Growing Up and the Leaving Cert

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Jun 142010

Bullet’s doing the Leaving Cert at the moment, and as usual he’s completely laid back.

What am I talking about? He’s horizontal.

His Les Paul Epiphone is plugged into a tiny practice amp and he’s  draped across an armchair, idly running off quiet blues licks as he watches the World Cup.  He has a bag of nachos beside him on the floor and he reaches down occasionally for a mouthful.

When I was his age, doing the Leaving Cert, I was losing my mind with worry and fear, and a bit of loathing, but this bastard is chilled.

Today he had the second of the hard maths papers but he seems to have handled it fairly well.  We had a good look over it and it brought me right back there, but he seems to have knocked a reasonable hole in it.

We have much in common: he loves mathematics, physics and English, as I do myself.  He’s a lazy bastard, as I am myself.  And he has no respect for authority, much like his father.

I wandered into his room earlier to wish him well in tomorrow’s exam.  He was staring at the PC, and a small vodka bottle with half an inch of dark liquid in it rested quietly beside him.

What’s that? I asked.

Not sure, he said.  I found it in the wardrobe.  Probably Jaegermeister, by the colour of it.

I nodded.  Are you drinking it now?

No, he said.  It must have been there from when I had to hide these things.

Right, I told him.  Well, go easy on the drink while you’re studying.

Right-ee-o, he grinned, and turned back to his computer.

How times change.


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    he sounds a good man, sugar! i wish him well on his exams. xoxo


    Best of luck to the bullet.. he sounds about as laid back as I was.. some 16 years ago now.. yikes I’m pushing on. The hiding the drink reminds me of a school trip to Connemara in sixth year.. bout 10 of us snuck off to the pub.. sea hag of a teacher finds us after a few hours where upon seeing him everyone hid their drinks on time except for one girl.. we were all pissed as coots but me being the only one who just turned 18 took the blame.. was dragged before the principal but they backed off when I told them I didn’t give a crap if they told my parents..that they’d only be wasting their time. Ah them was the days.


    I am not sure that it is wise to go over exams. Especially with more to come. Best of luck to him, sounds as if life will be good for him one way or the other.


    Best of luck to him! Sounds like ya raised him right :)
    Jaeger, with Baileys and Kahlua over ice…makes for a sturdy ‘milkshake’, much nicer to study with…


    Drinking while studying makes it more fun. It makes it harder to learn though. Still, more fun.


    Get that sauce into him no point remembering exams
    and all that shite. Sounds like a clever lad should get a handy job easy enough with Mr Binman and at least it will give him plenty of time to perfect his chords and shit. Who needs qualifications anyway!

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