Catholic Bishops and Civil Partnerships

Irish hierarchy still missing the point

The Catholic bishops are at it again.  This time, they’re complaining about proposed legislation on civil partnerships.

The Civil Partnership  Bill entitles

  • same-sex couples to legal recognition
  • a partner in a relationship whether of the same sex or not, to seek maintenance  from the other partner.
  • a partner in a relationship to inherit property.

This doesn’t sit well with the bishops.  They don’t want homosexuals who live together making arrangements for succession, social welfare and property rights.  Apparently, they regard this as an attack on The Family.

But wait.

This isn’t a defence of families.  It’s about that abstract entity known as The Family, which the bishops and their fellow travellers used to such horrendous effect with their opposition to every compassionate constitutional amendment and liberalising law known to this land.  Everything from divorce to the Mother and Child Scheme was opposed by these bishops as an attack on The Family, even if the proposed measure would benefit real, living families.

But let’s not forget, these are the same people who terrorised abused children into silence and knowingly hid paedophiles within their dioceses.  That was because the child abusers didn’t attack The Family.  They just harmed real flesh-and-blood people, and bishops, as we all know, aren’t used to dealing in hard facts when they can concern themselves with hair-splitting abstractions instead.  This is why they’re against the proposal for civil partnerships.

The man who articulated this position is bishop Christy Jones of Elphin.  You might remember Christy as the man who said that child abuse is everywhere and it’s unfair to blame the Catholic church.

Here’s my suggestion.

This proposal concerns people in loving relationships, and I’m afraid loving relationships are not something these bishops would know much about.

Therefore, the bishops would be better employed tracking down the child abusers they have harboured for so long, and working to ease the pain of their victims.

Let these discredited old juveniles keep their noses out of grown-up business.

Isn’t it extraordinary that a group of people with no moral authority should still seek to dictate to the lawmakers of this country?

8 thoughts on “Catholic Bishops and Civil Partnerships

  1. Whether or not the Human rights listed above should be made law is not the issue here for me at the moment. What had me spilling my coffee when I heard this on the news today was that the Catholic Church, a discredited institution with it’s HQ in the Vatican, should have any say in matters of law in the Irish Republic.

    If this type of nonsense continues to be tolerated by the Irish populace then it’s better for our society to continue to decay in Political, economic and social, moral and ethical spheres at an ever increasing pace.

  2. I know. You’re right.

    Since the measure has all-party support, Dermot is secure enough, but it’s a long way from the deferential days when Alan Dukes courageously called them bastards, for which I will always like him.

  3. Slightly off topic perhaps but I heard an interesting story from a friend today.
    His mother, at 85, has had to go and live in a nursing home. Although old and Irish people might assume she would be a church going Catholic but she’s not. Hasn’t been inside a church in aeons. A self educated free thinker you might say. Imagine her disgust then when she found that nuns come to the common room every day to say the rosary with the residents who are there relaxing. One dya last week they had three visits from 3 different couples of nuns who began to say the rosary with the occupants.
    So there you are, unable to protest as you are at the end of your life and forced to listen to this religious ceremony every single day till you pass away.

    Think of it. we all could end up in the same place. Doesn’t anyone in authority in these places protest. Could I trun up and do a voodoo ceremony at an old peoples home. Sacrifice a goat perhaps.

  4. I think that Ahern in this case is spot on, and the bishops are an absolute disgrace to themselves, the country, their religion and anything else they claim to represent.
    Any one of them, human or man enough to stand forward and admit their wrongs, and most importantly, dissociate themselves voluntarily from their hypocrisy, MIGHT be worthy of listening to.
    G roche deserves a kick up in the hole, (thats the part the paedophiles are drawn to). This stupid reverence for those criminals and or what they represent is what has this country bollixed.

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