Andreas Varady Plays for TV at Dolans

Young jazz musician plays for TV cameras

The RTÉ Nationwide people turned up last night in Dolans (3)to record young Andreas playing to a small audience, before his trip next week to Skidmore College in New York.

Here’s a few pics.

10 thoughts on “Andreas Varady Plays for TV at Dolans

  1. Missed that one.
    I really need to look at the Limerick events diary more often.

    Super pics as usual.

  2. Bock,
    I wonder would it be possible or practical to have most recent comments at the top of the page. This way people, with slow internet spedd, don’t have to scroll through all the photos to read the latest comments.
    Photos seem to be attached to most articles these days and loads of photos take a while to scroll through.

  3. It’s a serious problem, caused by this dreadful government who failed to deliver universal broadband.

    I’ve been using a gallery application for most posts, but I thought the last few deserved to have their pictures up there.

    Leave it with me and I’ll see if I can come up with a solution, but the real culprits are in Dáil Éireann.

  4. I have Vodafone Mobile broadband at home (3G broadband?) and it aint too bad at all..(I mean compared to two cans and a string) The pics upload fast enough for me.
    You used do a “below the fold for dial up friendliness” with pictures.. I prefer how it is now though. The site has come along way!

    And thanks for the pics and clips.. I like the second clip!

  5. That’s right. It used to be a below-the fold thing but in the newer form of the site that isn’t necessary. You must have been here in the old days.


  6. Oh yeah.. reading a while now. Gives me hours of endless entertainment in work.. when I should be otherwise well, working. I like the new contributor.. which reminded me of Fr Fitz.. when’s he coming back!! He was great craic and the reactions he got were priceless. I hope no one sent their henchmen after him to sort him out or anything.. :)

    What’s with the hmmm.

  7. Nice pics. With any luck there should be a great future for him And his family.
    Re the coverage.. Claire and i both on 3G broadband and it was extremely crap for two months, so bad you could not play any utube stuff. We found out there were 3 transmitters within a half mile radious of us. We checked all 3 and the nearest one next to kennedy o brians was the one with no coverage, the other two were perfect when you were near them with a laptop. We pushed them to check the offending transmitter by threatening to cancel our link with them and it was back up and Perfect within an hour of the last call.
    Still missed out on two months of coverage which i might follow up with them as my renewal is due soon.
    Apologies for hijacking the comments but it may be a help whoever is having coverage probs.

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