one week.
    God we Irish are awful generous aren’t we!!

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