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Bloody Sunday Inquiry Report Published

The Saville Report was published today and it confirms what every rational person knew.  Fourteen innocent people were shot down like dogs for daring to demand the same rights as any other citizen.

They were protesting against imprisonment without trial, and for their trouble the British government sent in a highly-trained  combat regiment to suppress them.

I don’t know how anyone can blame the Parachute Regiment.  They’re killers.  That’s their job.  Every country has trained killers to protect its interests.

The difference is that not every country sends trained killers to confront its citizens when they protest on their own streets about a manifest injustice.

And not every government tries to portray the murdered victims of those trained killers as criminals.

But on the other hand, not every government then sets up a new inquiry to investigate itself, and not every prime minister apologises on behalf of his country for what was done in its name.

I hope the families of the victims find comfort from this official confirmation that  their brothers, fathers and sons were innocent, decent, ordinary people, cut down by a military power for daring to think that they were as good as anyone else.


Saville Report

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It goes along ways towards reconciliation in my opinion. I just don’t understand why it took 200 million and 12 years to say sorry, it was wrong, the victims were innocent.
For me the buck always stops with the killers though. The Parachute regiment believed they had impunity and I guess they did.. but they shouldn’t have. They had a lust for murder. I think though you don’t have to follow orders. They’re trained to kill when there’s a threat and the innocents they killed were no threat to them.

Watching today’s proceedings from Derry I was both moved and humbled by the extraordinary dignity shown by the families of Bloody Sunday.
The ceremony commenced with a minutes silence in honour of ALL people killed during the course of the troubles.
I am delighted that the innocent victims of the parachute regiment have been vindicated, may they at last rest in peace.
This campaign by the families of the victims was never about revenge or retribution, it was about bringing out the true facts about what really happened on Bloody Sunday. This they have achieved with great dignity, courage and strength. Similar to the way members of NICRA conducted themselves on January 30th 1972.

Would that all those involved in politics today could behave in a similar manner.

Well I never thought I’d see a mainly Republican Derry crowd cheering a tory prime ministers statement, like I did today.

Make no mistake about it, Camerons statement was seismic regarding the paras. The “forces” are treated with the same deference in the UK as the church was treated here. I remember Olivia O’Leary mentioning it in an interview years ago.

Still, I’m glad to see that the families have been vindicated, this doesn’t seem like a revenge mission, more seeking an admission that the victims were wronged.

So whether or not any paras are going to see jail time I don’t know. I doubt it. If it goes to trial (and that’s a big if) they might get put on trial sentenced if found guilty and then get early release under licence or something akin to the GFA measures. EDIT. I see Lord Saville gave them protection from criminal charges.

It makes no difference whether soldiers are prosecuted or not. The issue at stake here is far bigger than the actions of individuals, however despicable those actions might be.

Whilst all the victims were classed as innocent, the Saville Report failed to describe the killings as murder. Also, the blame was placed squarely with the Parachute regiment’s commander on the ground in Derry that day. Therefore, nobody in a higher political position either in Stormont or Whitehall will be held to account for the ultimate decision making by the British government in 1972.

I agree, I’m thinking out loud though, saying that there doesn’t seem to be any appetite for revenge.

I still never imagined I’d see a Derry crowd cheering a tory prime minister . . . . or indeed Ian Paisley visiting Daniel O’Connells grave, like he did a couple of weeks ago.

Strange days.

Some people would like us to keep the old sores open forever. It’s time to put it behind us. This report has helped the families to find peace, but it seems there will always be people who think the families don’t matter.

I never understood the fuss about this Saville report. In the rest of Europe, at least in my circle of enlightened international friends/collegues, it was always clear that the British paratroopers just went mad and killed innocent people at random. An opinion which is not biased on hurtful national history.

I don’t think that the simple word “sorry” of a new British government, which still tries to distinguish itself, does mean a thing. Never mind being heartfelt. They are politicians after all.

I’d like to see the responsible commanders and politicians on trial (as the Israelis responsible for killing the people on the charityboats). Considering that the incidents in Derry caused a bloody war for decades and bred a generation of thugs, there should be more than a simple sorry. There should be heartfelt punishment.

But as we all know, saying sorry is just the easy way out.

Sorry has always been very difficult for British governments, especially conservatives.

This is an extremely significant moment.

Look, there is always an agenda. Do you really think that the british establishment will bow down? really ? this is not about politics This is about Control/Power nothing more. No matter how manny die.

In a not entirely genuine way, I sorta hope that Martin McGuiness actually had a Tommy gun that day.

This is a substantial foundation block upon which trust can now be built into policing policy. This report creates a space within which families can grieve and heal and hopefully reconcile , a space where northern Ireland can be.

Bock said:”Sorry has always been very difficult for British governments, especially conservatives.
This is an extremely significant moment.”

I appreciate that it is always difficult for an Empire which lost almost all it’s, well, empire, to say sorry, after the mess they left. And that it is significant for the Irish psyche to hear the word sorry.

But don’t you see that it means nothing? It’s just political speech. It’s just politics.

What are the consequences of the Saville Report? Why is it important to have it confirmed by the British government what everybody knew all along?

And being contrary: Why do you, the Irish, need the confirmation of British jurisdiction?

Just asking.

Yes most people knew the truth for decades,,,the confirmation of this today was important, in that it signalled the total end of the denials. Only the british government could do that.
It is the families and those closest to the situation, who should decide how much this report “means”.
I hope it “means” a lot to them.

I am a regular reader of both this site and and would like to point out one of the opinions vented on that site by a regular contributer that goes by the name of Jackie Brown. He wrote:

“The inquiries into Bloody Friday, La Mon Hotel Bombing, Enniskillen Bombing, Shankill Road Bombing shall be interesting…”

He was lambasted by many but he has a point (albeit an ironic one).

I understand the relevance of the report and the reasons why this inquiry had to happen but there will be many families and relatives out there that still don’t know how or why their loved ones died at the hands of republicans, loyalists or security forces.

Where is their closure?

They may never get full closure, but, it may help them a little bit to know that the blame/responsibility for one of the most pivotal atrocities has been apportioned, (hope thats the right word).

Niall — In my opinion, what sets this apart from all the other atrocities is the fact that it was carried out by agents of the State. Nobody suggested that the people behind Bloody Friday, the La Mon Hotel, Enniskillen or Shankill Road bombings were innocent, whereas a Government-appointed tribunal exonerated the Bloody Sunday killers and blamed the victims.

I know in my heart they were little more than the words of a politician but I have to admit that Cameron went up in my estimation with his speach. He went further then he was obliged in my opinion.
Both he and Saville were also careful nott to talk about criminal responsibility on behalf of the soldiers, their commanders or the politicians running the show, which is annoying at first until you realise that such comments could be called a prejudice to fair trial ans used by future defendants.

Interestingly, and sadly, many of the reactions by members of the Unionist community have really served to illustrate the mentality that created the situation that made the victims protest in the first place.

Rather than spend 200 million pounds on this investigation the UK could have given 10 million to victims relatives and apologized 20 yrs ago when the facts were just as clear.
The IDF gets away with executing Palestinian and Arab Israeli civilians all the time together with human rights advocates– they never apologize and never pay. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the riots today between different sects of Jews in Israel who refuse to go to the same schools–bet the IDF will not shoot them in the back of the head.

The apology was long overdue, but signficant nonetheless – mainly because it was not couched in any ambiguity nor were there any references to the death toll arising from the actions of the terrorists(republican and loyalist), which would have implied some sort of justification or comparative reckoning… As Bock has said, what sets this particular atrocity apart is the fact that it was carried out by agents of the State and that distinction is the critical one. As such, this shouldn’t be seen as another stick with which to beat the republican drum – in fact, Martin McGuinness’ refusal to give evidence as to his actions on the day is to be regretted and ensures that his commitment (and the commitment of Sinn Fein) to truth and reconciliation will continue to be questioned…

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