The Rivals

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May 042010

Did you ever wonder where the word malapropism came from?

Well, punk, did ya?

Oh, I know, I know.  Sorry.  You grew up reading Richard Brinsley Sheridan and who the fuck do I think I am patronising you?

Look, here’s the thing.   Bottom Dog Theatre Company are doing it again in their superb little theatrical eyrie.  Fresh from the triumph of Myles Breen’s Language Unbecoming a Lady, they’re putting on Four Funny Plays, and fair funny play  to them.  Who else is doing this kind of shit to keep you entertained?



Go along and support this shit, Mo’Fo.  It’s good shit, and these is good people.   They’re not even asking you for fixed money: just hand over whatever you think you can afford.

Starting Sunday, 8th May at 8pm.

Come on.  Do it.  You can afford a tenner.  Go down and support this outstanding venture in the Loft.  The best little upstairs theatre in Limerick, with drink, and fun-ness.

Do it now, or Bock’s henchmen will hunt you down like the non-theatre-supporting dog you is.
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    Er, you payin?


    No. Too mean.


    They better be good if they wanna live on public charity.


    Charity? What does that mean?


    fair dues to them, would love to make the trip down… and what the hell does gabby mean ”live n public charity”??? feck off with yerself.


    Saw Myles and Jon Kenny ( how does he spell his name? ) do under mikwood in the belltable last year or maybe the year before. Very entertaining.
    I’ll chance it, Shit, Sunday evening , sunday bloody evening, what else is there to do ? .


    Henchmen? why can’t I have henchmen? is there a FAS scheme for henching I wonder?


    You can have henchmen if you provide the golf karts and the vast underground cavern.


    First show put back, series now starts 16th May with Private Lives. Just read it on the notice board outside Loft Venue.




    Latest: Bottom Dog Theatre going ahead this Sunday the 8th at 8:00pm with “The Rivals” a rehearsed reading with Seamus Moran, Myles Breen, Liam O’Brien, Gene Rooney directed by Joan Sheehy. Reputed to be hilarious, pay what you can at the door. Confirmed by text to me tonight.

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